My New Microphone has a newsletter!

The My New Microphone Newsletter is designed to be a periodic email that will provide extra value-packed exclusive content for its subscribers. This is the stuff you won't necessarily find on any given page of the website.

By signing up to the newsletter, you'll receive a welcome email followed by one email a day describing the best practices, tips, and philosophies I've developed in the 5 main pillars of my professional audio career:

  1. Audio engineering in a professional audio studio.
  2. Audio engineering in sports broadcasting.
  3. Audio engineering in field/location sound recording.
  4. Audio engineering in live sound reinforcement.
  5. Audio engineering in the home studio.

You can also expect:

  • Exclusive My New Microphone content about audio and the audio industry.
  • Monthly updates about new information that applies to amateur and professional audio enthusiasts.
  • To be the first to know about new My New Microphone info products.
  • Any new exclusive freebie product downloads.

I dislike email clutter just as much as you do. I promise to only send out a newsletter when there's something I think you'll want to hear about!


Arthur Fox

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