Since 2015, I've spent thousands of hours in studios, film sets, and live venues using microphones as a professional audio technician.

The beauty of microphones is in their many differences. Though there is no such thing as an ideal microphone, there are certainly ideal microphones for certain applications.

This page offers my personal recommended microphones and microphone accessories for every situation!

In each article, I'll share what I consider to be the best microphone for a given situation and provide a list of factors and reasons why my recommendations are the best for that purpose.

Note that I, of course, have a personal bias toward some microphones I am more familiar with. Also note I do not personally own some of these microphones, but have worked professionally with all my recommendations in studio, film, and live sound environments.

With that being said, here is the list of recommended microphone pages specific to common microphone applications:

Best Microphones

Best Mics – Percussion Instruments

mnm drumkit | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Brass Instruments

mnm trumpet | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Woodwind Instruments

mnm flute | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Stringed Instruments

mnm acoustic guitar | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Amplifiers

mnm guitar amplifier | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Vocals (Musical)

mnm Shure SM58 | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Vocals (Non-Musical)

mnm Neumann U87AI mic | My New Microphone

Best Mics – Miscellaneous

mnm parabolic Klover MiK 16 1 | My New Microphone

Best Microphone Accessories

mnm boomarm Yellowtec mka On Air Microphone Arm M | My New Microphone

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