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Ultra-High Frequencies (UHF):

What are ultra-high frequencies and what is their role in microphone technology? Ultra-high frequencies (UHF) are a band of radio frequencies between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. UHF is the band most often used by wireless microphone systems to transmit a mic signal wirelessly.

Unbalanced Audio:

What is unbalanced audio and what is its role in microphone technology? Unbalanced audio requires only two conductors to complete the audio circuit. One conductor is the “signal wire” that carries the audio while the other is the “ground wire” and acts as a return and ground. Unbalanced lines are susceptible to EMI and are only ever used with cheap consumer mics.

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Unidirectional Microphone:

What is a unidirectional microphone? Unidirectional microphones pick up sound primary from one direction (on-axis). Therefore, unidirectional mics are synonymous with cardioid-type mics. The common unidirectional polar patterns are cardioid, supercardioid, hypercardioid, and shotgun/lobar.

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USB Microphone:

What is a USB microphone? A USB microphone outputs its mic signal digitally via a USB cable. USB mics have internal analog-digital converters that essentially act as audio interfaces. USB mics are often plug-and-play for use with computers, making them a very popular choice in our digital world.

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