Top 11 Best Acoustic Treatment Brands For Home & Pro Studios

My New Microphone Top 11 Best Acoustic Treatment Brands For Home & Pro Studios

Acoustics (and psychoacoustics) is a complex study yet a crucial factor to consider when setting up home and pro studios. Proper acoustic treatment of listening environments and control rooms is essential for ideal monitoring, while treatment of live rooms and iso-booths is necessary for optimal recording conditions.

Though it's rather complicated to master the comprehension of acoustics, it's essential to understand how to improve a studio (or any listening environment, for that matter) with acoustic treatments. From absorbers and diffusers to bass traps and isolators, there are plenty of sound treatment options.

Furthermore, since the treatment of studios is so important, plenty of companies have introduced superb acoustic treatment equipment to the market. Among the many brands, some stand out as being industry leaders. Though the brand isn't necessarily the most critical factor in any given situation, it's relevant to know the top players regarding acoustic treatment.

Though obviously subjective and prone to biases, I've done my best to list out these brands based on the following metrics (in no particular order):

  • Company reputation
  • Variety of acoustic treatment options
  • Performance of the treatment
  • Accessibility of the equipment
  • Currently in operation

With all that being said, let's list out the brands.

The Top 11 Best Acoustic Treatment Brands For Home And Pro Studios Are:

  1. Auralex
  2. GIK Acoustics
  3. HOFA Akustik
  4. Vicoustic
  5. Artnovion
  6. Primacoustic
  7. Acoustical Solutions
  8. Acoustimac
  9. ATS
  10. UA Acoustics
  11. ProSoCoustic

Let's get into each of these brands in greater detail and explain why they belong in the top 11 best acoustic treatment brands. I'll share their country of origin, a bit of history, an example of a notable set of strings, and a link to their official website.

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| My New Microphone

To say that need is the mother of invention is no news. On the other hand, to act upon that might mean to create an empire on a simple idea. This is exactly what Eric Smith attempted when he founded Auralex 44 years ago, in 1977 in Indianapolis.

At the time, acoustic treatments were not only elite-level expensive but also had significant flaws. Auralex's motto for the last half a century has been to provide pro-level acoustic treatment at a price most people can afford. They succeeded in it and created a chain reaction that changed the industry completely.

As an industry leader, Auralex is a synonym for great performance that won't break the bank. Auralex is a top pick for equipping rooms with sound treatment.

Notable acoustic treatment: ProPanel ProKit-2 Acoustical Room Treatment System – Obsidian

mnm Auralex ProPanel ProKit 2 Acoustical Room Treatment System Obsidian | My New Microphone
Auralex ProPanel ProKit-2 Acoustical Room Treatment System – Obsidian

With a total of 18 panels in various colours, this product by Auralex is designed to take care of low, mid, and high frequencies in any room.

The kit is designed to cover the maximum surface with minimal investment; thus, they come in 2′ x 2′ x 4′.

Twelve of the eighteen panels are designed for walls, while the remaining six are designed to cover the corners of the room. This is crucial, especially for those in smaller rooms where the low-frequency rebound is a serious issue.

Finally, all the needed mounting hardware is included, and all material is Class-A fireproof. If you're serious about how your room sounds, give Auralex treatment a strong consideration.

Official website:

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GIK Acoustics

mnm GIK Acoustics Logo 1 | My New Microphone

Atlanta-based former studio owner Glenn Kuras founded GIK Acoustics in 2004 because he wanted a better product for his own studio and couldn't find it. Besides his studio endeavours, Kuras has a past in the manufacturing industry, granting him a perspective unlike any other on the market.

Fast forward to now, the company still operates and builds its products in the USA and exports worldwide. Moreover, GIK Acoustics treats over 5,000 rooms a year for happy customers around the globe.

Through more than a decade and a half of hard work and passion for excellence, GIK Acoustics became the go-to option for sound enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Notable acoustic treatment: Room Kit Package #4

mnm GIK Acoustics Room Kit Package 4 | My New Microphone
GIK Acoustics Room Kit Package #4

This eleven-piece kit covers everything you need to treat a room and also offers some extras at a minimal price.

The included panels are six 242 acoustic panels, four Tri-Trap panels for the bass building up in the corners, and a Monster Bass Trap. For only $15 each, you can also get one or two Cloud Mounting Brackets.

All panels carry a Class A fire rating and are also built utilizing Greensafe ECOSE materials. Plus, you can get professional advice before you buy from GIK experts. Acoustic treatment doesn't get much better than this anywhere else in the world.

Official website:

mnm Germany e1557772648479 | My New Microphone

HOFA Akustik

mnm HOFA Logo | My New Microphone

HOFA Akustik started as a recording studio in 1988 and then expanded to four more different areas: HOFA-Media (1993), HOFA-College (2005), HOFA-Akustik (2007), and HOFA-Plugins (2010).

This holistic approach to sound granted the company a rich overview of the entire process, from studio enthusiasts learning the craft to the largest, most complex projects in Germany.

This, as an asset, brings the company to the forefront of the market. The leverage and accumulated know-how come first-hand from navigating all areas of the market. HOFA takes the time to polish, test and re-test their designs in-house before selling them to the world.

There is no doubt HOFA Akustik is German precision at its best working for you. Before making any decisions, check them out.

Notable acoustic treatment: Studio Acoustic Curtains

mnm HOFA Acoustic Curtain Studio | My New Microphone
HOFA Studio Acoustic Curtains

This product is a groundbreaking solution for a multi-use room. For example, if you are trying to build a home studio and still want to enjoy natural sunlight during the day, an acoustic curtain can be the perfect option for you to transform it in a heartbeat.

Moreover, the curtains come in two different versions (ISO and STUDIO) to accommodate different mounting systems. Plus, they are made with a multi-layer design that generates optimum acoustical efficiency and features a very low inflammability rate.

Finally, these made-in-Germany curtains are available in 9 colours and work wonders to cover large surfaces.

Official website:

mnm Portugal Flag | My New Microphone


mnm Vicoustic Logo | My New Microphone

Founded in Portugal in 2007 by César Carapinha, Vicoustic sells top-notch acoustic treatment to over 70 countries around the world. They cover every possible room, from home cinemas to large-scale structures and professional studios and serve audiophiles and hi-fi lovers worldwide.

Since day one, the company has aimed to innovate in the field of acoustics to bring solutions to their customers that no other company can. For that, they strive to incorporate cutting-edge design elements into everything they do. In that sense, Vicoustic owns some of the most beautiful designs in the market to enhance any room.

Finally, this company walks the fine line between style and performance at ease and sources most materials from recycled objects.

Here's a video about Vicoustic if you want more info. Be sure to check them out before making any decisions!

Notable acoustic treatment: VicStudio Box

| My New Microphone
Vicoustic VicStudio Box

The box contains 10 pieces: 8 Wavewood Ultra Lite and 2 Multifuser DC2. As a bonus, the company also includes 2 pouches of Flexi Glue Ultra to do the job on the spot.

These pieces should be enough to cover all the surfaces of any home studio, but you can also combine several boxes if you happen to be working in a bigger room.

Finally, the box is available in three different solid colours to suit the rest of the equipment. Treating your room has never been easier; it is a must to give this unit a look before you buy. Here's a video mimicking an installation in a home studio.

Official website:

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mnm Artnovion Logo | My New Microphone

Artnovion is another Portuguese brand dedicated to acoustic treatment founded by Jorge Castro (current CEO) in 2015. The brand's main goal is to bring acoustic treatment to every possible venue so all humans can enjoy the audacious, ethereal shapes of sound at its absolute best.

The company first made a name for itself by innovating an already well-known concept in acoustic panels.

They design and build some of the best-looking ones in the market and still employ many hands to give it that human finishing touch machinery can't quite get yet.

With every Artnovion product leaving the factory, the company tries to bring some art, cutting-edge technology, and premium materials to every customer.

If you want to know more about the brand, these are an institutional video, a video of a room treated with Artnovion, and a video about “Impulso”, the brand's groundbreaking app.

Notable acoustic treatment: Orion W Absorber

mnm Artnovion Orion W Absorber | My New Microphone
Artnovion Orion W Absorber

One of the main assets about Artnovion is that they can tell you exactly what frequencies are the ones causing trouble. Moreover, they offer products tailored to solve those problems without creating others.

This one, in particular, is an evolution from their flagship Logan diffuser and takes on the same Helmholtz-style absorption technique. It is designed to work on low-mid, midrange, and mid-high frequencies ranging from 350 Hz all the way to 3,150 Hz.

Plus, they look amazing, and you can install as many of them as you like to solve the issue. If you are not aware of the frequencies causing trouble in your studio, download the Impulso app and find out.

Official website:

mnm Canada e1557772573364 | My New Microphone


mnm Primacoustic Logo | My New Microphone

Primacoustic has been in the acoustic treatment industry for the past 20 years and has been a privileged witness to the market shift in the past two decades.

It is a division of the legendary Candian Company Radial Engineering, famous for the sturdiness and professionalism of their products that can be seen accompanying acts the size of U2, Bruce Springsteen, and countless others.

Primacoustic began as an experiment to prove to the world that poor results were not to be blamed on PA systems but on acoustic treatments.

In the past two decades, they have not only succeeded in raising awareness on the topic but nailed contracts with companies the size of Fender, Cisco, Renault, and Sony and dress the walls of celebrity home studios such as Tommy Lee, John Rzeznik, and Chad Kroeger among many others.

Buying from a company that can provide such an integrated approach to sound and has these names among their client list is to buy from the best; if it's the top choice for them, it may very well be the best choice for you as well.

Notable acoustic treatment: London 16 Acoustic Room Kit – Black

mnm Primacoustic London 16 Acoustic Room Kit Black | My New Microphone
Primacoustic London 16 Acoustic Room Kit

This kit is designed and built for large rooms that are up to 200 square feet. Moreover, if your space is larger than that, you can combine the London 16 with any other kit.

The problems you can solve with the set of Broadway panels included in the kit are standing waves, reflections, flutter echo, and excessive bass. This is because each panel is built utilizing high-density fibreglass that offers five times more absorption than most other brands. This translates into fewer panels to get the same results.

Finally, this 44-panel kit comes with all the needed accessories and instructions for easy installation.

Official website:
Parent company: Radial Engineering

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Acoustical Solutions

mnm Acoustical Solutions Logo | My New Microphone

The year was 1989, a young graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University who gathered experience working in the acoustic treatment of studios in the area decided to build his own company; his name is Michael Binns.

Today, he can address issues coming from all kinds of facilities in need of acoustic treatment, from factories to venues, and especially professional studios.

This is, perhaps, the company's biggest asset: the know-how that only experience can provide.

Because the cascading knowledge coming from management directly impacts each product leaving the factory, Acoustical Solutions quickly built a strong reputation as the best solution available in the region.

If you want the best acoustic treatment for your studio, check them out before making any decisions.

Notable acoustic treatment: AlphaSorb Pro Acoustic Panel Room Kit

mnm Acoustical Solutions AlphaSorb Pro Acoustic Panel Room Kit | My New Microphone
Acoustical Solutions AlphaSorb Pro Acoustic Panel Room Kit

This is the perfect kit for those thinking of going DIY and treating a small room. Indeed, the 10-piece kit includes four 2′ x 4′ x 2″ and two 2′ x 2′ x 2″ panels for the walls and two 1′ x 4′ x 2″ corner traps. These are available in 10 different colours to suit your style.

The panels are made with Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100 fabric, the industry standard for top-notch acoustic treatment. Moreover, each panel comes complete with its installation kit, meaning that you can go from the box to the finished product without leaving the room.

You can never go wrong with this acoustic treatment in your studio.

Official website:

mnm USA 1 e1557772616184 | My New Microphone


mnm Acoustimac Logo | My New Microphone

Acoustimac has a competitive advantage compared to the rest of the options in this list: a sense of fashion and design. Indeed, this company works very closely with the fashion industry. They also manufacture in Tampa, Florida, and from 2008 some of the best acoustic panels in the industry.

Besides their in-house team of graphic designers to make your dream panels a tangible reality, this company offers affordable prices, A rating from the Better Business Bureau, a team dedicated to customer support, and a Class A fire rating.

Furthermore, the eco-friendly materials are entirely manufactured and assembled in the USA by expert craftsmen. If you are looking for a personalized approach to acoustic treatments with a sense of fashion, this is the company to reach out to.

Notable acoustic treatment: Studio Live Room – PRO Package 3

mnm Acoustimac Studio Live Room PRO Package 3 | My New Microphone
Acoustimac Studio Live Room PRO Package 3

Offering a wide variety of artistic motifs and solid colours, the 20 acoustic panels in this kit work perfectly for a DIY project or a professional-led one.

The total content is eight corner bass traps and twelve bass traps measuring 48″ x 24″ x 4″ each. They come with every single mounting element you might need.

Furthermore, these units can be hung in drywall or ceiling with minimal intrusion (no more than what a painting would do).

Finally, Acoustimac bass traps are among the best in the market, absorbing more lows per inch than most of the competition. If you want to add a fashion touch and effectively treat the acoustics of your studio, you have to check this kit out.

Official website:


mnm ATS Acoustics Logo | My New Microphone

Mark Aardsma founded ATS Acoustics in 2005 in Piper, Illinois. The idea was to close the gap between price and quality that Mark had encountered time and again in the acoustics market. With that purpose in mind, he decided to create top-notch quality at affordable prices.

More than a hundred thousand panels later, ATS incorporated graphic design to the surface of the panels, making them attractive enough to hang on the walls of any house or studio.

Plus, they combined the latest technology to make them as effective as they are beautiful.

Modern-day solutions can't leave design out of the equation because the world has increasingly become image-driven. If you want affordable panels created with design in mind, made entirely in the USA, you have to check ATS out.

Notable acoustic treatment: Acoustic Panels with Original Fabric

mnm ATS Acoustic Panels With Original Fabric | My New Microphone
ATS Acoustic Panels with Original Fabric

ATS Acoustics' original fabric line is a no-frills approach to outstanding sonic results. This is because each of the company's panels is made by expert upholsterer hands with obsessive attention to detail.

With thickness ranging from 2 to 4 inches, sizes going from 24×24 inches to 24×48 inches, and the possibility of ordering custom-sized panels, this company offers enough options to cover any room.

Speaking of which, you can check out their free online acoustics analysis here.

Official website:

mnm Ukraine | My New Microphone

UA Acoustics

mnm UA Acoustics Logo | My New Microphone

Based in Ukraine, this independent company works on its products, from ideas to shipping, entirely in-house.

Moreover, through the application of 3-D imaging technology, they can successfully recreate your room and give you the perfect recipe to make it work on an acoustic level.

Most of their production is based around the use of foam and wood, creating truly sonic landscapes in different colours. They sell everything from diffusers to panels to bass traps and ship worldwide from Kyiv, Ukraine, at very competitive prices.

If you want to have a better idea of what they can do, you can check their satisfied customers' gallery right here.

Notable acoustic treatment: Skyross

mnm UA Acoustics Skyross | My New Microphone
UA Acoustics Skyross

The Skyross line by UA Acoustics enhances the room not only sonically but also visually. These are sound-absorbing panels working with microporous acoustic foam capable of transforming sound energy into thermal energy and, because of the 3D surface on top, partially scattering the reflected sound.

If you happen to have an echo issue in your room and want to work with the medium and high frequencies to clean the overall sound, this is the panel for you.

Official website:

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mnm ProSoCoustic Logo | My New Microphone

Based in the utterly famous music city of Nashville, Tennessee, this brand offers revolutionary products in the field of acoustics. They came up with a new technology called Wave Pro that can go past the efficiency of fibreglass and achieve a dual goal: absorption and diffusion with a single panel.

This finding has opened the door for this brand to enter the small, budget-oriented studio realm in Nashville as well as bigger studios.

Because of the efficiency and the variety of sizes and colours, there is no way ProSoCoustic products won't fit your needs.

Try them out; they might be the solution you were looking for.

Notable acoustic treatment: WaveRoom Pro Small Panel Booster Kit – Black (link to check the price at Sweetwater)

mnm ProSoCoustic WaveRoom Pro Small Panel Booster Kit Black | My New Microphone
ProSoCoustic WaveRoom Pro Small Panel Booster Kit

The revolutionary technology you read about above comes in many different shapes from ProSoCoustic. In this case, the kit provides the lucky owner with eight 2×2 Wave Pro Panels and all the needed hardware to install them.

You can choose to acquire them in black or stone to better suit the mood of your studio. This kit offers groundbreaking technology at a very competitive price; it is a no-brainer to check it out today.

Official website:

Determining and purchasing the right acoustic treatment solution for your rooms can be a daunting task. For this reason, I've created My New Microphone's Comprehensive Acoustic Treatment Buyer's Guide. Check it out for help choosing the best acoustic treatment options for your rooms.

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