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Learn How To Craft Professional Mixes

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Mixing Crash Course

Understand the what, why and how of the most important, powerful and fundamental mixing processes and concepts.

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Mix With Me Video Training

Learn to mix by following along as I mix Blunt Cousin: Painful Habits from start to finish.

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Craft great mixes with our nine-volume mixing with series Ebooks.

Hey! I'm Arthur, Owner of Fox Media Tech & Author of My New Microphone.

Meet Arthur, the mastermind behind My New Microphone. Here, he shares his passion and knowledge for all things audio. Whether you're an aspiring audio enthusiast or a seasoned pro, his work helps to provide insight, technique, and creative inspiration.

A picture of Arthur Fox from My New Microphone playing a virtual instrument in his home studio via the Arturia Keylab49 Essential MIDI controller.

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Audio engineering and music production are so much easier to teach with [you guessed it] audio!

That's why I started the My New Microphone YouTube channel. To share more free content to help you achieve your goals with music and audio.

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