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Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn How To Play Flute

My New Microphone Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn How To Play Flute

Online learning resources, be it courses, videos, written content, one-on-one coaching, apps, et cetera, provide fantastic opportunities to learn (and teach) how to play the flute and understand music more generally. Though nothing truly beats dedicated in-person flute lessons, there are plenty of excellent alternatives online.

Note that by “resources,” I'm not only referring to video tutoring and full-length courses (though these are arguably the best options). I'm also considering masterclasses, applications, videos, articles, and other online resources for learning how to play the flute.

Though obviously subjective and prone to biases, I've done my best to list out these resources based on the following metrics (in no particular order):

  • Reputation of the flute learning resource
  • Quality of education in technique, theory, and learning real songs
  • Organization and depth of learning
  • Adaptability of teaching to individual students (one-on-one lessons are best here)
  • The resource must be currently available

With all that being said, let's list out the learning resources.

The Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn Flute Are:

  1. ArtistWorks
  2. 8notes
  3. Sage Music
  4. Online Academy Of Irish Music
  5. iMusic School
  6. First Flute With Sir James Galway
  7. Learn Flute Online
  8. The Flute Coach
  9. The Flute Practice
  10. Music Professor
  11. Online Flute Classes

In this article, we'll go through each of the above-mentioned resources to get a stronger idea of what makes them great for learning the flute. Whether you're a complete beginner or a successful professional, there is always something to learn! I'll include links to check out each of the options for yourself. We'll also consider a few “honourable mentions” worth considering.

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Click here to see more of My New Microphone's recommended learning resources.


mnm ArtistWorks Logo | My New Microphone

Patricia and David Butler founded ArtistWorks in 2008. Currently, the headquarters are in Napa, California.

The revolutionary approach that ArtistWorks offers its students is not only a novelty in the area but also the next best thing after a physical one-on-one class with a teacher. They call it “video exchange,” and it is the opportunity for proficient and virtuoso players to teach and comment on their students' playing. Moreover, all students can see the video exchange and learn from each other's mistakes.

ArtistWorks works as a bridge between teachers and avid learners regardless of where they are in the world. This way, they are making the learning path easier for learners and allowing top-notch teachers and players to reach more people around the planet with their knowledge.

If you like video lessons, are willing to take classes and get advice from a virtuoso the size of Jeffrey Khaner, this platform can be a goldmine for you.

Click here and jumpstart your journey to flute mastery at ArtistWorks!


mnm 8notes logo 1 | My New Microphone

8notes Trumpet Lessons was established by Red Balloon Technology Ltd in 2001. Currently, the headquarters are in St. Albans, England.

8notes is a platform focused on sheet music almost exclusively. Therefore, it can be a goldmine for those who know how to read music properly. Moreover, the number of written resources on the website can take you from beginner to proficient without needing a teacher.

In this vein, professional musicians can easily add more colours to their palette by adding sounds from around the world to their repertoire.

But that's not all; the platform offers a “resources” tab that provides musicians with much-needed tools such as a metronome, video lessons, riffs, licks, and even music tracks for you to jam with proficient musicians playing other instruments. Also, there is an avalanche of flute-related music theory with a test section so you can assess your progress and check what you have learned.

Finally, the forum section is a great virtual place to hang out with like-minded musicians and a fertile hub where beautiful ideas and collaborations can blossom. If you are well-versed in reading music, this site is worth checking.

Start learning with 8notes Flute Lessons today!

Sage Music

mnm SageMusicSingingLessons Logo | My New Microphone

Sage Music was founded by Jason Sagebiel in 2012. Currently, the headquarters are in New York City.

Sage Music was founded by an MTNA-certified music teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Loyola University in New Orleans and a Master's Degree in Music from the City University of New York.

This background allowed Jason not only to provide top-notch lessons to all his students but also to put together a team of notable teachers. They impart lessons at a proficient level and are clear and interactive enough for new students to grasp musical concepts easily.

This commitment to excellence allowed the company to grow significantly in the last decade, opening three physical locations (Queens and Brooklyn in New York and San Antonio in Texas) and teaching students in 46 states and 15 countries.

Plus, the company has designed a proprietary method called “Arpeggio” that can ensure success in achieving your personal music goals. Finally, the company has decided to create a community around the school so you can create musical relationships with like-minded musicians from around the world.

Learn to play the flute at Sage Music Flute Lessons now!

Online Academy Of Irish Music

mnm Online Academy Of Irish Music | My New Microphone

OAIM was founded by Kirsten Allstaff and Matthew Curley in 2010. Currently, the headquarters are in Doolin, Ireland.

OAIM is the result of loving Irish Music and wanting to share that love with the world. The founding couple comprises an acclaimed whistle and flute player and a budding concertina player.

Moreover, the musical acumen was brought by Kirsten, and the technical know-how came from Matthew; together, they created a comprehensive resource that can take any player from knowing nothing about Irish music to sharing the love and passion these players have for that music.

Irish music is an important tradition in Irish pubs. Therefore, OAIM offers members 50 sessions of typical Irish pub sessions filmed in and available in 3-D for an immersive experience in the Irish musical tradition.

Finally, if you love Irish music and playing the flute, you'll be able to find in OAIM all you need to become proficient in this traditional playing style with tips and insights from professionals who have been keeping the tradition alive around the world for decades.

Check out the superb flute lessons at the Online Academy Of Irish Music today!

iMusic School

mnm imusicschool logo | My New Microphone

iMusic School was founded by Roland Pepe in 2007. Currently, the headquarters are in Corse, France.

The open channel for students' input over the content is the one thing that sets iMusic School apart from the competition. This simple yet super effective idea changes the equation for teachers and students because the insights and tips from students can complement the know-how on the instrument given by teachers.

Moreover, this virtuous circle of information makes a perfectly fertile ground for ideas to blossom, and the content is always being improved, elevating the educational level of the school.

Speaking of flute, in particular, the teachers Lisa-Maree Amos (the principal flutist at Victoria Orchestra) and Patrick Dillery (freelance flutist, studio musician, and private teacher) are ready to take your playing to the next level.

Finally, the website also offers additional resources in the shape of online tools for your instrument. These tools include a metronome, chord charts, a tuner, an online forum, and lessons on rhythm and music theory that apply to every musician on the planet.

Begin or continue your flute journey with iMusic School!

First Flute With Sir James Galway

mnm First Flute Logo | My New Microphone

First Flute was founded by Sir James Galway in 2013. Currently, the headquarters are in Meggen, Switzerland.

Sir James Galway is, perhaps, the most laureate teacher on this list. He was nicknamed “the man with the golden flute” because of his virtuosity with the instrument. He was awarded with OBE in 1979 and awarded a Knighthood for his services to music in 2001. Both times, the award was given by Queen Elizabeth II.

To name a few of his most famous gigs, we could include playing for numerous presidents, popes, queens, and emperors in many countries. Furthermore, he shared the stage with bands the calibre of Pink Floyd.

Sir James Galway created First Flute as a way to pour all his knowledge and experience into a course that could help others walk the path of flute playing with top-notch advice and first-level lessons.

Finally, taking classes with a virtuoso knight is not something easy to achieve. Therefore, the value of these classes isn't anywhere near the real cost of having someone like Sir James Galway as a teacher. So, checking his website and course is a must for serious players.

Click here to learn flute from First Flute With Sir James Galway!

Learn Flute Online

mnm Learn Flute Online Logo | My New Microphone

Learn Flute Online was founded by Rebecca Fuller. Currently, headquarters are in Wellsville, Utah.

Rebecca Fuller has been teaching flute for the past 30+ years. During those three decades of experience, she put together a fail-proof method that she uses with students and her three children. It is the method that took many of her students to make a name for themselves around the world.

The site works as a free hub for flute resources on the silver level and a paid-for premium level that grants access to a private support group, live group challenges, classes, and modules for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

But that's not all; the site includes another area of mini-courses dedicated to specific styles like Irish or '60s and '70s Folk Rock and Jazz and specific skills like developing vibrato or reading music.

This flute institute is a perfect resource regardless of where you are in your musical journey; plus, all lessons are backed up by over 30 years of teaching experience.

Click here to check out Learn Flute Online!

The Flute Coach

mnm The Flute Coach Logo | My New Microphone

The Flute Coach was founded by Christie in 2016. Currently, the headquarters are in Queensland, Australia.

Christie started playing the flute in 1994. From the first moment, she was completely hooked on the instrument. That specific feeling of being transported to a parallel reality fueled her dream of becoming a professional player and teacher.

To make a long story short, Christie was already teaching high school students while she was in high school. Nowadays, her site offers courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students, as well as to prepare flute solos, etudes for advanced students, and even a course to give teachers an online jump start.

Plus, the platform offers those doubtful about joining some free videos that can give you a taste of what to expect from Christie and Monique, a tutor who joined the platform in 2019 to help Christie with the overwhelming demand.

If you are searching for a self-paced course taught by an easygoing, experienced teacher, then The Flute Coach is a must-check.

Get lessons from The Flute Coach now!

The Flute Practice

mnm The Flute Practice Logo | My New Microphone

The Flute Practice was founded by Tatiana Thaele in 2021. Currently, the headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tatiana Thaele is a renowned musician who has been excelling with her flute in South Africa and around the world for the past decade. For example, she was the soloist for the Cape Town Philarmonic Orchestra. She performed solo recitals at the Klein Karoo Klasique, the FynArts Festival, and the 5th International Guitar Festival in San Remo.

With this curriculum, Tatiana set out to create an online course that would allow her knowledge and experience to be spread around the planet to help avid musicians and needy students. Moreover, she takes her teaching as a way to give back to the world all the joy and success flute playing has given her.

In this regard, her site offers access to The Practice Club so that you can jam, practice, and learn with like-minded musicians. It also has a comprehensive online course and one-on-one classes with Tatiana.

Finally, you'll find tips for flute well-being on this site and free resources to get started on the right foot.

Click here to learn to play with The Flute Practice!

Music Professor

mnm Music Professor Logo | My New Microphone

MusicProfessor was founded in 2015. Currently, headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.

MusicProfessor is an online resource offering students worldwide a way to access top-notch education without breaking the bank. The company encountered this void in the market in which there were no opportunities for students to find something that wasn't expensive: one-on-one lessons with pro players or crowded music rooms where money was wasted and attention too.

So, as a response to this void, the platform offers pre-recorded material in the shape of video lessons (5 courses, 396 lessons, and 19.3 hours of video) aimed to reach students of every age as well as one-on-one lessons with professionals for a fraction of the price paid outside the platform.

These resources supplement each other to give students a one-of-a-kind musical formation.

Finally, the easy-to-use monitoring tool is great for teachers to give students feedback and better assess their unique learning styles and musical paths.

Learn to play the flute at MusicProfessor now!

Online Flute Classes

mnm Online Flute Classes Logo | My New Microphone

Mr. Sriharsha Ramkumar founded Online Flute Classes in 2019. Currently, headquarters are in Karnataka, India.

Having started to play the flute at age 4 and his professional training at age 6, Sriharsha has been playing the flute all his life. He comes from a musical family in which music has been a way of living for decades. By age 10, Sriharsha was already playing his first professional concert.

Nowadays, after achieving most milestones every flute player dreams of, this virtuoso musician decided to pour all that knowledge and experience into an online course that you can take at your own pace, but also in the shape of one-on-one Skype lessons that can be booked from anywhere in the world at mutual convenience.

Moreover, Sriharsha has a profile that is available through Udemy and some beginner-oriented DVDs as well.

Finally, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced flute player, Sriharsha surely has some insights and tips to teach you to improve your playing.

Check out Online Flute Classes and begin learning to play the flute today!

Honourable Mentions

  1. Fluteland
  2. Jolene Flute
  3. JQ Flute

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