I built this resource page to compile all the top-recommended products that I’ve written about on this website. On this page, each product that has made a “top X” article will be listed with links to the articles in which they are included.

This list began as a data sheet to help me interlink between My New Microphone articles. It has grown along with the website over the years, and I figure I might as well share it with you to help you navigate as well. So if you happen to find yourself on this page, these are the products I’ve recommended in my “top X products for Y” type articles.

Note that these are not necessarily the best of the best products in a general sense. Rather, they are what I consider the top products for specific categories, as shown by the linked articles.

As this website grows, so too will this living list. At this point, we have several product categories. Click the links below to page-jump to any given category:

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Here are all the microphones I've recommended on My New Microphone:

mnm 300x300 Audio Technica AT897 | My New Microphone

Audio-Technica AT897

| My New Microphone