M-Audio was originally founded in 1988 under the name “Midiman,” and officially became M-Audio in 2000.

The company specializes in computer audio interface and studio integration solutions. Its product line includes interfaces, controllers, monitors, headphones, microphones, and more. M-Audio is likely best known for its partnership with Avid, the creator of Pro Tools (digital audio workstation).

Official website: m-audio.com

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List Of M-Audio Microphones:

BrandMicrophone Model

List Of M-Audio Headphones/Earphones:

Headphones ModelBrandType

List Of M-Audio Effects Pedals:

BrandPedal ModelPedal Type

List Of M-Audio Audio Plugins:

BrandPluginPlugin TypeFormat: AAXFormat: AUFormat: VSTFormat: UADOS: MacOS: WindowsOS: LinuxOS: AndroidOS: iOS