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Best Microphone Stands

My New Microphone Best Microphone Stands

An often overlooked microphone accessory is the mic stand.

In many situations, high-quality mic stands are required to hold high-quality microphones in place. There is a wide variety of microphone stand types and an even greater selection of stands within each mic stand category.

So what makes a mic stand great and what are the best mic stands on the market today? This article will answer these questions and hopefully provide some insights into which mic stands you should be using in which situations with your specific microphone locker.

Let's start by asking what makes a high-quality microphone stand.

What Makes A Great Microphone Stand?

  • Stability: Above all else, choose a microphone stand that is stable and will keep a microphone in place without falling. Ensure your mic stand can hold the weight of microphone in question.
  • Joint strength: Pick a mic stand with joints that do not slip during use.
  • Durability: Select a stand that can withstand some abuse and with joints that will maintain their integrity over time.

So it's really quite simple. Pick a stand that will hold your mic in its place for a long period of time. Now let's discuss the types of mic stands and which stands are best in each category.

Table Of Contents Of Mic Stand Types:

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Recommended Desktop Microphone Stand

Desktop stands are great for consumers, professionals, and even those who aren't involved in recording at all. Mounting a microphone on a desktop stand near your computer is great for improving audio quality over internet calls; quickly recording ideas you have from your workspace; acting as a talkback mic in studio environments, and capturing your voice in many other situations that call for it (video games, computer tutorial videos, etc.).

Desktop mic stands are simple. Here is my top recommendation:

  • On Stage DS7200: The On Stage DS7200 is a plain desktop mic stand. It has a movable shaft with a die-cast steel clutch, allowing height adjustments from 9″ to 13″. Rubber feet underneath the base of the DS7200 provide non-slip placement of the stand while also helping to reduce the transfer of mechanical noise from the desk and environment to the microphone.

The On Stage DS7200

mnm stand On Stage DS7200 | My New Microphone
On Stage DS7200

Stability Of The On Stage DS7200

The On Stage DS7200 is a short, straight up mic stand with a relatively large base. The chances of this mic stand falling over on its own regardless of the attached microphone is slim to none.

Joint Strength Of The On Stage DS7200

The die-cast steel clutch is strong and will effectively hold any microphone at the determined height when locked.

Durability Of The On Stage DS7200

With only one moving part, the On Stage DS7200 will last a long time, making it a very durable mic stand.


On-Stage is featured in My New Microphone's Top 8 Best Microphone Stand Brands.

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Recommended Low Profile Microphone Stands

Low profile microphone stands are typically used for kick drums and other percussion, guitar and bass cabinets, and other low-to-the-ground instruments.

As with any mic stand, we want our low profile stands to hold our microphones securely in their positions. Extra emphasis should be put on this when considering a low profile stand since many of the microphones (especially kick drum mics) we will attach to the stand are heavy, bulky, and require somewhat awkward positioning.

Strong connectors, sturdy locks, and a solid centre of gravity are all requirements of a great low profile microphone stand. Here are my top two recommendations:

  • K&M 25900: The K&M 25900 is an excellent low-profile mic stand for an affordable price. This stand is durable and hold its microphones in place with ease. The 25900 has an adjustable height from 16-3/4″ to 25-3/8″ and an adjustable telescopic boom from 18″ to 30-1/4″.
  • Hola! Music HPS-101KD: The Hola! Music HPS-101KD is my recommended budget low profile mic stand at under $30 USD. This stand works very well at holding its mics in place. For lighter mics, we can benefit from the HPS-101KD's versatile adjustments: Height adjustments between 19″ to 29″ and Telescopic boom adjustments between 4″ to 27″. This stand can also be used without its boom arm, making it very versatile for its price.

The K&M 25900

mnm stand KM 25900 | My New Microphone
K&M 25900

Stability Of The K&M 25900

The long foldable base legs make the K&M 25900 a very stable low profile stand. When extending the boom arm to it limits with a heavy microphone, it's always best to ensure the boom arm is sent in the same outward direction as one of the legs. This is a safety tip that could keep the weight of heavier microphones from tipping the stand during use.

Joint Strength Of The K&M 25900

There are 5 joints in the K&M 25900:

  • Base slide joint
  • Height adjustment clutch
  • Boom arm angling joint
  • Larger boom length clutch
  • Smaller boom length clutch

The joints of the K&M are designed to last and hold steady when secured. These 5 joints make the 25900 very versatile in mic positioning situations.

Durability Of The K&M 25900

Of all the parts to go on a mic stand, the joints would be first. Because the joints are designed with longevity in mind, the K&M 25900 mic stand is indeed durable.


K&M is featured in My New Microphone's Top 8 Best Microphone Stand Brands.

The Hola! Music HPS-101KD

mnm stand Hola Music HPS 101KD | My New Microphone
Hola! Music HPS-101KD

Stability Of The Hola! Music HPS-101KD

Caution must be practiced when using the Hola! Music HPS-101KD. This low-profile mic stand is stable, but due to its great extendability, we must be careful when pushing the stand to its limits. With lighter microphones this should not be an issue but with heavier microphones, it may be. Simply be cautious.

As with all tripod stands, it's best practice to extend the boom arm directly above on of the legs to maximize stability.

Joint Strength Of The Hola! Music HPS-101KD

The Hola! Music HPS-101KD has 5 joints:

  • Base slide joint
  • Height adjustment clutch
  • Boom arm angling joint
  • Larger boom length clutch
  • Smaller boom length clutch

The HPS-101KD is a great budget stand and will maintain its positioning very well over time. However, more care must be taken, particularly with the boom arm angling joint to ensure it continues to operate well. Repetitive repositioning and torque of the boom arm (due to mic weight) will definitely wear down the HPS-101KD's angling joint.

Durability Of The Hola! Music HPS-101KD

All in all, the HPS-101KD is a durable mic stand, though perhaps not as durable as the higher-end models on this list.

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Recommended Tripod Microphone Stand

Tripod and round base stands are simple in design and differ only in their bases. These mic stands have no boom arms to extend the mic position in the horizontal plane. This makes them sturdy, but very limited in their use.

Here is my top tripod mic stand recommendation:

  • On Stage MS7700B: The On Stage MS7700B is an excellent and inexpensive tripod mic stand. It's folding legs allow for stability on most surfaces. The legs have plastic endcaps for longevity and reduced transfer of mechanical noise. The MD7700B features a steel clutch at its midpoint, allowing for a height adjustments from 32″ to 61½”.

The On Stage MS7700B

mnm stand On Stage MS7700B | My New Microphone
On Stage MS7700B

Stability Of The On Stage MS7700B

The tripod of the On Stage MS7700B makes it very stable. There's only a vertical pole and no boom arm to cause instability.

Joint Strength Of The On Stage MS7700B

The base slide and height adjustment clutch are both strong and will hold any microphone.

Durability Of The On Stage MS7700B

There's little stress that will be applied to the joints of this mic stand. If the user is not overly abusive with the stand, it should last for a very long time.

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Recommended Round Base Microphone Stand

As mentioned, round base stands are very simple in design. They have no boom arms and act only to increase the height of the microphone position. Round base mic stands typically have a much smaller footprint than their tripod counterparts.

Here is my top round base mic stand recommendation:

  • Atlas Sound MS20: The Atlas Sound MS20 is an amazing round base mic stand. Though a bit pricey compared to most simple round base stands, the MS20 is worth every penny. The microphone's base is incredibly stable and resists the transfer of mechanical noise oddly well for a round base. The stand's height is adjustable from 37″ to 66″ and its vertical tubing features an integral air suspension system to protect sensitive microphones from damage if clutch is released too quickly.

The Atlas Sound MS20

mnm stand Atlas Sound MS20 | My New Microphone
Atlas Sound MS20

Stability Of The Atlas Sound MS20

The Atlas Sound MS20 has an heavy base with edge-concentrated weight distribution that hold the mic stand in place very effectively. The mic stand has no horizontal plane component and so it's practically immune to tipping unless an external force pushes or pulls it down.

Joint Strength Of The Atlas Sound MS20

The MS20's wearproof, 3-piece clutch offers secure, fast, noise-free height adjustment. This clutch is very strong and built to last.

Durability Of The Atlas Sound MS20

There's only one moving part on the MS20 and it's extremely durable. That makes the MS20 overall a well-built durable microphone stand.

Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound is featured in My New Microphone's Top 8 Best Microphone Stand Brands.

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Recommended Tripod Boom Microphone Stands

Tripod boom stands are the most common mic stand you'll see. These microphone stands provide height and span in the horizontal plane as well. Tripod booms are extremely versatile and help with miking vocalists and various instruments in studio and live environments.

When looking for a tripod boom mic stands, we want an easily adjustable yet sturdy build that will hold our microphones securely in position. Here are my top two recommendations:

  • K&M 21021: The K&M 21021 is a superb tripod boom mic. Its simple design features a 1065mm (~42″) one piece boom arm that attaches to the vertical stand with a high-quality t-bar. The vertical stand has an adjustable height from 1120mm (~44″) to 2010mm (~79″). With its long legs, this tripod stand is very sturdy while spanning far and wide. Whether you're miking a vocalist on a tight stage or setting up drum overheads, the 21021 is a fantastic tripod/boom mic stand choice. K&M also provides a 5-year warranty.
  • K&M 210/9: The K&M 210/9 is yet another fantastic high-quality mic stand from König & Meyer. This tripod boom stand is a bit more compact than the aforementioned 21021 with an adjustable boom arm length from 435mm (~17″) to 745mm (~29″) and an adjustable height from 900mm (35.5″) to 1,605 mm (63″). This stand is durable, sturdy, and an excellent choice for its price tag.

The K&M 21021

mnm stand KM 21021 | My New Microphone
K&M 21021

Stability Of The K&M 21021

The K&M 21021 is a very stable microphone stand for its size. This mic stand has long tripod legs to help stabilize its long boom arm. As always, the best strategy for holding a heavy microphone at the full extension of the 21021 boom arm is to point it in the same direction as one of its long tripod legs.

Joint Strength Of The K&M 21021

K&M make high-quality mic stands. The 21021 is no exception. The K&M has 4 joints and all of them are built for long lasting performance.

  • Base slide joint
  • Height adjustment clutch
  • Boom arm angling joint
  • Boom length clutch

Durability Of The K&M 21021

With strong joints and easy compactability, the K&M 21021 is extremely durable and will perform for years without noticeable wear.

The K&M 210/9

mnm stand KM 2109 | My New Microphone
K&M 210/9

Stability Of The K&M 210/9

Like the 21021, the K&M 210/9 is a very stable microphone stand for its size. This mic stand has shorter stance and shorter boom arm than the 21021 but is just as sturdy and stable.

Joint Strength Of The K&M 210/9

The 5 joints of the 210/9 are built to last and to hold microphones in position for extended periods of time.

Durability Of The K&M 210/9

As with all K&M mic stands, the K&M 201/9 is well worth the extra money for its strength and longevity.

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Recommended Overhead Microphone Stand

Overhead stands are, generally speaking, the most expensive and sturdy microphone stands on the market. These mic stands are tasked with providing more height and a greater span in the horizontal plane than all the other mic stands. For this reason, the overhead stands must be heavy duty with a strong base.

My top recommendation for an overhead microphone stand is:

  • Ultimate Support MC125: The Ultimate Support MC125 is a 6 pound overhead mic stand with a low centre of gravity designed for holding overhead mics. It feature a rollable base with rollerblade-style wheel; a heavy duty clutch allowing height adjustments between 52″ to 83″, and a friction free clutch allowing its boom arm to extend from 35″ to 61″. For heavier microphone and longer spans, the MC125 comes with an easy-adjust 5.75 pound counterweight to increase its already stellar stability.

The Ultimate Support MC125

Stability Of The Ultimate Support MC125

mnm stand Ultimate Support MC125 | My New Microphone
Ultimate Support MC125

The large and heavy base of the MC125 provides a low centre of gravity and superb stability. In total, this stand weighs 35 lbs. (15.88 kg). This is essential for the long boom arm of this overhead mic stand to function properly.

The MC125 also includes a 5.75 lbs. (2.6 kg) counterweight weight for extra balance when its long boom arm (35″ to 61″) is full extended and holding a heavy microphone.

Joint Strength Of The Ultimate Support MC125

The CM125 has 4 extremely reliable joints:

  • Height adjustment clutch
  • Boom hub (connecting the vertical stand to the boom arm)
  • Boom length adjustment clutch
  • Microphone wrist

Each of these joints is designed to last and hold the microphone perfectly in place. The boom hub is particularly superior to many other boom stands.

Durability Of The Ultimate Support MC125

The Ultimate Support MC125 is incredibly reliable and durable and is built with 100% field serviceable parts.

Ultimate Support

Ultimate Support is featured in My New Microphone's Top 8 Best Microphone Stand Brands.

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The Recap

So there you have it, my recommended list of the best mic stands for each mis stand type. Again, they are:

  • On Stage DS7200: Recommended desktop stand
  • K&M 25900: Recommended low profile stand
  • Hola! Music HPS-101KD: Recommended low profile stand
  • On Stage MS7700B: Recommended tripod mic stand
  • Atlas Sound MS20: Recommended round base stand
  • K&M 21021: Recommended tripod boom stand
  • K&M 210/9: Recommended tripod boom stand
  • Ultimate Support MC125: Recommended overhead stand

For all the My New Microphone mic/gear recommendations, please check out my page Recommended Microphones And Accessories.

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