Slow Nova

  • Specialty/Focus: modular synth modules
  • Founded: no info
  • Country: United States (Boston, Massachusetts)

Official Website: N/A

List Of Slow Nova Synth Modules:

BrandModule ModelModule TypeFormat RESONATORphysical modeling techniques.Buchla STEREO DELAY(DSD)clock sync and FX sendBuchla ALGORITHMIC OSCILLATORBuchla SEQUENTIAL SWITCHPREORDER DEPOSITBuchla Voltage Controlled MixerBuchla Synthesis VoiceBuchla Microsound ProcessorBuchla Voltage GeneratorBuchla MusicBitbox MicroCompact Sampling ModuleEurorack MusicBitbox mk2Intuitive SamplingEurorack MusicMX4Buffered MIDI MultipleEurorack MusicWaverazor Dual OscillatorMulti-Sync and Mutant AMEurorack Objects Voltage Controlled Switch Envelope Generator Gate-Driven Arpeggiator Attenuverte Physical Modeling Voice Burst Generator Buffered Multiple Clock Generator Filter Compressor Offset Generator Audio Processor Clock Divider Envelope Generator Pattern Generator Audio Processor Granular Processor Cymbal Percussion Module Percussion Module V2 Modulation Source Boolean Gate Operator Sound on Sound Looper Low Pass Filter Interface 4-Channel Mixer Multimode Filter Signal Multiple Noise Source Time-Domain Pitch Shifter Sample Player Physical Modeling Voice Random Voltage Generator V2 Random Voltage Generator VC Switch Sample and Hold Sequencer VCO Percussion Module Analog Signal Router Eurorack Random Sequence Generator Passive Attenuator Quantizer Machine Looping Random Sequencer Mixer Dual Linear VCA Analog Oscillator Stereo Reverb Speech Synthesizer CompanyBuffered Mult Multiplepositive and negative voltagesEurorack CompanyDual Looping Delayadvanced audio processorEurorack CompanyEnsemble Oscillatorpolyphonic voiceEurorack CompanyListen Four Mixer / Outputstereo mixerEurorack CompanyListen Four Quarters Mixer / Outputstereo mixerEurorack CompanyListen IO Input / Output Amplifiertable-top synthesizersEurorack CompanyListen Up Stereo I/OListen modules that provides stereo 1/4" (6.35mm) jack inputs and outputs.Eurorack CompanyPercussion InterfaceExpander [PI+EXP]Eurorack CompanyPercussion Interface + Expander Envelope Follower / Gate ExtractorEurorack CompanyPingable Envelope Generatordual envelope generatorEurorack CompanyQCD Expanderprogrammatic non-linear sequencerEurorack CompanyQuad Clock Distributoradditional output jackEurorack CompanyQuad Pingable LFOchannel tap-tempo, CompanyRCD BreakoutRotating Clock Divider module.Eurorack CompanyRotating Clock Dividersingle input clockEurorack CompanyRow Power 25Simply plug a universal power supplyEurorack CompanyRow Power 35Simply plug a universal power supplyEurorack CompanyRow Power 45Simply plug a universal power supplyEurorack CompanySCM Breakout(Slip, Shuffle, and Skip),Eurorack CompanyShifting Inverting Signal MinglerCV and audio signals.Eurorack CompanyShuffling Clock Multipliersingle input clockEurorack CompanySpectral Multiband Resonatorinnovative resonant filterEurorack CompanySpherical Wavetable Navigator-channel synthesizerEurorack CompanyStereo Triggered Samplerchannel stereo sample recorder and playback moduleEurorack CompanyTapographic Delaycomplex multi-tap delayEurorack CompanyVCA Matrixusing the 16 CV control jacks, Level knobs, and Mute buttons.Eurorack CompanyWAV Recorderchannel stereo audio recorder with basic playback features.Eurorack Lab Dials DataADE 32 Octocontroller Control PanelEurorack DataADE-33 Event Boss Rhythm GeneratorRhythm creation & manipulationEurorack DataADE-50 3x VCALinear VCAs built on a discrete OTA coreEurorack DataADE-60 4x4 Mix UtilityEurorack DevicesADAPTERS PANELSEURORACK ADAPTERS PANELSEurorack DevicesaMix Four Channel MixerAMIXEurorack DevicesIPSE Buffered MultipleBUFFERED MULTIPLEEurorack DevicesSaevitum FilterSAEVITUMEurorack DevicesuMix Unity MixerUMIXEurorack DevicesVI Mix Six Channel MixerEurorack Rain Technology3U to 1U Panel3U to 1U PanelEurorack Rain TechnologyChainsaw Polyphonic OscillatorChainsawEurorack Rain TechnologyMaestro Performance CV GeneratorMaestroEurorack Rain TechnologyNavigator DIY KitNavigator DIY KitEurorack Rain TechnologyNavigator UtilityNavigatorEurorack Rain TechnologySwitchbladeSwitchbladeEurorack Sequencer of the Bassline3 as a rack-mounted device.Eurorack Bassline with new sequencer and updated sound-circuits.Eurorack! Sold Out !Eurorack Drummachine based on the circuits of the 909 with additional sound-parameters.Eurorack Drummachine based on the circuits of the 606 with additional sounds and parameters.Eurorack synthesizer-voice of the 303 with VCO, VCF, VCA and ENV. The analogue circuits are the same that are used in the original.Eurorack Drumcomputer based on the circuits of the 808.Eurorack acidlabEurorack Trigger-Sequencer of the Miami as a rack-mounted device.Eurorack DeviceThe Autobot and the Robokop as a tabletop device.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Audio InterfaceA hugely powerful flexible module, with pro-quality audio and built-in headphone amp, bridging the gaps between modular, studio, and stage equipment.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Discrete Core Ladder Filter VCFDiscrete Core Ladder VCF is a beautifully liquid-sounding Moog-inspired filter, enhanced with creative and practical features, unique to our VCF.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Dual State Variable VCFDual State Variable VCF offers two lush multimode filters, with flexible configurations ideal for everything from kick-generation to formant shaping.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Envelope X3 Triple ADSREnvelope X3 gives three versatile ADSR envelopes, based on the acclaimed Roland 100M, but vastly enhanced to deliver peerless punch and consistency.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Gate Mix Gated Channel MixerGate Mix is high quality four audio signal mixer with CV/Gate muting, ideal for stacking up super patches, cascading other mixers, and much more.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)KAZU PSUKAZU is our switching power supply solution for smaller Eurorack modular systems.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)KAZU V2 Eurorack Power SupplyEurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)M/S MatrixM/S Matrix splits stereo audio into MID and SIDE and vice versa, allowing a vast range of great processes, whether used alone or with other modules.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Mini MIDIMini MIDI is the missing link between your DAW, modular system, and USB MIDI controllers, offering seamless simultaneous connection between all three.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Multi II Buffered / Unbuffered MultipleMulti II is a deceptively clever and powerful module, connecting audio and CV sources to multiple destinations, for a huge variety of creative uses.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Multifunction Discrete VCO OscillatorThe ultimate fully discrete Eurorack oscillator with massive synchronisation, pulsewidth features and a complete suboscillator waveform section.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)OktaveOktave is a precision tool for transposing, tuning, fine-tuning, and even combining, CV, allowing control of up to four VCOs simultaneously.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Pan Mix Stereo Panning MixerA compact, audiophile-quality panning mixer with the ability to cascade as many modules as you require.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)QLFO LFOQLFO generates four progressively phase-shifted sine waves, offering a stunning range of creative possibilities, up to and including noise generation!Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Sinfonion Complex Harmonic CV ProcessorThe control center of your modular systemEurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)SUMSUM Signal Summing MixerA high-quality, compact but deceptively versatile summing mixerEurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)Variable Sync VCOVariable Sync VCO is a precise, excellent sounding VCO, providing five simultaneous waveforms, a VC variable-sync feature, deep linear FM, and more.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)VC Amp Mix 4-Channel MixerEurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)VC Dual Amp VCA2 identical fully discrete linear VCA-Bulding blocks.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)VC Dual DelayVC Dual Delay is a specialised unit, designed for hours of sound mangling fun, from pitch modulation effects to ethereal outer-galactic spaces.Eurorack (Audiophile Circuits League)VC Panning Amplifier VCA + PannerAn innovative module for dynamically positioning audio in the stereo field, with exceptional sound and flexibility. It also operates as two mono VCAs.Eurorack SystemADDAC001VCC (Voltage Controlled Computer)Eurorack SystemADDAC002VCC CV InputsEurorack SystemADDAC003VCC Manual InputsEurorack SystemADDAC004VCC Gate InputsEurorack SystemADDAC005VCC Gate OutputsEurorack SystemADDAC006VCC NchunkEurorack SystemADDAC007VCC EthernetEurorack SystemADDAC008VCC DMX OUTPUTEurorack SystemADDAC101.WAV PlayerEurorack SystemADDAC102 VC FM RadioVC FM RadioEurorack SystemADDAC103 T-NetworksT-NetworksEurorack SystemADDAC104 VC T-NetworksVC T-NetworksEurorack SystemADDAC105 4 Voice ClusterEurorack SystemADDAC106T-NoiseworksEurorack SystemADDAC111Ultra .WAV PlayerEurorack SystemADDAC111BUltra .WAV Player ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC112 VC Looper and Granular ProcessorEurorack SystemADDAC2002HP MultiplesEurorack SystemADDAC200AEurorack Current AmmeterEurorack SystemADDAC200B2HP Buffered MultiplesEurorack SystemADDAC200PPowerEurorack SystemADDAC200PI Pedal IntegratorPedal IntegratorEurorack SystemADDAC200SSize MatterEurorack SystemADDAC201CV InverterEurorack SystemADDAC202AmplifiersEurorack SystemADDAC203CV MappingEurorack SystemADDAC204VC CV MappingEurorack SystemADDAC205Dual Oscilloscope & AWGEurorack SystemADDAC205BDual Oscilloscope Digital ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC206 Switching SequencerSwitching SequencerEurorack SystemADDAC207 Intuitive QuantizerIntuitive QuantizerEurorack SystemADDAC208 Comparator & RectifiersComparator & RectifiersEurorack SystemADDAC209VC Time Compensated GlideEurorack SystemADDAC210Open Heart SurgeryEurorack SystemADDAC212EG Map. PackEurorack SystemADDAC213A Eurorack BridgeEurorack BridgeEurorack SystemADDAC213BEurorack BridgeEurorack SystemADDAC214VC RotatorEurorack SystemADDAC215 Dual S&H+Dual S&H+Eurorack SystemADDAC216 Sum & DifferenceSum & DifferenceEurorack SystemADDAC217Quad Gate to TriggerEurorack SystemADDAC218 AttenuvertersAttenuvertersEurorack SystemADDAC221 CV to CC10x9 Channel CV to CC MIDI SystemEurorack SystemADDAC222 CV to Notes4x6 Voices 1V/Octave to MIDI NotesEurorack SystemADDAC300Dual Power StarvationEurorack SystemADDAC301 Floor ControlFloor ControlEurorack SystemADDAC301BDual Expression Pedal AttenuatorEurorack SystemADDAC301CDual Sustain Pedal SwitcherEurorack SystemADDAC301PFloor Control Series PackEurorack SystemADDAC302Nchunk ControlEurorack SystemADDAC303 Muscle SensingMuscle SensingEurorack SystemADDAC304 Manual GatesManual GatesEurorack SystemADDAC305 Manual LatchesEurorack SystemADDAC306 VC TransitionsEurorack SystemADDAC307 Heart SensingEurorack SystemADDAC308 Light to CVEurorack SystemADDAC401 Gated Envelope FollowerGated Envelope Follower VS2Eurorack SystemADDAC402 Heuristic Rhythm Generator4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm GeneratorEurorack SystemADDAC402BHeuristic I/O MIDI ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock SourcesVC Time Signature Clock SourcesEurorack SystemADDAC405 VC Relabi GeneratorVC Relabi GeneratorEurorack SystemADDAC501 Complex RandomComplex RandomEurorack SystemADDAC501BComplex Random ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC502Lissajous CurvesEurorack SystemADDAC502BLissajous Curves ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC503 Marble PhysicsMarble PhysicsEurorack SystemADDAC504 Probabilistic GeneratorProbabilistic GeneratorEurorack SystemADDAC506 Stochastic Function GeneratorVC Stochastic Function GeneratorEurorack SystemADDAC506B Stochastic Function Generator ExpansionVC Stochastic Function Generator ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC601 VC Fixed FilterbankVC Fixed FilterbankEurorack SystemADDAC602Passive Ring ModulatorEurorack SystemADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass FilterVC Triple Bandpass FilterEurorack SystemADDAC604Dual FilterEurorack SystemADDAC605 VC Spectral TiltVC Spectral TiltEurorack SystemADDAC611 Gotharman's VC Tube FilterGotharman's VC Tube FilterEurorack SystemADDAC701VC OscillatorEurorack SystemADDAC701 VCO Rev 2.0VCOEurorack SystemADDAC702 Dual VC FilterDual Voltage Controlled FilterEurorack SystemADDAC703 Discrete MixerDiscrete MixerEurorack SystemADDAC705 Stinggy FilterStinggy FilterEurorack SystemADDAC709CEHX C9 VC Organ MachineEurorack SystemADDAC709MEHX MEL9 VC Tape Replay MachineEurorack SystemADDAC800X High-End OutputsHigh-End OutputsEurorack SystemADDAC801Simple MixerEurorack SystemADDAC802 VCA QuintetVCA Quintet Mixing ConsoleEurorack SystemADDAC802RVCA Quintet Reversed PanelEurorack SystemADDAC803 Quadraphonic SpatializerQuadraphonic SpatializerEurorack SystemADDAC804Audio IntegratorEurorack SystemADDAC805VC Xfade / PannerEurorack SystemADDAC805.VS2 VC Signal RouterVC Signal RouterEurorack SystemADDAC806Bluetooth AudioEurorack SystemADDAC807VC Stereo Summing MixerEurorack SystemADDAC807A+Individual Channel Stereo OutputsEurorack SystemADDAC807CVC Stereo Mixer ExpansionEurorack SystemADDAC807C+Individual Channel Stereo OutputsEurorack SystemADDAC810Phono Pre-AmpEurorack SystemADDAC812ALed Audio MeterEurorack SystemADDAC812VLed Voltage MeterEurorack SystemADDAC812VUVU Audio MeterEurorack AudioCountCountEurorack AudioEurorack Power (S)trip DIY KitEurorack Power (S)trip DIY KitEurorack AudioMergeMergeEurorack AudioMixMixEurorack AudioMultMultEurorack AudioORXORXEurorack AudioSkinSkinEurorack Later Audio3 to 1 MixerEurorack Later AudioBaker Dual Modulation + Drum SourceEurorack Later AudioBenjolin V2 Chaotic Synthesizer VoiceFilterEurorack Later AudioBlend CV/Audio Mixer + UtilityUtilityEurorack Later AudioBog Random Voltage SourceEurorack Later AudiobOSC CEM3340 OscillatorLFOEurorack Later AudiodVCA Dual VCA - 1UEurorack Later AudioENVy VCADSREnvelopeEurorack Later AudioFILThy Multi-Mode FilterFilterEurorack Later AudioG&T – Gates and Triggers 1U Intellijel FormatIntellijel FormatEurorack Later AudioG&T Gate and Trigger ConverterUtilityEurorack Later AudioPique Multi-Function Modulation Source 1UDrumsEurorack Later AudioPopple Dual FilterFilterEurorack Later AudioRainier Dual Modulation + Drum SourceDrumsEurorack Later AudioSteps Burst Generator + Stepped Random VoltagesEurorack Later AudioThreads MIDI to CV Converter - 1UAfter Later DesignsEurorack Later AudioTilt Function GeneratorEnvelopeEurorack LaboratoriesCastle Circuits #2Castle Circuits #2Eurorack LaboratoriesVideo CalculatorLZX system.Eurorack LaboratoriesVideo MotionDC voltage generatorEurorack LaboratoriesVideo Multiplierquadrant multipliersEurorack Synthesis3 to 1 MixerUtilityEurorack SynthesisAlan (micro Turing Machine) Shift Register Based SequencerRandom/ChaosEurorack SynthesisBakerDrumsEurorack SynthesisBeehive (uPlaits)Eurorack SynthesisBogerLFOEurorack SynthesisCloudsMutable ClonesEurorack SynthesisDual VCA (dVCA) – 1U Intellijel FormatMicro Mutable1u Intellijel Format SynthesisEnigma Expander for micro Turing Machine (Alan) and Benjolin V2Eurorack SynthesisGold and Black Braided Patch CablesCablesEurorack SynthesisKnit (uPlaits)VCOEurorack SynthesisMonsoonMicro MutableEurorack SynthesisMorcom Expander for micro Turing Machine (Alan)Eurorack SynthesisMult – 1U Intellijel FormatUtility1u Intellijel Format SynthesisnRingsResonatorEurorack SynthesisPachinkoRandom/ChaosEurorack SynthesisPique (uPeaks)EnvelopeEurorack SynthesisRight Angle Patch Cables, 12 inch – Pack of 5CablesEurorack SynthesisRight Angle Patch Cables, 18 inch – Pack of 5CablesEurorack SynthesisRight Angle Patch Cables, 24 inch – Pack of 5CablesEurorack SynthesisRight Angle Patch Cables, 6 inch – Pack of 5CablesEurorack SynthesisSTEPSRandom/ChaosEurorack SynthesisTyphoonMicro MutableEurorack SynthesisuO_CLFOEurorack Modular902 VCA AmplifierEurorack Modular904A Low Pass FilterEurorack Modular904B High Pass FilterEurorack Modular904C Filter CouplerEurorack Modular905 Reverberation UnitEurorack Modular907A Fixed Filter BankEurorack Modular911 Envelope GeneratorEurorack Modular912 Envelope Follower + ComparatorEurorack Modular921 VCO OscillatorEurorack Modular921ABB Oscillator BankEurorack Modular923 Noise + FiltersEurorack Modular984 Four Channel Matrix MixerEurorack Modular991 Filter + AttenuatorEurorack Modular995 AttenuatorsEurorack ModularCP3 Mixer + 3U Mounting BracketsEurorack ModularSYNTHESIZER SYSTEM 15SYNTHESIZER SYSTEM 15Eurorack SynthEntropic Doom Noisillator SynthFinaliser R-EQ Reverb + Equalizer + Enhancer SynthFixed Filter Bank 914 SynthGain Switch Expander + Multiple SynthGemini 2412 Dual Vintage State Variable Filter SynthLunar Module Apollo Space Mission Simulator SynthMega-Phase Analog Multi-Tap Phaser SynthMiniMod Contour Generators SynthMiniMod CV Mixer + Offset + VCA SynthMiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope SynthMiniMod Dual LFO + VCA SynthMiniMod Glide & Noise SynthMiniMod Glide & Noise SynthMiniMod Transistor Core VCO SynthMiniMod Transistor Ladder VCF SynthMiniMod VCA SynthNext Phase Stereo Phaser SynthPrecision Voltages Adder + Voltage Source SynthRing SM Ring Modulator Mixer SynthRing SM Ring Modulator Mixer SynthSample Hold & Slew SynthSonic XV Diode Ladder Filter SynthV-Scale Variable Buffer SynthV-Shape Wavefolder SynthWave Swarm Waveform Animator / Busy CircuitsAkemie's Castle Dual FM OscillatorEurorack / Busy CircuitsAkemie's Taiko FM Drum VoiceFM Drum VoiceEurorack / Busy CircuitsAxon-1 Squid Salmple ExpanderCV Expander for Squid SalmpleEurorack / Busy CircuitsBeast's Chalkboard Octave SwitchOctave Switcher + MoreEurorack / Busy CircuitsBoss Bow Two Switch + Signal RouterMultimode SwitchEurorack / Busy CircuitsDinky's Taiko Digital Drum Voice12 Bit Digital Drum VoiceEurorack / Busy CircuitsHPO Headphone OutputHeadphone OutputEurorack / Busy CircuitsJumble Henge Stereo Spectral Mixer16 Input Stereo Spectral MixerEurorack / Busy CircuitsMCO Morphing Wavetable OscillatorCompact Digital VCOEurorack / Busy CircuitsmmMIDI MIDI to CV ConverterMIDI to CV interfaceEurorack / Busy CircuitsmmT Expander for mmMIDIEurorack / Busy CircuitsMum M8 S950 Lowpass FilterLow Pass FilterEurorack / Busy CircuitsO/A/x2 Dual Offset AttenuverterDual Offset and AttenuverterEurorack / Busy CircuitsPamela's NEW WorkoutMaster Clock and ModulatorEurorack / Busy CircuitsPE-1 2CH EqualizerDual Band Parametric EQEurorack / Busy CircuitsPEXP-1 Pamela's New Workout ExpanderEurorack / Busy CircuitsPEXP-2 Pamela's New Workout ExpanderEurorack / Busy CircuitsPip Slope Mk II Envelope / LFOCompact Envelope GeneratorEurorack / Busy CircuitsPNW ExpandersExtra Pam Classes!Eurorack / Busy CircuitsQuaid Megaslope Complex Function GeneratorEurorack / Busy CircuitsS.B.G. Pedal InterfaceEffects Pedal AdapterEurorack / Busy CircuitsSID GUTS Deluxe C64 VoiceEurorack / Busy CircuitsSquid Salmple8 Channel Audio & CV SamplerEurorack / Busy CircuitsTangle Quartet Quad VCA MixerQuad Linear VCA and MixerEurorack DevicesChronoblob (discontinued)now discontinuedEurorack DevicesChronoblob 2 Stereo Delaydigital delay module!Eurorack DevicesT-Wrex Bitcrusher + Decimatoranalog bitcrusher and decimator!Eurorack DevicesZzzorb Multimode Analog Filterfour-pole multimodeEurorack II Signal Routerswitched dynamic matrix, both analog and digital in natureEurorack, Q-MIXI & Q-MIXOcustom audio mixer!Eurorack Quad VCAversatile and dynamic Quad VCA.Eurorack Sequential Switchdirectional Sequential SwitcherEurorack (Analog Metropolis Synths) Bytesponky chipbasic digital syntEurorack Craftsman4x Instrument InterfaceMaestro Phase ShifterMU Craftsman5x AttenuatorLFO depth,MU Craftsmanac micpreamp with gain and output amountMU Craftsmanac stripstandard 6-pin DIN connectorMU Craftsmanac vcoPWM, linear and exponential FMMU Craftsmanac2600 VCFSpecial Edition filter line,MU CraftsmanacBMS/Rsignal directly to the outputMU CraftsmanacBUFFbuffered multiple with muteable outputs.MU CraftsmanacGRISTLEelectronic music, yMU CraftsmanacNEURONrectifier and neural computing circuitMU CraftsmanacOUTPUTCinemag transformer balanced XLR output.MU CraftsmanacPWRcompliment to acPSU or 6-pin DIN connector.MU CraftsmanacRLSSequencerMU CraftsmanacVOKS mixervcfMU CraftsmanacVOKS VCFunique approach to signal processing.MU CraftsmanARCADEcontrol voltage controller.MU Ordnance Realities SolutionsVCM20 Auto-Tuning Midi to CVEurorack SystemsRS-100NLowpassEurorack SystemsRS-180NAmplifierEurorack SystemsRS-35NProcessor (Dual Bus)Eurorack SystemsRS-380NModulator (Dual Bus)Eurorack SystemsRS-500NSynthifilterEurorack SystemsRS-510NSynthishaperEurorack SystemsRS-60NEnvelopeEurorack SystemsRS-95NOscillator (Dual Bus)Eurorack Factory AmplificationBaron Samedi DistortionEurorack Factory AmplificationComa Reactor Delay + SaturationEurorack Factory AmplificationGodeater Bass DistortionEurorack Factory AmplificationPit Viper DistortionEurorack Generator.Eurorack Dual VCABufferedEurorack Dual VC Gate Mod Trig DelayRun it through the Gate_Mod!Eurorack' Monster VCOOscillator with Monstrous PWM,Eurorack Buffered Unity Gain MultipleLine to Synth Level Converter.Eurorack Logic ModuleEurorack PCBs (set)PCBs and buildEurorack CV SequencerHarmonic Domination and Devastation!Eurorack Interfaceeffect samples pipedEurorack Mixer/ManipulatorEurorack Comparatorcomparator basedEurorack PCBThe Documentation is terrible and the supportEurorack State Variable FilterSelf-Oscillating Filter Tracks 1V/OctEurorack Syncopated Timing DisruptorTempo Clock ChannelsEurorack Clock Divider MultiplierBoth are buffered with an opamp based comparator circuit.Eurorack PCBTransistor Amplifier.Eurorack Speaker MixerEurorack VC Sequencersequencing arsenal.Eurorack Controlled Scanner/Switch 3Uaccept Bipolar signals (audio)Eurorack Logic ModuleAnalog and a Digital (Gate) OutputEurorack AudioAntimatterBrain Seed!Eurorack AudioCode Switch Launch Codes ExpanderEurorack AudioCrossfold Modulation ProcessorEurorack AudioLaunch Codes 5CH Trigger / Gate SequencerEurorack AudioV3KT Quad Panner / Vector MixerEurorack 2600analog synthesizethemodular synth modules systemmodular synth modules (for ARP 2600)Antonus Sidecar.modular synth modules Brotherunique sequencermodular synth modules Antonus Systemexpandable with the Step Brother and with the in the Antonus SideCar.modular synth modules CHANNEL UTILITY MIXERmodular synth modules SIGNAL PROCESSORmodular synth modules FADER MODULEmodular synth modules STEP TRIGGER SEQUENCERmodular synth modules MULTIPLEmodular synth modules SWITCHmodular synth modules STEP ANALOG SEQUENCERmodular synth modules TUNERmodular synth modules Instruments Elektrix Analogue ResearchArtificial Neural Networkprocessing of control voltages,Eurorack Analogue ResearchNoise Rainbow Analog / Digital Pseudorandom Pulse Generatoranalogue noise and digital pseudorandom pulses.Eurorack Analogue ResearchSerge TKB Touch Activated Keyboard SequencerSequencer eurorack moduleEurorack Analogue ResearchUltra Thin Patch CablesPatch CablesEurorack Mult with Attenuatorsoutput channel. InputsEurorack Multiplecompact 2hp. Dual 1:3 or singleEurorack – CHANNEL AUDIO / CV MIXEREurorack LIN/EXP VCAselectable linear or exponential responseEurorack > VCF > DISTORTION > DELAYEurorack FUNCTION GENERATOREurorack Multiplepatching different signals into inputsEurorack > REVERB > DISTORTIONEurorack VC XFaderselectable linear or exponential CV response.Eurorack Mixersumming mixerEurorack > VCF > DISTORTION > DELAYEurorack Audio Audio For The Ears Damage Gear Obsession generatorEurorack Blackdarker modulesEurorack modes: additive harmonic generator modesEurorack
Auza AudioWave Packets Wave SourceEurorack envelope generator Voltage-Controlled Envelope Generator Quad VC Glide Low Frequency Oscillators MIDI to CV converter with automatic oscillator tuning capability Audio & CV Mixer utility module Quad Buffered Multiple Sample & Hold and Noise Generator Module Voltage Controlled Amplifiers State-Variable Voltage Controlled Filter Voltage Controlled Oscillator voltage controlled crossfade module Synthesizers Musical Circuits Instruments1983 MIDI to CV ConverterEurorack InstrumentsABC 6 CH MixerEurorack InstrumentsCiao Quad Line OutputEurorack InstrumentsCinnamon VC State Variable FilterEurorack InstrumentsCV Trinity Envelope LFOEurorack InstrumentsDark Matter Feedback ProcessorEurorack InstrumentsDynamo Utility ModuleEurorack InstrumentsIkarie Stereo FilterEurorack InstrumentsKompas Probabilistic Trigger GeneratorEurorack InstrumentsSkis II Dual Envelope/VCAEurorack InstrumentsTimber Distortion + WavefolderEurorack InstrumentsTromso Utility ModuleEurorack InstrumentsWaver Experimental Mixer and ShaperEurorack GlitchVCOEurorack DragonDual complex LFOEurorack Glitch DrumVCOEurorack Bernoulli Gate plus Logic GatesEurorack Hyper FistVCOEurorack expander module for AmoebaEurorack Burst generator and 4 channel pattern generatorEurorack DrumDigital Drum ModuleEurorack​Pixel Drum DesktopDigital Drum MachineEurorack Groove Box and Drum Machine InterfaceEurorack*B+Cdual, four-quadrant multiplierEurorack Dual MS-20 Modeled VCFdual Hi/Low-pass filter inspiredEurorack Pingable Trigger Generatortrigger processor and generatorEurorack Kinky Wavefoldervoltage controllable,Eurorack Delay V2 Digital DelayEurorack Delay V3 Glitch Echospecial Echo-Delay unit basedEurorack Thing CV-MIDI Converterfully mappable CV to MIDI converterEurorack AtenuverterCV/Audio utility moduleEurorack VCOvoltage-controlled oscillatorEurorack Mix VCAcompact six channel VCAEurorack 6-Channel Performance Mixersix channel performance mixerEurorack Hexmix Expandergreat functionality to Hexmix module.Eurorack Instrument Interfaceeurorack pre-amp capable to bring any type of audio signal to modularEurorack Two-Channel Preampdual pre-amp in just 4 HPsEurorack and Gate Generator.Eurorack Analog Kick Generator6HP compact synthEurorack Programmable Multi-Function Moduleprogrammable multi-function module basedEurorack Thingcompact 4 channel MidiEurorack for audio or control signals.Eurorack Voltage-Controlled Crossfaderperformative tool designed to make multichannelEurorack Sequential Switch & Sequencersequential signal processorEurorack v3designed to be the master output fEurorack Four-Channel Envelope + VCApercussive oriented moduleEurorack DC + USB Equipped PSUEurorack Dual Slope GeneratorBefaco’s approach to an old invention:Eurorack Modulatormulti-function moduleEurorack Limiterdevice that smoothesEurorack Reverbanalog spring reverb module.Eurorack 4-Channel Stereo Mixercompact 4 channel stereo mixerEurorack ADSR Envelope Generatorclassic ADSR:Eurorack CV to MIDI Convertervoltage controlled MIDI controller.Eurorack Dual Envelope Generator Oscillator Modamp Ring Modulator and VCA Filtamp 24 dB Low-Pass VCF and VCA Dual Noise / Random Voltage Generator Dual Envelope Generator Sample & Hold / Random Voltage Multimode Filter/Resonator VCO/VCF/VCA Dual VCO Dual VCF Dual VCA Dual Envelope/LFO Ring Mod / Noise / S&H / LFO Phase Shifter / Delay / LFO Quad Gate / Multiples Sequencer Dual Portamento / CV Utilities EQ / Mixer / Output Voltage Controlled Amplifier Random Signal Generator Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter Voltage Controller High Pass Filter Envelope Generator Dual Trigger Delay Fixed Filter Bank Voltage Controlled Oscillator Oscillator Driver Oscillator Filters Analog Dual Filter Sequential Controller Interface Analog Multi-channel Trigger Converter Sequential Switch Control Voltages Analog CV Routing Multiples Passive Multiples Attenuators Oscillator Controller Sequential Control Module 1027 8-step Sequencer MIDI to CV Converter Power Supply Attenuators - Analog Attenuator and Multiples Mixer - Analog Mixer/Utility T Music Jezabel Modular filthy filtre 2310LOW PASS, BAND PASS, HIGH PASS, NOTCH AND ALL PASS micro lfo 2430"CV ATTN/WAVE MOD" rak-3 synthesizer case and power supplyMODULES. RACK MOUNT EARS OR RIGHT ANGLE HANDLES. vco 2100REVB PCB SET (4 PCBS INCLUDED) Cat Pedals CorporationDeckard's Voice CS-80-Style Synth VoiceAn entry level semi-modular synth for eurorack systemsEurorack CorporationDECKARD’S DREAM EXPANDER (PCB KIT)A great complement to its namesake synth!Eurorack CorporationDECKARD’S DREAM MK1 REV2 & KIJIMI BREAKOUT BOARD UPGRADEBreakout board upgrade for DECKARD’S DREAM MK1 REV2 and KIJIMI synthesizersEurorack CorporationDECKARD’S DREAM MK28-voice analogue synthesizer inspired by the most iconic Japanese classicEurorack CorporationKIJIMI8-voice analogue synthesizer with incredible modulation abilitiesEurorack Corporationpreorder8-voice analogue synthesizer inspired by the another iconic Japanese classicEurorack CorporationProtected: DECKARD’S DREAM MK2 – BALANCEThere is no excerpt because this is a protected post.Eurorack CorporationProtected: DECKARD’S VOICE – BALANCEThere is no excerpt because this is a protected post.Eurorack CorporationRACHAELAn entry level semi-modular synth for eurorack systemsEurorack CorporationXERXES8-voice hybrid synthesizer, lush and powerfulEurorack Market Modular Monk Instruments Cells Audio Lantern Modules10-Stage Steiner VCF V2 Diode Ladder FilterEurorack Lantern ModulesAccented Asteroid Bass DrumEurorack Lantern ModulesActive Multiplemodule lets you repeat signals,Eurorack Lantern ModulesANALOG FILTERenvelope generator.Eurorack Lantern ModulesAnalog Filter, Can easily get Brutal tones.analog filter basedEurorack Lantern ModulesAnalog PLL, oscillator, polyphonicpolyphonic true analog vcoEurorack Lantern ModulesArcade Kick 909-Style KickEurorack Lantern ModulesBuy One Nowquantizer basedEurorack Lantern ModulesCMOS Master Clock DividerEurorack Lantern ModulesCMOS Party Logic ModuleEurorack Lantern ModulesCMOS Ring ModEurorack Lantern ModulesDUAL OTA VCA, PANNING FXskinny dual vcaEurorack Lantern ModulesDuo Quantize Barton-circuit QuantizerEurorack Lantern ModulesDwarf Star Stereo DelayEurorack Lantern ModulesEnvelope Generatorcompact, 8 step modulation sequencerEurorack Lantern ModulesFX Send and Return, Final output, Headphone Monitorsignal into stereo channelsEurorack Lantern ModulesHermippe VCFEurorack Lantern ModulesMini Shimmery GeneratorEurorack Lantern ModulesPercussive Metallic Generatorunique filter with 8 flavors,Eurorack Lantern ModulesPhobos Lunar LFO V2 PLL LFO / VCOEurorack Lantern ModulesPhobos Lunar VCFEurorack Lantern ModulesQuantizer, Utility, Sequencer addon3 square wave oscillatorsEurorack Lantern ModulesRING MODULATIONring modulation effectEurorack Lantern ModulesSimple ADSR Looping Envelope Generator V2Eurorack Lantern ModulesSimple VCLFOEurorack Lantern ModulesSir Mix Alot 6 CH MixerEurorack Lantern ModulesStereo Synth Level MixerChannels: 6, with panning on each channel.Eurorack Lantern ModulesSubharmonics GeneratorEurorack Lantern ModulesTPC Slim VCO Discrete Triangle Core OscillatorEurorack Lantern ModulesTW DCO Digital OscillatorEurorack Lantern ModulesUtility, addon, Joysticknice small joystick to add some control to your modularEurorack MusicEurorack Patch Cables3.5 mm TS MonoEurorack MusicINTRFX v2FX InterfaceEurorack MusicPatchulator v28-Channel Mini PatchbayEurorack MusicSPLIXInline Splitter Mixer 3.5 mmEurorack MusicTerminal v2Half-Normal Patchbay HubEurorack MusicTransmutronDual FX Loop Crossover FilterEurorack Glitch Video Devices ModularHEIMDALL SEQUENCERcompact, 8 step modulation sequence Silicon Instruments141 Envelope + LFO + VCA InstrumentsBooster Four-Channel Input InstrumentsDiOD Multimode Filter InstrumentsDual SeM20 Filter InstrumentsHEXa(s)r 6-Channel Envelope InstrumentsHEXvca Six-Channel VCA InstrumentsMIX6 Six-Channel Mixer InstrumentsPan VC Panner InstrumentsReducer Four-Channel Output InstrumentsuLFO Modulator InstrumentsVCA4p Four-Channel VCA InstrumentsVCOb Analog Oscillator InstrumentsXFade VC Crossfader U.S.A.202h Utilitiesjack/multiple converters and Pulse-Gate and Gate-Pulse converters interfacing to other systems. U.S.A.206e Mixer / Preset Managertwo output mixer with controls for level and stereo location U.S.A.207e Mixer / Microphone Preamplifiermodule features the same six-input / two-output U.S.A.210e Control and Signal RouterControl and Signal Router U.S.A.223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input / Tactile Input Portcomprises two components U.S.A.225e MIDI Decoder / Preset ManagerMIDI Decoder / Preset Manager translates U.S.A.225h MIDI-CV interfaceMIDI Decoder / Preset Manager translates U.S.A.226h CV-MIDI InterfaceCV-MIDI conversion. U.S.A.227e System InterfaceSystem Interface facilitates the equalization, U.S.A.230e Triple Envelope Tracker / PreamplifierBuilding on the original 230 Envelope Detector, the 230e features U.S.A.250e Dual Arbitrary Function GeneratorDual Arbitrary Function Generator features U.S.A.251e Quad Sequential Voltage Sourcefeatures four 50-stage sequencers U.S.A.252e Buchla Polyphonic Rhythm GeneratorIntroduces a new concept in pattern and rhythm generation U.S.A.256e Quad Control Voltage ProcessorQuad Control Voltage Processor U.S.A.257e Control Voltage Processormodule includes dual sets U.S.A.259e Twisted Waveform GeneratorTwisted Waveform Generato U.S.A.261e Complex Waveform GeneratorComplex Waveform Generator U.S.A.266e Source of UncertaintySource of Uncertainty provides a general source of musical unpredictability U.S.A.267e Uncertainty Source / Dual Filtercombines noise sources, dual random voltage sources U.S.A.272e Polyphonic TunerPolyphonic Tuner is unique module featuring four stereo FM (radio) tuners U.S.A.281e Quad Function GeneratorQuad Function Generator comprises four function generators organized in two pairs. U.S.A.281h Dual Function Generator2 independent envelope generators U.S.A.285e Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulatordual-function U.S.A.291e Triple Morphing FilterTriple Morphing Filter U.S.A.292e Quad Dynamics ManagerQuad Dynamics Manager is functionally U.S.A.292h Dual Lowpass Gate2 independent vactrol-based gate/filters in the classic U.S.A.296e Spectral ProcessorA 16 channel bandpass filter with built-in analysis and synthesis capability, U.S.A.297 Infinite Phase ShifterShifter displaces the phase of an applied signal by up to 1,800 degrees, U.S.A.Buchla 208c (4U Module Only)The first run of 208C and Easel Commands are sold out. Modular SynthVoice+2Frame configuration example Block VoltageAn 8 stage logic controlled preset/sequencer. VCOTriangle-core Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with multiple waveforms Mix3-channel DC Mixer DirectorOR Combiner! AmplifierDual Amplifier is made up of two Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs), Digital Shift RegisterDDSR – dual clock conveyor belt! DivideTwo linked clock dividers EnvelopeA pair of loopable utility envelopes FilterA pair of state-variable filters MixingCompact utility mixing for audio & CV. Preampcontrols allow external signals / Touchuseful control module little logical toolbox Buchla circuit throughout, with quality opamps & 0.1% resistors for accuracy. Mixmodule provides polarizing DC mixing and audio output mixing. VCA (4-quadrant multiplier) based around the precision AD633 Analog Multiplier chip. voltages to selectable scales. Delay (Module)delay processor SineFrequency modulation is switchable between Linear VoiceSynthVoice paved the way for my return to modular in 2016 – I’d stopped the original ‘Old Blues’ Condit - 10hp Peaks with sliders and attenuverters - Matte Blackthe LFO/Envelope/Drum Sound moduleEurorack - stereo multimode filter based on Ripples - blackstereo multimode filter in 8hp that is basedEurorack - stereo multimode filter based on Ripples - whitestereo multimode filter in 8hp that is basedEurorack - Clouds with extra control - Matte Black AluminumEurorack - Clouds with extra control - Silver AluminumEurorack Instruments Clouds Clone Eurorack Module - Matte BlackEurorack Instruments Clouds Clone Eurorack Module - WhiteEurorack - 8hp Mutable Rings - black matte aluminumEurorack - 8hp Mutable Rings - silver aluminumEurorack (Mutable Marbles in 12hp) - BlackEurorack (Mutable Marbles variant (like Cara) in 12hp) - WhiteEurorack (Elements in 22hp) - Matte BlackElements in a smaller 22hp packageEurorack (Elements in 22hp) - WhiteElements in a smaller 22hp packageEurorack - Mutable Rings clone with sliders - Matte BlackEurorack - Mutable Rings clone with sliders - WhiteEurorack - Dual Branches - BlackEurorack - Dual Branches - WhiteEurorack (aka Cell) (Expanded Mutable Clouds with sliders) Matte Black AluminumEurorack (aka Cell) (Expanded Mutable Clouds with sliders) Silver AluminumEurorack (Expanded Mutable Clouds with sliders) Matte Black Aluminum - Rogan editionEurorack II - 8hp Braids - Black + goldexclusive aluminum high-quality panel and led-equipped sliders (they make a huge difference in playability)Eurorack II - 8hp Braids - Silver Aluminumexclusive aluminum high-quality panel and led-equipped sliders (they make a huge difference in playability)Eurorack - Mutable Instruments Micro Clouds Clone Eurorack Module - Matte BlackEurorack - Mutable Instruments Micro Clouds Clone Eurorack Module - WhiteEurorack (micro Mutable Grids) Matte Black and GoldFeaturing a high quality exclusive black and gold FR4 panel and all metal T18 pots with miniknobs.Eurorack (micro Mutable Grids) White and SilverFeaturing a high quality exclusive black and gold FR4 panel and all metal T18 pots with miniknobs.Eurorack - Micro Ornament & Crime - Matte Black AluminumEurorack - Micro Ornament & Crime - Silver AluminumEurorack (4hp Mutable Peaks) - Matte Black AluminumEurorack (4hp Mutable Peaks) - Silver AluminumEurorack - 8HP PLAITS - WHITEexclusive aluminum high-quality panel and led-equipped sliders (they make a huge difference in playability)Eurorack - 8hp PLAITS VARIANT- BLACKexclusive aluminum high-quality panel and led-equipped sliders (they make a huge difference in playability)Eurorack II (New version of Mutable Tides in 8hp) - Matte BlackEurorack II (New version of Mutable Tides in 8hp) - WhiteEurorack Full Of Ghosts AudioModel 1066 channel discrete transistor mixer AudioModel 110Quad Voltage Controlled Gate AudioModel 156MDual Channel CV Processor (Vintage) AudioModel 156VDual Channel CV Processor (Vintage) AudioModel 158Dual Channel Oscillator AudioModel 180Dual Attack Generator AudioTimes ArrowGenerative Pattern Sequencing SystemsCAPAWCONTROL VOLTAGEurorack – Ondule festival GVA workshop’s by CavisyntharduinoEurorack 2016: the picturesadsrEurorack RhythmWolf: Separated outputs moddrum machineEurorack IS HERE!moduleEurorack VCO demoVCOEurorack of the Shruthi 4PM XTmodification, mutableEurorack at Soundmit 2018 – TorinocavisynthEurorack your microkorg !customEurorack New Year 2018 !!!Eurorack available nowmodularsynthEurorack on prodmultipleEurorack WIPmultipleEurorack new album “Subsequent” out today!Obédiences Electroniques, the Geneva based artist Boodaman returns with Subsequent,Eurorack sitting & workshop by CavisynthconcertsEurorack mode on the SEQ-UFD Rev2clockEurorack module “BUFFLIDE” out now!bufferedEurorack Module: Ambivalentdouble normalised rotary crossfader.Eurorack module: THOULEalready mounted or panel + PCBEurorack, module,Eurorack Modulaire V2genevaEurorack! BUSBOARD NOW AVAILABLLEbusboardEurorack your Micron!Alesis Micron rackedEurorack for this?modularsynthEurorack Juno-106 repair (VCA)sounds get stuckEurorack KR-55 Trigger input modificationinputEurorack available now in DIY FULL KIT VERSION8stepEurorack is available!SEQ-UFDEurorack Debuging timecavisynthEurorack prototyping time!modularEurorack is available now!4stepsEurorack Explosion – Basel – 1.2.2019cavisynthEurorack bassline was made by the Subway!basslineEurorack – AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 1 !audio toolEurorack first moves4HPEurorack @ SMEM for Duplex > 03.03.18arduinoEurorack Modular Fest 28-30.2.2018festivalEurorack Goth Console Kitbeginner-friendly patchable drone synth, VCF KitCEM3320-based 4-pole low pass Voltage Controlled Filter, Center - DIY Kit10HP, easy to build and adaptable mixer able to meet any of your mixing needs. Camera T-ShirtLocally silkscreened, 100% Cotton Gildan Instruments way for developers and hobbyistsEurorack way for developers and hobbyistsEurorack ModularCFM Bipolar HalfWave Rectifier ProductsAdd1Dual Precision Adder / Comparator – Voltage SourceEurorack ProductsDelay 1022Analog BBD delay with delay time and feedback CV controlEurorack ProductsNoise VCANoise generator with integrated state-variable VCF and VCAEurorack ProductsPCV1Patch converter: 6x Banana Jack ↔ Minijack; 1x Banana groundEurorack ProductsPCV2Patch converter: 5x Banana ↔ Minijack, 1x Banana ↔ 6,3mm Jack; 1x Banana groundEurorack ProductsPCV3Patch converter: 5x Banana ↔ Minijack ↔ 6,3mm Jack; 1x Banana groundEurorack ProductsPEAK + HOLDDynamic percussion interface; 9 different outputs from 1 input signal – incl. pickupEurorack ProductsPreLow noise preamp for microphones and pickupsEurorack ProductsXAnalog multiplier with exponential converter; for ring modulation and VCA applicationsEurorack ProductsXR22 VCO FTRing modulation VCO with AM input and FSK (frequency shift keying)Eurorack (Cat Girl Synth) Elektroservis Street ElectricVALENCEsequential voltagesynthesizer modules Fade Abbey2HP Logic Modulessingle-function logic blocksEurorack modules AbbeyADSRjrenvelope generatorEurorack modules AbbeyAmpydual linear VCAEurorack modules AbbeyAxisguitar input moduleEurorack modules AbbeyChaos Computer BreakoutChaos Computer Breakout moduleEurorack modules AbbeyDLFOoscillator/modulatorEurorack modules AbbeyG8clock divider with 8 modesEurorack modules AbbeyGozintainput moduleEurorack modules AbbeyInvyattenuverter/offset moduleEurorack modules AbbeyLiquidus4-pole lowpass filterEurorack modules AbbeySnappydual sampleEurorack modules AbbeyTrip/Firedual utility Euro Rack moduleEurorack modules AbbeyTwiggy2HP Dual Ring Mod.Eurorack modules AbbeyUnifystereo mixerEurorack modules AbbeyUnify Input ExpanderInput ExpanderEurorack modules
Circuit HappyML:2 Eurorack Clock GeneratorEurorack SlicesDual VCODual Parallel VCOEurorack modules a SlicesFive Channel MixerCircuit Slices CS030Eurorack modules a SlicesSample & Noisesynthesizers.Eurorack modules a SlicesVCF - Low PassCircuit Slices CS031 VCFEurorack modules a of eventsmodular synth unity gainmodular synth Sound8 Channel QuantizerQuantizers SoundSerge Variable Q VCFsimultaneous low-pass SoundSerge Variable Slope VCFvoltage control SoundSerge VC PhaserMIX OUT SoundSerge Wave MultipliersMULTIPLIERS (VCM) Of The Knobs / Discrete Synthesizers ModulexU4XVCAVeilsEurorack modules ModulexUDJVsmall format adaptationEurorack modules ModulexULEMENTSMutable InstrumentsEurorack modules ModulexUMOTION“Tides v1”Eurorack modules ModulexUNIMBUSMutable Instruments “Clouds”Eurorack modules ModulexUOSC-IMutable Instruments “Braids”Eurorack modules ModulexUOSC-IIMUTABLE INSTRUMENTS “Plaits”Eurorack modules ModulexURINKSMUTABLE INSTRUMENTS “Rings”Eurorack modules ModulexUSLICESMUTABLE INSTRUMENTS “Frames”Eurorack modules ModulexUSTEPSMutable Instruments “Grids”Eurorack modules Circuits Modular TracesCLOCKWORKgate sequenceEurorack modules TracesDUAL ADanalog circuitryEurorack modules TracesEARTHdual VCAEurorack modules TracesSEEKCV/gate sequencerEurorack modules POWER SYSTEMPower modulemodular synth modules OTA LOWPASS FILTER MKIIa new 6db outputmodular synth modules OTA LOWPASS FILTER MKIIOTA Lowpass Filtermodular synth modules VC LFOlow frequency oscillatormodular synth modules FREQUENCY DIVIDER / MULTIPLIER MKIImultipliersmodular synth modules ODYSSEY OF SOUND VCOoscillatormodular synth modules VC NOISE / LOFI MKIIsample rate reducermodular synth modules DUAL LOOPABLE VC AD ENVELOPEversatile modulemodular synth modules QUAD VCA / VC MIXERamplifiersmodular synth modules DUAL VCAexponential responsemodular synth modules 2044 VCFSSM2044modular synth modules MULTIMODE CONTOUR GENERATORenvelope generatormodular synth modules BASS DRUManalog drum synthesismodular synth modules SNARE DRUManalog drum synthesis.modular synth modules HI-HATS / METALanalog drum synthesismodular synth modules Eight-Channel Stereo MixerEurorack Function GeneratorEurorack Modular'n Big-O Oscillatoranalog VCO with waveshapingmodular synth modules Touch-Plate Sequencerprogrammable CV touch padmodular synth modules Triple Oscillatordual VCO and LFOmodular synth modules Phil Ter VCA + Envelope + FilterVCA, envelope generator, and filter!modular synth modules And GuitariEYESYVIDEO SYNTHESIZERsynth-based musical instruments And GuitariOrganelle®MUSIC COMPUTERsynth-based musical instruments And GuitariRepeatsrhythmssynth-based musical instruments VCFCUTOFF FREQ of lowpass filtemodular synth modules VCFfiltermodular synth modules VCFLowpass VCFmodular synth modules a classic 4-stage ADSRmodular synth modules mixermix (control) signalsmodular synth modules Ring Modulator2 Ring Modulatorsmodular synth modules Shape LFO3mm face platemodular synth modules / Multiplenoise generatorsmodular synth modules level control.modular synth modules CV Decay3mm face platemodular synth modules CV LFOLFO Speed Control.modular synth modules LFOLFO Speed Control.modular synth modules VCFextended variantmodular synth modules synth modules synth modules Lightgenerates sawtooth and square wavesmodular synth modules synthesizers interfacemodular synthesizers processormodular synthesizers attenuatorsmodular synthesizers synthesizers dB/octave slopemodular synthesizers voltagesmodular synthesizers synthesizers filtermodular synthesizers synthesizers synthesizers synthesizers cyclebox digital vcodigital vcomodular synth rainmakerdigital effectsmodular synth shapeshifter digital vcodigital vcomodular synth synth synth ModulesABCD4x3 passive splitter.modular synth modules ModulesDual AR-LFOenvelope generator with a "loop"modular synth modules ModulesElvis Filterelegant ladder filtermodular synth modules ModulesGeyserTwo buffered voltage sources.modular synth modules ModulesHeaven 16 Sequenceranalog sequencer.modular synth modules ModulesHeaven 16 Sequencer (Black Edition)analog sequencer.modular synth modules ModulesLord Of The Wahvoltage controlledmodular synth modules ModulesLord Of The Wah (Black Edition)voltage controlledmodular synth modules ModulesNervian VCODual analog VCO.modular synth modules ModulesNoizessounding analog noisemodular synth modules ModulesOne + OneFX Loop / Blendermodular synth modules ModulesSplitter Box 33 ways splittermodular synth modules ModulesSplitter Box 3 Isolatedsplit a guitarmodular synth modules ModulesSteiner VCFYusynth's Steiner-Parker Synthacon filter.modular synth modules ModulesStereotaure - Passive Edition3-way Monitoring Switcher with Sub mute and trimsmodular synth modules ModulesThe Final BufferOutput modulemodular synth modules Jones DesignO'Tool Plus OscilloscopeEurorack Smith ModularDSM03 Tuned FeedbackEurorack Smith ModularProphet XSamples-Plus-Synthesis Hybrid Synthsynthesizers Analog DrumsEurorack Analog Drum ExpansionEurorack Construction SetConstruction Set,Eurorack modules LDB-1se Analog Drum Machine Kit“Little Drummer Boy”Eurorack modules synthEurorack modules Analog ClapEurorack Man SequencerEurorack Module KitcontrollerEurorack modules Sound LabsAlpha BundleSYNTHAudio software Sound LabsFold 1.1modular hardware designAudio software Sound LabsStream 1.2granular sampler audio effectsAudio software Mann mit der Maschine Underground Modulatoroscillatorselectronic music music Ginoscillatorselectronic music Swarmatronproduce eight toneselectronic music Music core based on the original drumdoktaEurorack 6CEM3340 VCOVCO kitEurorack 6Dual Mini SequencersequencersEurorack 6FilloscopeVoltage IndicatorEurorack 6Filtare SEIII Multimode FiltermultimodeEurorack 6Mattson SQ816step sequencerEurorack 6Mix VICombines audio and CVEurorack 6Morpheummorphing ring modulatorEurorack 6Multiplicity VI Buffered MultBuffered multiple moduleEurorack 6Multiplicity VI MidnightBuffered multiple moduleEurorack 6Multiplicity VI Phat Buffered MultEurorack 6Multiplicity XV Buffered MultEurorack 6VM Utility Volt MeterEurorack Quad Performance MuteTHE FIRST DIVKIDEurorackøchd Organic Drift LFOTHE SECOND DIVKIDEurorack STEP S&H / Random Voltage SourceTHE THIRD DIVKIDEurorack Thomas White ModularDot Trigger Sequencer3 channel euclidean sequencerEurorack ModularKRAITKnob recorder. Lfo. Random.Eurorack ModularMetamorph Controller / SequencerEurorack polysequencer / Cv controllerEurorack AudioLEOPARD(aka 3xA) is a trio of passive attenuatorsEurorack AudioTSNM 3Umonophonic keyboard controllerEurorack AudioTSNM 4Umonophonic keyboard controllerEurorack AudioTSNM MKIITouch Sensing Note Memory MKIEurorack AudioVCO340controlled oscillatorEurorack AudioXIIOtouch plate keyboardEurorack AudioZEBRA2x 1-to-3 passive (unbuffered) multiplierEurorack Vactrol Steiner FilterEurorack Vactrol Steiner FilterEurorack Vactrol Low Pass GateEurorack Vactrol Low Pass GateEurorack Vactrol Modular PhaserEurorack Opto FET Filter / PhaserEurorack Diode Low Pass FilterEurorack VCF6 18dB Low Pass FilterEurorack Trautonium Formant FilterEurorack 24dB SSM Low Pass FilterEurorack Quad Poly SSI VCFEurorack X-Treme FilterEurorack -12dB SEM VCFEurorack -12dB SEM VCFEurorack XPander FilterEurorack XPander FilterEurorack 48dB FilterEurorack Standard VCOEurorack Standard VCOEurorack Basic VCOEurorack Basic VCOEurorack Thru Zero Quadrature VCOEurorack Thru Zero Quadrature VCOEurorack Trapezoid Thru-Zero Quadrature VCOEurorack VCO 2Eurorack High End VCO II / LFOEurorack High End VCO II / LFOEurorack Micro Precision VCO / LFOEurorack Micro Precision VCO / LFOEurorack Quad Precision VCOEurorack Mini Synthesizer VoiceEurorack Mini Synthesizer VoiceEurorack Mini Synth VoiceEurorack SamplerEurorack SamplerEurorack Subharmonic GeneratorEurorack Ring ModulatorEurorack Ring ModulatorEurorack Audio DividerEurorack Waveform ProcessorEurorack Digital Noise + 808 SourceEurorack Noise + Random VoltageEurorack Noise / RandomEurorack Noise / Random / T&H / S&HEurorack Noise + Random VoltageEurorack External Input / Envelope FollowerEurorack External Input/ Envelope FollowerEurorack VCF1 24dB Low Pass FilterEurorack VCF1 24dB Low Pass FilterEurorack 12dB Multimode FilterEurorack 12dB Multimode FilterEurorack Multimode VCFEurorack 6/12/18/24dB HighpassEurorack VCF5 Wasp FilterEurorack VCF5 Wasp FilterEurorack Voltage Controlled Phase ShifterEurorack VC Triple Resonance FilterEurorack Breakout Module for A-127Eurorack Fixed Filter BankEurorack Linear VCAEurorack Dual Lin/Exp VCAEurorack Octal Linear VCAEurorack Voltage Controlled AmplifierEurorack Dual Voltage Controlled AmplifierEurorack Dual VCAEurorack Dual VCAEurorack Quad Exponential VCA / MixerEurorack Octal Poly VCAoctal VCA and primarily planned for polyphonic applications.Eurorack Dual Voltage Controlled PolarizerEurorack Dual VC PolarizerEurorack VC Panner / CrossfaderEurorack Dual VC CrossfaderEurorack Voltage Controlled Mixer / Quad VCAEurorack Quad VCA / MixerEurorack Quad Voltage Controlled MixerEurorack VC Stereo MixerEurorack VC Performance MixerEurorack Quad Envelope FollowerEurorack Distortion WaveshaperEurorack Wave Multiplier IEurorack Wave Multiplier IIEurorack Linear MixerEurorack Linear MixerEurorack Exponential MixerEurorack Exponential MixerEurorack Polarizing MixerEurorack Crossfader / Effect InsertEurorack Quad 3Way Xfade/Mix/PolarizerEurorack Interrupting MixerEurorack 4x4 Matrix MixerEurorack Narrow MixerEurorack Slim Line MixerEurorack Performance Mixer OutputEurorack Performance Mixer OutputEurorack Performance Mixer InputEurorack Performance Mixer InputEurorack Mini Stereo MixerEurorack Mini Stereo MixerEurorack Headphone AmplifierEurorack ADSR Envelope GeneratorEurorack Dual Mini ADSREurorack ADSREurorack Voltage Controlled Envelope GeneratorEurorack VCADSR / VCLFOEurorack Quad Poly VCADSREurorack Voltage Controlled Decay / GateEurorack Dual Envelope Controlled VCAEurorack Quad DecayEurorack Quad Complex Envelope GeneratorEurorack Quad ADSREurorack Quad LFOEurorack Quad VCLFO/VCOEurorack Voltage Controlled Quadrature Thru-Zero LFO / VCOEurorack LFOEurorack Quad LFOEurorack Quad LFOEurorack LFO2 Variable Waveform LFOEurorack Voltage Controlled Delayed LFOEurorack Voltage Controlled Delayed LFOEurorack Voltage Controlled Delayed LFOEurorack Dual S&HEurorack Dual S&HEurorack Quantized / Stored Random VoltagesEurorack Digital Random VoltagesEurorack Dual Voltage Controlled SwitchEurorack Octal Manual / Voltage Controlled Programmable SwitchesEurorack Voltage Controlled SwitchEurorack Quad Sequential SwitchEurorack Quad Sequential SwitchEurorack Addressed T&H / SwitchEurorack Sequencer ControllerEurorack Seq. Cont.Eurorack Analog/Trigger SequencerEurorack Analog/Trigger Seq.Eurorack Dual QuantizerEurorack QuantizerEurorack Trigger Sequencer Module SetEurorack Clock + Trigger DividerEurorack Clock / Trigger Divider IIEurorack Voltage Controlled Clock Multiplier / Ratcheting ControllerEurorack Clock Multiplier / Ratcheting ControllerEurorack Clock / Trigger SequencerEurorack Dual Trigger DelayEurorack VC Frequency DividerEurorack Dual LogicEurorack PWM ModuleEurorack Dual Slew LimiterEurorack Dual Slew LimiterEurorack Voltage Controlled Slew Processor / GeneratorEurorack Voltage Controlled Slew Limiter IIEurorack Micro Keyboard / Manual GateEurorack WheelsEurorack 3D JoystickEurorack 3D JoystickEurorack Foot ControllersEurorack Theremin Control Voltage SourceEurorack MultiplesEurorack MultipleEurorack Buffered MultipleEurorack Quad Buffer / MultipleEurorack MulticoreEurorack Multiples 2Eurorack Switched MultiplesEurorack Quad SwitchEurorack Dual AttenuatorEurorack Offset / Polarizer / AttenuatorEurorack AmplifierEurorack Quad Level ShifterEurorack Quad USB Power SupplyEurorack Ring Modulator / S&H / T&H / Slew LimiterEurorack Ring Mod. / S&H / T&H / Slew Lim.Eurorack VC CrossfaderEurorack Bus AccessEurorack Precision AdderEurorack Precision AdderEurorack VC DSP EffectsEurorack BBD Delay - 512 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 512 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 1024 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 1024 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 2048 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 2048 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 4096 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 4096 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 128 StagesEurorack BBD Delay - 128 StagesEurorack 256 Stage BBD DelayEurorack BBD Delay - 256 StagesEurorack Tapped BBDEurorack VC Bit Modifier / Bit CruncherEurorack MIDI-to-CV / Gate InterfaceEurorack USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate InterfaceEurorack USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate InterfaceEurorack USB/MIDI-to-CV/Gate InterfaceEurorack Poly MIDI/USB-to-CV/GateEurorack USB / MIDI to Sync InterfaceEurorack Dual CV / Gate to Midi / USB InterfaceEurorack Phase Locked LoopEurorack RGB LED ControllerEurorack Trautonium Manual / Ribbon ControllerEurorack Trautonium ControllerEurorack Spring ReverbEurorack Spring ReverbEurorack Audio Audio DesignsLINK84Stacking kit for WORKFRAME84Eurorack cases Audio DesignsMASK84Durable front cover for WORKFRAME84Eurorack cases Audio DesignsPOWERBASEsize power supply module.Eurorack cases AudioNJM 2069 VCF/VCAD501 NJM2069 VCFVCAmodular synth AudioWaveplane Oscillator ModuleWaveplane oscillatormodular synth AudioWTF Moduleoscillatorsmodular synth Design4-Band Distortion, MÖG D-2Multiband distortion and pre-ampEurorack DesignAttenuverter AV-1dual attenuverterEurorack DesignExpander E-1 for WF-1CV control on and off of the Lim and DistEurorack DesignLimit L-1, Triple Limiterindividual soft knee limiter moduleEurorack DesignShape SH-1, Spectral Enhancercombination of a compressorEurorack DesignSwitch SW-1, Quad Bidirectional Switchquad bidirectional switchEurorack DesignWavefolder WF-1 and E-1 bundleMÖG WF-1 Wavefolder bundled with the E-1 expander.Eurorack DesignZero Z-1, Dual Zero Differencezero difference triggerEurorack Karplus-Strong Voice Dual Modulator 168Monophonicsynthesizers 94Monophonicsynthesizers V2.0synthesizersynthesizers Noise / Bitcrusher / Filter Dual Filter 8-Stage Phaser Quantized VCO FilterLM13700 Three-Stage Delay CV + Audio Manipulator line modules(Mixer)mixerssynthesizers Synthesizers D-05/D-50/D-550synthesizer new DT-200 V3 a full PG200 clone.synthesizer presents the new DT-800synthesizer new DT-MTCsynthesizer DXsynthesizer synthesizers.synthesizer Devices⁺Improve your musical setup with a jitterfree masterclock.synthesizer sync all your electronic Instruments and Software.synthesizer Stereo Polygonal OscillatorGraphical stereo oscillator with original Polygonal Synthesis.synthesizer synth a bunchmodular synth Music Boxmodular synth DevicesAfterneathReverbEurorack Modular Your Guitar DesignsED721 Super Psycho LFO ExpansionEurorack ResearchModel 12 • mark IIDual Vactrol Filtermodular synth modules ResearchModel 41 •Steiner 4P Filtermodular synth modules 102COSMIC NOISE DEVICEsynthesizers 103ULTIMATE GUITAR DESTRUCTIONsynthesizers 105PERCUSSION/SOUND SAMPLE DEVICEsynthesizers 110SPRING ACTIVATED SONICSsynthesizers Blackfly ModularEurorack Mood Things... And Stuff3to1 – Dual Precision adderutility moduleEurorack accessories Things... And StuffMIDI8d – 8 Digital OutputsOutputs from a MIDI TRSEurorack accessories Things... And StuffSimple LFO 1.5Eurorack system.Eurorack accessories Things... And StuffSimple VCO – Update 0.2Formant VCO,Eurorack accessories Things... And StuffUC Clock Dividerclock/beat/step counter/dividerEurorack accessories LPF EU ASSEMBLED/ FULL DIY KITSSM-2044modular synthesizers LPF Low Pass FilterEurorack LPF MU ASSEMBLED / FULL DIY KITmodular synthesizermodular synthesizers EU VCA ASSEMBLED / FULL DIY KITlow noise amplificationmodular synthesizers VCAEurorack Analog VCOEurorack VCO EU ASSEMBLEDFULL DIY KITmodular synthesizers VCO MU ASSEMBLED / FULL DIY KITvoltage controlled waveform generatormodular synthesizers Patch Programmable Eurorack ModuleEurorack Eurorack power supplymodular synthesizers Eurorack Power Supply ModuleEurorack 14HPvoice polyphonic controllermodular synthesizers Music SystemsCatalystEurorack moduleEurorack SystemsCatalyst Expanderattenuator and inverter.Eurorack SystemsCatalyst Flow Macro ControllerEurorack moduleEurorack SystemsCatalyst Macro ControllerEurorack Circuits Effects (Electronic Music Works) Electronics Times Modular Audio ResearchEM201 LFOpingable waveshaping modulationsynthesizers Audio ResearchEM203featured-packed Samplesynthesizers Audio ResearchThe Gristleizer Eurorack ModuleVCA/VCF effecsynthesizers Audio ResearchThe Gristleizer Eurorack PCBEndangered Audiosynthesizers EnvelopeEurorack VCO TunerEurorack Analog Drum SynthesizerEurorack Performance Mixer4-channel stereo mixerEurorack Generator Complex OscillatorEurorack Terminal ExpansionEurorack Oscillator + AutotunerEurorack Master Multiband Processormultiband processorEurorack Terminal Synth VoiceEurorack Control Sequencer Controller42 hp Eurorack performance sequencerEurorack Way Stereo EffectsEurorack Eurorack PSU ModuleEurorack of Pentacles Drum Synthesizercomplex 7 voice analog drum/percussive synthesizer module:Eurorack Order Two-Channel Trigger Sequencertwo track trigger sequencer:Eurorack Control USB MIDI to CVEurorack Mate MIDI MergerEurorack Dirty to Me Dual FilterEurorack Zero VCO Core Chip for Furthrrrr GeneratorEurorack Recall Preset Manager + Macro Controller6 HP module designedEurorack of Cups 2-Channel Sample PlayerCV-able featuresEurorack Sound Polyphonic MIDI SequencerEurorack Full Synth VoiceEurorack Sensor Signal ProcessorEurorack Sensor To CV ConverterEurorack Magnetiques Quad FilterEurorack 241 VCA Mk2Eurorack Transistor Lowpass FilterEurorack VCOEurorack Multi-Function UtilityEurorack Swarm Semi-Modular Synth VoiceEurorack X6 MixerEurorack Trigger / Gate DelayEurorack Discrete OscillatorEurorack Drones Synth VoiceEurorack B.F. Dual LFOEurorack EngineeringIlluminox Prime Power SupplyFreeing tubes from boat anchorsEurorack EngineeringTurbo Entubulator VCA / WaveshaperUnique sounds from unique tubesEurorack EngineeringVoluptron Tube Ladder FilterA stack of logarithmsEurorack Modular Synth Modular Synths8CH Sequential Switch V2Eurorack SynthsBass Drum 2 Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsBass Drum Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsBassline Analogue Synth VoiceEurorack SynthsBlack BBD Analog DelayEurorack SynthsBlack Code Source Digital Noise + RandomEurorack SynthsBlack Code Source ExpanderEurorack SynthsBlack CV ExpanderEurorack SynthsBlack Double Bass SuboscillatorEurorack SynthsBlack Dual ASR EGEurorack SynthsBlack Dual VCFEurorack SynthsBlack EGEurorack SynthsBlack Filter CouplerEurorack SynthsBlack High Pass VCFEurorack SynthsBlackhole DSP2 Digital EffectsEurorack SynthsBlack Joystick 2 ControllerEurorack SynthsBlack Low Pass VCFEurorack SynthsBlack LPG Low Pass GateEurorack SynthsBlack MIDI-CV V2Eurorack SynthsBlack Mixer Splitter V2Eurorack SynthsBlack Mixer V2Eurorack SynthsBlack Modulator V2Eurorack SynthsBlack Multi Dual 1-to-3 Buffered MultipleEurorack SynthsBlack OctasourceEurorack SynthsBlack Output Module V2Eurorack SynthsBlack Polivoks VCF V2Eurorack SynthsBlack Pre-Fade Listen ExpanderEurorack SynthsBlack Quad VCA2 4-Channel VCA + MixerEurorack SynthsBlack Ring-Xfade Ring Modulator and CrossfaderEurorack SynthsBlack Sequencer Four-Track SequencerEurorack SynthsBlack Spring Reverb Eurorack Spring ReverbEurorack SynthsBlack Stereo DelayEurorack SynthsBlack Stereo Mixer V3Eurorack SynthsBlack VC Clock V2Eurorack SynthsBlack VCA V2Eurorack SynthsBlack VCF CouplerEurorack SynthsBlack VCO ExpanderEurorack SynthsBlack VCO OscillatorEurorack SynthsBlack VCO2 OscillatorEurorack SynthsBlack Wavetable VCOEurorack SynthsBlack XFadeEurorack SynthsClap Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsCowbell Percussion VoiceEurorack SynthsCymbals Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsDrum MixerEurorack SynthsDrum Mixer LiteEurorack SynthsDrum Modulator Dual Syncable LFOEurorack SynthsDrum SequencerEurorack SynthsDrum Stereo MixerEurorack SynthsDual Drive DistortionEurorack SynthsDual FX Effects ProcessorEurorack SynthsFusion Delay / Flanger / Vintage EnsembleEurorack SynthsFusion Mixer V3Eurorack SynthsFusion Modulator Analog Modulation SourceEurorack SynthsFusion Ring Mod v2Eurorack SynthsFusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ring ModulatorEurorack SynthsFusion VCF V3 Tube + Vactrol FilterEurorack SynthsFusion VCO V2 Tube OscillatorEurorack SynthsGraphic VCOEurorack SynthsHi-Hats Analogue Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsHi-Hats D Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsJoystick ControllerEurorack SynthsLink Format ConverterEurorack SynthsMIDI to Clock V2Eurorack SynthsMIDI to TriggerEurorack SynthsPico BBD DelayEurorack SynthsPico Drive Overdrive + WavefolderEurorack SynthsPico Drum 2 Percussion SynthesizerEurorack SynthsPico DrumsEurorack SynthsPico DSPEurorack SynthsPico EF Preamp and Envelope FollowerEurorack SynthsPico InputEurorack SynthsPico LFO / S&H Modulation SourceEurorack SynthsPico LPG Low Pass GateEurorack SynthsPico MixerEurorack SynthsPico ModulatorEurorack SynthsPico MScale Precision Scaler for Mother-32Eurorack SynthsPico Multi 2Eurorack SynthsPico NoiseEurorack SynthsPico OutEurorack SynthsPico Quant Microtonal QuantizerEurorack SynthsPico Ring ModulatorEurorack SynthsPico RND Random Source and LFOEurorack SynthsPico SEQ SequencerEurorack SynthsPico SEQ2 Step SequencerEurorack SynthsPico Trigger Pattern GeneratorEurorack SynthsPico VC EG Envelope GeneratorEurorack SynthsPico VCA2 Dual VCAEurorack SynthsPico VCF1 Polivoks FilterEurorack SynthsPico VCOEurorack SynthsPico VCO2 OscillatorEurorack SynthsPico VoiceEurorack SynthsPlasma Drive DistortionEurorack SynthsPSU Input ModuleEurorack SynthsRandom CV Generator & ExpanderEurorack SynthsSample Drum Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsSequential Switch CV Expander V2Eurorack SynthsSnare Percussion SourceEurorack SynthsThe Cursible 6-Channel Morphing Effects SendEurorack SynthsToms Percussion SourceEurorack TonesBlip Radar Expanderexpander moduleEurorack modules TonesGATESTORMcollaborative moduleEurorack modules TonesLEVIT8 Multifunction Utilityhigh density utility moduleEurorack modules TonesMOTHER’S LITTLE HELPERcompanion moduleEurorack modules TonesRadar Octo Envelopehigh density envelope generator moduleEurorack modules TonesStructure Visual Generatorvisual generator moduleEurorack modules TonesVC8 Octo VCAVCA moduleEurorack modules Instruments CHORDa bank of 25 "Oscillator Controlled Oscillators",synthesizer accessories
Eskatonic Modular1U Back Power Plate
Eskatonic Modular3U Front Entry Power Plate Essentials2x flip-sides activeSYNTH'S STEREO OUTSEurorack modules Essentialsflip-sides activeEurorack modules EssentialsTIME TO SWITCHstereo audio signalEurorack modules HardwareAMIX - POWERED MIXER2HP for Eurorack.Euroack modules HardwareATT - 2HP TRIPLE ATTENUATOR EURORACK MODULEsmallest 3U packageEuroack modules HardwareE-OR - SELECTABLE GATE MIXERselectable gate mixer,Euroack modules HardwareOR - DUAL OR COMBINEROR CombinerEuroack modules HardwarePMIX - PASSIVE MIXERpassive audio and CV mixerEuroack modules HardwareRING - DUAL RING MODULATORdual passive Ring modulatorEuroack modules TechnologiesRF Nomad Shortwave ReceiverEurorack AudioEuroDDL DelayEurorack SleepersBeatrix Analog Phaserphaser, offering voltage control over notch frequenciesEurorack Sleepersdisting EXmultifunction Eurorack moduleEurorack SleepersDisting MK4 Multifunction Modulemultifunction moduleEurorack SleepersES-3 MK4 Lightpipe to CV InterfaceEurorack SleepersES-40 SPDIF InterfaceEurorack SleepersES-5 mk3 Expander for ES-3Eurorack SleepersES-6 mk2 CV to Lightpipe InterfaceEurorack SleepersES-7 CV Input ExpanderDC-coupled CV input to a connected ES-4, ES-40 or ES-6 module.Eurorack SleepersES-8 USB Audio InterfaceEurorack SleepersES-8 USB Audio Interface (Bitwig Edition)Eurorack SleepersES-9 Eurorack Audio + CV InterfaceEurorack SleepersESX-8CV CV EXPANDERexpansion moduleEurorack SleepersESX-8CV Mk2 ExpansionEurorack SleepersESX-8GT mk3 Gate ExpansionEurorack SleepersESX-8MD MIDI & DINsync ExpansionEurorack SleepersFH-2 Factotum USB MIDI Host + MIDI-CVEurorack SleepersFHX-8CV FH-2 ExpanderEurorack SleepersFHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2Eurorack SleepersGeneral CV MIDI-based sound sourceGeneral MIDI synthesizerEurorack SleepersIvo Analog Low Pass FilterEurorack SleepersLittle Mikey PreampEurorack SleepersLorelei Analog OscillatorEurorack SleepersMIDI Breakout ExpanderEurorack SleepersSELECT BUS BREAKOUTBus protocolEurorack SleepersSuper Disting EX Plus AlphaEurorack SleepersTiny MIDI Breakout ExpanderEurorack ETouché MIDI + CV Touch ControllerEurorack InstrumentsPROQUENCERsequencer moduleEurorack modules InstrumentsSuper Sixteen eurorack sequencer moduleA new kind of control voltage sequencerEurorack modules InstrumentsSuper Sixteen PCB and Panel set w/ microcontrollerSuper Sixteen eurorack moduleEurorack modules module DIY kits module DIY kits and a Clave voiceEurorack module DIY kits RHYTHMCorny RhythmEurorack module DIY kits 8Eurorack module DIY kits module DIY kits HAVE MERSEYCR8000 based percussive moduleEurorack module DIY kits PATTERNIZERclock dividerEurorack module DIY kits module DIY kits and closed hihatEurorack module DIY kits module DIY kits module DIY kits ACCENTURISTpercussion modulesEurorack module DIY kits of the Corny RhythmEurorack module DIY kits (BITCHCLAP)handclap circuitEurorack module DIY kits Synthesis CHORUSaccurate recreation in EURORACKsynthesizer modules Multitap Delay1bit delayssynthesizer modules Mixer6HP accurate recreation in EURORACKsynthesizer modules envelope generatorsynthesizer modules generatorsynthesizer modules of the LFOsynthesizer modules KMstrip basedsynthesizer modules designedsynthesizer modules VCOccurate recreation in EURORACKsynthesizer modules Expander for Vector Sequencer Sixteen Sequencer Sequencer Of HarmonyROAMsynthesizers Quad CV / Audio Mute Attenuverting Mixer (discontinued)mixer for control voltages or audiomodular synth modules ADC Pattern Sequencer8-step sequencermodular synth modules Triple Vactrol Resonators (prototype)3 single audio inputsmodular synth modules Voltage Controlled Modulatormixing of Frequenciesmodular synth modules Sound4MS Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler4-channel voltage manipulatoreurorack SoundALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout8HP compact programmable clocked modulationeurorack SoundExpert Sleepers Disting MK4many-in-1 multifunction 4HP moduleeurorack SoundExpert Sleepers Super disting EX Plus α8HP multifunction Eurorack moduleeurorack SoundInstruo/DivKid Øchd8 all analogue LFO’seurorack SoundMake Noise 0-Coastsingle voice stand-alone patchable synthesisereurorack SoundMake Noise Maths20HP analogue computereurorack SoundMutable Instruments Marbles Random Sampler18HP source of random gates and voltageseurorack SoundMutable Instruments PlaitsMutable Instrumentseurorack SoundMutable Instruments Plaitsmost popular voltage-controlled sound sourceeurorack SoundMutable Instruments Ringsphysical modelling synthesiseurorack SoundTiptop Audio Stackcable 30cm (Red)patch cableeurorack SoundTiptop Audio Stackcable 50cm (Yellow )patch cableeurorack InstrumentsAverter1U attenuvertereurorack InstrumentsGearbox1U clock sourceeurorack InstrumentsGT21U Dual Gate-to-Trigger convertereurorack InstrumentsTile Tail Power AdaptorConvertereurorack InstrumentsUtiLFOA 1U “utility LFO”eurorack Synth1U CLOCK DIVIDERa sub-oscillatoreurorack Synth1U COMPASS1U variant in Intellijel format of stziopaeurorack Synth1U STOMPERstomp box adaptereurorack SynthEURO-DSODigital storage oscilloscopeeurorack Tools321 Scale + Flip + Shift + Combineeurorack Tools333 Mixer + Distributorsumming and distribution moduleeurorack ToolsBrenso Complex Oscillatorprimary analog source of articulated waveformseurorack ToolsFalistri Movement Managerfully analog multipurpose movement managereurorack ToolsFumana Spectral Filter Bankall-analog dual filter bankeurorack ToolsSapel Tamed Randomrandom control voltages sourceEurorack ToolsSEIEurorack ToolsSILTAEurorack ToolsUSTA Complex Sequencer4×4 tracks sequencerEurorack State FXFSFX 117Mega Matrix MixerEurorack CentralArley DynamicsA combined ADSR and VCA in a small 6HP package with some novelEurorack CentralBoomAnalogue drum voice with a broad range of applicationsEurorack CentralDouble DeckerPassive bus board with 16 additional power headers.Eurorack CentralExpandobusPassive bus board with 7 additional power headers.Eurorack CentralFC PowerSuper simple Eurorack power supply based on easily sourced and inexpensive parts.Eurorack CentralLogic BombDual CV addressable Boolean logic moduleEurorack CentralSystem X CV MixerEurorack CentralSystem X EnvelopeBased on the Roland System 100M 140 ADSR. “The snappiest ADSR in the world”.Eurorack CentralSystem X FilterEurorack CentralSystem X OscillatorEurorack CentralTempografTap Tempo clock module with Start/Stop and division functionsEurorack CentralTurn! Turn!Fixed voltage source with BIG KNOBS and multiple voltage rangesEurorack CentralUtility BeltEurorack CentralWave RunnerMulti-waveform sync-able LFO based on Electric Druid’s TAPLFO2D.Eurorack XOR Circuit VCOThe first synth circuit I ever built was a VCO consisting of an ultrasonic core followed by a pair of waveform generators VCOpopular integrator-with-reset sawtooth VCO "5Pulser" Waveform Generator "SNICster" Waveform Generator Dial-a-Tempco Exponential Converter VCO SynthesisBEETLE MINI POWER PCBsmall PCB for a Meanwell NSD10-12D12 SynthesisFROGLEG SYNTHESIS SELECTIVE SAMPLE & HOLDnew S&H based on the LF398 IC Threek 13700analog, 3-pole morphing filtereurorack RetroMIDI BUS RetroMIDI Bus TRAX! Expander RetroSwynx Sync Boxsync box that converts incoming MIDI messages to MIDI clock, RetroTransient Plus Drum Voicesample-based percussion module RetroTRAX! Performance Sequencerperformance sequencer module Sound SystemsFIL1 Convulsion Generator Sound SystemsFIL2 Spectral Devastator Sound SystemsFIL2900 Spectral Devastatordbx 900 Series build of the popular FIL2 Spectral Devastator filter module, Sound SystemsFIL3 Spectral Devastatorrevised form of the sought-after FIL2 Spectral Devastator Sound SystemsMAKROW Macro Controllerpatch macro-controller Sound SystemsMTX9 81 Point Pin Matrix Sound SystemsMTX9A Pin Matrix Sound SystemsOSC1 Cyclical Enginea voltage-controlled analogue oscillator Sound SystemsOSC2 Recombination Engine Triple Oscillatortriple analogue voltage-controlled oscillatoreurorack Sound SystemsSW1 Whitehall quad SPST toggle switcha bank of four SPST toggle switches in 4HP Sound SystemsTG2 Gristleizer Generator Sound SystemsTG3 Gristleizer Filter Sound SystemsTG4 Gristleizer Modulatoreurorack Sound SystemsTG5 Gristleizer Preamp Sound SystemsVAC1 P.O.C.A.Passive Optically-Controlled Attenuator ElectroGSE 101-VCO ElectroGSE Six 8HP Filter ElectroJP6-VCFFilter Bandpasseurorack AudioPLASMA Drivecollaboration between Gamechanger Audio and Erica Synths,eurorack InstrumentsWavefrontreceivereurorack InstrumentsWavefront Eurorack Expander for Wave Ring Controller Ratio Cascading ClockClock Divider, Clock Generator & Dual Envelope.eurorack Digital Standalone Video SynthesizerEurorack VGA Video GeneratorEurorack SyntheseGINKO SYNTHESE BATTLE WITH PROFADER- FULL KITtwo channel mixereurorack SyntheseGINKO SYNTHESE GRAINS, FULL KITeurorack SyntheseGINKO SYNTHESE PHONO PREAMP, FULL KITeurorack SyntheseGINKO SYNTHESE SEEDS, FULL KITcomplex powerful 8 bit oscillatoreurorack!Pure ADSR!Pure LFOreal workhorse module!Pure Noise!Pure Sample & Hold!Pure Sequencer!Pure VCAreal workhorse module!Pure VCF!Pure VCOclassic analogue sound source.'s BoxGem Filterseurorack's BoxHumpbackA fat 2-pole state variable filtereurorack's BoxLollipopeurorack's BoxLoose Fruiteurorack's BoxTrouser Presshigh-quality eurorack crossfadereurorack!RED LIGHT DISTRICTSequencereurorack SSI2140filter board filterboard V2
GradientConvert 1U Format JumblerEurorack
GradientConvert 3U Format JumblerEurorack polyrhythmic trigger sequencer compact version of Supercell Random Sequencer 12HP Random Sequencer 18HP Random Sequencer 6HP conversion kit for the Pocket Operator Keyboardeurorack Granular Synth Permutation Expander Rack Plugin LabsPBJsynthesizer LabsSPANKULATORWiFi-enabled multi-function Eurorack moduleeurorack LabsSPUTTERIZER Audio AudioGMS-1340Polywav™ Player AudioGMS-1350Polywav™ MINI AudioGMS-209State Variable Filter AudioGMS-214Multimode Filter AudioGMS-272MUParametric Equalizer AudioGMS-301VC Oscillator AudioGMS782Dual VC LFO/VCA AudioGMS782BDual VC LFO/VCA AudioPM Resonator™3 Channel Formant Filter SynthesizerDUAL LFOTwo Low Frequency Oscillatorseurorack SynthesizerMIXERThree-channel Audio / CV Mixereurorack SynthesizerMULTIeurorack SynthesizerS&H - Noiseeurorack SynthesizerSTEREO OUT MODULEeurorack SynthesizerVCAeurorack SynthesizerVCOeurorack Modular LabsTRIPLE ATTENUVERTING MIXERMIXEReurorack LabsTRIPLE ATTENUVERTING MIXER, 1U EUROTILEMIXEReurorack Nerding2xSAM4 HP Dual Stereo Attenuator-Mixer Nerding3xMIA6-channel attenuverting mixer/offset/scale/polarizer Nerding4x St.Mixer4 HP quad stereo mixer. NerdingDual xFadecompact voltage controlled crossfader NerdingHN VCFstate variable filter NerdingPanMix6 channel mixer NerdingTriTonethree section EQ plus saturator.
Herbs And StonesLiquid Foam Analog Groovebox D. DIYeasy to make stereo diy eurorack mixer. DIY ÉlectroniqueGalilean Moons Dual Amplitude TransmutatorEurorack ÉlectroniqueJupiter Storm Noise OscillatorEurorack ÉlectroniqueMindphaser Complex Oscillatoranalog complex oscillatorEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Bassdrum Analog Drum SynthEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant BD9 Bass DrumEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Brain MIDI to CV16 output ultra-flexible midi to trigger, sync, polyphonic CV and gate, and more!Eurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Clap DrumEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Hi-Hats Analog Drum Synthdual analog hihats (open+closed)Eurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Hot Glue Analog Bus MixerAnalog Bus Mixer with EffectsEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Machine Analog Percussion EngineDynamic Analog Percussion EngineEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Rimshot Analog Drum Synthanalog rimshot + clave generator with built-in filterEurorack ÉlectroniqueMutant Snare Analog Drum Synthanalog snare drum synthesis with external inputEurorack ÉlectroniqueRed Dragon Morphing VCFSoviet topology 4-pole morphing low-pass filterEurorack ÉlectroniqueVCNO Noise Oscillatordiscrete voltage controlled noise oscillator w/ multiple outputsEurorack ÉlectroniqueEurorack ÉlectroniqueEurorack ÉlectroniqueEurorack ÉlectroniqueEurorack InstrumentsAnalog Sequencer 2Eurorack InstrumentsAtten/Mixer Voltage ProcessorEurorack InstrumentsEucrhythm Euclidean SequencerEurorack InstrumentsPing Filter Multi-Mode VCFEurorack InstrumentsQuad SwitchEurorack InstrumentsTriple AD Envelope / LFOEurorack InstrumentsGearboxA compact module InstrumentsMatrixMixA compact switched, true summing routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages. InstrumentsModMixA compact switched, true summing routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages. InstrumentsPinMixA comprehensive true summing routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages InstrumentsSequenceMixAn eight channel expandable switched mixer controlled by a rotating shift register pattern. InstrumentsSwitchMixA compact switched, true summing routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages. InstrumentsTrimmerA compact eight channel level control BUTTON6HP module MULTIPLE V2.1 TESTERcheck patch cables and power cables (10-pin as well as 16-pin). CONTROLLER AudioAlgo Expander for Quad OperatorEurorack AudioQuad Operator FM Oscillator Bank4 Variable Waveshape Operators for Linear FM SynthesisEurorack F. Mobenthey SynthHORUS DSPmultifunction DSP module
Industrial Music ElectronicsArgos Bleak Quantizer
Industrial Music ElectronicsBionic Lester MKIII Digital Filter
Industrial Music ElectronicsBlack Locust Guitar FX Adaptor
Industrial Music ElectronicsEnglish Tear Utility Converter
Industrial Music ElectronicsHertz Donut MKIII Digital FM Oscillator
Industrial Music ElectronicsKermit MKIII Quad Modulation Source
Industrial Music ElectronicsLider Suboctave Generator
Industrial Music ElectronicsPiston Honda MKIII Dual Wavetable Oscillator
Industrial Music ElectronicsPolivoks Modulator
Industrial Music ElectronicsPolivoks VCA + Envelope
Industrial Music ElectronicsPolivoks VCF
Industrial Music ElectronicsPolivoks VCG Oscillator
Industrial Music ElectronicsStillson Hammer MKII Performance Sequencer Systemsmulti-split SystemsSync-Gen 3LXhigh resolution, sample-position and tempo-accurate synchronisation plug-in/sync interface combination for your DAW. Systemsvct Of Things2.4 Sink Module Wireless Data Interfaceeurorack Of ThingsIO-Lights MIDI controller Of ThingsTBDA generic multifunctional DSP moduleeurorack[2]f Dual FaderEurorack Granular Audio ProcessorEurorackú WavefolderEurorackèis ADSR Envelope Generatorfully analogue voltage controlled ADSR envelope generatorEurorack Complex OscillatorEurorack Chord QuantizerEurorackō47 Filter / ResonatorEurorackìon 6 x 6 Pin Matrix Mixer6×6 matrix mixerEurorackúbadh Tape Emulator / LooperEurorackøchdEurorackïch Quad OscillatorEurorack Biometric Feedback to CVbiofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator.EurorackághEurorackàin Bi-Directional Switchtwo channel analogue bidirectional switch,Eurorack[3] WaveshaperEurorack Triple OscillatorEurorackš-L Waveshaping OscillatorEurorackâ Dual VCAtwo channel voltage controlled amplifierEurorack SH-101 Style Synth VoiceAnalog Dual Oscillator Subtractive Synth VoiceEurorack I/OEurorack Dual Wavefolder / CrossfaderDual Channel Series/Parallel WavefolderEurorack MultDual 1×4 Buffered MultipleEurorack Mult 1UDual 1×4 Buffered MultipleEurorack Expander ModuleEurorack RainmakerEurorack Shapeshifter Complex Wavetable VCOEurorack 1UDigital Reverb EffectEurorack VCOFull-Featured Triangle Core VCO/LFOEurorack ADSREurorack VCA 1U VCAEurorack 1U Dual Attenuator + MixerEurorack Mini ExpanderEurorack 1U ControllerEurorack Gate Expander for MetropolixGate ExpanderEurorack 1UHeadphone and Stereo OutputEurorack In 1UEurorack Out 1UEurorack Level to Balanced Pro Line Level Output ShifterEurorack Level to Balanced Pro Level Shifter 1UEurorack, Performance-Oriented Pitch, Gate and Mod SequencerEurorack Dual Multimode Self-Oscillating VCF and CrossfaderEurorack Dual 1x5Dual 1×5 Passive Channel, 3 Bus CV/Audio Mixer w/Digitally-Controlled Tools 1UClock, Random Pulse, Analog Noise, Sample and Hold, and 1UEight Point Case Stereo Line & Headphone Output ModuleEurorack LPG 1UPassive Low Pass I/O 1UEffects Pedal Send/Return Module and High Impedance Instrument InputEurorack I/O Jacks 1UEurorack Headphone and Stereo Output 1UEurorack 2 Vector Mixer + Quad PannerEurorack Logic & Tap ClockVoltage Controlled Logic and Tap ClockEurorack Modelling Percussion SynthesizerEurorack Multimode VCF + PhaserVersatile Multimode VCF PhaserEurorack Entry PE-1 (2.1mm)Jack + Switch for Meanwell Power BricksEurorack Entry PE-1 (2.5mm)Eurorack InverterEurorack VCAQuad Voltage Controlled Amplifier and Cascaded MixerEurorack ExpanderEurorack 1U Quad Attenuator & MixerQuad Attenuator, Attenuverter, Mixer and DC Voltage SourceEurorack Function GeneratorEurorack Quadrax ExpanderEurorack 16-Tap Stereo Spectral Resonating Delay16-Tap Stereo Spectral Rhythm Delay And Comb ResonatorEurorack 2 Thru Zero Triangle Core VCOAnalog Triangle Core Thru-Zero FM VCOEurorack Channel Note Quantizer and SequencerEurorack Complex Morphable Wavetable Digital VCOEurorack Allocator / Note Hocketing / Analog Shift RegisterEurorack II + Large Reverb TankVersatile Real Spring Tank Reverb ModuleEurorack II + Medium Reverb TankEurorack II + Small Reverb TankEurorack II Spring Reverb DriverEurorack 1U4-Track 64-Step Programmable Gate SequencerEurorack 4-Track 64-Step Programmable Gate Sequencer Trigger Sequencer 1U4-Track 64-Step Programmable Gate SequencerEurorack Line In 1UEurorack Line In Jacks 1UEurorack Line Out 1UStereo Balanced Line Audio OutputEurorack Mixer 1UEurorack Out Jacks 1U ExpanderEurorack Mult 1U MultipleEurorackête Expander for TetrapadAdds Looping/Sequencing, CV control, and Presets to the TetrapadEurorack Multi-Dimensional Performance Touch ControllerMulti-Dimensional Performance Touch ControllerEurorack Mixer + Voltage UtilityEurorack USB / DIN MIDI + Clock InterfaceEurorack MixerDual 3:1 / 6:1 Unity Gain Mixer (For Cv or Audio)Eurorack Power 1UEurorack 1UEurorack 1UAnalog Oscillator & LFOEurorack IO TRS Stereo LINK 1UEurorack 1UµMIDIUSB/DIN MIDI Voice and Clock InterfaceEurorackµVCA IIµVCF FilterState Variable Filter / Sine OscillatorEurorack InstrumentsCarpo Triple Headphone Amplifierheadphone ampEurorack InstrumentsDIAHIGH-END PREAMPEurorack InstrumentsEuporie Multi-Slope VCFVCFEurorack InstrumentsHimalia Penta Sound SourcePENTA SOUND SOURCEEurorack InstrumentsKALLICHORESIX VOICE FPGA based oscillatorEurorack InstrumentsKALYKEDUAL FUNCTION GENERATOREurorack InstrumentsPasiphae Ring ModulatorExperimental RING MODULATOREurorack InstrumentsSinope Dual VCA2 x 6 CH highEurorack InstrumentsSponde 2x6 MixerEurorack InstrumentsThemisto Analog VCOHigh precision VCOEurorack rhythm sequencer + 3HP USB ExpanderEurorack EtherPithopraktaProbabilistic Rhythm Generator ($245)Eurorack MODULAR 258JDUAL OSCILLATORmotm MODULAR 258J DUAL OSCILLATORS, MOTM 3Umotm MODULAR 291 FILTER, PCBsilkscreened pcb MODULAR 291 VCF MODULAR DUAL 291 VCF KIT, EURO, 16HP MODULAR DUAL 291 VCF, PANEL ONLY, EURO, 20HPclarke robinson panel for the dual 291 vcf. MODULAR DUAL 291VCF, PANEL/PCB BUNDLE, EURO, 20HPPCB/PANEL BUNDLE TO BUILD THE DUAL 291 VCF FILTER MODULAR DUAL MIRROR CORE OSC, ASSEMBLED, DOTCOM/MU MODULAR DUAL MIRROR CORE OSC, KIT, DOTCOM/MU MODULAR DUAL MIRROR CORE OSC, PANEL, DOTCOM/MUdotcom/MU MODULAR DUAL MIRROR CORE VCOeuro MODULAR MIRROR CORE VCO, KIT, MOTM, 4UMOTM Barss-Bailey SharpDUAL Q108 PANEL KITpanel kit SharpJ109 SharpJ150 TRUMANSBURG VCF PANELPANEL SharpJ247 VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR PANEL MK1OSCILLATOR PANEL's Synths LabAGOGÔ LPG Mixeroctal analogue vactrol-based low pass gate and mixer in a cascade LabBE2Neurorack module LabTABØR Rhythmic Avalanche Oscillatoranalogue sound and CV source BASEnew drum flagshipEurorack 11Eurorack 09 - discontinuedEurorack 09 MkII Bass Drum VoiceEurorack - Discontinuedtrue analog stereo filterEurorack IIEurorack - DiscontinuedEurorack Audio DesignAdd 2 Precision Adder + AveragerPRECISION ADDER/AVERAGEREurorack Audio DesignCompare 2 Dual Window ComparatorDUAL WINDOW COMPARATOREurorack Audio DesignContour 1 Function GeneratorSLEW LIMITER/FUNCTION GENERATOREurorack Audio DesignFilter 8 Multimode VCFMULTIMODE FILTER/8-PHASE OSCILLATOREurorack Audio DesignFold 6 WavefolderMULTI-TOPOLOGY WAVEFOLDEREurorack Audio DesignGenerate 3 Through-Zero Signal GeneratorEurorack Audio DesignLink 2 Buffered MultipleEurorack Audio DesignMix 3 3+1 Channel Voltage Controlled Audio MixerEurorack Audio DesignMorph 4 Modulation HubEurorack Audio DesignReceive 2 External InputEurorack Audio DesignSelectDUAL GATED PRECISION CONTROL VOLTAGE PROCESSOREurorack Audio DesignSelect 2 Dual CV ProcessorDUAL GATED PRECISION CONTROL VOLTAGE PROCESSOREurorack Audio DesignSwitch 4 Performance Switcher / RouterPERFORMANCE SWITCHER/ROUTEREurorack Audio DesignTransmit 2 Stereo OutputSTEREO BALANCED LINE OUTPUTSEurorack EffectsASR Envelope EffectsAvalance VCO EffectsDiscrete VCAVoltage controlled amplifier EffectsDual VCA EffectsKS-20 Filterfilter EffectsPrecision ADSRenvelope generator EffectsPrecision attenuverter / mixerattenuator EffectsQuantizer EffectsSlopelimiter EffectsSlope generatorlimiter EffectsSpring reverbreverb EffectsTransistor ladder filterfilter EffectsVariable waveshape LFOLFO circuit EffectsVCO 3340 Association™ Mini – 4 Mk3Bi-directional MIDI-DCB Interface MkIIMIDI to Digital drum machine interface AudioHubbie AudioK3021 // Master VCOoscillatorEurorack AudioK6100 // Panning VCA AudioK6101 // Dual Envelopefilters AudioK6501 // PHILTERMulti-mode FilterEurorack AudioSlider AudioSmasher AudioSpinner AudioTwister BentARDUINOBOY (XIWI ELECTRONICS) BentCLEARANCE BentPISSBOXInverter BentUTILITIES A Logic KolnEUCLIDEAN RHYTHM GENERATOR KolnFrequency Shifter: KolnPREEN-FM 2 SYNTHESIZER KolnTWIN PEAK FILTER VON ROB HORDIJK KolnTZ – VCO = THROUGH ZERO VCO KolnWAVEFOLDER KolnWAVETABLE VCOärke Calibrator + TransposerQuad programmable Volt/Octave calibrator and transposer Tracking Generator + WaveshaperCV-controlled voltage mapper and waveshaper XT Gater Logic ModuleVoltage-controlled logic and gate processor Mixer + SwitchMixer & Switcher to +5V converter Quad EnvelopeQuad Envelope Generator Waves MkII Dual OscillatorVoltage-controlled Dual VCO/LFO/random SEQUENCEReuro version klee sequencereurorack Technology channels send/return module quality mono/stereo mixer output with Tilt EQ and M/S Saturation ElektronikBusBoard BuddyEurorack ElektronikDual Discrete VCADiscrete VCAEurorack ElektronikField Kit Eurorack PanelEurorack Multi-Effects ProcessorEurorack ElektronikStromEurorack ElektronikStrom+Eurorack ElektronikSVF-201 State Variable FilterAnalog State Variable FilterEurorack ElektronikEurorack ElektronikEurorack Lab1UPWRPower module for 1U row.Eurorack LabBaxandallEQEQEurorack LabM2SEurorack LabMult9handy basic passive moduleEurorack LabPanoramaMIXmixerEurorack LabPWR Checkerthe most useful 1HP moduleEurorack LabPWR Checker WHthe most useful 1HP moduleEurorack LabStrongPWRPowerful power moduleEurorack LabμZDROJMicro Power SupplyEurorack LFO VCA Sensitive CV-Controller DUALFOdual voltage-controlled Low-Frequency Oscillator - 9844 Channel Mixer - OCTO Quadrature LFOOCTO Quadrature LFO - TZVCO Flanger/ChorusFlanger/Chorus HVMHuman Voice Module VCAvoltage controlled amplifier VCFfour pole multimode filter Dual Low Pass FilterCroglin Voltage Controlled Filter EquinoxeEquinox. SuperladderOakley Diode Superladder Waveshaper, Wavefolder, Clipper, Ring Modulator & Wave-splicer. Deluxe & Dual FilterNoise and Dual Filter Modulatorvintage ring modulator Ramp Generator (VRG) Euro Classic VCAhigh quality single channel voltage controlled amplifier Euro Overdrive Euro Ring Modulatorvintage ring modulator Music SystemsMIDI-CVArpeggiatorEurorack Channel VC Stereo MixerttEurorack CH AttenuatorEurorack VCO Triangle Core OscillatorEurorack Tuner For Eurorack SynthesizersEurorack Blacksea Quad VCA / MixerEurorack Dual VCFEurorack VCA + DistortionEurorack Discrete MicrocompressorEurorack Cure VCF Vactrol FilterEurorack Dual Headphone AmpEurorack VC EqualizerEurorack Discrete MicrocompressorEurorack VCA 1Ж24БEurorack VCA 2П2П ttEurorack Stereo MixerEurorack ADSR tttEurorack Balanced Stereo OutputEurorack 67 (La Sesenta y Sieste)LR4 Multi-Band Crossover FilterCROSSOVEREurorack 67 (La Sesenta y Sieste)MACA Analog Multi-mode FilterFILTEREurorack 67 (La Sesenta y Sieste)T-ZEDOSCILLATOREurorack 67 (La Sesenta y Sieste)WFMOSCILLATOREurorack CircuitsAPRÈS DIXMultimode Filter CircuitsCHRONOGRAPHSequential Rhythm Generator CircuitsMOON JOCKfour-stage ADSR module. CircuitsST. TROPEZamplifier CircuitsSUNLESS CITYTransistor Ladder Filter CircuitsTECHNICOLORReverb Elettronica PopolareBongo Elettronica PopolareCassa Elettronica PopolareLegno Elettronica PopolarePiattino Elettronica PopolareTVC15 Bool2Eurorack Sequential2Eurorack Bool3Eurorack Majority logic moduleEurorack SynthWorksLAURENTIDE SYNTHWORKS BAAL, KITOTA based filterdotcom/MU 2U SynthWorksLAURENTIDE SYNTHWORKS PRM2Dual Ring Modulator SynthWorksLAURENTIDE SYNTHWORKS VG2, DOTCOM/MU KITdotcom/MU SynthWorksLAURENTIDE VG2, KIT, EURO 4 HP SynthWorksLAURENTIDE VG2, PCB+PANEL, EURO 4 HP IndustriesArp-8 IndustriesThe ReptilianVC Distortion/Waveshaper AudioEXP-1expander moduleEurorack Envelope Generator & VCA VCA, Panner & Mixer Interface Source VCO VCO Controlled Filter ElectronicsbangWavetable OscillatorEurorack ElectronicsEllis Macro ControllerPrecision Macro ControllerEurorack ElectronicsFelix Buffered MultBuffered Multiple with AttenuatorsEurorack ElectronicsLeap ADSR / LFOEnvelope and LfoEurorack ElectronicsMaze Routing MatrixRouter Mixer MatrixEurorack ElectronicsMIR Quad VCA MixerMultifunctional ToolEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)AUDIO FREQUENCY GENERATORSAWTOOTH CORE VCOEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)CHAOS COMPUTEREurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)DALEK MODULATORBalanced Ring Modulator/MultiplierEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)DUAL BISSELL GENERATORlag processorEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)DUAL CYCLOTRONEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)FLUX CAPACITORAFG Expansion – ANTI MATTER CV Control InterfaceEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)FREQUENSTEINERMultimode Filter.Eurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)VOLTAGE MECHANICinput Control Voltage Processor w Sample and HoldEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)VULCAN MODULATORDual LFOEurorack Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers)X MODAFG Expansion – Cross Modulation ControllerEurorack InstrumentsBASE II InstrumentsBUILDER DIYA simple DIY platform for MIDI control surfaces. InstrumentsDS1A portable solution for digital mixing. InstrumentsMINIMwireless, pocket-sized instrument Warningcgs-28-sequential-switch Warningcgs-55-analog-switch-matrix Warningcgs-88-bi-directional-router Warningcgs506-serge-multi-channel-stereo-mixer-mcsm Warninghollasynth-four-channel-scanning-vca Warningmonsoon Warningneutron-sound-clee-orgone-accumulato Warningnlc-triple-sloths Warningornament-crime Electronics4X4 Passive Matrix MixerMixerEurorack ElectronicsBus Power XL - Eurorack Power Supply SystemEurorack format power supply system.Eurorack ElectronicsCVP-1 Control Voltage ProcessorEurorack ElectronicsDubMatrix Active Matrix Mixer5 Channel Active Matrix MixerEurorack ElectronicsP-Mult Passive MultipleEurorack ElectronicsRouter Two-Way Signal Router10hp 8 channel 2-way switch moduleEurorack ElectronicsShort Bus PowerEurorack format power supply system for small cases!Eurorack ElectronicsShort Bus V3 Or Combinerpassive, seven input Logic Gate OR combiner.Eurorack ElectronicsUTL-1E Format Jumbler6hp Passive* Eurorack format jumblerEurorack ElectronicsVariable Force Generatorstand alone tactile four channel CV & Gate controllerEurorack West Side StudioBlacet ResearchEurorack West Side StudioBMC018Analog DrumEurorack West Side StudioBMC030Instrument InterfaceEurorack West Side StudioBMC034 Switched ResistorVCFEurorack West Side StudioCGS01Sub-Oscillator / Harmonic SequencerEurorack West Side StudioCGS06Burst GeneratorEurorack West Side StudioCGS62Slope DetectorEurorack West Side StudioCGS77 Serge ’73 VCFEurorack West Side StudioCGS88 SergeTriple Bi-Directional SwitchEurorack West Side StudioCGS92 SergeSmooth & Stepped GeneratorEurorack West Side StudioDuo-BOPDual Analog DrumEurorack West Side StudioFrequency Central UKEurorack (Leipzig West) ModulesBUS65 (Leipzig West) ModulesEC-MUTE2HP expander (Leipzig West) ModulesOUT (1U) (Leipzig West) ModulesPLAGWITZ (Leipzig West) ModulesSCHLEUSSIG (Leipzig West) ModulesTE PO SERIES ADAPTER (Leipzig West) ModulesTRAM8 (Leipzig West) ModulesWK22HP Modulation CV conditioner (Attenuverter, Offset, Slew Limiter) (Leipzig West) ModulesWK3 Box V3 - V4 EurorackEurorack Cassa Lumanoise models v3 / v4 / v5 Modular IndustriesBridge Multifunction Utility IndustriesCadet IV Dual Ramp Generatordual waveform generator IndustriesCastle 011 Shift Register IndustriesChromagnon Video Synthesizer IndustriesCyclopsinterface module IndustriesDoorway Linear Key Generator IndustriesOrion Diver Waveform Visualizer IndustriesOrion Escher Sketch Stylus Pad Controller IndustriesOrion Fortress 3-Bit Graphics Generator IndustriesOrion Memory Palace Frame Store + Video Effects IndustriesOrion TBC2 Dual Input Synchronizerswiss army knife input module IndustriesSensory Translator 5CH Audio Envelope Follower IndustriesVidiot Model OSC03 M.A.S.F.Eurorack Studio Systems x 104HP Aluminium travel casealuminium travel case with integrated PSUEurorack x 104HP Aluminium travel caseslimmer and 25% lighter than regular plywood travel cases.Eurorack Dual VCFfull analogue dual voltage controlled low-pass filterEurorack 84HP caseIdeal for travel/transportation as well as a home/studio rackEurorack St.Mixer is 4 HP quad stereo mixer.Eurorack 84HP caseIdeal for travel/transportation, as well as a home/studio 2-row case.Eurorack channel audio (AC coupled ) mixerEurorack Vactrol VCFfirst vactrol based module in the A-100 systemEurorack LPGvactrol based combination of Low Pass filter (LP) and VCA and was inspired by the Buchla module 292Eurorack Vactrol Phasera 12 stage phase shifter with vactrols as phase shifting elements.Eurorack Opto VCFfilter module that uses so-called opto FETs to control the filter frequency.Eurorack VCF9 Diode Low Passreproduction of the legendary low pass filter designEurorack VCF6 18dB Low Passvoltage controlled low pass filter with 18dB/octave slope.Eurorack Trautonium Formant Filterfourfold formant filter as used in the Mixtur Trautonium by Oskar Sala.Eurorack VCF SSM Low Passvoltage-controlled low-pass filter with 24dB/octave slope.Eurorack Xtreme Filterorigin in our experiments to built a MS20 filter clone.Eurorack 12dB SEM VCF12dB multimode filter that is based on the filter circuit of the Oberheim SEM module.Eurorack XP VCFmultimode filter that is based on the filter circuit of the Oberheim Xpander.Eurorack Multitype Morphing Filtercompletely new voltage controlled filter that has available 36Eurorack VCF8 Low Passcompletely new voltage-controlled low pass pass filter based on the well-known transistor ladder (Moog ladder).Eurorack Standard VCOvoltage-controlled oscillator.Eurorack Basic VCOlow-cost voltage-controlled oscillator.Eurorack QZVCOso-called Thru Zero Quadrature VCO.Eurorack TTZQ VCOTrapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO.Eurorack High-End VCOsuccessor of the obsolete High End VCO I A-111-1.Eurorack VCOextremely space-saving precision VCO/LFO with a 4HP panel only.Eurorack Quad VCOcontains four precision VCOs and has individual controlsEurorack Mini Voicecomplete monophonic synthesizer module that includes these components (modular version of Dark Energy)Eurorack Mini Voicecomplete miniature monophonic synthesizer module that has these features availableEurorack Samplercombination of a voltage controlled 8 Bit Sampler and a wavetable oscillator.Eurorack RingmodulatorModule A-114 contains two separate ring modulators.Eurorack Audio Dividerfour-way frequency divider.Eurorack VC Waveform Processorvoltage-controlled dynamic waveform modification of audio signals.Eurorack DNGcombination module, including a digital noise generator and an 808 source.Eurorack Noise / Random(as you might have guessed) a noise and random voltage generator.Eurorack Noise / Random / T&H / S&Hslim version of module A-118-1 and offers essentially the same features as the A-118-1.Eurorack Ext Input / Env Followerdesigned to allow external audio signals to be integrated into the System A-100.Eurorack VCF1voltage controlled low-pass filterEurorack VCFvoltage-controlled multi-mode filter with a cut-off slope of -12 dB / octave.Eurorack VCFvoltage controlled highpass filter with four filter outputs (6, 12, 18 and 24dB slope).Eurorack VCF5special 12dB multimodeEurorack VCPvoltage controlled phase shifter.Eurorack BOM Filter Breakoutbreakout module A-127BOM.Eurorack VCRFtriple resonance filter unit.Eurorack Fixed Filter Bankfilter bank, made up of 15 parallel band pass filtersEurorack VCAA-130 and A-131 provide voltage-controlled amplification.Eurorack Dual Lin/Exp VCAslim version of module A-132-3 and offers essentially the same features.Eurorack Octal Lin VCAModule A-130-8 contains eight linear voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs).Eurorack EXP VCAModules A-130 and A-131 provide voltage-controlled amplification.Eurorack Dual VCAtwo voltage controlled amplifiersEurorack Dual VCAModule A-132-1 (Dual Low Cost VCA) contains two voltage controlled amplifiersEurorack DVCAcomposed of two identical voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA).Eurorack Quad Exp VCA4 identical voltage controlled amplifiers with exponential control scalesEurorack Dual VC Polarizerspecial dual voltage controlled amplifier that enables both positive and negative amplifications.Eurorack Dual VC Polarizerslim version of the A-133Eurorack PANvoltage controlled universal panning and/or crossfader moduleEurorack Dual VC CFModule A-134-2 contains two identical voltage controlled crossfader units.Eurorack VC Mixer / Quad VCAquad voltage controlled mixer made of 4 independent linear VCA’sEurorack Quad VCAminiature version of the A-135-1.Eurorack VC Stereo Mixervoltage controlled stereo mixer with four inputs.Eurorack VC Performance Mixerperformance mixer with voltage control for all parametersEurorack VCPM CV Inputsvoltage controlled performance mixer A-135-4A expansionEurorack VCPM Envelope Followerfour-fold envelope follower with ajustable attack and release time for each channel.Eurorack Distortion / Waveshaperdistortion and waveshaping module with extensive control possibilities.Eurorack VC Wave Multvoltage controlled Wave Multiplier.Eurorack Wave Mult 2another version of a wave multiplier.Eurorack Mixercontrol voltages or audio signalsEurorack Mixerfour channel mixerEurorack Polarizing Mixeradd or to subtract four incoming voltages to the output signal.Eurorack CFXused as a crossfader within the A-100 the two audio signals are connected to the sockets In 1 and In 2.Eurorack 3-Way Crossfaderquad 3-way crossfader / mixer / polarizerEurorack Interrupting Mixerinterrupting mixer with mutesEurorack Matrix Mixer4 x 4 matrix mixer with switches for unipolar/bipolar mode for each column.Eurorack Mix Outmix output for performance mixer A-138pEurorack Performance Mixer4-fold input moduleEurorack Mini Stereo Mixersimple but useful 4-in-2 mixing toolEurorack Headphone Amplifiertwo-channel headphone amplifierEurorack ADSRenvelope generatorEurorack Machines Rooster LabChatterbox Resonator (CBR-2)triple multimode filter Rooster LabLord Of The Ring (PRM-1)all analog” module based on a real Ring Modulator BBM20RFilter ModularANTUMBRA ModularMICRO ORNAMENT AND CRIME ModularMICROBURSTS ModularMICROGRIDS ModularMICROSHEEPS ModularMICROTIDES / MICROSHEEPS - V2 ModularMICROTIDES/MICROSHEEPS (SWIRLS/LAMBS) PCB ModularNEUTRON SOUND - PIQUE (PIQUES) ModularNRINGS ModularPLANCKS ModularPLANCKS II ModularRADIO MUSIC PANEL ModularTHRESHOLD ModularTRIPLE MICROBRAIDS ModularTYPHOON PANEL AudioMCVCMIDI to CV converter (DIY)Eurorack AudioMLEGLFO / Envelope generatorEurorack AudioMVCF-IVoltage Controlled FilterEurorack AudioVVCADual Velocity Voltage Controlled AmplifierEurorack NoiseBrains (Retiredmusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseDPO Dual Primary Oscillatormusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseEchophon Pitch Shifting Echomusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseErbe-Verb DSP Reverbmusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseFunction Control Voltage Generatormusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseLxD Dual Low Pass Gatemusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseMaths Function Generatormusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseMimeophon Stereo Multi-Zone Color Audio Repeatermusic synthesizerEurorack NoisemodDemix Dual Ring Modulatormusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseMorphagenemusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseMultmusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseOptomix Rev 2 Low Pass Gatemusic synthesizerEurorack NoisePressure Points Controllermusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseQMMGmusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseQPAS Quad Core Stereo Filtermusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseRene 2018 3D Cartesian SequencerEurorack NoiseSTO OscillatorEurorack NoiseTempi 6CH Time-Shifting Clockmusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseWoggleBug Voltage Generatormusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseX-PAN Stereo Mixer + Crossfadermusic synthesizerEurorack NoiseXOH Output Interfacemusic synthesizerEurorack Synths Not WarDummyLoad Synths Not WarMidiAccess Synths Not WarPower Synths Not WarStringTheory4-note, paraphonic string synthesizer, 100mm Tile Heavy IndustryCV / Gate Sync Expander Heavy IndustryDIN Sync Expander Heavy IndustryIMX Invert Mixer Heavy IndustryManther Growl Analog Voice Heavy IndustryMix 4 Mixer Heavy IndustryNoise Voltage Controlled Noise Source3HP NOISE MODULEEurorack Heavy IndustryPerformance Buffered Mult Heavy IndustryQuad Envelope4-CHANNEL AHDSR GENERATOR WITH 16-STEP SEQUENCEREurorack Heavy IndustryQuad Gate Delay4-CHANNEL GATE DELAYEurorack Heavy IndustryQuad LFO4-CHANNEL LFO GENERATOR WITH 16-STEP SEQUENCERSEurorack Heavy IndustryQuad VCAQUAD VOLTAGE CONTROLLED AMPLIFIEREurorack Heavy IndustryRichter Anti-OscillatorANALOG WAVESHAPING OSCILLATOR MODULEEurorack Heavy IndustryRichter Dual Borg FilterEurorack Heavy IndustryRichter Envelator Envelope GeneratorEurorack Heavy IndustryRichter NoiseRingEurorack Heavy IndustryRichter Oscillator IIANALOG OSCILLATOR/LFO MODULEEurorack Heavy IndustrySND/RTN FX Send4HP INSTRUMENT/LINE-LEVEL SEND & RETURN MIXER MODULEEurorack Heavy IndustrySync USB / MIDI InterfaceEurorack Heavy IndustryUnity MixerEurorack Heavy IndustryVarigate 4+ 8-Step Gate + CV Sequencer4-CHANNEL 8-STEP GATE PLUS CV SEQUENCEREurorack Heavy IndustryVARIGATE 4+ ECOSYSTEMEurorack Heavy IndustryVARIGATE 8+ ECOSYSTEMEurorack Heavy IndustryVarigate 8+ Gate Sequencer8-CHANNEL 16-STEP GATE SEQUENCER + 2 CV OUTSEurorack Heavy IndustryVoltage Block Multi Sequencer8-CHANNEL 16-STAGE CV SEQUENCEREurorack LabsMODULE: FILTER EKO8bits loop delay LabsMODULE: GRONE DRONE SYNTH LabsMODULE: MINI GRONE DRONE SYNTH LabsMODULE: MINILOOPERDelay and looper Analog4x4x4 Multiple AnalogAnalog Steiner Synthasystem VCFSteiner Synthasystem VCF AnalogCV-DAC-8 USB to CV Interface AnalogCVP Control Voltage ProcessorControl Voltage Processor AnalogDiscrete SVVCF Filter & MixerState-variable voltage-controlled filter AnalogDTA Discrete VCA AnalogDTM CP3 Style MixerDiscrete Transistor Mixer AnalogMA35 VCF & VCA AnalogMixThree-channel audio mixer AnalogMTX E350 ExpanderMorphing Terrarium Expander AnalogMVP Manual Voltage ProcessorManual Voltage Processor AnalogVCA Voltage Controlled AmplifierSingle VCA with dual CV inputs Analog Analog ElectronicModul 4 Dual Headphone AmplifierDual Headphone AmplifierEurorack ElectronicModul 5 Phono PreampPhono Pre-Amplifier & Subsonic-FilterEurorack Electronicmodule 1USB / AD / DA / MIDI interfaceEurorack 3 Channel MixerVCV Rack module MACANALOG UTILITIES WITH CREATIVE MIXING AND PATCH SURVEILLANCE FRIENDSMANIFOLD GENERATORS FOR NAVIGATING SOCIAL CONTOURS OSCILLATOR FOR INSTRUMENTAL SPECTRUM SHAPING BASED, BASED SIGNAL LEVEL TRANSFORMER SISTERSLINKED FILTERS FOR SPECTRAL MIXING AND RESONANT SCULPTING EffectsFlex Pro EffectsHivemind EffectsHulk EffectsProverbspring-style reverb EffectsThird Man Records Exclusive Flex EffectsVitriolvariable high-gain distortion Systems Corporation VC MIXER, PANEL, MOTM, 3U EMIM-RACK6HU Eurorack CaseEurorack EMIM700Virtual Analog [VA] multitimbral polyphonic synthesizerEurorack EMIM701Voice Control ModuleEurorack EMIM800-R2extended Virtual Analog [XVA]Eurorack EMIM880PW Power SupplyEurorack Patchbay 1/8"-1/4"8HP Eurorack PatchbayEurorack Invert Offset Eurorack ModuleEurorack Shower6HP Eurorack moduleEurorack Eurorack Module6HP passive Eurorack moduleEurorack + Pass Thru Eurorack ModuleEurorack Eurorack ModuleEurorack Sequencer Eurorack Module12HP Eurorack moduleEurorack MORPH VCDCOvoltage-controlled digitally-controlled oscillatorEurorack CaseEurorack case 12U/104HP Performer Series MKIEurorack CaseEurorack case 12U/104HP Performer Series ProEurorack CaseEurorack case 12U/104HP/126HP Square SeriesEurorack CaseEurorack case 12U/126HP Performer SeriesEurorack CaseEurorack case 14U/126HP Performer Series ProEurorack CaseEurorack case 6U/104HP Performer Series MKIEurorack CaseEurorack case 6U/126HP Performer SeriesEurorack CaseEurorack case 7U/126HP Performer Series ProEurorack CaseEurorack case 9U/104HP/126HP Square SeriesEurorack ModulesCranial Saw dual VCOVintage sounding dual VCO with Glide, Sync, Sub Osc, PWM, Mixer, Cross Mod ModulesDefibrillatorDual Filter + VCA ModulesDefibrillator - plainDual VCF / VCA filter ModulesEKGMultimode 8 step sequencer ModulesPolygenePolyphonic MIDI to CV converter ModulesVoice BoxSpeaker Module Modularrack2reality ModularSONY BVE ModulartaliesynthCV modular synth AudioCdS VCF/A AudioDelta VCF AudioLFO Two AudioMA20 VCF Instruments Eurorack to Banana ConverterFormat Converter / 10HPEurorack Dual Low Pass GateDual Passive LPG / 2HPEurorack Stereo VolumeEurorack Dual TransformerPassive Transformer I/O / 6HPEurorack Passive MultipleEurorack Devices2win Dual Window ComparatorEurorack DevicesCoherence Organic Event ExtractorEurorack DevicesMoonwalker Envelope GeneratorPhase VariableEurorack DevicesPapomi Panner / Polarizer / MixerpolarizerEurorack ModulesTriple Sublime AsseaterBuchla ModsBUS BAR DISTROpassive modular power distributionEurorack ModsKORG VOLCA BEATS SNARE DRUMEurorack ModsPSU LOW NOISE POWERMODULAR SYNTHESIZERSEurorack Modular"Roselands" Dual Phase Shifter Model 2196Quadrature generatorEurorack Modular"Warriewood" Dual Stereo Panner Model 2102Independent panning of 2 signalsEurorack ModularBoethian Wheel Model 660Quadrature phase decoderEurorack ModularMM315 Balanced ModulatorRing Modulator with patchbay and attenuatorsEurorack ModularMM3203A Test EagleLaboratory-grade banana jack to eurorack converterEurorack ModularMM3203A Test Eagle Option 10Laboratory-grade binding post to eurorack converterEurorack ModularMM339A Gainriding VCFState-variable VCFEurorack Technologies Berlin (Music From Outer Space) Synth WorksA1 FrontpanelMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksBinaire PCBMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksD3 FrontpanelMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksEuro fastening hardware A1, D1-D3MIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksEuroceiver PCBMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksF8R ExpanderEurorack Synth WorksF8R Fader Bank - Jacks on BottomEurorack Synth WorksF8R Fader Bank - Jacks on TopEurorack Synth WorksMICRO TEMPS_UTILEEurorack Synth WorksOctal PCBMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksPJ398SM jackMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksSEQ v4+ Eurorack Modules Essential KitMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksSuperDAC PCBMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksSY0.5 Drum Synthesis VoiceEurorack Synth WorksTransmute8 PCBMIDIbox SequencerEurorack Synth WorksXVI Eurorack FaderbankEurorack ModularEquation Composer8-bit sounding melodies, waveforms, and noise ModularMeta SequencerVariable length CV step sequencer with clock HardwareMBBS HardwareMIDI128 HardwareMPOT32 HardwareMRG2 HardwarePEDSCAN Machine MarchMinitaur DIY Eurorack Conversion Kits Machine MarchModded Pittsburgh OscillatorEurorack ModularSCANDECK10-Channel Interpolating Scanner ModularTWO NINE FIVE10-Channel Resonant Comb Filter ModularUSB POWERLow Cost PSU MobularAnnouncing Mobula Mobular's Artist Seriesmusicians, DJs, producers, bands, and content creators to design unique Eurorack modules with the Artist Series brand.Eurorack MobularBUFFJRVS ReviewArtist Series, module, Mult, The Modular ClubhouseEurorack MobularMOBULA MOBULAR RTLFOanalog LFO Eurorack module with three simultaneous outputs.Eurorack MobularThe Modular Clubhouse ROTLFO ReviewGreat education review of ROTLFO by The Modular Clubhouse.Eurorack ElectronicsARGON88 voice wavetable synthesiser ElectronicsARGON8Mmodern wavetable synth for music performers, ElectronicsARGON8Xmodern wavetable synth for music performers, ElectronicsBackstage with Marlow DigsFrom YouTube channels to sampling Jazz, we catchup with Vlogger and Beatmaker Marlow Digs. ElectronicsCOBALT88 voice extended virtual-analogue synthesiser ElectronicsCOBALT8MCOBALT8M unlocks the full creative potential of analogue waveforms. ElectronicsCRAFTsynth 2.0an exciting modern monophonic synthesiser ElectronicsSKULPTsynth SEpowerful portable performance synthesiser that allows musicians to perform and compose anywhere. ModularBad Idea ModularBAD IDEA #9PØWER STARVED GLITCH ØSCILLATØR ModularBus MultCV DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM ModularCARGOPower Supply Module ModularCØUNTmaster cløck transpørt ModularDECCA ModularDeviant ModularDIAL-UP ModulargmoGenetically Mødified Øscillatør ModularKriket4 channel blip & beep percussiøn generatør ModularMITØ6 channel trigger sequencer ModularMøffenmixQUAD DISTØRTIØN MIXER ModularMØFFENZEEF ModularMUSKRATflexible, 8-bit wavetable drum ModularPer4mer14hp eurorack formatted quad performance effects unitEurorack ModularSINDIKATCV Processor / Mult / Signal Mixer ModularSWARM ModularSYSTEM BUS MULT ModularVICTOR ALPHA 14 Chanel Stereo Mixer ModularVICTOR ALPHA 24 Channel Stereo Panning Mixer signals from sequencers, joysticks, LFOsEurorack Delay 59 from the A/B series and dramaticallyEurorack a mathematical function and nothing does maths better than a DSP capable microprocessor.Eurorack digital dual channel phase shifter featuring 6, 12 or 24 stage phase networks.Eurorack and blended together to form complex wave shapes.Eurorack Exponential FM using the Expo FM JackEurorack 2500, EML 101 modular and EMUsEurorack 4 channel CVs can be routed to modulate the envelope durations with CV amount depth for each mod destinationEurorack and powerful source of modulation wavesforms that will extend the modular LFO well beyond simple vibrato.Eurorack in a series of Modcan modules to be adapted for the Euro Rack formatEurorack oscillator to a new level.Eurorack
Modcan Machines MusicComb FilterEurorack MusicFormant FilterEurorack MusicNoisy OscillatorEurorack MaritimecargoPower Supply module for your eurorack modularsynth. Maritimedeccahyperbolic radionavigation system Maritimesindikatmade to be placed in the heart of every modular setup: copy, invert, attenuate, scale MaritimeVictor Alpha 24 channel Stereo Panning Mixer / Output module with VU Meter, Headphones amp and Bluetooth connectivity Maritimevictor-alpha4 channel Stereo Panning Mixer / Output module with VU Meter Analog Synth Lab104HP Lightweight Eurorack Rail, LOW PROFILE, SILVERsmaller and lighter than the standard railsEurorack Synth Lab3U Eurorack Rails Set, 84-196HP, SILVERComplete eurorack rails frameset to build a 3U section in the eurorack caseEurorack Synth Lab4U Eurorack Rails Set, INTELLIJEL SIZE, 84-196HP, SILVERbuild a 4U (3U+1U) section in the eurorack case.Eurorack Synth Lab6U Eurorack Rails Set, 84-196HP, SILVERperfectly sized countersunk holes, and specially designed side brackets.Eurorack Synth Lab84HP Eurorack Rail SILVER84HP Silver Eurorack Rail (one piece) for building your DIY eurorack case.Eurorack Synth LabButterfly Surface Latch_Medium_Penn Elcom L0915K_2xPair Medium-sized, spring-loaded, butterfly surface latch with a catch plate.Eurorack Synth LabCase Corners, 55x35mm, Stackableheavy-duty corners designedEurorack Synth LabCustom Size Eurorack Rails, Silver, Cut to lengthadd to cart as many rails as you need and we will take care of the rest for you.Eurorack Synth LabElectromagnetic Field Microphone, Ultrasonic Sounds Microphone, EM Microphone,microphone converts changes in the EM field into electric signals.Eurorack Synth LabEurorack Anti Rack Rash Screws M3x6mm, Nylon Screews, Black, 50pcsM3 threaded strips or sliding nuts.Eurorack Synth LabEurorack Bus Board, MSL Filter Bus Boardused to distribute the operating voltages of a power supply unit to supply up to 20 modules in a Eurorack case.Eurorack Synth LabEurorack Patchcable, Black Market Modular, 5-Pack, 9-150cm, REDthey are adequate for dense patchesEurorack Synth LabEurorack Power KIT, Modular Synth Power KIT, MW RT65BPower Kit to help you get started on building or upgrading your DIY Eurorack synthesizer cases while keeping the costs down.Eurorack Synth LabLift-Off Hinge_57mm_Black_Penn Elcom P0625K_2xdurable alternative in the place of continuous hinges without the expense of adding 2 additional twist latches.Eurorack Synth LabModular Synth Case “FLY_208” 6U 208HPspecially selected baltic birch plywood for feather lightweight.Eurorack Synth LabMono Patch Splitter, 0HP Eurorack Mulitplier, BLACK“must-have” eurorack gadgetEurorack Synth LabMono Patch Splitter, 0HP Eurorack Mulitplier, REDproblem of lacking multiple patch pointsEurorack Synth LabPortable Eurorack Case, 6U/104HP, “BLACK 208”Eurorack Portable Case, 2x104HP , fully powered – ready to follow you wherever you go.Eurorack ModularBAD IDEA #1800-CALL-YER-MUM:PCB/PANEL ONLY NO OTHER COMPONENTS INCLUDED ModularBAD IDEA #18214:døwn and dirty, simple sølutiøn før getting 8 channels øf eurørack intø 1/4” førmat.eurørack Modularbad-idea-9first mødule øf my new “Bad Idea” DIY series. Modularbusmultpassively distribute signals thrøughøut yøur system using a twø pin jumper cable øn the back øf each mødule. Modularcountmaster cløck transpørt with a rich feature set suitable før a small drum system. Modulardeviantthe “Smøøth” knøb alløwing the user tø dial ModulardialupThe øscillatør cøre has a single knøb (lil' cømputer) which scrambles the glitch algørithm. Modulargmoøpen søurce, lø-fi, digital, esøteric drum mødule Modularkriket4 channel blip & beep percussiøn generatør with CV capability øver gløbal pitch. Modularmito6 channel trigger sequencer that specializes in swingin', divide'n, n' pølyrhythm'n. Modularmoffenmixføur channel audiø mixer with søme extra sauce. Modularmoffenzeefmodularrather ødd sølutiøn tø a prøblem that døesn’t exist. Modularmuskrata flexible, 8-bit wavetable drum synth. Modularsystem-mffenzeef-cllectrs-editin“THE WØRLD’S MØST USELESS DRUM MACHINE” Modularsystembusmult46 BUS MULTS IN A HANDMADE ASH CABINET BY TY DEROUSSEAU Modularsystemmoffenzeef“VØLTAGE CØNTRØLLED GLITCH PATTERN GENERATØR” (Media Overkill)filtrygprofessional dual filter effect, ready to create new dimensions of rhythmic and timbral expressiveness in your mix.Eurorack (Media Overkill)waverazorfuturistic synth that gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new soundsEurorack (Media Overkill)wr_dualDual Oscillator module brings our patented oscillator design to Eurorack formatEurorack SynthesizerHertztwo summed outputs for an ideal front end to one or more filters - either in parallel or series.Eurorack SynthesizerInzno range switching required, provides input level control for wide range of inputsEurorack SynthesizerMS5 Panneramaan all analog signal generator and modifier.Eurorack SynthesizerOrderingWe are transitioning to retailer channelsEurorack SynthesizerPanzmodulation within the master contour or hold function, and the other two VCAs provide manual or voltage control panning.Eurorack SynthesizerPedzexpression pedal input with bi and unipolar CVs outputs as well as a dedicated VCA for controlling other signals.Eurorack SynthesizerRibbonzWide-range, tunable and scalable frequency CV with selectable portamento destinationsEurorack SynthesizerStompzoutput to an amplifier or mixer.Eurorack SynthesizerVoltzEurorack open, interactive instrument that allows the user to imagine and define its function.eurorack instruments.eurorack Music Inc.16-channel-vocoderhighly sought-after Moog 16 Channel Vocoder, Music Inc.claravox-centennialelite performance theremin that integrates decades of expertise from Moog Music Inc.claravox-centennial-theremin-standperfect fit for your Claravox Centennial Theremin. Music Inc.grandmothersemi-modular analog synthesizer with a built-in arpeggiator, sequencer and spring reverb tank. Music Inc.Grandmother SR Series CaseMoog SR Series Cases are here to safeguard your Moog Grandmother synthesizer where you need it most and ensure your sound travels far and wide. Music Inc.Matriarchpatchable 4-note paraphonic analog synthesizer with a built-in Sequencer, Arpeggiator, stereo Ladder Filters, and stereo Analog Delay. Music Inc.matriarch-sr-series-caseMoog SR Series Cases are here to safeguard your Moog Matriarch synthesizer Music Inc.model-10faithful recreation of the first compact modular synthesizer created by Dr. Robert Moog in 1971. Music Inc.Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAMcomplete analog synthesis studio in a box Music Inc.moog-sound-studio-subharmonicon-dfamcomplete analog synthesis studio in a box. Music Inc.Subharmoniconsemi-modular polyrhythmic analog synthesizer that employs a 6-tone sound engine and multi-layered clock generator Music Inc.Subsequent 252-note paraphonic analog synthesizer that melds the hands-on analog soul of classic Moog instruments with the convenience and workflow of a modern sound-design machine. ModularM 501 DDual Voltage Controlled Oscillator ModularM 501 EOscillator Expander ModularM 501 MOscillator Mixer ModularM 502 DDUAL VCA MODULE ModularM 504VOLTAGE CONTROLLED LOW PASS FILTER ModularM 505Voltage Controlled Multi Mode Filter ModularM 517VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER circuits in one triple-width unit. ModularM 517 SSINGLE VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER ModularM 524Low Frequency Oscillator ModularM 524 ALow Frequency OscillatorAssistant ModularM 525QUAD REVERSIBLE ATTENUATOR ModularM 525M CPM 525M ATTENUATOR/MIXER ModularM 526active bipolar three channel mixer for audio signals and control voltages with master level control and both inverting and non inverting outputs. ModularM 5434-channel output mixer with voltage controlled volume and panorama per channel. ModularStereo Output Mixer4-channel output mixer with voltage controlled volume and panorama per channel. Multifunction ToolEurorack AcousticIntervalicinterval-based melody generator AcousticRandom Subdividertime signature-based trigger sequencer Oscillator controlled modifier waveform generator Controller Controller / wave-shaping sections
MosaicADSR Envelope Generator
MosaicAnalog VCO Oscillator
MosaicBass Drum
MosaicBuffered Signal Multiplier
MosaicClock Timing Generator
MosaicDual Linear VCA
MosaicFour Channel Mixer
MosaicLED Voltage Controlled Light
MosaicLine Input
MosaicLine Output
MosaicLow Pass Filter
MosaicMono Reverb
MosaicPlucked String
MosaicSnare Drum
MosaicVariable Delay InstrumentsThe CosmopolitanThe Eurorack dual phase distortion oscillatorEurorack passive attenuator. 4hp.Eurorack digital splitter, x2, x4 divider. – 3hp.Eurorack multi-mode envelope generatorenvelope clock tester/generator/divider/sync module. – 12hpEurorack wavetable ultra-low frequency oscillator. 8hp. (NEW!)Eurorack Balanced Line input module / zSUM-4 expander.Eurorack output module /expander for zSUM-4.Eurorack splitter/distributor/mult/bus access. – 3hp.Eurorack mixer 5×1 /attenuator/inverter. – 3hpEurorack summing mixer. – 10hpEurorack
MozzendorferBAD IDEA #1800-CALL-YER-MUM SynthesizersMRG ADSRclassic envelope generator, SynthesizersMRG ATT Passive AttenuatorTriple Passive Attenuator ModuleEurorack SynthesizersMRG LPF24dB low pass voltage SynthesizersMRG LPF/a18dB + 6db low pass voltage SynthesizersMRG VCAdual linear VCA module SynthesizersMRG VCOoscillatorEurorack Granular ProcessorEurorack Micro Clouds Granular SynthEurorack Polymorphic CV GeneratorEurorack EnterprisesfAAnalog voltage controlled filter EnterprisesmA EnterprisesoAoscillator EnterprisesSyncz Jitter Thing ModularAxo Controlfantastic and hugely powerful sound board Thing ModularChord Organ Thing ModularGraphic EQcompact and high quality seven band graphic equaliser Thing ModularRadio Musicvirtual radio module Thing ModularSpring Reverb Mk2flexible, easy-to-build voltage controlled DIY mono spring reverb module Thing ModularStartupmixer, clock & headphone ampEurorack Thing ModularTuring Machinebinary sequencer InstrumentsBeads Texture SynthesizerTexture synthesizer InstrumentsBlades Dual Multimode FilterA DUAL MULTIMODE FILTER InstrumentsBlinds Quad Polarizer InstrumentsBranches Dual Bernoulli Gates Generator InstrumentsEars External Input InstrumentsElements Modal Synthesizer InstrumentsLinks Utility Mults & Mixer InstrumentsMarbles Random SamplerRandom sampler InstrumentsPlaits Macro-OscillatorMacro-oscillator InstrumentsRings ResonatorResonator InstrumentsRipples V2 Liquid FilterLiquid filter InstrumentsShades 3 CH Attenuverter AttenuatorAttenuator/offset/mixer InstrumentsStages Segment GeneratorSegment generator InstrumentsTides Tidal ModulatorTidal modulator InstrumentsVeilsQuad VCA InstrumentsVeils V2 Four-Channel VCA and Mixer InstrumentsWarps Algorithmic Modulator ModularATOFEurorack ModularATTENUVERTERThis is Mutant Modular attenuverter for eurorack synthesizers.Eurorack ModularCV GEARThis is Mutant Modular CV Gear.Eurorack ModularFAN SYNTHEurorack ModularFMIXFMIX is a compact format performance mixer with expandable capabilities.Eurorack ModularMIXER 2HPThis is Mutant Modular mixer for eurorack synthesizers.Eurorack ModularMUTANT MODULAR MINI RACK 32HPEurorack ModularNOISERNoiser is a standalone Lo-Fi synth inspired by the APC "Atari Punk Console" but with more features.Eurorack ModularPASSIVE ATTENUATOR BLACKAttenuator for synthesizers.Eurorack ModularPASSIVE MIXERpss_mx_assembledEurorack ModularPASSIVE MULTIPLESEurorack ModularPASSIVE OPTICAL VCAPassive vactrol VCA with mutant modular vactrol inside.Eurorack ModularPLUG-IN POWER BOARDThis is Mutant Modular Plug-in power board.Eurorack ModularPREAMP 2HPEurorack ModularRADIATEEurorack ModularSLIM PASSIVE ATTENUATORThis is Mutant Modular slim passive attenuator for all synthesizers.Eurorack ModularSWITCHERThis is Mutant Modular Switcher for eurorack synthesizers.Eurorack ORNAMENT & CRIME, BLACK MAGPIE VERSIONpolymorphic cv generator ORNAMENT & CRIME, GRAYSCALE VERSIONpolymorphic cv generator ORNAMENT & CRIME, OSCILLOSAURUS VERSIONpolymorphic cv generator ORNAMENT & CRIME, WHITE MAGPIE VERSIONpolymorphic cv generator TEMPS UTILE, GRAYSCALE VERSIONeuro panel by grayscale UO&C GRAYSCALE ALUMINUM VERSION8hp re-invention UT_U (MICROTEMPS_UTILE) GRAYSCALE ALUMINUM VERSION UT_U (MICROTEMPS_UTILE) MAGPIE BLACK VERSION UT_U (MICROTEMPS_UTILE) MAGPIE WHITE VERSION CircuitsAna Analog LogicEurorack CircuitsPortal Wave WrapperEurorack CircuitsSpectra MirrorEurorack CircuitsSwitches Turing Machine ExpanderEurorack CircuitsTree Sequential SwitchEurorack CircuitsVertEurorack TokyoLD4Flexible Digital Drum SynthesizerEurorack Instruments ModulesALT Cascading VCA/MixerQUAD VOLTAGE CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER & CASCADED MIXER ModulesblankBlank Panels help to keep your Rack clean and well organised. ModulesFONT Multimode FilterMASSIVE SOUNDING LIQUID FILTER ModulesMAR Dual MixerMULTICHANNEL DUAL MIXER ModulesONA Analog OscillatorANALOG MULTIFUNCTIONOSCILLATOR ModulesQUART Quad AD Envelope / LFOQUAD ATTACK-DECAY ENVELOPE& LFO SoundDuoFonikdual version of the Fonik SSM2044 board SoundOrgone Accumulatora unique complex digital oscillator built on a PJRC teensy 3.1 ARM processor.Eurorack
Neuzeit InstrumentsOrbit Bitcrusher + Harmonizer England AnalogNEW ENGLAND ANALOG NEA-4019 VCApcb+panel Systems InstrumentsBabel Analog Logic and IntermodulationBabel is a tool for creating massive intermodulation, and a workhorse for analog logic, depending on your use and interpretation of its function. Systems InstrumentsBabel Expander Systems InstrumentsHarmonic Shift OscillatorThe Harmonic Shift Oscillator (HSO) produces harmonic and inharmonic spectra through all-analog electronics. Systems InstrumentsQuad Mid Side Quadraphonic ProcessorQMS does quadraphonic mid–side processing. Given a left front, right front, left back, and right back signal, it produces a mid and three side signals: Systems InstrumentsVCAThe New Systems Instruments VCA module gives you four well-calibrated VCAs in 6HP. Instrumentscv_looperCV/Gate sequencer Buff Mix Engineeringaim5U Digital oscillator inspired by the last millenniumeurorack EngineeringAtaraxic Iteritas Magnus 5Ueurorack EngineeringAtaraxic Iteritas Oscillator EngineeringAtaraxic Translatron Oscillator EngineeringBasimilus Iteritas Alter Drum SynthBasimilus Iteritas Alter is a 10HP parameterized digital drum synthesizer with its roots in the analog world. EngineeringBasimilus Iteritas Magnus Traditional Graphics 5U Engineeringbim5U Universal-drum synthesizer with roots in the analog worldeurorack EngineeringBin Seq Gate SequencerBin Seq is an eight-step switchable gate sequencereurorack EngineeringBLACK REPLACEMENT PANELSeurorack Engineeringcipeurorack EngineeringClep Diaz Clocked CV SourceClep Diaz is a handy and small step CV and LFO generator. EngineeringCursus Iteritas Magnus 5U5U Dynamically generated wavetable oscillator using orthogonal functionseurorack EngineeringCursus Iteritas OscillatorCursus Iteritas is a 10HP oscillator that works from a dynamically generated wavetable.eurorack EngineeringCursus Iteritas Percido EngineeringDesmodus Versio Stereo Reverb EngineeringFractio Solum Clock DividerFracto Solum is a simple and easy-to-use clock divider/multiplier. EngineeringHorologic Solum Master ClockHorologic Solum is a 4HP voltage-controlled clock generator. EngineeringHorologic Uter Expander EngineeringImitor Versio Multi-Tap DelayImitor Versio is a delay designed for experimentation EngineeringIntegra Solum Dual Clock Divider EngineeringKith Ruina Overdrive / EQeurorack EngineeringLapsus Os Voltage ProcessorLapsus Os is a 10hp four channel attenuator/attenuverter and offset.eurorack EngineeringLoquelic Iteritas Oscillatoreurorack EngineeringLoquelic Iteritas Percido Synth VoiceLoquelic Iteritas Percido is an extension of the original Loquelic Iteritas. Engineeringlorem-ipsum-blind-panelseurorack EngineeringManis Iteritas Industrial Synth Voice EngineeringManis Iteritas Magnus Traditional Graphics 5U5U gritty and dark industrial-strength voice. Pangolin approved.eurorack EngineeringMimetic Digitalis SequencerMimetic Digitalis is a 10HP step sequencer optimized for live use.eurorack EngineeringMimetic Multium Expander EngineeringMimetic Sequent CV Recorder EngineeringMuta Jovis Quad MuteMuta Jovis is a 4HP switchable quad mute.eurorack EngineeringNumeric Repetitor Gate GeneratorNumeric Repetitor is an 8HP rhythmic gate generator based on binary arithmetic.eurorack EngineeringPons Asinorum Quad Envelope / LFOPons Asinorum is a compact four-channel multimode envelope generator and LFO with voltage controleurorack EngineeringPura Ruina Distortioneurorack Engineeringpurple-kiteurorack EngineeringQuant Gemi Transposition ToolFour-channel octave switch and buffered multeurorack EngineeringQuantus Ampla Quad VCA + MixerQuantus Ampla is a compact four-channel VCA EngineeringQuantus Pax Transposition Tool4-channel transposable precision addereurorack EngineeringRoti Pola Attenuverting MixerRoti Pola is a four channel attenuverting CV mixer and offset with visual feedback in a small package.eurorack EngineeringRuina Versio Stereo Distortion EngineeringSeca Ruina Distortion + VCAeurorack Engineeringsilver-replacement-panelseurorack EngineeringSinc Bucina Envelope + LPGSinc Bucina is the sequel to one of our first modules, Sinclastic Empulatrix, replacing the clamping VCA with a resonant lowpass VCF and VCA combo.eurorack EngineeringSinc Defero Quad AttenuatorFour-channel buffered attenuator and multeurorack EngineeringSoleo Vero Strobe TunerThree-channel stroboscopic tuner with patch-through. Tune silently!eurorack EngineeringSono Abitus Monitor + Headphone Output Module EngineeringTerci Ruina Analog Distortion EngineeringVariatic Basicus Switch Bank EngineeringViol Ruina Filter + DistortionViol Ruina is an all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. EngineeringVox Digitalis Step SequencerIntuitive 1-16 step pitch CV sequencer with pattern saving and randomizationeurorack EngineeringZularic Repetitor Gate Generatoreurorack LabAnalog VCOadvanced and versatile voltage controlled oscillator LabAugmentor Dual VCADual VCA LabBeautifier Dual Mode FilterDual mode filter LabContourist Envelope Generator LabFourcaster Interpolating ScannerInterpolating scanner LabPrime Mover Analog VCO LabWave Shaper LabWrinkler Wave Shaper Reap3xVCA Triple VCA3xVCA is a trio of high quality VCAs. ReapAnomaly State Variable VCFAnomaly is a VCF combined with a broken wavefolder. ReapBermudaThis is a DIY only module. ReapFoundation Bass DrumFoundation is an electro-organic instrument loosely mimicking the thump and feel of an acoustic kick drum. ReapLoafersQuad skewable LFO with three simultaneous outputs. ReapParadoxParadox is a pair of triangle core VCOs. ReapPatternsPatterns is a non-traditional 8 step gate sequencer with rhythmic canon outputs. ReapSwiss Army MixerA versatile utility mixer suitable for audio or CV signals. ReapXimXim is an old school crossfader/VCA. Circuitsbbx291eurorack CircuitschoralgenThis is a BBD based triple chorus generator.eurorack CircuitsclumpClump is a 4x4 CV controlled matrix mixer (MM).eurorack Circuitsluxlazy designeurorack Coast Modular CollectiveFLINT FADEREurorack Coast Modular CollectiveKALAMAZOO KAMMERL CLOUDSEurorack Coast Modular CollectiveLODI MULT PASSIVE MULTIPLE3hp passive 2×4 multipleEurorack Coast Modular CollectiveMT. BRIGHTON AVALANCHE OSCILLATOREurorack Coast Modular CollectiveOR SWITCHEurorack Coast Modular CollectivePLATTE PLAITS ALTERNATIVE EURORACK PANELEurorack Coast Modular CollectiveTerminal Tedium Marker Label Eurorack PanelEurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 007 Leapfrog VCFNot Your Grandmother's Synth Filter (Yet)Eurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 008 Dual VC Octave SwitchMaster of MelodiesEurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 009 Coiler VCFA filter with a twistEurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 010 Fixed Sine BankEverywhere A SineEurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 011 Transistor MixerThe Joy of MixEurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 012 Transistor ADSRVersatility and versimilitudeEurorack Coast SynthesisMSK 013 Middle Path VCOVersatility without excessEurorack Light ModularCV Polymorpher – cardOC V2208C_frequency_control_flowchartEurorack Light ModularEasel MIDI – Model cardEMCard bus midi encoder tailored to Eventide, Strymon and other midi controllable effect processors or synthesizers.Eurorack Light ModularElectric Dompteur – Model hED v2Eurorack Light Modularh bracketNeeded to mount the h series modules in a 1U space.Eurorack Light ModularPolemixing Filters Model hPF – DIYEurorack Light ModularSpectral Resonator – Model 2SREurorack Light ModularTime & Triggers Model hTT – DIYEurorack AudioDarwineurorack AudioEuroBruteeurorack AudioMIDITriggereurorack amp upgradeeurorack BOARD AND PANEL SETeurorack PARTIAL KITThis is most of the nw2s::b.eurorack DUAL HYBRID OVERDRIVE AND VCAThe nw2s::drv2 is a dual hybrid, voltage controlled overdrive with VCF, two VCAs, and a mixer.eurorack DUAL HYBRID OVERDRIVE AND VCAThe nw2s::drv2 is a dual hybrid, voltage controlled overdrive with VCF, two VCAs, and a mixer.eurorack BALANCEDeurorack UNBALANCED KITeurorack 4X4 ACTIVE AUDIO MULTThe nw2s treatment for the humble mult.eurorack 4X4 PASSIVE MULTThe nw2s treatment for the humble mult.eurorack ACTIVE MULT KITThe nw2s treatment for the humble mult.eurorack PASSIVE MULT KITeurorack BALANCEDThe 'o16 provides 16 channels of output in just 10hp.eurorack UNBALANCED KITThis deceptively simple module will have a significant effect on your work.eurorack configuration is the ideal balance of efficient power, floating balanced outputs, and transformer color.eurorack, robust, DC-coupled output stage that is fully floating similar to a transformereurorack Purple op amp with high-nickel transformer balanced output.eurorack Sound SystemsClassic VCA - Discrete core voltage controlled amplifier module Sound SystemsOakley Sound Multimix Sound SystemsSlim VCOMOTM and MU Sound SystemsThe ASVcomplete analogue synthesiser in a 5U wideMOTM and MU Sound SystemsThe Noise and Dual Filter module Sound SystemsThe Oakley FourMix Sound SystemsVCO(voltage controlled oscillator) module Sound SystemsVoltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator Sound SystemsVRG - Versatile Ramp Generator is a performance oriented VCO controller designed around custom manufactured illuminated capacitive touch pads.eurorack Crowcloneduinoeurorack CrowCloneduino UnoCloneduino is an Arduino Uno R3-compatible developer board which use authentic Atmeleurorack CrowCrowminius EuroThe Crowminius Euro is a two-module system designed to bring the Crowminius analog music synthesizer to the Eurorack format.eurorack CrowCrowminius v1.1.3 bare boardThis is the Crowminius v1.1.x single-board synthesizer bare boardeurorack CrowCS80 filter board for Shruthi synthesizerThis is the CS80 filter/power supply bare board made for the Mutable Instruments Shruthi desktop synthesizer.eurorack Experimental Signal Generator predecessor of Confusor 2eurorack Confusor 2 is an automatable signal routing module for Eurorack.eurorack Circuitspro_outBalanced Outs and VUmetereurorack ModularIMÁGENESstereo state variable filter ModularQUATROfour voltage-controlled amplifiers ModularSIGNOSincredibly versatile dual channel utility and waveshaper module ModularμStminimal panning mixer Eurorack Mixer With Controlled PanoramaEurorack And DelayDual-module of DSP effectsEurorack ReverbEurorack DividerEurorack Noise Co. Audio to Video Level ShifterCurtail is a 4hp voltage scaler used primarily to bring signals from audio Eurorack modules (+/-5V) down to video Eurorack levels (+/-1V).eurorack Digital Shift RegisterThe Dual Digital Shift Register is an Aleatoric sequence generator based around shift registers.eurorack Dual Boolean LogicIllyana is a two channel Boolean logic module.eurorack Lo-Fi Digital to Analog ConverterThe r2rawr in its most simple form is a 5-bit digital to analog convertereurorack Blank Panel #1A nice black and gold 8HP blank panel with artwork by Phen Marks of omsonic.eurorack DividerA cost effective clock divider with reset and clock pass through in a small 4 HP package.eurorack Buffered MultipleA cost effective dual buffered multiple in a small 6HP package.eurorack Transistor VCATwo separate discrete transistor based VCA’s in a small 6 HP module.eurorack Ladder FilterA funky sounding and very useful and diode ladder filter in a small 8 HP package with lots of cool featureseurorack DustAn Analog Hi-hat Eurorack Module inspired by the Hi-hats section of the famous Roland TR-606 Drum machine.eurorack MK 2A 4 Pole Cascaded OTA VCF 10HP version of the old RNF VCF but with extras.eurorack Ladder Filter Full DIY Kiteurorack Panning Expander & MixerA 6 input 2 output unity gain stereo summing mixer with pan controls for each input.eurorack Music Labsx0x-heart-eurorackThe heart of a TB303 synth recreated in modular format.eurorack SHOTDYNAMIC TRIGGER SEQUENCEReurorack STEP TRIGGER SEQUENCERThe Orpho 8-Step is an eight-step sequencer with a voltage regulator at the output.eurorack / 8 DIODE FILTERThe D / 8 Diode Filter is a characterful 12 dB / octave multimode filter that is used as a resonant low-pass filter, high-pass filter or band-pass filter.eurorack GENERATOReurorack HATCompletely analogue HI-HAT, which is based on the sounds of vintage classics.eurorack DRUM MK2eurorack DevicesER-101real-time composition, sequencing and automation environment, all in 26HP.Eurorack DevicesER-102an expander for the ER-101.Eurorack DevicesER-301voltage-controllable canvas for digital signal processing algorithms.Eurorack channel quantizer module. Each channel can independently be set to 1 of 16 different musical modes. synthesizer module combining three different modules. quantizer that takes a single CV input and outputs 4 voice CV to create chordseurorack LFO synthesizer module used to create new timbres and waveforms with your existing VCOs.euro filter module that employs resistors with analog switches to control frequency cutoff.euro pcb version that includes 8 trimmers- please make sure you reference the correct build guide, as earlier pcb versions used 6 trimmers.euro stone's cat girl synth (cgs) burst generator waveshaper farr (moogah) SEM VCF module in euro format, with the clarke68 panel 14hpEURO Technology exclusive design. VCA in a compact 1U format. VCA #1 can also be used as a Ring Modulator. ULTRA VCOthe flagship MOTM module! LP/NF/HP (lowpass/notch/highpass) voltage-controlled filter current V3 SMT version of the PCB/Panel (modified from the V1)eurorack panel by grayscaleeurorack module design by grant richter smallest, most compact Voltage Controlled Amplifier in the Eurorack market.Eurorack LFO eDruidFace avant pour le LFO e-Druid d'ACX DS-8Front panel for the CORON DS-8 clone Delaydesigned to be placed in a box with the only power supply being a + 9V battery mini pop 120synchronize the rhythm machine with external systems Mixout-VCMixer 4 channels on 1U using the YUsynth mixer VCOAdjusting the V / Octave Response of the YUsynth VCO Anderton splits an instrument signal into four specially equalized channels the input transducers with a current source for equal drive at high and low frequencies. powerful and versatile tone control conscious studios and performers stereo or mono line level signals will come a time when you just need to use more headphones than you can drive from a single source. useful, high-quality device allows low or line-level sources to drive up to 6 pairs of stereo headphones Stereo Ducker Gate Kit Kit Processing Amplifier Phantom Power Pre-AmpKit Tone Board Kit Band EQ Kit TubeHead Kit Synthesizer Kit Mic Preamp Kit (single-channel) Mic Preamp Kit (mono) International version MS Stereo Mic KitPAiA MS Stereo Microphone produces a spacious, airy stereo image that's ideal for recording acoustic instruments. Headphone Buffer Amp Kitsmall enough (1.2" X 1.4") to squeeze into even the smallest spaces and power MIDI2CV8 Electronics Kitfreshly updated MIDI to CV converter from PAiA +/- 15V Power Supply Kitmasked circuit board (4" X 2-3/4"), wall mount transformer and all electronic components. Power Connector/Cable SetPower Connector/Cable Sets have PCB mounted 4 x 0.1" center, Patch Cord KitPatch Cord kit with 25 1/8" mini-phone plugs, 1 1/4" phone plug, 10 ft. test lead cable, & a 4 ft. RIAA Phono Preamp Kitforgotten medium in this digital world or DC power supply’s minus pole audio output connection an amp/speaker or mixer establishes DC power wire. Electronic Projects for Musicians BookCraig Anderton's revised and expanded book single (1.5 X 5.25) for FracRakExperimenter's Fractional Rack Packaging System double (3 X 5.25) for FracRakPanel screws shipped are black-coated. 3 x 5.25 triple (4.5 X 5.25) for FracRakindustry standard 1/16" thick and pre-punched with mounting holes - Touch Switch/PlateThis kit combines a touch switch and a touch plate Stereo Preamplifier20dB voltage gain, +/-15 dB bass & treble control, channel balance and switchable loudness contour Dual Unregulated Power SupplyAnother simple building-block kit, a high-current unregulated DC power supply Audio to Light ModulatorThis circuit controls the intensity of a light (incandescent bulb only, 200W max, not included) in response to the level of the audio input. 3 1/2 Digit LCD Panel Metergeneral-purpose 3 1/2 digit LCD panel meter kit Four Digit Up/Down Counterlow-cost 4-digit up/down counter using a micro-controller Voice Activated Switchsound-activated switch with a sensitive microphone included 1W Stereo Amplifier Modulestereo amplifier module provides greater than 1W of output power into a wide range of output loads (4 Ohms to 16 Ohms). 110VAC-Powered Strobe LightThis kit contains a xenon flashtube as found on aircraft, camera flash units, signal beacons and disco lights Multi Mode TimerThe timer controls a 12V relay with 120V/10A contacts Amplifier Module6-10 Watt Stereo Amplifier Labs4 passive attenuatorsExtremely useful in CV modulationeurorack LabsActive Matrix Mixer4Ins x 4Outs and skiff friendlyeurorack LabsAnalog ADSR + attenuverterADSR mode with Attenuvertereurorack LabsClone of VCF minimoogeurorack LabsCVLFO generator based on parametric equations applied to the 3 base LFOs and their 3 CV outputseurorack LabsDigital ADSR :precision at each stage of the envelopeeurorack LabsDiscreet VCAeurorack LabsDual LPGDual active LPG with very low distortion circuitry and high linearityeurorack LabsLevel ShifterInterface for your Eurorack modular to send and receive LINE level signals to plug into soundcards,eurorack LabsLFOclockable / pingableeurorack LabsMadre Tierrasensitive feedback moduleeurorack LabsMIDI 2 CVMIDI to CV convertereurorack Labsmixer 4x1​Mixer of 4 inputs and 1 outputeurorack LabsMulti passive4 groups of passive mlti from 1 to 3eurorack Labsquantizertwo voltage input channels with gain control;-MIDI OUTeurorack LabsSonarProximity sensor (10 to 70cm) converted to CVeurorack LabsStereo CompressorTwo optical compressor channels to keep your musical program under controleurorack Labstape saturatorSignal saturation / diode compressor circuit with slight transient change tape simulator effect.eurorack LabsTaste and Flavor6-track sequencer with sample player also with 6 simultaneous tracks and possibility of mixing by independent trackeurorack LabsVCA / Sidechaindiscreet VCA and an easy-to-use sidechaineurorack LabsVegastochastic sequencer with 5 different algorithmseurorack LabsWireless CV2 accelerometer controlled CV channelseurorack"Пуск-3" aluminiumEurorack"Пуск-6" aluminiumchannel muter / gater based on handmaded vactrols with fast response.Eurorack"Пуск-6" black blue buttonsvactrol based 6 channel muter / gaterEurorack"Пуск-6" black orange buttonsinstant and Latch, in any combination of channel-by-channel.EurorackЛИТЧ-1 relicAnalog signal visualisation unitEurorackЛИТЧ-2 aluminiumvisual analysis of the incoming signalЛИТЧ-3 black БКThe front panel can be black or aluminum.ЛИТЧ-3 black СКBrand new module from manufacturer (it`s me ac...Eurorack Module1 octave keyboard Moduleadds MIDI functionality to Patchblocks Eurorack ModulePower: 50mA @ +12v, 25mA @- 12v, 30mA @ +5vEurorack PandaCopycat Buffered Multiple2hp buffered multeurorack PandaEphemere CV Recorderhigh-resolution dual-channel recording interfaceeurorack PandaFlipanda Dual AttenuverterDual attenuvertereurorack PandaHatz V2 Analog Hi-HatsAnalog hit-hat moduleeurorack PandaMoon Phase Stereo Multimode FilterStereo 12dB/octave state-variable multimode filtereurorack Pandapandabuseurorack PandaPatching Pandamodular syntheurorack PandaPetit Mixmixereurorack PandaPunch V3 Dual VCA + Decayultimate VCA-DECAYeurorack PandaShuby Digital Noise SourceComplex noise generatoreurorack PandaVibrazum V2 Triple FilterVersatile triple multimode VCFeurorack ModularSSP Super Signal Processoreurorack Neutre (PH Modular)3x ATTTriple passive attenuator Neutre (PH Modular)A / B ++A / B Switch - patchbay - Multiple Neutre (PH Modular)ANALOG BASS DRUM Neutre (PH Modular)DUAL A / B SELECTORDouble passive selector Neutre (PH Modular)INVERSORDual passive inversor Neutre (PH Modular)MIX ++"all in one" mixer and not very greedy in size (12HP). Neutre (PH Modular)MULTIPLE BUFFERISE Neutre (PH Modular)MULTIPLE DUAL CHANNEL1U Intellijel formatIntellijel Neutre (PH Modular)MULTIPLE DUAL CHANNEL Neutre (PH Modular)Two Choicespassive utility VCFeurorack VCF - PCBeurorack Adaptereurorack INVeurorack Noiseeurorack VCOeurorack VCOeurorack 717 Pulse ShaperClone of the System-700's Pulse Shaper from the 717 Analog Sequencer.eurorack Dual ADSR 705 - front paneleurorack S&H 709eurorack conditional switcheurorack filtereurorack oscillatoreurorack ModularAnalog Delay Unit ModularCroweurorack ModularGibboneurorack ModularGiraffemixereurorack ModularLifeforms Analog Delay Unit ModularLifeforms Distro ModularLifeforms Double Helix Oscillator ModularLifeforms Micro Sequence B B ElectronicsANTSsemi-modular analog synthesizereurorack ElectronicsARRHYTHMIAprogrammable clock generatoreurorack ElectronicsENVF Envelope FollowerEnvelope Followereurorack ElectronicsMix1dual channel mixereurorack ElectronicsNutone Distortion Moduledual channel VCA and distortioneurorack ElectronicsSPICEmodular saturation uniteurorack ElectronicsSpice VCF Filter3 state (LP, BP, HP) Voltage Controlled Filtereurorack ElectronicsTHE JELLYFISHdelayeurorack Audioex2 - CV Expandereurorack AudioOCPAssembled SMD Versioneurorack AudioRack Plumber HD (Pair)patch cable remote extensioneurorack AudioRackPlumber RJ45 (Pair)Patch cable remote extensioneurorack AudioWave PainterDual Channel Oscilloscopeeurorack AudioWaveletRotatable Multimode Filtereurorack style 12dB state variable VCF based on classic CEM 3320 Combiner 7-1 OR Gate core VCO for Eurorack Modular synthesizersEurorack Envelope GeneratorAll discrete vintage-synth style Envelope Generator Voice Polyphonic MIDI to CV interface with Auto-Tune (PCBs only) waveform multiplier USB Keyboard MIDI to CV interface for Eurorack Modular synthesizers modulation controller with LFO, S&H and Noise in 6HP EurorackEurorack folder with ring modulator Slew Limiter Eurorack PCB SetEurorack Controlled Envelope Generator Assembled Assembled kit assembled module modular speech synthesizer
Poly EffectsHector Hardware Virtual Modular Synthesizer Black 2 MIDI to CV Converter HP interface ElectronicsSNAKE CHARMER DB25 FRONT PANEL ElectronicsSnake Charmer Outeight channel eurorack to +4dbu balanced line level converter.eurorack ModularBass Drumeurorack ModularClapeurorack ModularHi Hateurorack ModularKlonkGeneral percussion synthesizer moduleeurorack ModularSnare Drumeurorack AudioPT AUDIO DDO, PANEL, MOTM, 4Umotm format panel for the pt audio dual digital oscillatormotm AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSC, FULL KIT, EURO, 26HPpt audio dual digital osc, full kit, euro, 26hpeuro AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSC, KIT, DOTCOM/MU FORMATpt audio dual digital oscillator, full kitdotcom AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSC, PANEL, CC DOTCOM/MUfor the pt audio dual digital oscillatordotcom AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSCILLATOR, KIT, FRAC, 3Ufull kit to build the pt audio dual digital oscillator in frac format.frac AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSCILLATOR, KIT, MOTM, 4Ufull kit to build the pt audio dual digital oscillatorMOTM AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSCILLATOR, PANEL ONLY, EURO, 26HPclarke robinson euro panel for the pt audio dual digital oscillator module AudioPT AUDIO DUAL DIGITAL OSCILLATORS, DOTCOM/MU 4Upt audio dual digital oscillatorsdotcom TABULA RASA, PANEL/PCB, EURO, 10HP RASA OSC, KIT, EURO 10HPfull kit for the tabula rasa digital wavetable oscillator RASA WAVETABLE OSC, EURO, 10HP