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Do Webcams Have Built-In Microphones? (With Examples)

My New Microphone Do Webcams Have Built-In Microphones? (With Examples)

As we go further into the digital age, webcams are becoming a necessary tool for many individuals for professional and recreational purposes. Aside from its video-related performances, many people begin to rely on a webcam's audio capabilities and features.

Do webcams have built-in microphones? Webcams come with built-in microphones. The microphones in webcams that you purchase separately from computers are built into the webcams. Laptops, phones, and tablets have a built-in webcam and microphones of their own.

The guide will highlight several top-quality webcams on the market that have exceptional audio capability. This includes the Logitech C920, Razer Kiyo Pro, Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000, Mevo Start, and the Logitech Brio. Additional information related to webcams will also be discussed.

Knowing The Built-In Microphones In Your Webcams

In most cases, when you purchase a webcam, the packaging will specify what kind and the number of built-in microphones it has. Most webcams have a single built-in microphone, while others have two built-in microphones for improved audio quality.

However, despite the type or number of built-in microphones you have, the majority of webcams on the market are barely above average in terms of performance. This is also true with the built-in microphones in other devices, including laptops. 

The audio quality of microphones built into webcams will get the job done for the most part. However, they won't be good enough for professionals or any individual who requires top-of-the-line audio quality.

Therefore, many who need a higher-quality audio capability would most likely purchase their webcams and an external mic or headphones with mic capabilities.

With that being said, let's still consider a few examples of webcams with built-in microphones to get a sense of what's available on the market.

The People's Choice: Logitech C920

The Logitech C920 is considered one of the, if not the best, webcam on the market. Since its release in 2012, the Logitech C920 has been consistently ranked over its rival products. 

| My New Microphone
Logitech C920

The Logitech C920 has two built-in microphones that are fitted on either side of the camera. The Logitech C920's audio capabilities and performance are considered above average for webcam standards due to the double microphones. Most webcams would only have a single-built-int microphone, so Logitech C920 has the advantage in webcam audio.

The Logitech C920 is still the best overall achiever across the board for its reliability, cost, quality, and overall performance. The Logitech C920 is currently priced at approximately $79.99. Below are the specifications of the Logitech C920 and why it makes it incredibly popular:

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • Supports 720p/60FPS Streaming Video
  • Background Removal Features
  • Low-Light Correction Capabilities

With top-quality features and specifications at an affordable price, the Logitech C920 webcam will likely remain a top-rank webcam in the market for a while.

The Professional: Razer Kiyo Pro

Another popular choice for high-quality webcams is the Razer Kiyo Pro, the Razer Kiyo's “older sibling” and the latest addition to the Razer's webcam family. Just like its webcam counterparts on the market, the Razer Kiyo Pro has an omnidirectional microphone.

Based on several reviews, its built-in microphone performs on a standard level.

| My New Microphone
Razer Kiyo Pro

Compared to the top-tanked Logitech C920, the Razer Kiyo Pro does not come cheap. However, the Razer Kiya Pro reportedly delivers an overall performance that is worth its price. 

There are several reasons that the Razer Kiyo Pro is priced significantly higher than its other counterparts and ranked as one of the most popular webcams out there. Currently, the Razer Kriyo Pro is priced at $199.99. Below are the advantages of owning the Razer Kiya Pro:

  • Incredible Resolution of 60FPS 1080P
  • Ring Light with Smart Exposure, Focus, and Easily-Adjustable
  • Built-In Tripod Mount
  • High Definition Image with Great Contrast
  • Detachable Cable

Using the Razer Kiyo Pro while live streaming, it also has the feature to choose between three fields of view for different scenes.

Further, you can also select a very clean and smooth 1080p 60FPS or an “HDR mode” for high-resolution and improved video quality during video call sessions.

The Affordable: Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000  is considered one of the most popular webcams out there. This is true primarily because of its incredibly affordable price compared to the other webcams in the market.

mnm 300x300 Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 | My New Microphone
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Although, a webcam's quality will usually depend on the price you pay. Allegedly, the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000’s mic does not have the best audio system. Some complain that the webcam’s built-in mic would sometimes make disruptive noises, such as:

  • Echoes/latency
  • Buzzing sound
  • Static sound

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Therefore, some people may recommend purchasing the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 alongside a mic or an ear/headphones with a built-in microphone.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 is designed for users who need an overall good-performance webcam at a competitive and affordable price. These are usually people who need a webcam to conduct simple web calls and not necessarily for work.

For its affordable cost and overall good performance, here is the list of features it has:

  • Color Correction Feature
  • 720P Resolution
  • 360 Degrees Rotation
  • Microsoft's TrueColor System Feature

Despite its average-quality features, the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 gets the job done. If you do not have any intricate or complicated tasks at hand involving webcams (maybe just for the daily video call with the family), the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 is likely the webcam for you.

On The Go: Mevo Start

Due to its being mobile and not being constrained in enclosed environments like most webcams, the Mevo Start has an overall better audio quality than some webcams because it has 3 built-in internal microphones. 

While many choose the Razer Kiyo Pro for work-related purposes in the office, the Mevo Start is considered one of the top-line mobile live-streaming webcams. Mobile does not necessarily mean using your phone (although many do), but just the ease of carrying the Mevo Start webcam around with you.

| My New Microphone
Mevo Start

Below are some of the features the Mevo Start has:

  • Multiple Audio Options, Including 3 Internal Built-In MEMS Microphone or External 3.5mm Input and USB-C Input
  • 1080P Resolution
  • Bluetooth or Wifi Connectivity Technology
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Dedicated iOS and Android Mevo Camera App
  • Live-Editing Features
  • Over 6 Hours of Built-in Battery Life

Furthermore, the Mevo Start is incredibly popular for people who have professions requiring them to live stream while mobile. These professions include:

  • Journalists
  • Streamers (Twitch, Youtube, Facebook)
  • Vloggers

However, the webcam is not only limited to the professions mentioned above. If you want a top-quality webcam with mobile features, pick up the Mevo Start, as it might be a great choice.

But with the extra features comes extra pricing, making Mevo Start a webcam with a significantly higher price and more expensive than other webcams on the market.

Resolution In 4K: Logitech Brio

Just like most of the higher quality webcams out there, the Logitech Brio double built-in microphone performs a little bit on the above-average level due to its noise-cancelling capability.

However, external audio systems are still recommended when purchasing this webcam. 

mnm Logictech BRIO | My New Microphone
Logitech Brio Webcam

Although most video call apps, such as Skype, Zoom, or Google, do not support 4K video quality, the Logitech Brio's webcam already has the capability to do so.

With its superior video quality performance, the Logitech Brio is able to show every detail of an image, making it very sharp on its display.

Below are the other great features that the webcam is known for:

  • Dual Built-In Noise Cancelling Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Recording and Streaming up to 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • 1080P Full HD
  • USB Connection-Powered (Must use USB 3.0 for 4K)
  • Durable Metal Casing
  • Built-in Autofocus
  • 5X Zoom-In Feature in Full HD
  • Auto Light Correction

If you are willing to wait for the video call applications to support 4K and are looking for a webcam capable of 4K HD resolution, then the Logitech Brio is the webcam for you.

Professions That Rely On Webcams With Built-In Microphones

As mentioned, many professions all over the world are digitizing. This evolution means that an increasing number of professions need to rely on tools that give them digital access.

Many professionals who rely on high-quality webcams for their jobs choose webcams include:

  • Video Game Streamers
  • Remote Workers
  • Online Tutors
  • Job-Provider & Recruiting Agencies

Conclusion: Webcam Audio Capabilities Are Average At Best

Almost all webcams on the market come with a built-in microphone. Although the built-in microphones are great for a webcam's standard, built-in microphones on webcams are subpar or average at best.

You can get much better audio quality with external microphones or earphones with built-in microphones, as they are made precisely for audio-based purposes.

A Note On USB Microphones

For those who are not overly confident with audio, a USB microphone can be a simple and effective solution to improve the audio. USB mics generally sound much better than the built-in microphones of webcams, laptops and cameras.

Many USB mics have automatic driver downloads and are designed to be “plug and play”. This means that users can plug the USB mic into their computer and instantly access improved audio. This is certainly worth considering if the webcam audio is not up to your standard.

Consider checking out the following My New Microphone articles about USB microphones:
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Do cameras have microphones? Many modern DSLR cameras and video cameras will have internal microphones. These cameras will also generally have microphone inputs to connect higher-quality microphones for improved audio.

Are microphones built into laptops? Many modern laptops will have internal microphones. In fact, they will have multiple microphones for noise-cancellation and improved audio quality. However, connecting a professional USB or XLR microphone to the laptop will nearly always improve the audio quality.

Choosing the right microphone(s) for your applications and budget can be a challenging task. For this reason, I've created My New Microphone's Comprehensive Microphone Buyer's Guide. Check it out for help in determining your next microphone purchase.

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