Please find the database of synth module brands below. This database is ever-evolving to include new (and old) brands involved in the design and/or production of modular synth modules, including Eurorack, Moog Unit, MOTM, and Frac Rack formats.

I am currently working diligently to include more information on each brand and unique pages with detailed descriptions of each brand.

BrandCountryFounding DateFounder(s)
1010 Music StatesAaron Higgins
20 Objects States2009Darwin Grosse
256klabs Helmi
2hp States2016Stephen Hensley
4ms Company States1996Dan Green
5540 Lab Kopichon
7 Dials Kingdom2015Alan Woodburn
Abstract Data Kingdom2008
Abyss Devices
Acid Rain Technology States
ACL (Audiophile Circuits League)
ADDAC System
Adventure Audio States2014Christian Terjesen
After Later Audio States2017Lenny and Clarissa Helton
Afterlife Laboratories States2011
AI Synthesis States2016Abe Ingle
Aion Modular
AJH Synth Kingdom1999Allan “J” Hall
ALM / Busy Circuits Kingdom2012Matthew Allum
Alright Devices StatesTyler Coy
AMSynths (Analog Metropolis Synths) Kingdom2011Rob Keeble
Anallogic States2016Nick Myer
Analog Bytes States
Analog Craftsman States2012Tony Norton
Analog Ordnance Ordnance
Analog Realities States2014David Ingebretsen
Analogue Solutions Kingdom2009Tom Carpenter
Analogue Systems Kingdom1998Bob Williams
Animal Factory Amplification
AniModule States2014Aditya Nandwana
Antimatter Audio States
Antonus Gutiérrez
Anyware Instruments Welsch
Aqa Elektrix
ARC Analogue Research States
Arcus Audio States
Arrel Audio
Art For The Ears Solursh
Arturiaédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil
Audio Damage States2002
Audio Gear Obsession
Audiospektri Viitanen
Audiothingies Montassier
AvonSynth Zealand
Bananalogue StatesSerge Tcherepnin, Ken Stone and Seth Nemec
Bard Synthesizers
Barton Musical Circuits StatesMichael Barton
Bastl Instruments Republic2013
Behringer Behringer
Bela Kingdom2014
Benting StatesBryan J Benting
Big T Music Kingdom2016Gareth Luke
Birdkids Beim
Bizarre Jezabel Krasnov
Bizmuth Modular
Blacet States1978John Blacet
Black Cat Pedals States1993Fred Bonte
Black Corporation Filippov
Black Market Modular States2018
Blind Monk Instruments States
Blinkenlights Kingdom
Blood Cells Audio States2019Nic Danielson
Blue Lantern Modules States2009Flavio Mireles
Boredbrain Music States2015Adam Harding
BPMC Glitch Video Devices States2009Drew McIntyre
Bragi Modular
Bridechamber States2005Scott Deyo
Broken Silicon Wöhrmann
Brownshoesonly States2011Nick Ciontea
Bubblesound Instruments States2008David Wagenbach
Buchla U.S.A. States1963Don Buchla
Buck Modular States
BugBrand Kingdom2004Thomas Bosanquet
Buranelectrix Republic2013Jan Cumpelik
Caleb Condit StatesCaleb Condit
CalSynth States1990Struan
Cat Full Of Ghosts D Jordan
Catalyst Audio States2015
Catoff Systems
CaviSynthéphane Cavi
Cereal Instruments Kingdom
CESYG Kingdom2012Neil Johnson
CFM Modular
CG Products Günther
CGS (Cat Girl Synth) Stone
CHD Elektroservis Republic1993
Cherokee Street Electric States2017
Circle Fade
Circuit Abbey States2010
Circuit Slices States
Clacktronics KingdomBen Barwise
Clank and Emanuele
Clee Sound StatesCraig Lee
Club Of The Knobs (Gerd Peun)
CMS / Discrete Synthesizers StatesPhil Cirocco
Codex Modulex
Conjured Circuits States2015
Control Modular States
Copper Traces States2016
Cosmotronic Villerius
CPU Modular Kingdom2012
Cre8audio States2017Al Joelson
Critter And Guitari States2003Chris Kucinski and Owen Osborn
Curetronic Schmidt
Cylonix Clark
Cynthia States2002Cynthia Webster
Darkplace States2013
Dave Jones Design States1985Dave Jones
Dave Smith Modular States2002Dave Smith
D&D Modules
Delptronics States2010
Delta Sound Labs States2017
Der Mann mit der Maschine Kettner
Detroit Underground States1997
Dewanatron States2002Brian and Leon Dewan
Dijkstar Music
Division 6 States1947
DivKid Kingdom2014Ben Wilson
DJ Thomas White States1996Thomas White
d:Machinery Daniels
Dnipro Modular
Doboz Audio
Doepfer Döpfer
DogFace Audio States
DotRed Audio Designs Goto
Dove Audio Kingdom2017Paula Maddux
Dovemans Cornelissen
DPW Design Wahlbeck
Dreadbox Diakoumakos and Dimitra Manthou
DSP Synthesizers Ostman
Dwarfcraft Devices States2007Benjamin & Louise Hinz
E-RM Rest
EarDrill StatesChris Muir
EarthQuaker Devices States2004Jamie Stillman
EAS Modular StatesMike Schmidt
Eat Your Guitar States
Elby Designs Biddulph
Electro-Acoustic Research States2001Peter Grenader
Electro-Faustus States2008Joe Vella and Eric Kessel
Electronic Mood
Electronic Things... And Stuff Haillant
Electrosmith States2020
Elta Music Tokarev
Emblematic Systems
Empirical Circuits States
Empress Effects Fee & Steve Bragg
EMW (Electronic Music Works)
Encore Electronics States1990
End Times Modular States
Endangered Audio Research States2008Todd Kelley
Endorphin.es Zhukovsky
Ensure Sound Shentyapin
Entrospec Kingdom2014Jim Petherwick
Epicycloid Engineering States2017
Epoch Modular States2013
Equinox Synth Kingdom2015Rob Spencer
Erd Modular Kingdom
Erica Synths Ozolinš
Erogenous Tones States2015Rick Burnett
Error Instruments Tas
Erthenvar States2010Nicholas Gregorich and John Kennedy
Eurorack Essentials Lipp
Eurorack Hardware StatesScott Rise
Evaton Technologies StatesRussell Hoffman
Eventide Audio States1971Richard Factor
Expert Sleepers Kingdom2013Andrew Ostler
Expressive E Bellot and Victor Grimaldi
Extralife Instruments States
Fancyyyyy Synthesis Kingdom2018
Five12 States2004
Flight Of Harmony States2008
Folktek States2007Arius Blaze and Ben Houston
Fonitronik Herrmann
Found Sound
Foxfield Instruments Kingdom2018Tom Armitage
FPB Synth
Frap Tools Fabbri
Free State FX States2009Jason Fry
Frequency Central Kingdom2009Rick Holt
Fritz StatesPete Hartman
Frogleg Synthesis States1998Ian Fritz
Funkstill Lasry
Future Retro States1997Jered Flickinger
Future Sound Systems Kingdom2005
G-Storm Electro States2011
Gamechanger Audio Tazans, Ilja Krumins, Niks Brensons and Didzis Dubovskis
gBiz Kingdom
Genki Instruments
Gibbon Digital
Ginko Synthese Willem Hagenbeek
GMSN! Kingdom2018
God's Box
Gotharmané Gonçalves
Grayscale States2013
Greenface Labs States1975Shannon Vance
Grey Audio Kingdom
Grove Audio States1995
Grp Synthesizer Groppioni
HackMe States2011Matt Heins
Hale Modular
Hamara Labs StatesDave Hamara
Happy Nerding
Hexinverter Électronique
Hikari Instruments
Hinton Instruments Kingdom2001
Humble Audio States
Ieaskul F. Mobenthey StatesIeaskul F. Mobenthey
iModular Synth
Innerclock Systems
Instruments Of Things Knop, Herik Langer and Niko Schönig
Instruo Kingdom2013Jason Lim
Intellijel van Tijn
IO Instruments George Giegler and Frank Kumm
IOLabs Kingdom2014
Iron Ether States2010Taylor Livingston
Itijik States
J3RK States
Jacob Barss-Bailey StatesJacob Barss-Bailey
Jeremy Sharp Sharp
Jim's Synths States1974Jim Patchell
Jolin Lab Ferragut and Federico Intrisano
Jomoxürgen Michaelis
Joranalogue Audio Design van Gremberghe
Kasleder Effects Kasléder
Kassutronics Ockeloen-Korppi
Keen Association
Kenton Kingdom1986John Price
Kilpatrick Audio Kilpatrick
Kitsch Bent States
Klangbau Koln
Klangfeld Lampe
Klee States2006Scott Stites
Knob Technology Acarina
Koma Elektronik Jaspers and Christian Zollner
Konstant Lab
Korb-Modular Korb
Krisp1 Kingdom2007
KRM Music Systems Robert Murray
L-1 Laman
LA 67 (La Sesenta y Sieste)
La Circuits States
Laboratorio Elettronica Popolare
Ladik Republic2016
Laurentide SynthWorks States2013
LCF Industries States2014
Leaf Audio Richter
Liivatera Macphail
Limaflo Kingdom
Livestock Electronics
Livewire Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers) States2012Mike Brown
Livid Instruments States2004Jay Smith, Peter Nyboer, and Travis Redding
Loudest Warning KingdomCharlie Kerr
Low-Gain Electronics States2009
Lower West Side Studio
LPZW (Leipzig West) Modules
Luna Modular
LZX Industries States2008Lars Larsen and Ed Leckie
Macbeth Studio Systems Kingdom2001Ken McBeth
Macro Machines States
Mad Rooster Lab Cardinen
Magnaval B Magnaval
Magpie Modular States2016
Majella Audio
Make Noise States2008Tony Rolando
Make Synths Not War Kingdom2016“Morocco” Dave
MakeProAudio Hund
Malekko Heavy Industry States2006Josh Holley & Paul Barker
Maneco Labs
Manhattan Analog StatesJason Coates
Manikin Electronic Feuerherdt and Markus Horn
Mannequins States2014
Mantic Effects States2013Luis Etscheid and Caleb Henning
Marion Systems Corporation States1987Tom Oberheim
Mattson States1978George Mattson
Mayer EMI
Mazzatron StatesSean Mazzatti
MDLR Case Schuijt
Medic Modules Kingdom
Medigrade Modular Kingdom2017
MegaOhm Audio States
Melu Instruments Republic2016Sami “Kraku” Koistinen
MengQiMusic Qi
Metabolic Devices
Metalbox States1995
Metasonix States1998Eric Barbour
Metatronic Mods States2015
Metro Modular
Metzger Technologies States2016
MFB Berlin Fricke
MFOS (Music From Outer Space) States2009Ray Wilson
Michigan Synth Works States
Microbe Modular States
MIDI Hardware Sowa
Midiphy Menze, George Welsh and Michael Sigl
Million Machine March States2014
MiniGorille States2013Iysandre Follet
MMI Modular States2017
Mobula Mobular
Modal Electronics Kingdom2013
Modbap Modular StatesCorry Banks
Modcan Duncan
Mode Machines Thorpe
Modor Music Belmans
Modulaire Maritime
Modular Analog Brookes
Modular Synth Lab
Moffenzeef Modular States2016Matthew Goodwin Akers
MOK (Media Overkill) StatesRob Rampley, Taiho Yamada and Chris Compton
Monde Synthesizer
Monome StatesBrian Crabtree and Kelli Cain
Moog Music Inc. States1953Robert Moog
Moon Modular
Mordax StatesBrandon Fessler and Taylor Gehrts
Morph Acoustic States
MOS-LAB Moumon
Moseley Instruments Moseley
MRG Synthesizers Kingdom
mrseri States2017Balint Seres
Mungo Enterprises
Music Thing Modular Kingdom2012
Mutable InstrumentsÉmilie Gillet
Mutant Modular
Mystic Circuits States2014
NAAD Tokyo
Nabla Instruments
Nakedboards N. Yershov
NANO Modules Gutiérrez-Ravé
Neutron Sound Matheson
New England Analog States
New Systems Instruments States
Nexus Instruments States
NoBots Kingdom2015
Noise Engineering States2016Markus Cancilla
Noise Lab
Noise Reap States2015
Nonlinear Circuits
North Coast Modular Collective States
North Coast Synthesis Skala
Northern Light Modular
Nozoid Henry
Numerical Audio Aras and Markus Teufel
nw2s States2014
Oakley Sound Systems Kingdom1996Tony Allgood
Old Crow States Streamwood, Illinois)
Olegtron Suorlahti
Olitronik Circuits
Olivella Modular
Olympia Noise Co. States2012Ben Kamen
Omiindustriies States2016Naomi Mitchell
Omsonic KingdomPhen Marks
Open Music Labs States2016
Orthogonal Devices
oZoe Luc Lartigue
PAiA States1967John Simonton
Pantala Labs
Patchblocks Heinz
Patching Panda
Percussa Modular StatesBert Schiettecatte
PH Neutre (PH Modular)
Pittsburgh Modular States2012Richard Nicol
Plan B States
Plankton Electronics
Plum Audio
PMFoundations States
Polyend Raczynski
Praxis Electronics States
Prok Modular KingdomMartin Wood-Mitrovski and Steven Grimley-Taylor
ProModular States
PT Audio
Pucktronix States
PulpLogic States
Pulse Synthesizers
Purrtronics Kingdom2017Pietro RedCat
Pyxis Audio Kingdom
Qosmo Modular
Qu-Bit Electronix States2014Andrew Ikenberry and Jason Lim
Quanalog Instruments Do Minh Quan
Quicco Sound
Rabid Elephant States2012
Radical Frequencies Polytaridis
Radikal Technologies Korduletsch
Rain City Modular States
Rakit Kingdom2017
Random*Source Hoffmann
Rare Waves States2008Eric Archer
Rat King Modular (Alchemical Audio) States2017
Really Nice Audio Kingdom
ReBach Ubachs
Rebel Technology Kingdom2012
Reckless Experimentation Audio States
Recovery Effects And Devices States2009Craig Markel and Zara Marvel
Red Panel StatesDon Buchla
Resynthesis States
Retro Mechanical Labs States
Retroaktiv States
Reverse Landfill Verhallen
Rides In The Storm George
Ritual Electronics Armand
River Creative Technology Vlek
Rob Hordijk Hordijk
Roland Kakehashi
Rossum Electro-Music States2015Dave Rossum
RYK Modular Kingdom2009
RYO (Roll Your Own)
San Pedro Labs States2013Matt Zwager
Schenk.Work States
Schenktronics United States2020
Schippmann Schippmann
Schlappi Engineering States2013Eric Schlappi
Schottkey Modular StatesLia Schottkey
Scrotum Lab
SDS Digital
Sea Moss
Seismic Industries
Sequentix Kingdom2005Colin Fraser
Serge States1974Serge Tcherepnin
Serpens Modular
Shakmat Modularçois Gaspard
Shift Line
Shock Electronix
Signal Arts James
Sismo Synths
Skull & Circuits
Sleepy Circuits States2018
Slightly Nasty Pettge
Slow Nova States
Snazzy FX States2010Dan Snazzelle
Snyderphonics StatesJeff Snyder
Softwire Synthesis States
Sognage Africa2015
SOMA Laboratory Kreimer
Sonic Potions Schmidt
Sonicsmith Kaczynski and Noam Lavi
Sonoclast States2019
Sonocurrent States2019
Soulsby Kingdom2013Paul Souls
Soundflask States
Soundlazer StatesRichard Haberkern
Soundtronics Kingdom2013
Special Stage Systems States
Spherical Sound Society
Spinal Cat Modular
Sputnik Modular StatesRoman Filippov
Squarp Instruments
SSSR Labs Shtatnov
ST Modular
Starling States2017
Steady State Fate States2012Andrew Morelli
STEM Modular States
STG Soundlabs States
Strange Electronics StatesHenry Strange
Strange Science Instruments States
Stroh Modular States
Strymon States2008Pete Celi, Gregg Stock & Dave Fruehling
Studio Electronics States1981Tim Caswell
Studio.H States2017
Subconscious Communications States1992Dwayne Goettel and Phil Western
Sunsine Audio StatesFletcher Kaufman
Super Synthesis States2012
Supercritical Synthesizers
Synovatron Kingdom2014
SynQuaNon States1978
Synthasystem States1975Nyle Steiner and Dick Parker
Synthesis Technology States1998
Synthesizer Factory
Synthesizers.com States1996Roger Arrick
Synthetic Sound Labs States2009Doug Slocum
Synthrotek States2009Steve Harmon
Synthwerks States2010James Husted
Syntonie Lavaud
T-Rex Engineering Dahl and Sebastian Jensen
Takaab (Siam Modular)
Tall Dog States2018
Tasty Chips Electronics van der Meer
Teia Synthesizers
Tellun Juskiw
Tenderfoot Electronics Young
Tesseract Modular Díaz
The Harvestman / Industrial Music Electronics States2007Scott Jaege
The Human Comparator
Thonk Kingdom2014
ThreeTom Modular
Timo Rozendal Rozendal
TINRS (This Is Not Rocket Science) Haring-Kuipers
Tiptop Audio States2009Gur Milstein
Tokyo Tape Music Center
Toppobrillo States Josh Thomas
Transient Modules
Transistor Sounds Labs Kingdom2014Zoë Blade
Tricks Magic Shop States
Trogotronic States
Trouby Modular
Tsyklon Labs States2012
Twisted Electrons
Tymkrs (The Toymakers) States2008
u-he Heckmann
UFO Modular
Van Daal Electronics
VB Modular
VBrazil Systems
VDD Modular
Verbos Electronics Verbos
VG-Line Grigoriev
Vinicius Electrik
Vintage Synth Lab States
Visible Signals
VoicAs Maman
Voice Of Saturn States
Void Modular States2018
Voidpulse States2018
Volt-A-Tone States
VPME Pantelic
Vult DSP Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Warm Star Electronics States2015
Warped Circuits States2019
Wavefonix Kingdom2020Chris Willocks
WaveLicker Gillièron
West Oakland Music Systems States2014
Weston Precision Audio States
Wiard Kingdom1999
Winter Modular
Winterbloom States2017Thea Flowers
WMD Devices States2007William Mathewson
Worng Electronics
X-Fade Modular
X1L3 Kingdom
Xaoc Devices Łojek
XODES Olivieri
XOR Electronics Margolf
XOXO Modular States2019
York Modular Kingdom2017
YuSynth Usson
Zebra Synth
Zerosum Inertia StatesBrian Kir
Zetaohm States2015Tenkai Kariya
Zlob Modular States
ZVex Effects States1995Zachary Vex