Top 11 Best Microphone Boom Pole Brands On The Market 2024

My New Microphone Top 11 Best Microphone Boom Pole Brands On The Market

Boom poles are essential in the world of film and television production for holding microphones (and even lights) out of frame. The fact that they are so necessary for such a large industry has appropriately created a large market for their production and sale.

Boom poles come in a variety of materials, lengths and weights with various grips and cable management. Though the brand of the boom pole is far from the most important factor, it’s still worth considering.

With so many brands out there, we’ll focus our attention, in this article, on the top 11 best microphone boom pole brands on the market.

Though obviously subjective and prone to biases, I’ve done my best to list out these brands based on the following metrics (in no particular order):

  • Company reputation
  • Variety of boom poles
  • Performance of the boom poles
  • Accessibility of the boom poles
  • Currently in operation

With all that being said, let’s list out the brands.

The Top 11 Best Microphone Boom Pole Brands Are:

  1. Røde
  2. Ambient Recording
  3. K-Tek
  4. Professional Sound Corporation
  5. König & Meyer
  6. Cavision
  7. Film Devices
  8. LTM Lighting
  9. LyxPro
  10. On-Stage
  11. E-Image

Let’s get into each of these brands in greater detail and explain why they belong in the top 11 best microphone boom pole brands. I’ll share their country of origin, a bit of history, an example of a notable set of strings, and a link to their official website.

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mnm Australia e1557772640344 | My New Microphone


mnm Rode Logo | My New Microphone

Røde is one of the biggest names in microphones and professional audio accessories in the world.

It all started in London, where Henry and Astrid Freedman started their audio company. After moving to Sweden and ultimately, Australia, Henry Freedman passed control to his son, Peter.

Peter was the mastermind behind the utterly famous Røde NT-1 condenser microphone, one of the brand’s bestsellers. It was the NT-1 that opened the international market for the brand, exponentially growing its sales and manufacturing capacity.

Although they are based in Australia, they supply the entire world with nothing but the best equipment for studios, filmmaking, and live performances.

Moreover, after decades of manufacturing top-notch microphones, they know exactly what a boom pole should do to exceed expectations. From top-notch shotgun mics to the uber-reliable boom poles that hold them, Rode has you covered.

Buying your boom pole from a brand like Røde is guaranteed quality, craftsmanship, and performance.

Notable boom pole: Boompole Pro 9.8′

mnm Rode Boompole Pro 9.8 | My New Microphone
Rode Boompole Pro 9.8′

Entirely made out of carbon fibre, this boom pole weighs half a kilo. For a piece of equipment used to hold shotgun microphones over people, this is a very positive feature. Moreover, the 3 meters of the total length is reduced to a mere 80cm to carry it around.

Also, this boom pole features a one-hand operation with Røde’s twist-lock mechanic and is compatible with the company’s new wireless technology.

If you want one of the best boom poles out there, you have to give this Røde model a try.

Rode Microphones was originally founded as Freedman Electronics in 1967 by Henry and Astrid Freedman in Sydney, Australia. The company became Rode in 1990 and is headquartered in Silverwater, Sydney, Australia.

Official website: rode.com


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mnm Germany e1557772648479 | My New Microphone

Ambient Recording

mnm Ambient Recording Logo | My New Microphone

Ambient Recording started in the late 80s in Munich, Germany and was officially founded in 1992. It was the joint effort of two sound professionals who couldn´t find any boom poles that would satisfy their needs.

One of them, Yannic Hieber, is still today the Creative Director and Head of Marketing at this internationally acclaimed company.

What sets the boom poles created by Ambient Recording apart from all of the competition? Well, they were thought, designed, improved, and polished to perfection by well-versed professionals.

In other words, the company owns the know-how only years in the field can give you.

For many professionals, they succeeded in creating a boom pole that could solve all field problems.

Notable boom pole: QS Premium Boom Pole 17′

mnm Ambient Recording QS Premium Boom Pole 17 | My New Microphone
Ambient Recording QS Premium Boom Pole 17′

This QS model is a handmade boom pole manufactured entirely in Germany, sourced from the finest materials, and shaped to perfection by experienced hands. With surgeon-grade accuracy, the company created one of the stiffest, most stable booms in the market.

Ambient Recording QS line is not the cheapest around, but it can very well be the best one you ever held in your hands.

Ambient Recording was founded in 1992 by Yannic Hieber in Munich, Germany, where the company headquarters is still located today.

Official website: ambient.de

mnm USA e1557772655914 | My New Microphone


mnm K Tek Logo | My New Microphone

Founded in 1996 by Manfred Klemme, this California-based company is famous for its no-compromise approach to manufacturing boom poles for the film industry.

From day one, the goal was to help shape the sounds of large motion pictures while also being there for aspiring filmmakers. Because of that, the company offers top-notch products for seasoned professionals as well as entry-level boom poles for budget-conscious and starting filmmakers.

Regardless of the K-Tek product you choose, you’ll always get obsessive attention to detail, superb customer service, and outstanding quality. K-Tek can accompany you in every stage of your way to cinema stardom.

Notable boom pole: KP20CCR 20′ KlassicPro Graphite 6-Section Boompole with Internal XLR Coiled Cable, Side Exit

mnm K Tek KP20CCR 20 KlassicPro | My New Microphone
K-Tek KP20CCR 20′ KlassicPro

A high-quality boom pole is what you need to address demanding situations in the film industry. This 6-meter, state-of-the-art boom pole is exactly that: a pro-level instrument that will get the job done time and time again. Moreover, the collapsed structure is only 146cm long and weighs one-and-a-half kilos.

On top of this easy-to-handle boom pole, you get an exchangeable head to fit most microphones in the market, plus a coiled cable with an angle connector ready for your favourite field mic. If you need pro-level equipment, this boom pole is surely a winner.

K-Tek was founded in 1996 by Manfred Klemme. The company headquarters is located in Vista, California, USA.

Official website: ktekpro.com

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mnm_USA-e1557772655914.jpg

Professional Sound Corporation

mnm Professional Sound Corporation Logo | My New Microphone

Professional Sound Corporation was founded in 1986 to provide answers for a growing industry in need: filmmaking. Ronald Meyer, now its president, believes in providing practical solutions for new challenges. Thus, every product by PSC is designed to make client’s everyday chores more efficient and easier.

Still based in Valencia, California, this growing company offers a plethora of options to suit every need a filmmaker might have. Because of its long heritage and cutting-edge approach to technology, every piece of PSC equipment is made to excel at the most demanding scenarios possible.

Make PSC's leverage your competitive advantage by giving their boom poles a try.

Notable boom pole: X-Large Elite Boompole with Coiled Cable and Right-Angle XLR 17.2′

mnm PSC X Large Elite Boompole | My New Microphone
Professional Sound Corporation X-Large Elite Boompole

The Elite line by PSC represents a step forward in terms of boom poles for filmmakers. It features a lightweight mount made of threaded aluminum that can support most end caps available. Also, the boom pole is fitted with a male XLR connector with internal coiled cable assemblies.

Finally, it features a rubber bumper and easy-flow cable exit that is perfect for straight cables.

Manufacturing is spotless, and craftsmanship quality is impeccable; you can’t go wrong with one of these on the field.

Professional Sound Corporation was founded in 1986 by Dick Topham. The company headquarters is located in Valencia, California, USA.

Official website: professionalsound.com

mnm Germany e1557772648479 | My New Microphone

König & Meyer

mnm KM Logo | My New Microphone

Founded in the late 1940s in Germany, this company is a great example of endless innovation to achieve perfection. They employ over 250 employees divided into two main production plants where they make every part of every product down to the last bolt.

After numerous decades, K&M has survived and flourished in an ever-changing world. Their capacities of adaptation through innovation led them to be one of the most sought-after names in pro-audio.

K&M spent seventy years making the best boom poles in the market; you should give them a try before making any buying decisions.

Notable boom pole: 23790 5-Piece Carbon Fiber Microphone Boompole Black, 12.6′

mnm KM 23790 5 Piece | My New Microphone
K&M 23790

A company like K&M couldn’t offer anything but an innovational, ground-breaking boom pole that can solve many everyday problems for sound professionals.

To begin with, the pole is entirely made of carbon fibre and features an innovative locking system that is as sturdy as it is easy to use. Also, the 1000cm to 3850cm extension in five different sections makes it accurate and reliable.

Finally, it is stiff enough to carry the heaviest microphones, and cables can be run inside.

It comes with an upholstered carrying case; boom poles don’t get much better than this.

K&M was founded in 1949 by Karl König and Erich Meyer. The company headquarters is located in Wertheim, Germany.

Official website: k-m.de

König & Meyer

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mnm Canada e1557772573364 | My New Microphone


mnm Cavision Logo | My New Microphone

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Cavision is a privately held corporation manufacturing top-notch audio equipment in-house in Canada and shipping it around the world.

The company's aim has always been to offer the best possible products at the most competitive prices in the market. In other words, what Cavision offers clients is the highest-quality accessories at a price they can afford.

Hence, if you are a filmmaker on a budget or making your way into stardom, Cavision has superb boom poles for you!

Notable boom pole: SCPN550R Carbon Fiber Boompole with 5 Sections & Removable Top 16.4′

mnm Cavision SCPN550R | My New Microphone
Cavision SCPN550R

Carbon fibre tubing allows for internal cabling, and special coating minimizes unwanted noises that can translate into an unusable take. Also, the lightweight carbon fibre structure features five easy-to-use sections and a removable top that makes changing cables a breeze.

Finally, it is furnished with industry-standard 3/8” -16 threads, making it comfortable for long takes. If you want a boom pole that won’t break the bank and deliver every time, this may very well be the best option.

Cavision was founded in 1993 by Bernie Koth-Kappus. The company headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Official website: cavision.com

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mnm_USA-e1557772655914.jpg

Film Devices

mnm Film Devices Logo | My New Microphone

Film Devices is a company that relied on a tested and true recipe for success: field experience. Indeed, the group of professionals that put together this successful, growing company is made entirely of film-industry pros who have used and survived virtually every piece of equipment made for filmmaking.

Today, the company still counts on other professionals to continue to grow their expertise and has opened an inbound communication channel that allows them to keep perfecting their catalogue.

That is, perhaps, this company’s biggest asset, to solve real, current filmmakers’ problems in the real world every day.

Notable boom pole: Microphone Travel Boompole Kit Carbon Fiber 67″

mnm Film Devices Microphone Travel Boompole 6722 | My New Microphone
Film Devices Microphone Travel Boompole 67″

Specially designed for soundmen and women on the go, this boom pole extends to 67” but can be collapsed to fit your carry-on luggage. Moreover, its carbon-fibre lightweight construction will not add lots of unnecessary weight to carry around, either.

Finally, the boom pole also includes a grip head and a boom holder to make the job easier. You can’t go wrong on the road with one of these in your suitcase or backpack.

Film Devices was founded in 2009 by Kenneth Martini as part of Martrano Enterprises, LLC. The company headquarters is located in Sonoma, California, USA.

Official website: filmdevices.com
Parent company: Martrano Enterprises, LLC.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mnm_USA-e1557772655914.jpg

LTM Lighting

image 1 | My New Microphone

A legendary company from Valencia, California, returns to the main film sets in the world under new management. It was Richard Espinoza, now VP, CFO, and Partner at LTM, who went the extra mile to bring this legendary company back to action.

LTM France was founded in 1960 and was one of the main ignitor and ballast providers globally for OSRAM’s HMI Lamps during the 70s.

This long heritage allowed the company to be there during all major changes in TV and cinema sets in the world; thus, their knowledge and experience in the field are uncanny.

Attach your microphone at the end of 60 years’ worth of innovation and hard work; check out LTM Lighting today.

Notable boom pole: 4-Section Carbon Fiber Boom Pole – Measuring 5.2 to 16.7′

mnm LTM Lighting 4 Section Carbon Fiber Boom Pole 1 | My New Microphone
LTM Lighting 4-Section Carbon Fiber Boom Pole

Starting with its scratch-proof matte surface, this boom pole is made of lightweight carbon fibre, and its composition is as sturdy as it is maneuverable and will last for a lifetime.

Furthermore, the knurled friction generated internally at each twisting section makes the pole reliable and sturdy even when it is fully extended.

Finally, its thick rubber base and internal plastic spacing rings bring it to international standards.

If you want a great product made by experts that won’t break your bank, give this boom pole a try.

LTM Lighting was founded in 1960 in France. Today, the company headquarters is located in Valencia, California, USA.

Official website: ltmlighting.us

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mnm_USA-e1557772655914.jpg


| My New Microphone

LyxPro is a company dedicated to creating the most affordable, best-quality accessories for filmmakers. Moreover, the company also features musical instruments, speakers, cables, and live-sound accessories departments. This means that they can offer clients a complete vision of sound recording and add expertise to the final result.

Operating from Edison, New Jersey, LyxPro offers a wide array of fine-tuned, well-thought solutions for sound professionals around the world. Although it is a relatively new player in the market, the company has made a reputation for being the go-to option for beginners who need quality at an affordable price.

If that description sounds close to what you need, don’t hesitate to give them a chance.

Notable boom pole: MPL-10 2.4’ – 9.25’

mnm LyxPro MPL 10 1 | My New Microphone
LyxPro MPL-10

With a range going from less than a meter to almost three meters, this boom pole will be enough to cover most situations. It is made entirely of aluminum and features five easily adjustable extendible sections. Its overall weight is 750 grams, which makes it ideal for the road and long sessions.

Speaking of which, the padding that goes all the way from top to bottom is a welcome addition as well.

Finally, the boom pole comes with 3/8” to 5/8” adapters to accommodate any and all microphones. Plus, you can get it for less than a hundred dollars.

LyxPro was founded in 2013, and the company headquarters is located in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

Official website: lyxpro.com

mnm USA 1 e1557772616184 | My New Microphone


mnm On Stage Logo | My New Microphone

On-Stage has been around since 1979 as a division of Jam Industries USA, LLC called The Music People, which continues to manufacture and manage On-Stage stands.

What started as a small side project grew exponentially to own a catalogue that includes over 300 articles shipped around the globe.

The company manufactures all pieces in-house, and thus, they can supply any spare parts you need for your boom pole. This means that you can buy yours and continue to use it indefinitely, exchanging spare parts when needed.

On-Stage is a synonym of reliability, performance, and great craftsmanship at a great price.

Notable boom pole: MBP700 Microphone Boom Pole

mnm On Stage MBP7000 | My New Microphone
On-Stage MBP700

Whether you are doing EFP, ENG, or any other field recording, this lightweight boom pole can fulfill the task with ease.

To begin with, the internal cable extends or retracts, making 89cm or 304cm just as easy to handle. Moreover, the end of the cable is coiled so that you can adjust it to any microphone with no added adaptors or extensors.

Finally, the aluminum body covered with EVA grip and internal spiral shielding weighs only 1 kilogram.

Those on a budget cannot miss the opportunity to get a good-quality boom pole at a fraction of what the competition offers.

On-Stage was founded in 1979 by Jim Hennessey in Hartford, Connecticut. Today, the company headquarters is located in Berlin, Connecticut, USA.

Official website: on-stage.com


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mnm China e1557772547181 | My New Microphone


mnm E Image Logo | My New Microphone

Born as Ningbo E-Image Studio Equipment Co, Ltd in 2006 in Zhejiang, China, the company started reaching the market outside China 10 years ago. Within these last 15 years, they have amassed a loyal legion of fans as an affordable option to the main brands in the industry and still deliver top-notch results.

Today, the company is famous for its impeccable customer support and its innovative line of products, including iPad-specific lines, state-of-the-art tripods, and some of the best boom poles in the industry at a price most professionals can afford.

The balance between performance and price is often hard to achieve, but E-Image managed to pull it off perfectly.

Notable boom pole: BC16P Carbon Fiber Telescoping Boompole with Internal Cable & XLR Base 16.4′

mnm E Image BC16P | My New Microphone
E-Image BC16P

This telescopic boom pole features five extensible sections with efficient twist locks that make it go from 131cm to 500cm effortlessly. The entire exterior is covered in soft-grip material, making it ideal for long shots. Adding to that, it only weighs one kilo.

The interior of the tubular structure features a high-grade coiled cable with a side XLR connector to accommodate most field microphones. Although it features a fixed top, this carbon fibre structure might be the best companion for any field recordings.

E-Image was founded in 2006 in Zhejiang, China, where the company headquarters is still located today.

Official website: eimagevideo.com

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