Arthur Fox at My New Microphone

Arthur Fox

Canadian Audio Engineer & Music Producer

Founded My New Microphone in 2018
Co-Founded Fox Media Tech Inc. in 2020
Helped hundreds of students improve their music production and learn audio engineering
ECMA-nominated mixing engineer (Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic)

Saint Francis Xavier University
Nova Scotia Community College

Audio Engineering
Music Production


Over the last seven years, I have been dedicated to being an instructor of audio engineering and music production at My New Microphone where I teach and encourage musicians and other creative people the art and science of the crafts. Along with working on My New Microphone, I am also a full-time audio engineer at Village Works Content Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Before and during my work with My New Microphone, I have worked in professional studios, live venues and broadcasting outfits as well as producing my own music, giving me a wide range of experience and expertise in the audio field.

  • Recording voiceover and music in studio environments.
  • Post-production services for television, film, and radio.
  • Mixing and mastering for television, film, and radio.
  • Sports broadcasting (A1, A2, parabolic operator, cameraman).
  • Film audio technician (recordist, boom operator, etc.).
  • Live sound (music, presentations, podcast recordings, etc.).
  • Composition for television, film, and radio.
  • Sound design for television film, and radio.
  • Recording and producing music and video in my home studio.
  • Consulting for home studios and live setups.
  • Many more odd jobs in the broad audio industry.

In addition to full-time studio work, I occasionally spend weekends and evenings on broadcast gigs, mainly for sporting events, filling the roles of A1 (mixing the show) or A2 (doing everything else that isn't mixing the show). In my broadcast work, I have worked for many organizations, including Bell, CBC, Eastlink and the Government of Nova Scotia.

In addition to teaching music production and audio, I also produce my own music under Arthur Fox.


I graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University with a diploma in civil engineering. After realizing that I wanted to pursue a career in a field I love, I returned to school and graduated from the Nova Scotia Community College with a certificate in recording arts.

My learning did not stop once I graduated. To this day, I continue to learn more about the audio industry through my first-hand professional experience and in my free-time by conducting research and experimenting with new gear and plugins. I do this not only because I am passionate about music and all things audio, but also so I can provide the best knowledge and advice to help others learn about music production and audio engineering!

Books Written

I have written multiple books, available as ebooks, on music production topics. Here are a few of my publications (click on the book covers to learn more):

Arthur Fox's Music

I have produced multiple albums for myself and others, including ECMA-nominated Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic. Here are a few of the projects I've produced and mixed (click on the album covers to listen on Apple Music):

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