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Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn How To Play Trumpet

My New Microphone Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn How To Play Trumpet

Online learning resources, be it courses, videos, written content, one-on-one coaching, apps, et cetera, provide fantastic opportunities to learn (and teach) how to play the trumpet and understand music more generally. Though nothing truly beats dedicated in-person trumpet lessons, there are plenty of excellent alternatives online.

Note that by “resources,” I'm not only referring to video tutoring and full-length courses (though these are arguably the best options). I'm also considering masterclasses, applications, videos, articles, and other online resources for learning how to play the trumpet.

Though obviously subjective and prone to biases, I've done my best to list out these resources based on the following metrics (in no particular order):

  • Reputation of the trumpet learning resource
  • Quality of education in technique, theory, and learning real songs
  • Organization and depth of learning
  • Adaptability of teaching to individual students (one-on-one lessons are best here)
  • The resource must be currently available

With all that being said, let's list out the learning resources.

The Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn Trumpet Are:

  1. ArtistWorks
  2. 8notes
  3. Yousicplay
  4. eTrumpet Lessons
  5. Mystery To Mastery
  6. Music Fit Academy
  7. Music Professor
  8. Play With A Pro
  9. TakeLessons
  10. BBTrumpet
  11. Udemy

In this article, we'll go through each of the above-mentioned resources to get a stronger idea of what makes them great for learning the trumpet. Whether you're a complete beginner or a successful professional, there is always something to learn! I'll include links to check out each of the options for yourself. We'll also consider a few “honourable mentions” worth considering.

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Click here to see more of My New Microphone's recommended learning resources.


mnm ArtistWorks Logo | My New Microphone

ArtistWorks was founded by Patricia and David Butler in 2008. Currently, the headquarters are in Napa, California.

Perhaps ArtistWork's most important asset is the handpicked selection of notable teachers. The company takes human resources and recruiting very seriously and only hires teachers with a rich background as professional players and experience teaching the instrument.

In this vein, the team that records videos and teaches the lessons is made of top-notch (sometimes even virtuoso) players who love the instrument. They have played professionally and can also convey the secrets to their proficiency in a way students can easily grasp.

The company's vision is to teach music to the world, acting as a bridge between utterly knowledgeable, proficient players and avid learners regardless of where they are in the world. They call this principle “teach the world music”.

Finally, their video exchange platform allows David Bilger to pour years of expert playing into a series of easy-to-follow videos and lessons designed to take anyone's trumpet playing to the next level through daily exercises, sheet music, orchestral excerpts, and, of course, instructional videos.

Click here to check out ArtistWorks and begin your journey to trumpet mastery!


mnm 8notes logo 1 | My New Microphone

8notes Trumpet Lessons was established by Red Balloon Technology Ltd in 2001. Currently, the headquarters are in St. Albans, England.

The main focus of this platform is sheet music. Therefore, those well-versed in reading music will get the most out of this huge library of music knowledge in notes and figures. Nevertheless, it has plenty more to offer for aspiring musicians, too.

In the “resources” section of the website, you can find everything from a metronome to music to jam with, video lessons, famous licks and riffs to season up your style, trumpet note and chord charts, music theory related to trumpet, and a test & training section to validate what you've just learned.

But that's not all because the “trumpet forum” is great for creating bonds with like-minded musicians, learning about the trumpet, and evacuating doubts with a growing community. Being encouraged by other players might be the morale boost or push forward that some aspiring musicians need to find the time and practice.

Finally, the company also added a classical music division with pieces by all the classic masters like Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Chopin, among many others.

Start learning with 8notes Trumpet Lessons now!


mnm Yousicplay logo | My New Microphone

Yousicplay was founded by Alain Merville and Gregg Roberts in 2019. Currently, the headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts.

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose this online school above others is that Mr. Arturo Sandoval teaches trumpet. Although he is surrounded by virtuoso players in every category, he is a star addition to any team.

Let's begin by saying that he won ten Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, the Billboard Award six times, and a Medal of Freedom for his playing. If those aren't credentials enough, he also played with all the biggest artists in a plethora of music genres like jazz and Latin music.

The format in which Yousicplay takes your playing to the next level is similar to that of a Masterclass taught by an expert; you get videos of their knowledge and exercises to incorporate into your own playing.

Mr. Arturo Sandoval gives avid learners an in-depth description of his techniques, exercises to improve the quality of your trumpet's sound, and how to take your musicianship to the next level by incorporating the piano into your practice.

Check out Yousicplay and begin learning trumpet from Arturo Sandoval today!

eTrumpet Lessons

mnm eTrumpet Lessons Logo | My New Microphone

eTrumpet Lessons was founded by Brett Manges in 2010. Currently, the headquarters are in Loveland, Colorado.

Brett started playing the trumpet when he was 11 years old. He was lucky enough to have a supporting family that sent him to a good trumpet professor at an early age. According to his experience, that made all the following steps much easier.

Brett went on to play with some of the most important musicians in the world on some of the most revered stages on the planet. Moreover, he even performed for the President of the United States of America on more than one occasion.

Because he made some extra money and felt he wanted to give something back to the trumpet community, he founded this resource of free and inexpensive lessons that could help other players get started in their musical journey with the right tools and all the information he got as a young player.

As a result, eTrumpet Lessons is an affordable resource that offers all kinds of tools for professional musicians, avid players, hobbyists, and amateur players.

Click here to start learning at eTrumpet Lessons today!

Mystery To Mastery

mnm Mystery To Mastery Logo | My New Microphone

Greg Spence founded Mystery to Mastery in 1992. Currently, headquarters are in Queensland, Australia.

Mystery to Mastery is the outcome of a lifelong struggle to master wind instruments. Indeed, Greg Spence grew up in a small town in Australia that couldn't keep up with his big dreams. That being said, he wasn't able to pursue his dreams until he found the proper education and started practicing like a virtuoso to become one.

As years went by, Greg found that his newfound practice routines and playing experience were something he needed to share with other people and help them in their journey as well. Thus, he created a method in which he poured years of experience on the road, in the studio, and practicing for hours.

As a result, the material offered by Mystery to Mastery is a comprehensive guide with useful exercises and valuable insights that can mean a huge push forward in the musical career of any aspiring trumpet player in the world.

Finally, Greg is a Yamaha endorsee who has travelled the world performing on stage and is back to teach you how to do the same.

Click here to learn trumpet online at Mystery To Mastery!

Music Fit Academy

mnm MusicFit Academy Logo | My New Microphone

The Music Fit Academy was founded by Estela Aragón in 2018. Currently, headquarters are in Austin, Texas, USA.

Estela Aragón is not only a music teacher and master trumpet instructor but also a well-versed trumpet player who has performed on different continents for years and taught more lessons than she could ever remember. Moreover, she had been a successful musician and trumpet teacher in the Austin area for decades before founding her school.

Nowadays, she has expanded the scope of her lessons to accommodate players in every style from every corner of the world. Furthermore, she has designed a self-paced course that can be a lighthouse in an ocean of knowledge like the musical field can be at first.

As a result, this Austin-based resource is nothing short of a goldmine for avid players searching for factual, useful lessons that can translate into usable knowledge that can take your playing from 0 to 100 in the shortest time possible.

If you are willing to learn and can find the self-discipline to follow a self-paced course, the Music Fit Academy can be a perfect fit.

Check out Music Fit Academy and start learning trumpet online now!

Music Professor

mnm Music Professor Logo | My New Microphone

MusicProfessor was founded in 2015. Currently, headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.

The beginning of MusicProfessor is the need to fill an educational void in the market: an affordable resource with master players teaching at an affordable price. Moreover, the resources available at the time this institution was born were either academic environments with over 20 students per classroom or expensive one-on-one tutoring classes with established pro players.

The position that MusicProfessor occupies on the teaching map is somewhere between the expensive one-on-one lesson and the group lesson with affordable prices and solo lessons. These lessons include pre-recorded material and private, affordable one-on-one lessons that work perfectly to supplement each other.

Furthermore, the platform provides teachers with online resources that can work wonders in monitoring student progress through online analytics.

Finally, the main goal of MusicProfessor is to become a plausible alternative to the 50-year-old book institutions still use to this day to teach the instrument. If you're looking for an online resource that's effective, affordable, and modern, MusicProfessor can be the perfect platform to propel your trumpet playing forward.

Click here to access the library of trumpet lessons at Music Professor!

Play With A Pro

mnm PlayWithAPro Logo | My New Microphone

Play With A Pro was founded by Adam Simonsen in 2010. Currently, the headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Play With A Pro was born as a resource that could erase boundaries for musicians and offer them top-notch musical education regardless of who they are and where they are from. The company hired a team of notable teachers (handpicked from the best in the world), and you get access to their lessons through pre-recorded videos, video lessons, video tutorials, and masterclasses.

Moreover, Play With A Pro makes practice habits a core of your learning, and thus, you get to build the right habits to propel your playing forward and reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

Furthermore, legendary trumpet players like Reinhold Friedrich, David Bilger, and Kristian Steenstrup teach masterclasses that act as condensed lessons from which you can learn the secrets of the masters.

Finally, the ability to connect with like-minded musicians and professional players can be a golden ticket into the music scene that can grant you opportunities for gigs, to join bands, or to have meaningful conversations.

Most teachers on the platform offer a free introduction to their classes, so there's nothing to lose trying them out.

Click here to check out Play With A Pro, or click the links below to visit specific teacher pages:

Learn trumpet with David Bilger at Play With A Pro

Learn trumpet with Reinhold Friedrich at Play With A Pro


mnm TakeLessons Logo | My New Microphone

TakeLessons was founded by Steven Cox in 2006. Currently, headquarters are in San Diego, California, USA.

TakeLessons started over 15 years ago as a way to make students' and teachers' lives easier, acting as a bridge between them, a marketplace, an organizer, and much more. This platform is continuously growing to include new disciplines like dancing, acting, and more.

Moreover, this platform is not just for students who want to find the perfect instructor easily and simply; it is also for teachers who want to find new students without investing all their time and money in advertising and marketing strategies.

As a result, this resource-rich platform can help you find the perfect trumpet teacher from many different profiles who can teach you the art of playing from various viewpoints. On the other hand, for teachers, the cloud-based software includes everything from planning to scheduling, communication, and payments.

Since the offer for teachers is so attractive, the number of choices for students is always growing. Finally, the platform is powered by Microsoft so that you can enjoy your lessons without interruptions, backed up by one of the world's largest and most successful software companies of all time.

Click here to visit TakeLessons' trumpet lesson options and start learning today!


mnm BBTrumpet Logo | My New Microphone

Clint' Pops' McLaughlin founded BBTrumpet. Currently, headquarters are in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

Clint' Pops' McLaughlin is one of the most important trumpet teachers in the world today. He's been teaching the instrument for over 45 years at all levels and with musicians who need to be proficient to play on the most demanding stages around the world.

Moreover, the resource created by Clint' Pops' McLaughlin is part of his revolutionary approach to the instrument. For example, he was the first trumpet player to use heat scans to improve the playing techniques of his students. This is because he was able to see the hot air flow flowing through the instrument and the person and could correct breathing mistakes.

On this site, you'll find resources for all kinds of learners; you get video lessons, books, and audio lessons. So, if you want to learn to play the trumpet with one of the most sought-after trumpet teachers in the world with almost half a century of experience, BBTrumpet is a must-check.

Check out BBTrumpet for yourself through this link!


mnm Udemy Logo | My New Microphone

Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar founded Udemy in 2010. Currently, the headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Udemy is one of the biggest learning platforms in the world, having served over 50 million learners around the planet. Moreover, it is also the place of choice for over 68 thousand instructors and a resource offering over 190 thousand online classes at the moment.

But that's not all, since this platform is big enough to count companies like Volkswagen and TATA among their many corporate clients. Furthermore, the company offers its resources for all devices through Apple-friendly and Android-friendly apps as well as AppleTV, tablets, and computers.

Udemy is a company that has grown far beyond its initial scope and offers a great user interface that will help you find the perfect teacher for your trumpet-learning needs.

Check out Udemy's trumpet courses.

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