Soundelux was founded in 1980. However, their microphone division was only established in 1995 by David Bock (who went on to start Bock Audio). Soundelux is primarily a post-production facility based out of California, USA.

The microphone division of Soundelux is known for its ability to recreate the sonic signatures of the most popular vintage microphones of all time.

Official website:

List Of Soundelux Microphones:

BrandMicrophone Model Gauge Microphones12G50 Gauge Microphones12R20 Gauge Gauge MicrophonesBlue12 Gauge MicrophonesGreen12 Gauge MicrophonesRed12 Zigma AudioC-LOL 12 Lollipop Zigma AudioC-LOL 251 Lollipop Zigma AudioC-LOL 47 Lollipop Zigma AudioC-LOL 67 Lollipop Zigma AudioHA-FX Head Amp Zigma AudioHA-TL II Head Amp Zigma AudioSD-C Zigma AudioSD-H Zigma AudioSD-O-D Zigma AudioSD-O-F Space Space Pro II Space XLR Pro AudioCR1-4 AudioCR1-78 AudioCR877 AudioCR990 AudioCR998 AudioU95S AudioLIZ AudioLIZ AudioLIZ AudioLIZ AudioLIZ Super AudioLIZ Podium AudioLIZ-AT AudioLIZ-Ceiling Choir AudioLIZ-Choir AudioLIZ-Choir Cardioid AudioLIZ-Choir Hypercardioid AudioLIZ-Choir Omni MicrophonesA-51 MicrophonesA6 MicrophonesBerlin 47 Au MicrophonesBerlin 47-T MicrophonesCremona 251-Au MicrophonesCremona 251-T MicrophonesFrankfurt 49-T MicrophonesHamburg 67-Au MicrophonesHamburg 67-T MicrophonesModel TC Mk9 MicrophonesOdin MicrophonesS-51 MicrophonesS-7 MicrophonesS-7B MicrophonesS-7C MicrophonesSC-1 MicrophonesSC-2 MicrophonesThor MicrophonesVienna 12-T MicrophonesZ-12 MicrophonesZ-251 MicrophonesZ-47 MicrophonesZ-49 MicrophonesZ-67 MicrophonesZ-800 AudioCM-12 AudioCM-54 AudioCM-67 AudioCM1084 AudioCM1084V AudioCM12SE AudioCM251 AudioCM28 AudioCM414 AudioCM47 AudioCM47FET AudioCM47FET/CE AudioCM47LE AudioCM47VE AudioCM48FET AudioCM48T AudioCM49 AudioCM67SE AudioCM800T AudioCM87 AudioCM87SE AudioDM20 AudioDM7 TechnologiesAT-Ceiling TechnologiesAT-Choir TechnologiesAT-Gooseneck TechnologiesAw-Tech Mobile TechnologiesLav-Slimline TechnologiesLav-Titanium S WLS SW SWO PP SW Non-RoHS SW S DFive LP B B B BL B L B-TL II B-XL II B-XLS EB EB P48 LTD PP B B-BC Anniversary B B ML M ML EB BL L BL CM B BL V11 PCC STS E E STS 31 MiniXLR W/TA4F XLR CS S S S S E S MD MD MD MD MD MD MD S 100 120 USB 150 200 400 LL LL LL WR D DAM+ DAM+ WL AudioBC400 AudioBC600 AudioBC800V2 AudioBeta3 AudioBeta5 AudioBlack Berry II AudioBM220 AudioBM320 AudioBM410 AudioBU35 AudioBU55 AudioBV563 AudioC77 AudioCM200 AudioCM400 AudioCM5 AudioCM500 AudioCM6 Lite AudioCM6 MkII AudioCM6 X AudioCM700 AudioCS35U AudioCS45 AudioCS55 AudioCS75 AudioCS85 AudioCS95 AudioCU28 AudioCU58 AudioCU58 PRO AudioCV18 AudioCX5 AudioD77 AudioDK1000 AudioDM03 AudioDM1 AudioDM10 AudioDM12 AudioDM2 AudioDM48 AudioDSG-1 AudioDU2 AudioDW-V AudioG60 AudioGT-2B AudioHAT60 AudioHC600 AudioHRM-1 AudioHRM-14 AudioHRM-15 AudioHRM-2 AudioHRM-7 AudioHRM-8B AudioHSGT-2B AudioHSMC001 AudioHST-01A AudioHST-11A Audioi12 Audioi18 Audioi5 Audioi7 Audioi8 Audioi9 AudioIM500 AudioIM600 AudioK5 AudioK7 AudioK9 AudioKD6 AudioKM47 AudioLM3 AudioLM5 AudioLM7 AudioM2610 AudioM568 AudioM578 AudioM588 AudioM598 AudioM599 AudioM6 AudioMC001 AudioMC002S AudioMC003S AudioMC1100 AudioMC310 AudioMC320 AudioMC330 AudioPM01 AudioPM02 AudioPM05 AudioPM08 AudioPM12 AudioPM16 AudioPM22 AudioPM30C AudioPM57B AudioPM57Beta AudioPM58 AudioPM58Beta AudioPM58S AudioR77 AudioRE660 AudioRM-10 AudioRM10 AudioS507 AudioSD2 AudioSTM400 AudioT-11A AudioT-51ST AudioT01A AudioT02A AudioT03 AudioT05 AudioT190 AudioTH600 AudioTL39 AudioTM200 AudioTM400 AudioTM500 AudioU3 AudioU6 AudioUM110 AudioUM120 AudioUM280 AudioUM600 AudioUM600H AudioUM900 AudioUM900V AudioUR33 AudioUR66 AudioUR66 PRO AudioUR88 AudioUSB700 AudioV2 AudioVista320 II AudioVista620 AudioVM-5 AudioVM-6 AudioX50 AudioZD1 AudioZD2 Studio AudioHBM-50 AudioEM-LINK AudioGM-18 AudioMIC-90 AudioHBM-TA4F AudioMIC-90P AudioMIC-50 AudioLM-60 AudioEM-TA4F AudioCHM-100 AudioDEL-100 AudioGM-25 AudioWB-6000 AudioWB-8000 AudioWB-9000 AudioWB-LINK AudioWH-6000 AudioWH-8000 AudioWR-7000 AudioEdge Duo AudioEdge Quadro AudioEdge Solo AudioEdge Go Synergy Core AudioAxino Synergy Core AudioVerge Electronics180 Electronics185 Electronics191 Electronics205 Electronics215 Electronics250 Electronics430 Electronics471 Electronics480 Electronics520 Electronics530 Electronics550 ElectronicsApex130 ElectronicsApex141 ElectronicsApex146 ElectronicsApex150 ElectronicsApex162 ElectronicsApex176 ElectronicsApex190 ElectronicsApex210B ElectronicsApex220 ElectronicsApex325 ElectronicsApex326 ElectronicsApex327 ElectronicsApex370 ElectronicsApex381 ElectronicsApex415B ElectronicsApex435B ElectronicsApex460B ElectronicsApex515 ElectronicsApex540 ElectronicsApex555 ElectronicsApex565 ElectronicsApex570 ElectronicsApex575 ElectronicsApex575C ElectronicsApex580 ElectronicsApex591 ElectronicsApex660 ElectronicsApex747 ElectronicsApex750 ElectronicsApex775 ElectronicsApex787 ElectronicsApex850 ElectronicsApex870B ElectronicsApex950 X DigitalClipMic Digital DigitalMiC Plus DigitalHypeMiC DigitalClipMic Digital DigitalMiC DigitalMiC 96k DigitalNITE MiC LE USB Electric Technology NanjingD36A Electric Technology NanjingD36B Pro Electric Technology NanjingL36B Pittman USB 1k 2k 3k 4k 5k 6k ProCK-6 ProADM ProCV-12 ProATOM ProADM v2 ProAK Type VII ProAMK Mondo ProATOM v2 ProBK-2 ProBV-1 ProCK-33 ProCK-6 ProCK-7 ProCU-2 ProCV-28 AudioSTO-2 AaxT 51ST AaxT-11A AaxT5400 AaxT8400 AaxUM600 BerryBBGM AudioBanjo Mic AudioBass Mic AudioCello Mic AudioCello Mic-LB AudioFiddle Mic AudioGuitar Mic AudioGuitar Mic B AudioGuitar Mic EJ AudioMandolin Mic AudioStage Floor Mic-EC MicrophonesArabella MicrophonesBC12 MicrophonesBM49 MicrophonesBU47 MicrophonesBU87i C MicrophonesCardioid BC12 MicrophonesElly MicrophonesElly Fet MicrophonesIsobel MicrophonesJudas MicrophonesLulu Fet MicrophonesLulu Tube MicrophonesMahalia MicrophonesOliver MicrophonesOliver Cardioid MicrophonesPhelicity MicrophonesShelise MicrophonesTribute 1 MicrophonesTribute 2 MicrophonesTribute 3 MicrophonesTribute 4 MicrophonesTribute 5 85A 84C 906 19A LAV LAV GO 78A 75C 85S D71c 201 88 RM 30 BM 53 USB 201 260 380 420 422 500 58 59 69 TG 99 834 836 837 840 910 950 494 530 58 72 82 51 53 65 66 67 82 83 87 88 99 500H-C 500H-D 550 D50d D57 D58 D70d D71 H34 H56 H57 H74 I53 I53c I57 V35 s V56 V96 47 48 50 50 Km II 58 930 SoundBig SoundBig Lite SoundBig-er SoundBig-est Carbon AudioBing Carbon Microphone "Field Ops" Acoustics49B Acoustics4X AcousticsC12 AcousticsM250 AcousticsUM17 AcousticsUM17R AcousticsUM25 MicrophonesKiwi MicrophonesenCORE MicrophonesSpark MicrophonesBottle MicrophonesBluebird MicrophonesenCORE MicrophonesBaby Bottle MicrophonesYeti MicrophonesYeti MicrophonesenCORE MicrophonesRaspberry MicrophonesenCORE 100 MicrophonesBottle Rocket Stage 1 MicrophonesSnowball Ice MicrophonesYeti Pro Microphones8-Ball MicrophonesBaby Bottle MicrophonesBall MicrophonesBlackout Spark SL MicrophonesBluebird MicrophonesCactus MicrophonesKickball MicrophonesNessie MicrophonesOmniMouse MicrophonesPoseidon MicrophonesReactor MicrophonesSnowflake MicrophonesSpark MicrophonesSpark Digital MicrophonesStage One MicrophonesStage Two MicrophonesTiki MicrophonesWoodpecker MicrophonesXL Mouse Audio47 Audio50 Audio151 Audio195 Audio241 Audio407 Audio5ZERO7 AudioiFET Mini Pro V BE AE Classic Classic BE V X KHE Pure Cardioid Pure Cardioidüel & Kjær4189-A-021üel & KjærType 1706üel & KjærType 1711üel & KjærType 2669-Büel & KjærType 2669-Cüel & KjærType 2669-Lüel & KjærType 2670üel & KjærType 2670-WB-1419üel & KjærType 2671üel & KjærType 2673üel & KjærType 2695üel & KjærType 2699üel & KjærType 4138üel & KjærType 4144üel & KjærType 4145üel & KjærType 4160üel & KjærType 4176üel & KjærType 4178üel & KjærType 4180üel & KjærType 4182üel & KjærType 4184üel & KjærType 4188üel & KjærType 4189üel & KjærType 4190üel & KjærType 4191üel & KjærType 4192üel & KjærType 4192-Tüel & KjærType 4193üel & KjærType 4197üel & KjærType 4198üel & KjærType 4938üel & KjærType 4939üel & KjærType 4940üel & KjærType 4941üel & KjærType 4942üel & KjærType 4943üel & KjærType 4944üel & KjærType 4947üel & KjærType 4948üel & KjærType 4948-Büel & KjærType 4949üel & KjærType 4949-Büel & KjærType 4950üel & KjærType 4952üel & KjærType 4952-Aüel & KjærType 4953üel & KjærType 4954üel & KjærType 4957üel & KjærType 4958üel & KjærType 4959üel & KjærType 4964üel & KjærType 4966üel & KjærType 4971üel & KjærType 8103üel & KjærType 8104üel & KjærType 8105üel & KjærType 8106 AudioE19 AudioE19AT AudioE19CD AudioU29 AudioU49 Audio119L-19 Audio119S-19 Audio1600VP Audio1700VP Audio1800BP Audio201R Audio202RW Audio210-MIC Audio220VP Audio220VPW Audio2220VP-DSP Audio2220VPW-DSP Audio2600VP-DSP Audio2700VP-DSP Audio2800VP-DSP Audio611L Audio631L Audio651HH Audio727-18 Audio827A-17 Audio878HL-2 Audio900B Audio900W Audio901VP Audio905R Audio915B Audio920B Audio930VPL AudioA77 AudioAMC105-2-19 AudioAMC105SNO-19 AudioC195 AudioC400S AudioC9 AudioC92 AudioC9S AudioCAD12 AudioCM217 AudioD10 AudioD12 AudioD189 AudioD19 AudioD29 AudioD32 AudioD38 AudioD80 AudioD82 AudioD84 AudioD88 AudioD89 AudioD90 AudioE100 Audioe100^2 AudioE100S AudioE19SL AudioE19SR AudioE29 AudioE300 V2 AudioE300S AudioE50 AudioE60 Audioe70 AudioEquitek e300 AudioEquitek e350 AudioEquitek e60 AudioEquitek e70 AudioGLX2600USB AudioGXL1200 AudioGXL1200BP AudioGXL1800 AudioGXL2200 AudioGXL2200BP AudioGXL2400 AudioGXL3000 AudioGXL3000BP AudioGXL800 AudioGXLD2BB AudioGXLD2HB AudioGXLD2HH AudioGXLVHH AudioICM417 AudioKBM412 AudioM177 AudioM179 AudioM37 AudioM9 AudioPM1100 Podmaster D AudioPM1200 Podmaster SuperD AudioPM1300 Podmaster SuperD USB AudioTrion 6000 AudioTrion 7000 AudioTrion 8000 AudioTSM411 AudioTX1600 AudioTX3000 AudioTXHGXLU AudioTXHGXLV AudioU1 AudioU37 AudioU39 AudioU7 AudioU9 AudioVSM-1 AudioVX2 AudioWM-1000 AudioWM625 AudioWM625S AudioWXHW AudioWXLAV AudioZOE Astatic966 Astatic339LGM Astatic810GM AstaticAMC109H AstaticJT18 AstaticT2M AudioCM-87S AudioCTM100 AudioM68 AudioPerformer 1 T AudioUX-LP1 AudioUX600M MicrophonesVictor (Stock Transformer) MicrophonesX-15 (Stock Transformer) MicrophonesX-15 (Lundahl Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head II (Stock Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head II (Lundahl Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head MicrophonesFat Head II Live MicrophonesVictor (Lundahl Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head II (Cinamag Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head II Active MicrophonesKnuckle Head (Stock Transformer) MicrophonesKnuckle Head (Lundahl Transformer) MicrophonesVIN-JET (Stock Transformer) MicrophonesVIN-JET (Lundahl Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head BE (Stock Transformer) MicrophonesFat Head BE (Lundahl Transformer) Microphones7731R MicrophonesC77 MicrophonesDR-2 MicrophonesElroy MicrophonesGomez MicrophonesM20u MicrophonesM39 MicrophonesV55 MicrophonesV55 Custom MicrophonesV57 GuitarsC12 CG GuitarsCG Fathead BE GuitarsCG VIN-JET GuitarsU 67 CG PipesNotre Dame PipesRegensburg Dom PipesSaint Jean Baptiste PipesSeville LabsTS-1 LabsTS-1 Mk II LabsTS-2 OakE700 OakH1000A OakM900 OakM900T OakS600 OakS700 OakSA538 OakSA538B MicsRM1 MicsRM1-B MicrophonesJRS-34A MicrophonesJRS-34P Microphones44 Microphones4030L Electroacoustics4030L Electroacoustics4104B Electroacoustics4038 Electroacoustics4040 Electroacoustics4104PTT Electroacoustics4115 Electroacoustics4050 Electroacoustics4155 ElectroacousticsFist ElectroacousticsMNCR SoundCSB SoundCSSC SoundHEB SoundLCB SoundOctoMic SoundTetraMic DBM And TrippEl Diablo And TrippNaked Eye And TrippNaked Eye Roswellite And TrippProscenium And TrippRecordist And TrippSoundstage Image And TrippStudio Vocalist AudioPZM AudioCM311 2 D3 D3 Pro 2S Micro Pro D4 Duo Audio ComponentsRM-5 Audio ComponentsRM-6 Wide CORE CORE CORE 4018 DrumsThe Moon Trumpet LabsChantelle Trumpet LabsDelphina Trumpet LabsEdna Trumpet LabsEdwina Trumpet LabsEvelyn Trumpet LabsJosephine Trumpet LabsLouise Trumpet LabsMabel Trumpet LabsMyrtle Trumpet LabsNadine Series 10 FM360/ 430/ 730/ Series 3 Series 6 Series 12 USB 430 FlexMic MicrophonesEHR-B MicrophonesEHR-D MicrophonesEHR-E MicrophonesEHR-H MicrophonesEHR-M MicrophonesEHR-M1 MicrophonesEHR-T Mic LabKM201 Mic LabKM202 Mic LabKM202-1 Mic LabKM901 Raven 618 630 Boundary Boundary Satellite Desktop Desktop-12 Desktop-18 Desktop-5 Plus-12 Plus-18 Plus-5 Sat Podium Satellite AudioCMI.103 AudioDMI.101 AudioDMI.102S AudioDMI.104.SLF AudioDS-V11 AudioF.20 802 900 968 3000 58 3306 AudioFlagg Mic NEXT SUPERFET SUPERFET MkII Precision InstrumentsECM-47 Precision InstrumentsECM-58 Precision InstrumentsECM-80 Precision InstrumentsECM-84 Precision InstrumentsECM-87 Precision InstrumentsECM-87 Stealth Age ProjectR2 Age ProjectR1 Age ProjectFC 1 Age ProjectGA-47 Age ProjectFC Age ProjectFC 4 Age ProjectR1 Active Age ProjectGA-251 Age ProjectFC Age Age Age ProjectR1 Tube Age ProjectR1 Age ProjectGA-251 Age ProjectGA-47 Age ProjectD1 Age ProjectD2 Age ProjectFC 2 Age ProjectR1 Age ProjectTC3 Audio TubesConvertible TubesGT-33 TubesGT-44 TubesGT55 TubesGT57 TubesGT66 TubesGT67 TubesMB1b Tube AudioHA-69 AudioHA-872 Crafted LaboratoriesFaust Crafted LaboratoriesFaust F2 SoundPR 40 SoundPR 77D SoundThe Fin SoundPR 22 SoundPR 20 SoundPR 30 SoundPR 20 UT SoundPR 22 UT SoundPR 35 SoundCustom Shop SoundHandi Mic Pro Plus SoundHDK5 SoundHDK7 SoundHDK8 SoundHeritage SoundPL2T SoundPR 28 SoundPR 31 BW SoundPR 37 SoundPR 38 SoundPR 48 SoundPR 781 SoundRC 22 SoundRC 35 Mic!Hey Mic! AudioFM2J AudioRM2F AudioRM2J AudioRM3 AudioRM4 MultimediaiRig Mic Cast 2 MultimediaiRig Mic Handheld MultimediaiRig Mic Cast MultimediaiRig Mic MultimediaiRig Mic Studio MultimediaiRig Mic Cast MultimediaiRig Mic HD MultimediaiRig Mic MultimediaiRig MultimediaARC MEMS Microphone MultimediaiRig Acoustic Stage MultimediaiRig Mic Studio XLR AudioMini 87 AudioMM-2000 AudioMM-2000 Mag AudioMM-2000 Mag Stereo AudioMM-2006 6 EngineeringC42 EngineeringC550 EngineeringC617SET EngineeringC700A EngineeringC700S EngineeringC705 EngineeringC715 EngineeringC716 EngineeringC725 Engineeringe22S MicrophonesBB29 MicrophonesBH1 3 MicrophonesBH1s 3 MicrophonesBH2 MicrophonesBH3 MicrophonesBT201 MicrophonesBT201 1s MicrophonesBT301 MicrophonesGTR1 MicrophonesHH1 MicrophonesJ1 MicrophonesThe Amethyst MicrophonesV16-BB MicrophonesVintage 11 MicrophonesVintage 12 MicrophonesVintage 47 MicrophonesVintage 67 MusicK-1 MusicK-2 MusicK-20I MusicK-26V MusicK-3 MusicK-3.1 MusicK-30I MusicK-31 SLIM MusicK-33 SLIM MusicK-353 MusicK-50I MusicK-51 MusicK-54 MusicK-57 Musick-58A MusicK-80C MusicK-84 MusicK-98 MusicK-9V MusicKD-58P MusicKDS-300 AudioK-Micro AudioK10 AudioK35 AudioK58 AudioK6 AudioTrinity AudioUnity AudioHM-1x AudioHM-2D AudioHM-3C AudioHM-7U AudioHM1 AudioSong Sparrow CompanyPolyvox 711AP CompanyPolyvox 711BA CompanyPolyvox 711DSO CompanyPolyvox 711GP CompanyPolyvox 711LA CompanyPolyvox 711LD CompanyPolyvox 711MP CompanyPolyvox 711P CompanyPolyvox 711PL CompanyPolyvox 711PS CompanyPolyvox 711RT CompanyPolyvox 711SD CompanyPolyvox 711SE CompanyPolyvox 711SO CompanyPolyvox 711SS CompanyPolyvox 711VE CompanyPolyvox 711VS CompanyPolyvox 711WE CompanyPrimoVox 111AG CompanyPrimoVox 111BS CompanyPrimoVox 111CA CompanyPrimoVox 111CV CompanyPrimoVox 111EV CompanyPrimoVox 111GP CompanyPrimoVox 111LA CompanyPrimoVox 111LP CompanyPrimoVox 111MP CompanyPrimoVox 111PCV CompanyPrimoVox 111RLS CompanyPrimoVox 111SG CompanyPrimoVox 111SV AudioLA-120 AudioLA-220 AudioFC-357 AudioLT-386 AudioFC-387 AudioLT-321 Horizon AudioLT-381 Oceanus AudioST-221 Torch MicrophonesAIR MicrophonesL251 MicrophonesL251 MicrophonesL251FET MicrophonesL47 MicrophonesL47FET MicrophonesL47MPII 650 550 840 940 540 DM 840 DM 940 CM 450 740 CM 250 DM S 550 DM 550 DMS 350 CM 350 CM S 250 DM 640 TS 450 240 PRO 440 Pure 540 SUBZERO 441 FLEX 040 MATCH 140 AIR 140 240 340 340-CO 540 640 240 DM 240 DM S 340 CM 340 CM S 440 DM 540 DM S 340 TT 340 REX 640 REX Microphone & Transducer Co.Model 77 6XD-V Custom AudioAT6L Stereo AudioCM3 AudioCM4 AudioOmni1 AudioQM12 Quad AudioSM3 AudioSM3L AudioSM6 EngineeringCS-1 EngineeringCS-3 EngineeringCS-4 EngineeringCS-9 Mic II II Carbon Chromium LaboratoriesReference LaboratoriesReference LaboratoriesReference Scope SB-C2 Scope SG-17P Scope SG-9P Pack 1 100 DK 100 LK 1000 N 1100 K 200 N 300 NB 400 N 219 C 219 O 219 SC 410 410 PZ 440 550 EL 608 621 E PZ 622 E PZ 630 603 / MBP 648 603 A 603 A ST 648 HS 648 PZ / MBNM 620 PZ 648 S / MBNM 150 EN Discs MilitaryAMM-68 AudioKM-69 MicrophonesModel 1 MicrophonesModel 2 MicrophonesModel 2 MicrophonesModel 2A MicrophonesModel 2S MicrophonesSC1 PartsMP-47 PartsRA-23 PartsS-12 PartsS-25 PartsS-87 PartsS3-87 PartsSCD-84 PartsSnare Mic PartsT12 PartsT47 PartsV-12 PartsV-251 PartsV-251 PartsV-47 GefellM 930 GefellMD 300 GefellSRM 100 GefellM 300 GefellM 221 GefellUM 930 GefellM 1030 GefellCMV 563 - M 7 S GefellMT 71 S GefellUMT 70 S GefellM 310 GefellUM 92.1 S GefellM 990 GefellUM 900 GefellM 92.1 S GefellAround 900 GefellBM 180 GefellBM 190 GefellBM 191 GefellCMV 563 GefellGF 1 GefellKEM 975 GefellM 102 GefellM 200 GefellM 210 GefellM 221 GefellM 270 GefellM 294 GefellM 295 GefellM 296 GefellM 297 GefellM 320 GefellM 370 GefellM 372 GefellM 373 GefellM 900 GefellM 910 GefellM 92.1 p GefellM 930 Art GefellM 930 Ts GefellM 940 GefellM 950 GefellM 960 GefellM 990 Art GefellMD 100 GefellMD 110 GefellMD 120 GefellMK 102.1 GefellMK 103.1 GefellMK 112 GefellMK 201 GefellMK 202 GefellMK 202 E GefellMK 221 GefellMK 222 GefellMK 222 E GefellMK 223 GefellMK 231 GefellMK 231 E GefellMK 250 GefellMK 255 GefellMK 290 GefellMK 290 E GefellMK 301 GefellMK 301 E GefellMK 302 GefellMK 390 GefellMK 390 E GefellMKS 221 GefellMKS 222 GefellMKS 222 E GefellMKS 231 E GefellMM 203 GefellMM 210 GefellMM 215 GefellMM 220 GefellMM 225 GefellMM 302 GefellMM 310 GefellMMS 212 GefellMMS 214 GefellMT 71 p GefellMV 203 GefellMV 203.3 GefellMV 204.3 GefellMV 205 GefellMV 210 GefellMV 220 GefellMV 220.S GefellMV 225 P48 GefellMV 230 digital GefellMV 240 Digital GefellMV 302 GefellMV 310 GefellPEM 975 GefellTM 190.2 GefellUM 75 GefellUM 92.1 p GefellUM 930 Ts GefellUM 930 Twin GefellUMT 800 GefellWM 203 GefellWM 210 GefellWM 220 GefellWME 950 GefellWME 953 GefellWME 960 H GefellWME 970 H Digital GefellWME 980 AM GefellWME 980 CN GefellWNE 952 GefellWS 1 Mini XY II Clip-On SST MicrophonesBDM-01 MicrophonesBDM-01 MicrophonesDC-196 MicrophonesDC-196 PE MicrophonesDC-63 MicrophonesDC-73 MicrophonesDC-96B MicrophonesDC-96C MicrophonesDM-1001 MicrophonesEMBLA MicrophonesLC-25 MicrophonesLSR-1000 MicrophonesLSR-3000 MicrophonesLSR-3000 MicrophonesPearl CB 22 MicrophonesPearl CC 22 MicrophonesPearl CO 22 MicrophonesPearl DS 70 MicrophonesPearl ELM-A MicrophonesPearl ELM-B MicrophonesPearl ELM-C MicrophonesPearl MS 8CL MicrophonesPearl MSH 10 MicrophonesPearl TL 44 MicrophonesSRND 360 MicrophonesSRND 360 MicrophonesVIP-50 MicrophonesVM-44 MicrophonesVM-44 Cardioid MicrophonesVM-44 Classic MicrophonesVM-44 Gooseneck MicrophonesVM-44 Link MicrophonesVM-44 Omni MicrophonesVM-44 Supercardioid AudioMA-100 AudioMA-101FET AudioMA-202ST 625906 62587 625878 625908 625879 625907 XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR DJI USB HD HD HD HD SK USB Solo FET HE HE FET HE HE WR USB HE LSM-9 V2 USB Stereo Tube 35 Kicker 1-BD 24 USB KR USB 1 Red Dot XLR Blaze Bliazzard Stereo USB USB Stereo Widow Cube Pro II 1-B Cardioid Stereo Trophy Stereo ME EDT 1-A MicrophonesWidget MicrophonesWorker MicrophonesKing Bee MicrophonesBumblebee MicrophonesBeecaster MicrophonesWidget A MicrophonesWidget B Cardioid Omni Supercardioid 184 204 205 87 Ai 105 183 104 104 S 185 104 Plus 170 149 150 89 147 47 67 Collector's 67 Set 87 Ai 47 FET i 100 67 Set 131 145 81 Ai 69 i 81i 82i 67 3 132 100 105 S 120 131 133 143 145 183 184 185 120 130 140 143 150 253 254 256 53 54 54 56 64 66 73 74 75 76 83 84 84 85 85 86 86 88i 88i A D 4 i 81 D 104 D 105 D 140 150 84 85 80 81 249 269 C 49 50 2 3 5 69 190 I 191 A Set 2 23 c 69 69 FET 64 84 103 D 127 170 49 Set 50 47 47 FET (1972) 47 FET Collector's Edition 48 497 64 67 77 87 87 i 57 69 59 59S AudioM2010 AudioM2015 AudioM2211 AudioM2215 AudioM2230 AudioM2230-WP AudioM2340 AudioM2340-WP AudioM4261 AudioM4261-WP RecMic II RecMic II Microphone LaboratoryCT 40 Microphone LaboratoryDS 60 Microphone LaboratoryDT 40 Microphone LaboratoryOM 16 Microphone LaboratoryPriority Microphone LaboratoryTL 4 Microphone LaboratoryTL 66 Microphone LaboratoryTL 6C MicrophonesThe "Church" Microphone MicrophonesTM-1 MicrophonesTM-2 MicrophonesTM-250 MicrophonesTM-47 MicrophonesTM-LE 18S MSP1 100 3 7 1 5V 3 MSP2 325 328 44 45iR 480 50 Pro M1 Pro M2 Microphone Lab22 251 Microphone Lab22 47 Microphone Lab22 47 LE Microphone Lab22 47 SE Microphone LabCEMC-6 Microphone LabP-12 Microphone LabP-28 Microphone LabP-280 Microphone LabP-414 Microphone LabP-47 SS Microphone LabP-49 Microphone LabP-67 Microphone LabP-84 Microphone LabP-87 Microphone LabPS-1 Microphone LabR 14 Microphone LabSR 14 Microphone LabTR 14 AudioCarbonphone AudioCarbonphone RU-80 AudioCopperphone AudioCopperphone Mini AudioResonator A AudioResonator B MK2 Louis Mk2 Mk2 AudioPDMIC45 AudioPLMS48 AudioPDMICR42 AudioPDMICR68SL AudioPMEMS13 AudioPMEMSN12 AudioPMIKC20BK AudioPDMIKC5 AudioPLMS30 AudioPDMIC59 AudioPDMICR70SL AudioPDMICCR72 AudioPLM3 AudioPPMIK AudioPDMIC70 AudioPDMIC71 AudioPDMIK1 AudioPMSAX1 AudioPMKSM20 AudioPDMIC58 AudioPDMIC78 AudioPMEMS10 AudioPMHM2 AudioPMHMS20 AudioPCMLVC33 AudioPDKM7-A AudioPDKM7-B AudioPDKM7-C AudioPDMICKT80 AudioPDMICR42R AudioPDMICR42SL AudioPDMIK AudioPDMIK2 AudioPDMIK4 AudioPLM31 AudioPMKSF32 AudioPMKWS7 Elite Emote Mini X M1-11010 Mic MicrophonesType A MicrophonesType B AudioRV12 AudioRV200 AudioRV3 AudioRV4 MkII AudioRV46 AudioRV82 AudioRVD1 AudioRVD30 AudioRVX44 AudioRVX6 AudioRVX84 MicrophonesA-Type 4 MicrophonesR-Type 1 MicrophonesR-Type 2 MicrophonesRM1V AudioworksRMS12 AudioworksRMS269 AudioworksRMS47 AudioworksRMS49 Mini Pro VideoMic VideoMic Me Pro LAV II II Limited Applied SciencesPegasus Pro AudioAurora Pro AudioColares Pro AudioDelphos Pro AudioDelphos II Pro AudioMini K47 Pro AudioMini K47 KD Pro AudioMini K87 Pro AudioRA-VO LabsR-122 Mk LabsR-122 Mk II LabsR-121 LabsR-122 Live LabsR-101 LabsR-122 LabsSF-1 LabsSF-24 Live ElectronicsSE-BB1 Bova Ball Audio DesignAL95 Audio DesignAL959 Audio DesignVL37 Audio DesignVL373 Audio DesignVL373A Audio DesignVL37A Audio DesignTF10 Audio DesignAF11 Audio DesignAL39 Audio DesignHybrid Audio DesignMF65 Audio DesignMF65A Audio DesignTF08 TechnologiesGo Mic Mobile TechnologiesG-Track TechnologiesGo Mic Mobile TechnologiesGo Mic Portable TechnologiesDE60x TechnologiesLM7x TechnologiesLM8x TechnologiesQEx TechnologiesSE60x TechnologiesQe TechnologiesLM10x TechnologiesDE5 TechnologiesHS5 TechnologiesGo Mic TechnologiesLM10 TechnologiesSE10T TechnologiesC03 TechnologiesC03U TechnologiesCL2 TechnologiesCL5 TechnologiesCL7 TechnologiesCL7a TechnologiesCL8 TechnologiesCL8a TechnologiesCM10B TechnologiesCM11B TechnologiesCM12C TechnologiesCM15P TechnologiesCM20P TechnologiesCMB1 TechnologiesCS Series TechnologiesDE10 TechnologiesDE50 TechnologiesDEU1 TechnologiesDK703 TechnologiesDK705 TechnologiesDK707 TechnologiesG-Track TechnologiesGo Mic Connect TechnologiesLMU1 TechnologiesMTR101 TechnologiesQ1U TechnologiesQ4 TechnologiesQ6 TechnologiesQ7 TechnologiesQ7VP TechnologiesQ8 TechnologiesR10S TechnologiesR21S TechnologiesR31S TechnologiesSE10 TechnologiesSE50 TechnologiesSMS1 TechnologiesUB1 TechnologiesVP10 TechnologiesVP10X TechnologiesVR88 Audio6011A Audio6019A Microphone CompanyCOS-22 Microphone CompanyCOS-11D Microphone CompanyCMS-10 Microphone CompanyCMS-2 Microphone CompanyCMS-50 Microphone CompanyCO-100K Microphone CompanyCS-1e Microphone CompanyCS-2 Microphone CompanyCS-3e Microphone CompanyCS-M1 Microphone CompanyCSR-2 Microphone CompanyCSS-5 Microphone CompanyCSS-50 Microphone CompanyCU-31 Microphone CompanyCU-32 Microphone CompanyCU-41 Microphone CompanyCU-44X MKII Microphone CompanyCU-51 Microphone CompanyCU-55 Microphone CompanyCUB-01 Microphone CompanyCUS-101B Microphone CompanyCUW-180 Microphone CompanyCUX-100K 500 Pro 500 500 Pro 500 Pro 500 Pro 500 DI 500 Pro 500 Pro DI UC T3 V1 Mark II Pro Mark II Mini Di S UC T3L PRO PRO PRO PRO PRO U2 2M UC Pro MikrofoneMK MikrofoneCMC MikrofoneV4 MikrofoneMK MikrofoneMK MikrofoneMSTC 64 MikrofoneCMC MikrofoneCMIT 5 MikrofoneCMC MikrofoneMK MikrofoneMK MikrofoneT2 CCM 4Ug MikrofoneCCM 4VXP MikrofoneMK 2XS MikrofoneCCM 2XS MikrofoneCCM 4P MikrofoneCCM 4XP MikrofoneMK 4P MikrofoneMK 4XP MikrofoneMK 4VP MikrofoneMK 4VXP MikrofoneCCM 4VP MikrofoneTIMK MikrofoneCMC 1 L MikrofoneGVC MikrofoneMK 2 MikrofoneMK 2S MikrofoneCCM 4 MikrofoneCCM 8 MikrofoneCCM 41 MikrofoneCCM 4V MikrofoneCCM 2 MikrofoneBL CCM 3 MikrofoneBLM 03 C MikrofoneCCM 41V MikrofoneCCM 5 MikrofoneCMC 6U MikrofoneCCM 2H MikrofoneCCM 2S MikrofoneCCM 21 MikrofoneCCM 22 MikrofoneMK 2H MikrofoneMK 21 MikrofoneMK 4V MikrofoneMK 41V MikrofoneCMC 1 K MikrofoneCMC 1 SO MikrofoneCMC 1 U MikrofoneCMC 5 MikrofoneCMC 5 MikrofoneCMC 6XT MikrofoneCMD 42 Beta MikrofoneCMH MikrofoneCMIT 5 MikrofoneCMR MikrofoneCMXY 41V MikrofoneCMXY 4V MikrofoneKFM 6 MikrofoneM 221 B MikrofoneM 222 MikrofoneMINICMIT MikrofoneSUPERCMIT ElectronicsZ5600a II ElectronicssE8 ElectronicssE8 ElectronicsGemini ElectronicsV ElectronicsV7 ElectronicsX1 ElectronicsV7 ElectronicsX1 ElectronicsV7 ElectronicsVoodoo ElectronicsVoodoo ElectronicsVR1 ElectronicsV ElectronicsV7 ElectronicsX1 ElectronicssE8 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