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Top 11 Best Eurorack Sequencer Modules On The Market 2024

My New Microphone Top 11 Best Eurorack Sequencer Modules On The Market

The world of Eurorack modules can be daunting and expensive, and with so many sequencer modules to choose from, it can be a challenge to pick the ideal module for a given Eurorack system.

In this article, we'll go through the best options for choosing one or more sequencer modules to control your Eurorack system.

The Top 11 Best Eurorack Sequencer Modules Are:

  1. Intellijel Metropolix
  2. Erica Synths Drum Sequencer
  3. Winter Modular Eloquencer
  4. XOR Electronics NerdSeq
  5. TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms
  6. Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+
  7. Vermona Melodicer
  8. Doepfer A-155
  9. Make Noise Rene2
  10. Orthogonal Devices ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer
  11. Befaco Muxlicer

Each of these makes for a superb Eurorack sequencer choice. In this article, we'll discuss why that is.

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Intellijel Metropolix

The Intellijel Metropolix is a superb Eurorack module that can very well be your go-to, one-stop solution to create infectious sequences. Indeed, this unit houses enough power to set the dancefloor on fire and give creative nights endless possibilities on loop.

Intellijel Metropolix
Intellijel Metropolix

To begin with, Intellijel optimized the design of this sequencer for live performances and jamming. This means that you can control it hands-on, real-time, with simple knobs, buttons, switches, sliders, and a handy display.

Moreover, much of what you can do with each control is fully customizable, so you can create a custom, comfortable workflow.

Inside the Metropolix, you can find the dual tracks (TRK 1 & 2) as variants from the main pitch/gate sequencer. While each of the tracks plays the main sequence, each one interprets it in its own way. As a result, you can create polyrhythms, counterpoints, and many more sonic movements.

Finally, this module allows you to input external modulation to the trio of AUX inputs, apply eight modulation lanes, use it in “Loopy Mode”, and store up to 8 banks of 8 presets, giving you a total of 64 presets that can be recalled at any time.

If you're looking for a live sequencer that can do wonders for your studio sound as well, this is one of the best options in the market today. You can watch this 30-minute tutorial video or this 40-minute in-depth test to see it in action.


Intellijel is featured in My New Microphone's Top 11 Best Eurorack Module Synth Brands In The World.

Erica Synths Drum Sequencer

This Erica Synths Drum Sequencer is probably the only drum brain/bassline generator you'll ever need for your Eurorack rig. Indeed, with so many handy features and an optimized control layout for live performance, this is the ultimate piece of gear to take on the road with you.

Erica Synths Drum Sequencer
Erica Synths Drum Sequencer

To begin with, it features 16 trigger outputs, 12 accent outs, a CV track with scales, a gate track, and 2 LFOs with synced or independent BPM frequency. Adding to that, you can create patterns with as many as 64 steps. Furthermore, each track can have its time signature and direction as well as pattern length and shuffle.

Also, the song mode, the ability to perform pattern linking, the quick copy/paste of tracks and patterns, and instant pattern switching make this the perfect on-stage companion.

Moreover, it can work with other MIDI-compatible gear, and thanks to the 8 banks of 16 patterns, you can recall your favourite beats at any time during the set.

Those looking for a drum sequencer that is powerful enough to run anything and is extremely road-worthy and easy to use will find a goldmine in this Erica Synths Drum Sequencer.

To see it in action along with other Eurorack modules, check this video; otherwise, this is a user guide walkthrough video.

Erica Synths

Erica Synths is featured in My New Microphone's Top 11 Best Eurorack Module Synth Brands In The World.

Winter Modular Eloquencer

If you are a player who is not afraid of the chaos generated by the randomization of parameters, you'll be in modular heaven with the Winter Modular Eloquencer.

For example, you can turn randomization off if you're trying to create a steady beat to loop upon. On the other hand, if you want full immersion into the unknown, you can dial it in.

Winter Modular Eloquencer
Winter Modular Eloquencer

But what is the Eloquencer? It is a Eurorack sequencer capable of 8 tracks of gate signals and CV. Moreover, each of the 8 tracks features 16 steps and the ability to chain patterns to create mammoth loops of up to 256 steps.

Applying the controlled chance randomness to the gate, ratcheting, gate length, CV, and other parameters creates continuously evolving and morphing sequences that open the door to a new sonic dimension.

Finally, the unit's user interface is extremely intuitive and comes equipped with a massive OLED screen that is the perfect visual platform to see all parameters and navigate through menus.

If this sounds like the piece of gear you're after, check out this introduction and overview video and this video dedicated specifically to the unit's randomization.

XOR Electronics NerdSeq

With an intimidating presence of 32 HP, this capable XOR Electronics NerdSeq module is not only a sequencer but also the world's first hardware tracker-based CV. It is indeed one of the most powerful in the market in its category, featuring 6 tracks for the trigger/CV/MOD generation of up to 18 outputs.

XOR Electronics NerdSeq
XOR Electronics NerdSeq

To begin with, the 4 usable-assignable inputs make it easy to adapt this module to your current system. But adding one of these to your current rig will elevate your sonic possibilities almost to the infinite.

In this sense, the 2×2 available audio tracks to sequence samples, plus the integrated oscillators and FM synthesis, can broaden your colour palette drastically by adding a single module to your system.

But that's not all; this is not only a great sequencer/tracker for the studio, it is also a great live ally since you can use 255 sequencer rows, 176 patterns (with up to 64 steps each), and record everything in your SD card to launch song after song.

Mix that with the unit's sonic capabilities for transforming audio, and you have one of the most powerful sound machines in the world today.

If you have the room and the budget for it, you can never go wrong adding an Xor Electronics NerdSeq to your system.

You can check out the basics by watching this video or dive into a full-on tutorial with this video.

TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms

With this module, you can not only program drums and percussive sounds but also use gates to program envelope generators and do some melodic arrangements as well. In other words, the TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms is a professional performance gate sequencer in Eurorack format ready to take over the world.

TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms
TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms

This module can provide gates and triggers for all the drum modules in your rig. It can also be used as a super-accurate clock when applied to any other sequencer.

Although it might sound complex, it features a very intuitive user interface that allows you to program each voice straight from the intelligent 512-step, eight-channel master gate sequencer.

This is not a happy accident; the company indeed designed this to match the needs of composers and performers who love taking their modular synths to their live gigs.

In the same vein, once you've built up the basics, you can then loop, repeat, chain, manipulate, and mute phrases in real-time.

Furthermore, the intelligently labelled, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface makes every move a simple gesture. Finally, this is a perfect piece of gear for those who love the adrenaline of a menu-less interface like it used to be decades ago.

If this sounds like the sequencer you are looking for, you have to give this TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms a try. Here is a great video featuring some tips and tricks and a video tutorial to give you an idea of what it is capable of.

TipTop Audio

TipTop Audio is featured in My New Microphone's Top 11 Best Eurorack Module Synth Brands In The World.

Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+

Malekko Heavy Industry already released a Varigate 4 in the market, but this new iteration was born after Malekko heard the users. This translates into some handy innovations that can help those who like playing modular synths live and in the studio.

One of the innovations in the Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+ is the possibility of patching the output of the CV and the gates simultaneously. Also, the company added a much-needed play/stop function, scales, a glide per step, and preset banks (4X4).

Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+
Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+

In essence, though, the idea of the Varigate remains the same: four tracks correlating with their sequencer. These four independent sequencers can receive randomization on the repeats and be programmed with probability for repeats, gates, glide, and notes.

For those who love playing live, the ability to change scales, sequence length, direction, division, pulse width, and multiplication in real-time from the easy-to-use interface makes this the ideal companion on any night.

Taking only 12HP of space on your rig, this is an utterly capable, easy-to-use, and intuitive module that can take your music to the next level. You can see a quick introduction in this video, or check this one for a full tutorial.

Vermona Melodicer

Vermona came up with their version of what a sequencer is supposed to be by reimagining the entire category. This uncanny module is capable of creating some of the most musical yet weird sounds on the market.

Plus, it is so intuitive that you can be playing out of the box, even if it is the first module you've ever owned.

The user interface of the Vermona Melodicer is truly one of the most straightforward in the market. Indeed, by utilizing some simple controls like sliders, knobs, and buttons, this unit is capable of changing the sound of your entire system.

Vermona Melodicer
Vermona Melodicer

It features a two-mode setup that allows you to go from DICE mode to real-time mode and blend them to get a unique in-between. This way, you can repeat patterns (DICE mode), generate melodies (real-time mode), or go in between and let the melody change randomly while the pattern repeats.

Moreover, you can shift the start and endpoints of the patterns to create further complexity.

Also, if you happen to hit a sweet spot in your sonic adventures, you can easily store that in the 16-space memory that the Melodicer offers. Furthermore, the unit stores all control settings and random values that lead to the melody and rhythm combination. Thus, every time you recall the preset, you can take it to a new sonic ground.

This small module offers virtually infinite possibilities and can indeed enhance any live rig you might currently have. To watch a quick jam at the Soundmit, you can check this video, and for a more thorough walkthrough, you can check this video.

Doepfer A-155

Doepfer took their A-161 module to the next level and came up with one of the most powerful sequencers in the market. Indeed, this 8-step, completely analog trigger sequencer can either produce voltages analogically or trigger/gate signals.

Some features, like the dedicated switches for start/stop, step, and reset functions, allow the Doepfer A-155 to excel in live situations. Moreover, they can be operated manually via buttons or by CV.

Doepfer A-155
Doepfer A-155

Another great feature is the sequencer's upper row geared toward pitch control specifically, leaving the bottom row for external signal inputs for each step. This is very convenient because dividing the controls better organizes the user interface, making it more intuitive and, thus, easier to use.

The module also features three rows dedicated to triggers and a single row dedicated exclusively to gates. This use of space will flatten your learning curve, while other features like the per-step switch that toggles triggers ON/OFF for a particular step lets you dial in exactly what you need when you need it.

You can check this video for a patch-from-scratch approach to the Doepfer A-155 and this video for the basics.


Doepfer is featured in My New Microphone's Top 11 Best Eurorack Module Synth Brands In The World.

Make Noise Rene2

Although the Make Noise Rene was a hit, the company decided to improve on it and came up with an amazing combo that outdoes its predecessor: the Make Noise Rene2.

Make Noise Rene2
Make Noise Rene2

To begin with, Make Noise added two extra channels to elevate the number from a single sequencer to three independent ones. Moreover, the company heard the users, and you can now refrain from choosing the Cartesian or Snake mode since both are available simultaneously. The entire unit also features colour coding, making it super easy to program, considering its complexity.

The Rene is the world's first 3D Cartesian music sequencer (named after Rene Descartes, the philosopher and creator of the Cartesian doubt). Instead of building philosophical knowledge, this unit utilizes the Cartesian coordinate system to take the analog step sequencer away from linearity and into a more complex, multidimensional sonic realm.

If you enjoyed the one-channel, two-dimensional original iteration of the RENE sequencer, you'd love this three-channel, three-dimensional sequencer even better. Check out this video for a quick intro and overview and this video for a more detailed, in-depth review.

Make Noise

Make Noise is featured in My New Microphone's Top 11 Best Eurorack Module Synth Brands In The World.

Orthogonal Devices ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer

This externally clocked, resettable, four-track sequencer is designed to be used live and in the studio alike. Moreover, the Orthogonal Devices ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer can be considered a hybrid unit since it features 2 analog voltage outputs (CV-A & CV-B) and one digital output labelled as GATE.

Orthogonal Devices ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer
Orthogonal Devices ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer

The company defines this sequencer as a tool for musicians to create and control clock-synced voltage contours. With it, you can indeed create sonic landscapes of incredible complexity.

In this sense, patched the right way, you can create any 4-part harmony in any scale with arbitrary rhythm and dynamics. This random element brings the right amount of chaos to the repeatability and structure of the sequencer and vice versa.

The ER-101's ability to create jittering and randomization can make a simple combination of VCFs and VCOs sound like a huge synthesizer or a complete workstation.

If you aren't afraid of taking bold steps into the unknown and have the space and budget for it, this utterly powerful sequencer deserves checking before buying anything else. You can see it in action in this short jamming video and an in-depth review in this video.

Befaco Muxlicer

Built with a high function-to-HP ratio, the Befaco Muxlicer adds a huge range of new sounds and possibilities to a modular setup, taking up the smallest space possible.

Befaco Muxlicer
Befaco Muxlicer

The company divided the unit into three main blocks: a gate generator, a digital step controller, and an analog switch. This means that you can create a wide assortment of sounds from one single unit.

Another great feature of this unit is the ability to route any modular signal and turn it into eight outputs and vice versa. Also, you can generate CV and Gate signals, transforming the unit into a simple sequencer.

But that's not all; you can also make rhythmical slices of audio signals to generate complex, dynamic patterns starting from any audio bit. Finally, you can also create gate sequences controlling the voltage retriggering in any step.

For a module taking up only 12HP of space, this is a must-check before buying anything else. You can see it in action in this video and watch an in-depth review in this video.

Building your Eurorack system can be overwhelming. For this reason, I've created My New Microphone's Comprehensive Eurorack Buyer's Guide. Check it out for help in determining your next Eurorack purchases.

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