Please find the database of audio brands below. This database is ever-evolving to include new brands involved in the audio space.

I am currently working diligently to include more information on each brand and unique pages with detailed descriptions of each brand.

Note that this is not currently a comprehensive list of all brands relating to the audio industry.

BrandCountryFounderFounding Date
(++Audio) KingdomGareth Greenall2010
00Laboratories de Jongh2010
1010 Music StatesAaron Higgins
112dB Climer, Jules Vleugels2005
12 Gauge Microphones StatesBrad Martin2011
1208 Audio
123Creative Wang2012
12bitz Mardi
1981 Inventions StatesMatthew Hoopes
1st Creative Labs
20 Objects StatesDarwin Grosse2009
25-Seven StatesGeoffrey Steadman 2003
256klabs Helmi2009
2B Played Music
2CAudio StatesAndrew Souter2008
2getheraudio StatesPatrice Tarabbia2018
2hp StatesStephen Hensley2016
2MGT (Metamusic Generative Tools)
2nd Sense Audio
2Rule Sportszergyártó2018
3 Leaf Audio StatesSpencer Doren2008
3 Sigma Audio StatesChris Lucas2016
3 Zigma Audio StatesLarry Villalla1997
360 Systems StatesRobert Easton1972
3A Speakers Dehay1972
3M/Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company StatesTerry Heitzman, William McGonagle, John Dwan, Danley Budd, Hermon Cable, Henry Bryan1902
3rd Generation Kingdom
47 Laboratory Kimura1995
4Front Technologies StatesPeter Mellor
4ms Company StatesDan Green1996
5540 Lab Kopichon2018
6 Degrees Fx
64 Audio
66 Audio
7 Dials KingdomAlan Woodburn2015
797 Audio info1953
7Air KingdomDevorah Raney1998
7AMP (Around Music Portal)
808 Audio States2014
99Sounds Zlatic2014
A-Designs StatesPeter Montessi1998
A. Brodersen Kingdom
A.I.R info2004
A.O.M. Kubo2003
A/DA Amps StatesDave Tarnowski1978
Aaton Digital
Aavik Acoustics Kristensen and Michael Børresen2004
Abacus Electronics
Abasi StatesTosin Abasi2017
Abbingdon Music Research KingdomMr. P. Wayne, Mr. V. Luke and Mr. T. Loesch2001
Aberrant DSP StatesBen Schmitz2019
Abletec Hoff2001
Ableton Behles1999
Abstract Data Kingdom2008
Abyss Devices
AC Delco States1916
AC Shockwave StatesAnthony Shockwave
Acacia Audio
Acapella Audio Arts Rudolph and Hermann Winters1978
Access Music StatesSir Len Blavatnik1986
Acclaim Lighting States2003
Accoustic Research StatesHenry Kloss, Edgar Villchur1952
AccSone Jörg Stelkens1997
Accuphase Kasuga1972
Accusonus Tsilfidis2013
Accustic Arts Schunk1997
Ace Backstage StatesCathi Strader1991
Achitophel Consulting Shem Tov2005
Acid Rain Technology States
Acidacide Media
Acidgrooves Barbosa & Sven Krakowsky2013
ACL (Audiophile Circuits League)
Aclam Canivell2010
Acme Audio Manufacturing Company StatesAl Sutton2008
ACO Pacific StatesNoland Lewis1978
Acon Digital Aagedal1994
Acoustar KingdomDavid Jasper
Acoustat StatesJames Strickland1962
Acoustech States
Acoustic Amplification StatesSteve Marks1968
Acoustic Audio States1991
Acoustic Dreams States
Acoustic Energy KingdomPhil Jones1987
Acoustic Engineering
Acoustic Reality
Acoustic Research StatesEdgar Villchur and Henry Kloss1952
Acoustic ShellsPortugal
Acoustic Tools/RPGPeter D'antonio
Acoustic XCanadaCaleb Madsen
Acoustic ZenUnited StatesRobert Lee
Acoustica StatesJoseph Clarke1998
Acoustical Manuafacturing Co.United KingdomPeter J. Walker1936
Acoustical Solutions StatesMichael Binns1989
AcousticoreUnited States
AcousticPlan Jäckle1996
Acoustics EngineeringNetherlands
Acoustics FirstUnited StatesBecky Colleran1970
Acquit Music
Active Headsets
Acurus StatesMondial Designs1993
AcurusUnited StatesTed Moore and Rick Santiago2009
Acustica Audio Del Sordo2007
ADACanadaCharles Hoskinson2015
ADA (Audio Design Associates) StatesAlbert G. Langella and Peter T. McKean1977
ADAM Audio Heinz1999
Adam Hall SuppliesUnited KingdomDavid John Kirby1966
Adam Monroe StatesTakezo Kensei
Adam Szabo Szabo2016
Adam-SmithUnited States
Adamson Accoustic Design Corp.CanadaBrock Adamson1983
Adaptive TechnologiesUnited StatesPaul Allen1987
ADCUnited StatesThomas J Lynch1998
ADCUnited StatesChris Martin1935
Adcom States1979
AdcomUnited StatesJoe Kubic and Arras Keathley1990
ADDAC System
AdHd George Still1990
ADK Microphones StatesLawrence Villella1997
ADM TechnologyUnited StatesAman Mehta and Mukesh Mehta2018
AdmiralUnited StatesHenry Engelhardt1991
Admiral Quality Sholin2005
Adobe SystemsUnited StatesCharles Geschke, John Warnock1982
Adptr Audio KingdomMarc Adamo2018
ADSR Sounds KongSteve Foulds2012
AdtranUnited StatesThomas R Stanton1985
ADV (Advanced Sound) StatesPeter Yoon2015
Advanced Audio Thomas2006
Advanced AudioWaves Keren2011
Advanced ReceiverUnited StatesJay Rusgrove1978
AdventUnited StatesPeter Brooke2020
Advent Corporation StatesHenry Kloss1967
Adventure Audio StatesChristian Terjesen2014
AEA (Audio Engineering Associates) StatesWes Dooley1998
Aegean Music StatesGeorge Michael and Andreas Georgiou1991
AER (The Acoustic People)
AerialUnited StatesBritnie Turner1967
Aesthetix StatesJim White1993
af Kreativt Drums
Afroplug AfricaMasa Richard2012
After Later Audio StatesLenny and Clarissa Helton2017
Afterlife Laboratories States2011
AG-Works StatesRafe Hargrove1992
Agares Media
Aglae Software Guenoun2017
Aguilar StatesDave Boonshoft1995
AH Software Ogata2005
AI Synthesis StatesAbe Ingle2016
Aion Modular
AIR Music Technology O'Donnell1998
Air Tight Miur and Masami Ishiguro1986
Aira Sounds Kakehashi1980
AirRaid Audio StatesMonica Haskell2009
AirtangentSwedenLeif Häggmark
Airwaves Technologies
Airwindows StatesChris Johnson1998
AiwaJapanAiko Denki Sangyo1951
AiXcoustic Creations
aixdsp StatesMichael Joseph1990
Aiyima Audio
AJA StatesJohn Abt1993
AJH Synth KingdomAllan “J” Hall1999
AKAIUnited StatesJack O’donnell1992
Akai Professional Akai1946
AKG Rudolf Görike and Ernet Pla1947
Akiko Audio and Marc van Berlo2011
AkitikA StatesDan Joffe2010
Akki Plugs Hallot
Alan ViSTa StatesAlan Cline2001
Alcatraz StatesVince Gaydarzhiev2007
AlchemistUnited KingdomRavi Belani2012
Alcorn McBrideUnited StatesSteve Alcorn1986
Alctron Audio
Aleks K Production and Nazar Kovalevskyy2012
Alembic StatesRon Wickersham1969
AlertliteUnited States1971
Alesis StatesKeith Barr1984
Alex Gulevich
Alex Hilton|A1Audio KingdomAlex2013
Alex Nadzharov
Alexander Ermolaev StatesAlex Ermolaev
Alexander Pedals StatesMatthew Farrow2015 
Alfred Music PublishingUnited StatesAlfred Piantodosi1922
Algonaut ZealandMatt Weir2017
Algorithmix Dembo1997
Alien Pear Club KingdomYaser Tarawneh2020
All Pro SolutionsUnited States1997
Allen & Heath KingdomAndy Bereza1969
Allen Products
Allied RadioUnited StatesSimon "Sy" Wexler1928
Allison AcousticsUnited StatesRoy Allison1974
Allison ResearchUnited StatesJames P. Allison2003
Allnic Audio KoreaKang Su Park2005
ALM / Busy Circuits KingdomMatthew Allum2012
ALO Audio StatesKen Ball2004
Alpha AudioUnited StatesJaap Veenstra2003
Alpha Design Labs
Alpha Forever Modularábor Gyutai and Balázs Gyutai2018
Alpha-CoreUnited States2012
Alphakanal Peetz2013
Alphasonik States2016
Alright Devices StatesTyler Coy
Altec Lansing StatesJames Lansing1927
Alterex Stoecker1997
AltoTaiwanWill Coleman
Alto Professional States2000
Altronic ResearchUnited StatesMr. Dyess1967
AlyJamesLab James
Amaranth Audio Hughes2013
Amazon StatesJeff Bezos1994
Amazon Basics StatesJeff Bezos1994
AmberCanadaMichael Wu
Amber WaveUnited StatesAmanda Merrow1998
Ambient Recording
AMC States1970
AmekUnited StatesLuis Gallotti2017
AMEK Systems & Contols KingdomGraham Langley1973
American Acoustic DevelopmentUnited StatesPhil Jones1987
American Audio StatesChuck Davies1985
American ConcertoneUnited States
American DJUnited States1985
American ElectronicsUnited StatesMichael Galinski1983
AMG Software Werner Aufrecht Erhard Melcher1967
AMKUnited States1986
Ampeg StatesEverett Hull and Stanley Michaels1946
AmpexUnited StatesAlexander M. Poniatoff1944
Amphion Loudspeakers Hyvönen1998
Ample Sound Kang2011
Amplifier Corp. of AmericaUnited StatesDave Rogers1936
AmplitonFranceAlgernon Charles Holland1950
AmproUnited StatesMr. Irvin Lansky1947
Ampsandsound StatesJustin Weber2013
Amptweaker StatesJames Brown2009
AMS (Advanced Music Systems)United KingdomMark Crabtree1976
AMS Neve KingdomAmalgation1992
AMSynths (Analog Metropolis Synths) KingdomRob Keeble2011
AMT (Applied Microphone Technology) Statesno info1983
AMT Electronics Marichev1987
Anallogic StatesNick Myer2016
Analog Alien StatesJoe and Jack Napoli2009
Analog Bytes States
Analog Craftsman StatesTony Norton2012
Analog In The Box Reimer
Analog Industries Mandali2020
Analog Ordnance Ordnance2012
Analog Realities StatesDavid Ingebretsen2014
Analog To Digital Kumar2019
Analog WayFranceChristophe Delahousse1989
Analog.Man States Mike Piera2000
Analogue Solutions KingdomTom Carpenter2009
Analogue Systems KingdomBob Williams1998
Analysis AudioGreece1990
Anarchy Audio Chuah2011
Anarchy Audioworx
Anasounds Ernandez and Magali Goullet2013
Anchor Audio StatesMichael Mignano Nir Zicherman1973
Andrea Communications (Andrea Electronics)
Andrea Pohl
Andreas Ersson Ersson
AngelicVibes StatesRhonda Depietto2010
Angstrom LoudspeakersCanadaRoy Gray1978
Angular Momentum StatesBernoulli
Animal Factory Amplification
Animals Pedal Kawamura2015
AniModule StatesAditya Nandwana2014
Anker Steven Yang2011
Annandale AcousticsUnited StatesGary DiChiara2009
AnsmannUnited States
Ansr AudioUnited StatesJohn Clay
Antanas Bruzas
Antares Audio Technologies StatesHarold Hildebrand1990
AntariUnited States1984
Antelope Audio StatesIgor Levi2004
Anthem Johnson and John Sloan as part of ‘Sonic Frontiers’1988
Anthony Gallo AcousticsUnited StatesAnthony Gallo1994
Antimatter Audio States
Antipop Studioésar Bejarano1999
Antique Sound Lab Lau1987
Anton Savov
Antonus Gutiérrez2015
Anyware Instruments Welsch1997
APAUnited StatesG. Stanley Hall1892
Apari KingdomSudesh Sud1998
Apart StatesConrad Sundholm and Dick McCloud1976
APB DynasonicsChuck Augustowsk2004
APC StatesNeil Rasmussen1981
APCO Aviation
Apex Audio Technologies KingdomPaul Van Hees and Eddy Bergers1991
Apex Electronics
Aphex StatesCarlos Carvalho1975
API (Automated Processes Inc.) StatesSaul Walker1968
API Instruments Co.United StatesChristina Apatow1969
Apisonic Labs
Apogee Digital StatesBruce Jackson, Christof Heidelberger and Betty Bennett1985
Apogee Sound StatesBetty Bennett1985
Apparatus DevelopmentUnited StatesS. Jacob Colwell2012
Apple StatesSteve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne1976
Applied Acoustics Systems Dérogis 1998
Applied Curiosity StatesBecki Saltzman2013
April Music Korea1998
APTUnited StatesAnthony Bruce, Jim Manzi, Patrick O'Reilly1999
Aqa Elektrix
Aquatic AV States2005
AQVOX Candeias2003
Aradaz Ardiansyah
Aragon StatesMondial Designs1984
ARC Analogue Research States
ARC Effects
Arcam KingdomRalf Larson1976
arcDev Noise Industries
Archetype Instruments
Archive Of Everything StatesBrewster Kahle1996
Arcus Audio States
Area 51 StatesDan Albrecht2002
ArgentSali Christeson2017
Argento Vitus AudioDenmark
Argos Products Co.United StatesRichard Tompkins1972
Aria Sounds Arai1956
Aric Audio StatesAric Kimball2001
ArielUnited States
Ariescode Schüler2004
Arion States2004
ArionSri LankaPrince Tsushinkogyo Ltd. in Japan1973
ArkeCode Fernandes2016
ArkeyUnited StatesReynald Vito Grattagliano2011
Arne Scheffler Scheffler
ArrakisUnited StatesPetter2015
Arrel Audio
Ars AuresItalyGiuseppe Nizzola1997
ART (Applied Research & Technology) States1984
Art & Acoustique Appliquee (3A)
Art AudioUnited Kingdom
Art For The Ears Solursh
ArtecSouth KoreaB.Y. Lim1996
Artec Sound KoreaB.Y. Lim1996
Artemis Labs StatesSean Ta2003
Arthelion Nahafahik
Artificial Audio StatesBill Putnam1947
Arto Vaarala Kingdom
arTrack Studios Priniotakis2001
ArtSonica Hardiman2013
Arturiaédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil1999
Artvera Music Kinter
ASC (Accoustic Sciences Corp.)United StatesArt Noxon1984
AscendoGermanyMarc Bolh1999
Aseyer Electric Technology Nanjing info1997
Ashdown KingdomMark Gooday1997
Ashly StatesBill Thompson and Dave Malloy1974
ASI Tchang
Askywhale KingdomPatricia Piccinini
Aspen Pittman Designs States1978
ASRGermanyRao S. Anumolu1998
ASR Audio
Astatic StatesCreed M. Chorpening, F.H. Woodworth1933
Astatic DSP
Astell&Kern Korea2013
Aston Microphones KingdomPhil Smith, James Young2015
Astro Gaming
ASWave StatesSteve Weed2003
Asylum Studio Productions StatesDavid Michael Latt David Rimawi Sherri Strain1997
ATC (Acoustic Transducer Co)United KingdomRichard Newman1974
ATC Loudspeakers KingdomBilly Woodman1974
ATI (Amplifier Technologies Inc.) StatesMike Pontelle and Morris Kessler1994
Atlantic Technology StatesPeter Tribeman1989
Atlantic Technology StatesManoj "Marty" Puranik Jose Sanchez1994
Atlas Sound StatesLoyd Ivey1934
Atlona Technologies States2003
ATM Fly-WareUnited States1987
Atma-Sphere StatesRalph Karsten1978
ATR MagneticsUnited StatesMike Spitz1985
Auburn Sounds Piolat2015
AudakUnited States1915
AudaxFranceGrant Verstandig1928
Audec Dias2009
Audeonic Apps
Audia Flight Marzi and Andrea Nardini1996
Audiaire KingdomAttack Magazine2018
Audible Illusions StatesBruce Moore, Tom Taylor, and Alan Priestly1978
Audience-AVUnited StatesJohn McDonald
Audient KingdomDavid Dearden and Gareth Davies1997
Audified RepublicJarek Mil2016
Audio + DesignUnited Kingdom
Audio AccessoriesUnited States
Audio AdvancementsUnited StatesHart Huschens1986
Audio Alchemy StatesPeter Madnick
Audio Assault Damian2015
Audio Damage StatesChris Randall2002
Audio DesingsUnited States
Audio Devices Inc.United States
Audio Dynamics Corp.United StatesPeter Pritchard1960
Audio Ease StatesChris Hayes2002
Audio Engineering ResearchAustralia
Audio EpilogCroatiaDean Ledjenac
Audio ExchangeUnited States1978
Audio Freakout
Audio Gear Obsession
Audio Imperia States2016
Audio Impressions Gomez 1997
Audio Maintenance Limited Kingdom2002
Audio Media Research Peavey2019
Audio Mirror StatesVladamir Bazelkov (Bulgaria)1984
Audio Modeling Lucato2017
Audio Nebula StatesDave Wisk2019
Audio Note KingdomHiroyasu Kondo (Japan)1976
Audio PhysicGermanyJoachim Gerhard1985
Audio Poison States Jordan Withers2020
Audio PowerUnited States
Audio PrecisionUnited StatesBob Metzler1984
Audio PrismUnited States
Audio PulseUnited States
Audio Refinement Bernard André
Audio Research StatesWilliam Z. Johnson1970
Audio Services Ltd.United Kingdom
Audio SourceUnited StatesRichard gibson1978
Audio Space Acoustic Lab Lau1986
Audio Sprockets StatesJames May, Andy Norrell, Andrew Wild and Michael Seedman2017
Audio StaticNetherlands
Audio ValveGermany
Audio Vitamins
Audio Wave Kingdom2007
Audio-Technica Matsushita1962
AudioaeroFranceNeli & Mike1997
Audiobahn StatesNasser Abo Abdo1997
Audiobits de Haan Mikkelsen
Audiobro StatesAndrew Keresztes2009
Audiobulb KingdomDavid Newman2003
Audiocation Helge Beckmann2009
AudioControl StatesAlex Camara1977
AudioCR RicaJan Kubny2013
AudioD3CK Manuel Schlieper
Audioengine StatesBrady Bargenquat and Dave Evan
AudioFB Gomes2005
Audiofier KingdomRoby Meola
AudioFront Bekaert2019
AudioharmaUnited States
Audiolab Electronics KingdomPhillip Swift1983
Audiolounge Young
AudiomationAustraliaMatt and Jon2005
AudiomecaFrancePierre Lurne1979
Audiomodern Max P. Maximilianos2014
Audiomovers Maxymenko2017
AudionUnited KingdomDavid Chessel1987
Audionamix StatesNicolas André2003
AudioNerdz Groeneveld2019
Audionics of OregonUnited StatesJim Fosgate1973
AudionoteJapanHiroyasu Kondo1979
AudioParlour StatesKevin Andreas2012
Audiopax de Lima1997
Audiopipe StatesGonzalo “Gonzi” Palenzuela1989
AudioPrism StatesVictor Tiscareno and Byron Collett
AudioQuest StatesWilliam E. Low1980
AudioRealism Janney2013
Audiority Capozzi
Audiose StatesErik Young2016
Audiosonic StatesMike Miske1986
AudioSource States1978
AudioSourceRE Derry Fitzgerald2018
Audiospektri Viitanen2014
AudioThing Castellano2011
Audiothingies Montassier2014
AudioValve Becker1982
AudiovectorDenmarkOle Klifoth1979
Audiowerkzeug Grundei2008
Audison Pantaleone and Emidio Vagnoni1979
AuditronicsUnited States
Audix StatesCliff Castle and Fred Bigeh1984
Aura SystemsUnited States1987
Aural Thrills StatesTom Kenny2006
Auralex StatesEric Smith1977
Auralic Wang and Yuan Wang2009
Auratone StatesJack Wilson1958
Aurender KoreaHarry Lee2011
Auris Audio Milomir Trosic2013
AURO Technologies Baelen brothers1980
Aurora Audio StatesGeoff Tanner and Alan Dickson1998
Aurora DSP Urmson2019
Aurorasound Karaki2010
Aurum AcousticsCanada
Australian MonitorAustraliaRod Craig, Roy Morgan, Alan Clarke1973
Austrian Audio
Authentic Hendrix States1972
Autodafe Woods1980
AutogramUnited States
AV Matrix
Avalon AccousticsUnited StatesNeil Patel1980
Avalon Design StatesWynton R. Morro1986
Avalon Music SystemsUnited States
Avant ElectronicsUnited States
Avante Audio States1982
Avantgarde AcousticGermanyHolger Fromme1991
Avantone Pro StatesKen Avant 2003
Avedis StatesAvedis Kifedjian2003
Avenson Audio StatesBrad Avenson200
Avid HiFi KingdomConrad Mas1995
Avid Technology StatesJeff Rosica
Aviom StatesCarl Bader2002
AVM (AV Messtechnik) Besser1986
AVM-TEC Vitus Mogensen2010
AvonSynth Zealand
AVPro Edge States2010
AwTAC StatesDave Raphael and Jens Jungkurth2011
AXP Soft Amp Petrov-Savchenko2012
Axxent Becker1994
Ayaic "Menno" Froese2018
Ayon Audio Hirt1991
Ayre Acoustics StatesCharles Hansen, Peter Bohacek, Katie Lehr1993
Az Audio
AzdenUnited StatesKohei Sato1952
Azor Pedal
B.M.C. Audio
B&C Speakers Coppini and Fernando Borrani1945
B&K Components StatesJohn Beyer and Steve Kaize1981
Baby Audio StatesCaspar Bock2019
Bad Aax
Bad Cat StatesJames Heidrich1999
BAE Audio StatesMark Loughman2005
Bag EndUnited States1976
Bag EndUnited StatesJim Wischmeyer and Henry Heine1976
Bakuage Fse2018
Balance Mastering
Balanced Audio Technology StatesSteve Bednarski and Victor Khomenko1990
BallayentyneUnited States
Bananalogue StatesSerge Tcherepnin, Ken Stone and Seth Nemec
Bananana Effects Tomofuji2014
Bang & Olufsen Bang and Svend Olufsen1925
Barber Electronics StatesDavid Barber1997
Barcus Berry StatesLes Barcus1963
Bard Synthesizers
Barefoot Sound StatesThomas Barefoot2006
BarixSwitzerlandJohannes Rietschel2001
BarkerUnited Kingdom
Bartlett Audio
Barton Musical Circuits StatesMichael Barton
BarzilayUnited StatesIra Barzilay
BASF (Badisch Anilin-Soda Fabrik)Germany
Basic Audio StatesJohn Lyons2002
BasicDrumCo. States
BasisUnited StatesArmando “A.J.” Conti1986
Bass Gnomes
Bastl Instruments Republic2013
Bazooka StatesJon Jordan and Dave Prophit1983
BBE Sound StatesDavid McLaren1985
BEAM InstrumentsUnited States
BearFoot FX StatesDonner Rusk2011
Beat Plugins
Beats Electronics StatesAndre Romelle Young and Jimmy Iovine2006
BeatSkillz Dayal
BEC TechUnited StatesMrs. Rebecca Sutton1997
Becos FX Burlan
Bedroom Producers Blog Zlatic2009
beDSP Sahib
Beesneez Microphones Sneesby2008
Beetronics FX StatesFilipe, Daniel, Cristal and Camilla Pampuri
BehrGermanyJulius Friedrich Behr1905
Behringer Behringer1989
BEI (Broadcast Electronics Inc.)United States1959
Beijaflor Flor2016
Bel Canto Design StatesJohn Stronczer1991
Bela Kingdom2014
BelarUnited States1964
BeldenUnited StatesJoseph C. Belden1902
Bell SoundUnited States
Bellari States1989
Belling And LeeUnited KingdomCharles Reginald Belling, Edgar Morton Lee 1922
Ben Osterhouse
Ben Vesco
Benchmark StatesAllen H. Burdick1983
Benedict Roff-Marsh
Benjamin Rosseaux
BenQKuen-yao (k.y.) Lee1976
Benson Amps StatesChris Benson2016
Benting StatesBryan J Benting
Benz Micro Benz1970
Bergantino StatesJim Bergantino2001
BerningUnited States
BESUnited States
Best Service
Betabugs Audio
Better BandsUnited States
Bettermaker Walaszek2010
BeveridgeUnited States
BextUnited StatesDennis Pieri1985
Beyerdynamic Beyer1924
Beyron Audio Gusni2016
BGW Systems StatesBrian Gary Wachner1971
BiampUnited StatesConrad , Dick McCloud1976
BIAS (Berkley Integrated Audio Software)United StatesSteve and Christine Berkley.1994
BIC (British Industries Corp)United States1950
BIC America
Big Ear Inc.United StatesGlenn Hood 2003
Big Ear Pedals StatesGrant Wilson and Karen Schierhorn2018
Big Fish Audio StatesTom Meadows1993
Big Joe Stomp Box Company States Paul & David Christian2011
Big Melon Audio
Big Sound
Big T Music KingdomGareth Luke2016
Big Tone Music Brewery StatesKeith Vonderhulls
Bigcat Instruments MacDougall
Bigg of CaliforniaUnited States
BigTick Regmi1999
Billboard StatesWilliam Donaldson and James Hennegan1894
Bing Carbon Audio Statesno info2007
Bioroid Tandi
Biptunia Synths
Bird TechnologiesUnited StatesJ. Raymond Bird1942
Birdkids Beim2012
Bitsonic KoreaJinwook Shin2018
Bitwig Johanson2009
Bizarre Jezabel Krasnov
Bizmuth Modular
BJFEörn Juhl2000
BK PartnersUnited Kingdom
BK SynthLab
Blacet StatesJohn Blacet1978
Black Arts Toneworks StatesMark Wentz2012
Black Box Analog Design StatesEric Racy and Robert Wainscott2008
Black Cat Pedals StatesFred Bonte1993
Black Corporation Filippov2017
Black Country Customs Kingdom Lyndon Laney1967
Black Lion Audio States2006
Black Market Modular States2018
Black Rooster Audioé Kirchner2016
Blackhawk Amplifiers StatesBrooks Blackhawk
BlackmagicAustraliaGrant Petty2001
Blackout Effectors StatesKyle Tompkins2008
Blackspade Acoustics
Blackstar Kingdomex-Marshall employees2007
BladeliusSwedenMike Bladelius1997
Blakemore Effects StatesBlake Hickey2011
Blamsoft StatesAndrew Best
Blaukraut Engineering
Blind Dog Designs AfricaPhil du Plessis2010
Blind Monk Instruments States
Blinkenlights Kingdom
Blizzard LightingUnited StatesWill Komassa2010
Blocc Diamond2006
Blood Cells Audio StatesNic Danielson2019
BlueUnited StatesSkipper Wise,1995
Blue Aura Kingdom2010
Blue Cat Audio Jeulin2007
Blue Circle Audio Yeung1991
Blue Horizon KingdomKeith Martin2008
Blue Lantern Modules StatesFlavio Mireles2009
Blue Microphones StatesSkipper Wise and Martins Saulespurens1995
Blue Sky States2001
BlueLab ZealandScott Ferson2012
Bluenoise AfricaSmith and Rhuland
Blueroom LoudspeakersUnited KingdomSimon Ghahary1992
BluGuitar Blug2014
BLZ Audio
Bob Carver StatesRobert W. Carver1979
Bob Perry Audio
Bock Audio
Bogen Communications StatesDavid Bogen1932
Bogner Amplification StatesReinhold Bogner1989
Bojo Plugins StatesDaniel Bolin1964
Bom Shanka Machines Elmes
Bondi Effects & Anna Ashley2013
Bongiovi AcousticsUnited StatesSimmons Ron2001
Boom Library Rohrbach2010
Boombotix StatesLief Storer2009
Boothroyd Stewart MeridianUnited KingdomBob Stuart1977
BorderPatrol Audio Electronics StatesGary Dews2005
Boredbrain Music StatesAdam Harding2015
Bosch Bosch1886
Bose Corporation StatesAmar Bose1964
Bösendorfer Bösendorfer1828
Boss Audio Systems StatesSam Rabbani1987
Boss Corporation Ikegami1973
Boston Acoustics StatesAndy Pettit and Frank Reed1979
Bottlehead States1994
Boulder StatesJeff Nelson1983
BouseUnited States
BOW Technologies Christensen1994
Bowers & Wilkins KingdomJohn Bowers1966
BoxlightUnited StatesMichael Pope1985
Boz Digital Labs Millar2013
BozakUnited StatesRudy Bozak
BPMC Glitch Video Devices StatesDrew McIntyre2009
Bragi Modular
Brain Control
Brainstorm ElectronicsUnited States1987
Brainwavz Audio
Brainworx Ulrich1999
Bram Plugins
BraunGermanyMax Braun1921
Brauner Brauner
Bravo Audio
Brax Audio Fischer1990
Bricasti StatesBrian Zolner and Casey Dowdell2004
Bridechamber StatesScott Deyo2005
Bright Star AudioUnited StatesBarry Kohan
BrimhamUnited Kingdom
Brinkmann Brinkmann1984
British Drum Company
Broadcast DevicesUnited States
Broadcast ElectronicsUnited States1959
Broadcast Equipment SpecialistsUnited States
Broadcast ToolsUnited States1987
BrocinerUnited States
Broken Silicon Wöhrmann
Brook ElectronicsUnited States
Browning LabsUnited States
Brownshoesonly StatesNick Ciontea2011
Brüel & Kjær Vilhelm Brüel and Viggo Kjær1942
Brunsandspork Bruns
Bryston brothers and Bob Doidge1976
BSG LabsUnited States2007
BSR (Birmingham Sound Repro)United KingdomDaniel McLean McDonald1932
BSSUnited States1994
BSS (Brooke Siren Systems)United KingdomBrooke and Stan Gould1979
BTE Audio
Bubblesound Instruments StatesDavid Wagenbach2008
Buchla U.S.A. StatesDon Buchla1963
Buck Modular States
Buffalo FX Painter
BugBrand KingdomThomas Bosanquet2004
Bugera Behringer2007
BullfrogUnited States
Buranelectrix RepublicJan Cumpelik2013
BurkUnited StatesPeter Burk1985
Burl Audio StatesRich Williams2006
Burmester Audiosysteme Burmester1977
Burne-JonesUnited Kingdom
Burson Audio
Butt Kicker StatesKen McCaw1999
Buzz Audio ZealandTim Farrant1985
BV Music StatesSherman de Vries2016
BYOC (Build Your Own Clone) StatesKeith Vonderhulls2004
C-Plugs StatesHarvey Hubbell and patented
Cabasse Cabasse1950
Cable TechniquesUnited KingdomGreg Andrews
Cable WaveTaiwan1969
Cableguys Rang
Cables To GoUnited StatesMike Shane1984
CAD Audio StatesC.M. Chorpening and F.H. Woodworth1931
Cadence Sound States1980
Caelum Audio
CAIG LaboratoriesUnited StatesMark Lohkemper1956
Cakewalk StatesGreg Hendershott1987
Caleb Condit StatesCaleb Condit
Calgar C Instruments
Calibration Standard InstrumentsUnited States
Califone States1947
Caline Music
Calix Technology Co.Taiwan
Calrec AudioUnited Kingdom1964
CalSynth StatesStruan1990
CalzoneUnited StatesJoe Calzone1975
CamberCanadaKate MacDougall2013
Cambridge Audio Kingdom1968
Cambridge Sound ManagementUnited KingdomJohn Heine1999
Cambridge SoundWorks StatesHenry Kloss1988
Camel Audio Kingdom2000
Campfire Audio
Canadian Astatic
Canare Kawamoto1970
Canary Audio States
Cantina SperimentaleItaly
Canton Electronics Milbers, Otfried Sandig, Wolfgang Seikritt and Günther Seitz1972
Carey AudioUnited StatesDennis Had1989
Carl Martinøren Jongberg1990
Carlsbro KingdomStuart and Sheila Mercer1960
Caroline Guitar Company StatesPhilippe Herndon2010
Carstens Amplification StatesBrian Carstens
CarverUnited States
Carvin Audio StatesLowell Kiesel1946
Cary Audio States1989
Cascade Microphones
Castle Loudspeakers Kingdom1973
Cat Full Of Ghosts D Jordan
Catalinbread Effects StatesNicholas Harris & Howard Gee2003
Catalyst Audio States2015
Cathedral Guitars
Cathedral Pipes
Catoff Systems
CaviSynthéphane Cavi2016
Cayin Electronics
CBIUnited States1981
CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)United StatesArthur Judson1927
CC4 Zhang
CDSoundMaster Angel
CEC (Chuo Denki Co.)Japan1954
Cecil WattsUnited StatesCecil E. Watts1973
CedarUnited KingdomJan Zastera1988
Cedar Studio Shipton
Celemony Neubäcker2000
Celestion KingdomCyril French1924
Cello (Cello Music & Film)United StatesMark Levinson.1985
Cello Technologies States1998
Center Street Electronics States
CEntrance StatesMichael Goodman2000
Cereal Instruments Kingdom
Cerwin-Vega StatesGene Czerwinski1954
CESYG KingdomNeil Johnson2012
Cetec BroadcastUnited States
CFA Sound Breuhahn2008
CFM Modular
CG Products Günther
CGS (Cat Girl Synth) Stone1998
CH Precision Cossy and Thierry Heeb2009
Challenger AmplifierUnited States
Chameleon Labs States2002
Chandler Limited StatesWade Goeke1999
Channel D StatesRob Robinson1995
Channel Islands Audio States1997
ChannelRobot KingdomLindon Parker2010
Charter Oak StatesMichael Deming2002
ChartwellUnited Kingdom
Chase Bliss Audio StatesJoel Korte2013
Chase Tone StatesKyle Chase2012
ChauvetUnited StatesBerenice Chauvet1990
CHD Elektroservis Republic1993
Cherokee Street Electric States2017
Cherry Audio
Chevon ResearchUnited Kingdom
ChezRadioCanadaGerry Herlinger
Chord Electronics KingdomJohn Franks1989
Chowdhury DSP Chowdhury
Christian Budde Kingdom Christian-W. Budde
Chroma-QUnited Kingdom1990
CI Audio (Channel Islands)United States
Cicognani Engineering and Andrea Cicognani
CinaudagraphUnited States
Cinematique Instruments Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck2009
Circle Fade
Circuit Abbey States2010
Circuit Slices States
CircuitWerkesUnited States
Clacktronics KingdomBen Barwise
Clair Brothers StatesWalter Eugene “Gene” Clair and Roy Clair1966
Clair Global StatesWalter Eugene “Gene” Clair and Roy Clair1966
Clank and Emanuele
ClarityUnited States1969
Clarity Aloft
Clarity EQAustralia
Clark RadioUnited StatesDonald R. Clark1953
Clark Wire & CableUnited StatesShane Collins1989
Classe Audio Reich1980
Classic Audio ReproductionsUnited States
Clayton AudioUnited StatesWilson Shen1995
Clear Tune MonitorsUnited StatesCesar Milano2010
Clear-Com StatesBob Cohen And Charlie1968
Clear-SonicUnited States
Clearaudio Suchy1978
ClearOneUnited StatesRicardo Ramirez1996
ClearsonicUnited StatesCaron Smith1996
Clee Sound StatesCraig Lee
Clement Clark Communications
Cliff Mics
ClockaudioUnited KingdomJim Hallington1994
Clone Ensemble Magnusson2001
Cloud Audio KingdomRoy Millington and Andrew Colley1978
Cloud Microphones StatesStephan Sank2009
Club Of The Knobs (Gerd Peun)2008
CMAT Mods StatesChad Matthews2016
CMS / Discrete Synthesizers StatesPhil Cirocco
CMT (Computer Music Toolkit) D. Daniels
CNZ Audio States2016
Coaxial DynamicsUnited States1969
Cocell Productions
Cockos StatesJustin Frankel2004
CODA Audio Alexandrov1997
Coda Effects Meijer2015
Coda Labs StatesDaniel Kuntz2018
Codex Modulex
Coding TechnologiesGermany
Coil Audio States
Coleman Audio StatesGlenn Coleman1990
Coles Electroacoustics KingdomSteve Beanland1964
CollaroUnited KingdomChristopher Collaro1920
CollinsUnited States
Com-TekUnited States
Community Light & SoundUnited StatesBruce Howze1968
Community Professional Loudspeakers StatesBruce Howze1986
ComplyUnited StatesRobert Oliveira1990
Composite ProductsUnited States
ComrexUnited StatesJohn Cheney1961
ComtekUnited States1972
ComusonicsUnited States
Concert Fidelity Tsuda1987
CONEQ Labs Skuruls2004
ConexUnited States1977
Conjured Circuits States2015
ConnoisseurUnited Kingdom
Conrad Johnson StatesDr. William Conrad and Dr. Lewis Johnson1977
Constellation Audio StatesMurali Murugasu and David Payes2008
Constellation AudioUnited StatesKen Stevens1984
Continental ElectronicsUnited StatesJames O. Weldon1946
Continuum Audio LabsAustralia
Control Modular States
Convergent Audio Technology StatesKen Steven1984
Cook LabsUnited States
Cooler Master
Cooper FX StatesTom Majeski2015
Cooper Sound SystemsUnited States2002
Coplandé Möller1980
Copper Traces States2016
CopperSound States2014
Core Sound
Cornell Amps KingdomDenis Cornell1991
CosmostaticUnited States
Cosmotronic Villerius
Counterpoint StatesMichael Elliott1977
Countryman StatesCarl Countryman
Cowin Audio
Coyote Electronics StatesPaul Dewey1983
CPrimeLab States
CPU Modular Kingdom2012
Cranborne Audio Kingdom2017
Crane Song StatesDave Hill1988
CranfieldUnited Kingdom
Crave DSP KingdomKeith Wood
Crayon Audio Johann Pfennich & Roland Krammer1998
Crazy Tube Circuits Ntaifotis2011
Cre8audio StatesAl Joelson2017
Creation Audio Labs States2003
Creative Wong Hoo and Ng Kai Wa1981
Creative Intent Africa Liezle Meredith2017
CredlandAudio KingdomJim Credland
Creek Audio KingdomMike Creek1976
Crest Audio StatesJean-Pierre Prideaux1970
Crestron StatesGeorge Feldstein1972
Crimson Audio KingdomBrian Powell1976
Critter And Guitari StatesChris Kucinski and Owen Osborn2003
Croft Acoustics KingdomGlenn Croft1982
Crowley And Tripp
Crown Audio StatesClarence C. Moore1947
Crowther Audio ZealandPaul Crowther1976
Crumar Crucianelli1960
Cry Baby States1972
Crypton Future Media Itoh1995
Crystal CableNetherlandsGabi Rynveld1965
CubicAudio J. Zable1951
Culture Audio
Curetronic Schmidt1998
Curtis TechnologyUnited States1949
Cusack Music States Jon Cusack1972
Custom Tones StatesRobbie Hall2013
Cut Through Recordings Reker
CWD (Custom Woodworking)United StatesJeff Kirsch2011
Cwitec Wilund2012
Cycling ’74 StatesDavid Zicarelli1997
Cylonix Clark1998
Cynthia StatesCynthia Webster2002
Cypher Labs States2010
Cyrus Audio States1983
Cytomic and Emma Simper2007
D B SystemsUnited StatesBryce Thornberg, Dean Thornberg1991
D-Sonic StatesDennis Deacon2006
d:Machinery Daniels2013
D.G.C. Ltd.United Kingdom
D.W. Fearn StatesDoug Fearn1993
D'Addario States1974
d&b Audiotechnik
D&D Modules
D&M ProfessionalJapan Frederick Whitney Horn1910
D&RNetherlandsDuco de Rijk and Ronnie Goene1972
D10Labo Masaru Saito
D16 Group Klukowski2006
DACS Audio Kingdom
Dada Life Engblom2006
Daevlmakr Media
Dahlquist StatesBruce Dahlquist and Dwain Lutzow1983
Daily Beats Shachtman2008
Daking StatesGeoff Daking1993
DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) Lyngdorf1983
DamyFX Crunch2012
Dan Clark Audio
Dan D’Agostino StatesDan D’Agostino2011
Dan Dean Pro StatesKoln2014
Dan Dugan Sound DesignUnited StatesDan Dugan
Dance MIDI Samples
DanDrive Pedal Solution Querner2017
Dandy Job States
Danelectro StatesNathan Daniel1947
Dangerous Bear Underground
Dangerous Music StatesChris Muth and Bob Muller2001
Danheim Music Schæfer Olsen,2019,
Daniel Hertz Levinson2007
Daniel Queen LabsUnited States
Danley StatesTom Danley2005
DAR (Digital Audio Research)United Kingdom
Daredevil Pedals States Johnny Wator2012
Dark Silence Sound Design Kingdom
Dark Voice
Darkglass Electronics Castro2009
Darkplace States2013
darTZeelé Delétraz1984
Darwin Arts KingdomCharles Darwin
DAS Audio Alberola Calabui1971
DAV Electronics Kingdom1997
Dave Hill Designs StatesDave Hill1988
Dave Jones Design StatesDave Jones1985
Dave Smith Modular StatesDave Smith2002
David Berning StatesDavid Berning1974
David Clark Company StatesDavid M. Clark1935
David Ross KingdomCarphone Warehouse1988
Davidson Audio & Multimedia
Davis AcousticsFranceMichel Visan
Dawner Prince Electronics Kraljevic & Jelena Znaor2009
Dayens Dobrin1991
DaySequerraUnited StatesDavid Day1987
Dayton Audio States
dB Technologies Vicari1990
db-audioware KingdomDave Brown1997
dbx StatesDavid E. Blackmer1971
DCM Acoustic Energy KingdomPhil Jones1987
DCS (Data Conversion Systems)United Kingdom
DDA (Dearden Davies Associates)United KingdomDavid and Gareth Davies1980
DDMF Lalanne2012
Dead Duck Software
Deadbeat Sound States2017
Dean Markley
Dear Reality Sander2014
Death By Audio StatesOliver Ackermann2002
DeccaUnited KingdomEdward Lewis 1929
Decibelics Vilademunt2010
Decware StatesSteve Deckert1996
Deep Space Devices StatesClint McDuffie2018
Deep Trip Menegozzo2007
Defective Records StatesDan Nigrin1994
Defects FX RepublicTomas Jandak2019
Definitive Technology StatesSandy Gross, Don Givogue, Ed Blaise1990
DeHavillandUnited States
Dejur-AmscoUnited StatesRalph and Harry DeJur1920
Dekoni Audio
Dell StatesMichael S. Dell1984
Delptronics States2010
Delta ElectronicsUnited States1962
Delta LabsUnited StatesGary Leach
Delta Sound Labs States2017
Demeter Amplification StatesJames Demeter1980
Demon Pedals Bauer & Peter Knechtel
Denis Tihanov
Denise Plugins KingdomAlala
Denon Whitney Horn1910
Denon DJUnited States2019
Densen Audio Technologies Sillesen1992
DEQXAustraliaKim Ryrie1997
Der Mann mit der Maschine Kettner
Desaster Development
Design The Media StatesStacy Durand2008
Deskew StatesScott Blau1988
Detroit Underground States1997
Devi Ever : FX StatesDevi Ever2003
Devialet Sannié, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Mathias Moronvalle and Emmanuel Nardin2007
Devious Machines KingdomJim Credland2018
DeVore FidelityUnited StatesJohn DeVore2000
Dewanatron StatesBrian and Leon Dewan2002
DialightUnited States
Dialog Audio LankaHans Wijayasuriya1993
Diamond Audio States1994
Diamond Pedals Knappe2004
Diamond Synths
DiapasonItalyAlessandro Schiavi.
DielectricUnited StatesDr. Charles “doc” Brown’s1942
Diezel Amplification Diezel and Peter Stapfer1992
Diff Devices
DigiDesignUnited StatesPeter Gotcher, Evan Brooks1984
DiGiGrid Kingdom2009
Diginoiz kucharski
Digital Alert SystemsUnited StatesRobert E. Vosteen1954
Digital Audio DenmarkDenmark
Digital Audio Labs States1986
Digital Audio Renovation
Digital Black KingdomMartin Gibbons2010
Digital Brain Instruments Munte2014
Digital Designs States1986
Digital ExpressionsUnited States
Digital ProjectionUnited States1996
Digital Sound Demon
Digital Suburban
Digitalfishphones Eversmeier2012
DigiTech StatesBill Clayton1984
Dignity Audio
Dijkstar Music
Direct Approach
Direct Sound
DirectOut Technologies Flock2008
DirectSynth Roux2010
DiscoDSP Reales2002
Diva Classic AudioSingapore1998
Divergent Audio Group KingdomGlyn Stephen Lloyd2015
DiVerSe KingdomTobi Ogundipe2020
Division 6 States1947
DivKid KingdomBen Wilson2014
Dixon Systems
DIY Audio Components
DJ Swivel Young2006
DJ Thomas White StatesThomas White1996
DK AudioDenmark
DK Design GroupUnited StatesDean DeKryger and Scott Kleinsorge2004
DK Designs StatesDaniel Khesin
DLS Effect StatesDavid Sestito1999
DMAX Audio Startsev1995
DMB Pedals StatesMike Blakemore and Daniel Minton2007
DMG Audio
Dmitry Sches
DNA Labs Software Charlson2004
Dnipro Modular
DNM Design Kingdom1978
DNM Enterprise
DNR Collaborative States
Doboz Audio
DOD Pedals StatesBill Clayton1973
Doepfer Döpfer1979
DogFace Audio States
DolbyUnited StatesRay Dolby1965
Don Allen StatesDon Allen
Dope Kitz
DoremiUnited StatesCamille Rizko1985
DorroughCanadaMichael Dorrough1974
Doshi Audio StatesNick Doshi2006
DotRed Audio Designs Goto2016
Douk Audio
Dove Audio KingdomPaula Maddux2017
Dovemans Cornelissen2018
DPA Microphones Stove and Ole Brosted Sorensen1992
DPW Design Wahlbeck
Dr midiK Ali
DR Strings
Dr. J
Dr. No Effects Aben2014
Dr. Scientist & Tanya Clarke2005
Dr. Z Amps StatesMike Zaite1988
Dragonfire Acoustics StatesDr. Dragoslav Colich2009
DraperUnited StatesLuther O. Draper1902
Drawmer KingdomIvor Drawmer1981
Dreadbox Diakoumakos and Dimitra Manthou2012
Dream Cymbals
Drolo FX Rolo
Drop StatesSteve El-Hage and Nelson Wu2012
Drop Out Audio
Drumforge StatesJoel Wanasek2006
DryBell Musical Electronics Laboratory Suhodolcan1996
DS Audio StatesDoug Sclar
DS18 StatesAlberto Susterman2006
DSK Musicíctor2002
DSP Synthesizers Ostman2014
DTS (Digital Theater Systems)United StatesTerry Beard1990
Du MontUnited StatesAllen B. DuMont1956
Dual Electronics States1907
DucretetFranceEugène Adrien Ducretet
Duesenberg Gölsdorf1986
Dunlavy AudioUnited StatesJohn Dunlavy1990
Dunlop StatesJim Dunlop1972
Duntech Dunlavy1981
Durham Electronics StatesAlan Durham2000
Dusky Electronics StatesChris Rossi
DUY Software StatesDuy Huynh
DV Mark Rothery2010
DW Drums
Dwarfcraft Devices StatesBenjamin & Louise Hinz2007
Dynaco StatesDavid Hafler1955
Dynacord Pinternagel1945
DynairUnited States
Dynasty ProAudio States
Dynaudio Skaaning and Gerhard Richter1977
Dynavector Systems Tominari1975
DyVision Works
E-Instruments Martenot1980
E-MU Systems StatesDave Rossum1971
E-RM Rest2013
EAR (Esoteric Audio Research) KingdomMr Tim de Paravicini1976
Ear Trumpet Labs
EarDrill StatesChris Muir
eaReckon Decuyper2009
EartecUnited States1961
Earthquake Sound States1985
EarthQuaker Devices StatesJamie Stillman2004
Earthworks StatesDavid Blackmer1980
EAS Modular StatesMike Schmidt
Eastern Acoustic WorksUnited StatesKenneth Berger and Kenton Forsythe1978
Eastern Electric StatesAlex Yeung2002
EastWest StatesAndrew Gotianun1988
EAT (European Audio Team) Lichtenegger2009
Eat Your Guitar States
EAW (Eastern Acoustics Works) StatesKenneth Berger and Kenton Forsythe1978
EBS Professional Bass L. Engberg and Mats Kristoffersson1988
EbtechUnited StatesMarv And Ray Lubow
EchoUnited States1978
Echobox Audio
Echolette Klemt1930
EchophoneUnited States
EdcorUnited StatesAdrienne L. Way1981
Eden Amplification StatesMark Goody1976
EdgarhornUnited States
Edge Audio Kingdom2008
Edge ElectronicsUnited StatesAdrienne Giannone1990
Edifier WenDong1996
EdirolUnited States
EditalUnited States
Edwards Audio Kingdom1990
EELA AudioNetherlands1975
Effectivity WonderÀlex Marull Tenenbaum2013
EGA TechnologiesTaiwan
Eggleston StatesBill Eggleston1992
Egnater StatesBruce Egnater1975
Ehrlund Microphonesöran Ehrlund2005
Eich Amplification Eich2016
Eichmann TechnologiesAustralia
EICO StatesHarry Ashley1945
EIMACUnited States
Einstein Audio Components Bohlmeier and Rolf Weiler1988
Eiosis Gabriel2009
Eisenbergé Eisenberg1985
ELAC GmbH1926
Elation Mic Lab States1992
Elby Designs Biddulph2003
Electro ImpulseUnited States1949
Electro ResearchUnited States
Electro-Acoustic Research StatesPeter Grenader2001
Electro-Faustus StatesJoe Vella and Eric Kessel2008
Electro-Harmonix StatesMike Matthews1968
Electro-Voice StatesLou Burroughs and Albert R. Kahn1927
Electrocompaniet Abrahamsen and Svein Erik Børja1973
Electrodyne States1960
Electron Kinetics StatesJohn Gordon Iverson1982
Electronic Mood
Electronic Orange RepublicJan Hořínek2012
Electronic Things... And Stuff Haillant
Electronic WorkshopUnited States
Electronicsounds StatesDean Daughters1994
Electronik Sound Lab
Electrosmith States2020
Elektron Music Machines Hansson, Anders Gärder & Mikael Räim1998
Elektrostudio Hanc
Elements VST
Elena Design StatesElena Gregorutti2001
ElenosItalyLeonardo Busi1977
Elephant Development StatesEric Moore
Elevayta R. Harvey2004
Elipson Léon1938
Elite Core StatesChris Ward and Trey McClurkin2014
ELP Corp.JapanSanju Chiba
ELPA Marketing IndustriesUnited States1960
Elta Music Tokarev2014
EltroUnited StatesDr. Siegfried Strämke1980
Elysia Tilgner2006
Embertone StatesJonathan Churchill2012
Emblematic Systems
Emerald Physics StatesClayton Shaw2014
EmersonUnited StatesJohn Wesley Emerson1890
Emerson Custom States2009
EmesGermanyMarthe Nyssens
EmilarUnited StatesJonas Renkus
Emille SoundSouth Korea
Eminence Speaker StatesBob Gault1966
Eminent Technology StatesBruce Thigpen1983
EMM LabsCanadaEd Meitner1998
Emma Electronic Behncke2000
Emotiva StatesDan Laufman2003
Emotive Audio StatesFred Volz1994
EmpireUnited States
Empirical Circuits States
Empirical Labs StatesDave Derr1988
Empress Effects Fee & Steve Bragg2008
EMS (Elektronik Musik Studio) StatesNick Diliberto1950
EMT (Elektromesstechnik)GermanyWilhelm Franz1938
EmtecGermanyMr. Giselher Gruener1995
EMW (Electronic Music Works)
Encore Electronics States1990
Encore Electronics Inc. StatesMarcel Zucchino1967
End Times Modular States
Endangered Audio Research StatesTodd Kelley2008
Endorphin.es Zhukovsky2012
Energy Speakers
Energy XT Deng Hua2016
Engl Amps Engl1984
Eno Music Co.
Ensemble Designs StatesDavid Wood1989
Ensure Sound Shentyapin2015
EntecUnited States
Entrospec KingdomJim Petherwick2014
EossUnited States
EpicMStudios StatesJonathan Thursby2015
Epicycloid Engineering States2017
Epifani Epifani1994
ePipes Andersson1998
Eplex7 DSP
Epoch Modular States2013
Epos Loudspeakers KingdomRobin Marshall1983
Epsilon Lighting
Equation Audio
Equator Audio Research StatesTed Keffalo
Equi=TechUnited StatesMartin Glasband1992
Equinox Synth KingdomRob Spencer2015
Erd Modular Kingdom
Ergo Audio
ERIUnited States1943
Erica Synths Ozolinš2014
Erich Pfister Pfister
EricSound StatesEric Davidson2020
Erik Wollo Wøllo1980
Ernie Ball StatesErnie Ball1962
Erogenous Tones StatesRick Burnett2015
Error Instruments Tas2013
Erthenvar StatesNicholas Gregorich and John Kennedy2010
Escape Plan Pedals StatesAndy Greene2012
ESE Audio States1971
Eska Plugins Skrypka2015
ESS (Electrostatic Sound Systems)United StatesForrest Mozer1983
EssenceUnited StatesEdward Lewis, Clarence O. Smith, Cecil Hollingsworth and Jonathan Blount1968
ETC Lighting1975
Eternal LightingUnited StatesMark Maillet2009
Ethos Guitar FX
Etymotic Research StatesMead Killion1983
EupenUnited StatesCarl And August Bourseaux1908
Euphoria AudioTaiwanDr. Palash Sen1988
Eurorack Essentials Lipp2017
Eurorack Hardware StatesScott Rise
Evabeat KingdomCharlie Morgan2018
Evaton Technologies StatesRussell Hoffman
Eve Audio Stenz2011
EventUnited States
Event Electronics Palmer1980
Eventide Audio StatesRichard Factor & Stephen Katz1971
Eventus AudioItalyMarko Jamnik2007
EVH States2001
Evidence Audio
Evil Turtle Productions StatesMin-Liang Tan and Robert 2015
EWS Pedals
Exodus Amps Kulik1997
Exonic UK KingdomGuy Rotem2020
Expert Sleepers KingdomAndrew Ostler2013
Explorer Cases
Exponential Audio KingdomMichael Carnes
Exposure Electronics KingdomJohn Farlowe1974
Expressive E Bellot and Victor Grimaldi2015
Expresso FX KingdomSof Tebboune2018
Extralife Instruments States
Extron StatesAndrew C. Edwards1983
EZ DupeUnited States1995
EZ-Sound Gábor
F-Pedals StatesFrancesco Sondelli2012
F&D Fenda Audio Bansal2003
FabFilter Klinkert and Frederik Slijkerman2002
Fable Sounds StatesYuval Shrem and Amit Itzkovich2005
FAC (Fred Anton Corvest) Corvest
Faded Instruments Walker; ‎Jesper Borgen‎; ‎Mood 2015
FairchildUnited StatesArthur Rock, Sherman Fairchild, Eugene Kleiner1957
Fairfield Circuitry Fairfield2008
FairlightAustraliaPeter Vogel, Kim Ryrie1975
FAL (Furuyama Audio Lab)JapanM. Shibazaki1987
Fanan Team
Fancyyyyy Synthesis Kingdom2018
FaneUnited Kingdom
FanonUnited StatesFrantz Fanon
FAR (Fundamental Acoustic Research)Belgium
FaroudjaUnited StatesYves and Isabel Faroudja1971
FeelYourSound Odom
Feliks Audio Feliks1999
Fender StatesClarence Leonidas Fender1946
Fender Pro A/V
FeONIC Kingdom1999
Ferrari By Logic3
FerrofluidicsUnited StatesAkira Yamamura 1980
FerrographUnited Kingdom1981
Fiedler Audio Fiedler2013
Fielding DSP Kingdom
FiiO Chung2007
Film Devices
Final A.I.P.Netherlands
Final Laboratory
Finale Audio
Finial TechnologyUnited StatesLaser turntable1983
Finite ElementeGermanyDr. Ray Clough1960
Fire-Eye StatesDaren Appelt1999
First Sound StatesEmmanuel Go1989
First Watt StatesNelson Pass1998
Fischer Amps Fischer1996
Fisher AV StatesAvery Fisher1945
Fishman StatesLarry Fishman1981
Five Core Singh Kalra2002
Five12 StatesBrooklyn Gould-Bradbury2015
Fixed Noise
Flagg Audio
Flash TechnologyUnited StatesFred Gronberg, Stig Jorgensen And Wayne Kearsley.1970
Flattley KingdomPaul Flattley2016
Flight Of Harmony States2008
Flo Audio StatesNela Brown
Floyd Rose
Fluance Jain1999
Fluid Audio StatesKevin Zuccaro2011
Flux Lab Acoustics Barchan
Flux:: Barbosa2018
Flying Mole
FM Acoustics Huber1973
FMJ-Software Dimdal1993
FMR Audio States
Focal Mahul1979
Focus One StatesPatricia Noll1989
FocusaudioCanadaBill Dudleston1969
Focusrite KingdomRupert Neve1985
Folktek StatesArius Blaze and Ben Houston2007
Fonitronik Herrmann2010
Forsythe Audio StatesKenton Forsythe1975
Fortin Fortin2008
Forward Audio Hirsh
Fosi Audio
Fostex Nishimura and Hiroaki Hagiwara1973
Found Sound
Foxfield Instruments KingdomTom Armitage2018
Foxpedal StatesTodd Billow2013
Foxrox Electronics StatesDave Fox1992
FPB Synth
Fralin Pickups
Frantone Electronics StatesFran Blanche1994
FrapUnited States
Frap Tools Fabbri2015
Freakshow Industries StatesJeff M2016
Fredenstein Schuckert
Fredric Effects KingdomTim Webster2017
Free State FX StatesJason Fry2009
Free The Tone Hayashi2002
Freedom Audio StatesAndrew Barker2014
Frequency Central KingdomRick Holt2009
Fried ProductsUnited StatesBud Fried.
Friedman Amplification StatesDavid Friedman1995
Friend Chip
Fritz StatesPete Hartman
Frogleg Synthesis StatesIan Fritz1998
Frost Giant StatesEric Calvert2017
FrozenPlain KingdomSam Windell2013
Fryette StatesSteven Fryette1989
FSRUnited StatesFranklin Eventoff.1985
Ftec-Audio Fonken1993
FTelettronica Tersigni2013
FuchsGermanyRudolf Fuchs1931
Fuchs Audio Technology StatesAndy Fuchs1999
Fugue State Audio Breidenbach1997
Fujikon Yeung, Simon Yuen and Michael Chow1982
Fulcrum AcousticUnited StatesDave Gunness
Full Bucket Music
Fulltone Musical Products StatesMichael Fuller1993
Fulton Musical IndustriesUnited StatesLloyde Dees
Function F(x) StatesDave Friesema, Forrest Whiteside & Brian Aldsworth
Funk TonstudiotechnikGermanyThomas Funk 1960
Funkstill Lasry2018
Funktion-One KingdomTony Andrews and John Newsham1992
Furman StatesRichard Furman1826
Furutech Hayama1988
Fuse Audio Labs Dratwa2017
Fusion Zealand1998
FuttermanUnited StatesRobert K. Futterman1959
FuturcaseUnited States
Future Audio Workshop Burke2008
Future Retro StatesJered Flickinger1997
Future SonicsUnited StatesMarty Garcia1985
Future Sound Systems Kingdom2005
Fuzzrocious Pedals StatesRyan Ratajski2002
FX Max KingdomMax Hedayati 2006
fx23 pseudo2010
FXpansion KingdomAngus Hewlett1999
fxPointAudio Plus2013
G & L IndustriesUnited StatesRobert Gilreath1982
G-Sonique StatesMarian Brezovan2007
G-Storm Electro States2011
G.R.A.S. Sound & VibrationDenmarkGunnar Rasmussen1994
Gabri’s Amp Andrei Gabriel2014
GAD (Grund Audio Design)United StatesFrank Grund1984
Galante AudioUnited StatesPeter Galante2005
Galaxy Audio StatesBrock Jabara and Jim Pearce1977
Gale Electronics & DesignUnited KingdomTim Gale2001
Gale Loudspeakers Kingdom1972
Gallien-Krueger StatesRobert Gallien and Richard Krueger1968
Gamechanger Audio Tazans, Ilja Krumins, Niks Brensons and Didzis Dubovskis2015
GamutDenmarkStan Parker2015
GamuT Audio Baun Meldgaard1982
GarnerUnited States
GarrargUnited KingdomGeorge Wickes1735
Garritan Garritan
GAS (Great American Sound) StatesJames Bongiorno (GAS Audio in 1981 Mike Bettinger)1974
GAS Car Audio
GatelyUnited StatesStephen Gately2014
GatesUnited StatesWilliam Henry Gates2000
Gato Audio Johansen1973
Gator StatesJerry Freed And Crystal Morris2000
Gauge Precision Instruments
Gauss ElectrophysicsUnited StatesGregg and Keith Johnson1965
gBiz Kingdom
GBR Loops
Geithain Kiesler1960
Gem Sound States1978
Gemini Sound Products StatesIke Cabasso1974
Genelec Martikainen and Topi Partanen1978
General ElectricUnited StatesCharles A. Coffin, Elihu Thomson, Edwin J. Houston, Thomas Edison, J. P. Morgan1892
General RadioUnited StatesMelville Eastham1915
Genesis S.A.France
Genesis Technologies StatesArnie Nudell1991
Geneva LabSwitzerlandJan-Erik Lundberg2006
GenexUnited StatesMukul Mustikar1978
Genki Instruments
GentnerUnited StatesRaymond Gentner
Genzler Amplification StatesJeff Genzler2015
George JensenDenmarkGeorg Jensen 1904
George L's
George Yohng StatesGeorge Yohng1993
German PhysiksGermanyMax Karl Planck ForMemRS1978
Gershman AcousticsCanada1993
GetGood Drums Mansoor2019
GFI System Widjaja, Yonas Darja & Jesse Darja2010
GForce Software StatesMark Gallagher2013
GG Audio
GHS Strings
Giardina Software
Gibbon Digital
Gibson & Barnes
GIK Acoustics
Gilmore AudioUnited StatesEd Gilmore1858
Gingko AudioUnited StatesVinh Vu2000
Ginko Synthese Willem Hagenbeek2012
Gjika Amplification StatesRobert Gjika1984
Glaser-SteersUnited StatesJim Glaser
GLIUnited StatesDonna Cryer2014
Gli Pro States
Glitchmachines StatesIvo Ivanov2005
Global Audio Tools
Global TrussUnited States2001
Glockenklang Klempt-Giessing1976
GLS Audio
GLYPH TechnologiesUnited StatesPranav Sachdev1993
GML (George Massenberg Labs) StatesGeorge Massenburg1982
GMSN! Kingdom2018
God's Box
Goertz AudioUnited StatesUlrik Poulsen1992
GoGo Tuners StatesMike Mostert2010
GOgroove States2013
Gold Awin
Gold Line
Gold Note Aterini2012
Golden Age Project Age Music2005
Golden SoundChinaPeter Golikov1995
Goldenear StatesSandy Gross2010
Goldmund Reverchon1978
Goldwood States1991
Goliath Sounds
Goodhertz StatesDevin Kerr 2013
GoodmansUnited KingdomDavid Bertram Goodman1917
Goodrich States1965
Google StatesLarry Page and Sergey Brin1998
Goosoniqueworx Goose2005
Gordon InstrumentsUnited StatesGordon Whitham and John Smith1974
Gorman-RedlichUnited StatesJim Gorman1972
Gotham AudioUnited StatesStephen Temmer1958
Gotharmané Gonçalves2009
GR Bass Rizzi2015
Graaf Mariani1984
GraceJapanYukiharu Matsumura2000
Grace Design StatesMichael and Eben Grace1996
GradientFinlandStan Smith1991
Grado Labs StatesJoseph Grado1953
Graham EngineeringUnited StatesDonald C. (Don) Graham1970
Graham Slee KingdomGraham Slee1998
Graham Studios
Gramotech KingdomJOHNSON, James Alexander2018
GrampianUnited KingdomAberdeen1495
Granelli Audio Labs
Granny’s Audio
Grant FidelityCanadaEdward C. Johnson II1946
Gray Research & DevelopmtUnited StatesRon Gray1998
GraybarUnited StatesElisha Gray, Enos Barton1869
Grayscale States2013
Great River Electronics StatesDan Kennedy1990
GrebeUnited StatesJohn Joseph Grebe
Green Mountain AudioUnited StatesRoy Johnson1988
Green Oak StatesSonny Kalsi
Greenface Labs StatesShannon Vance1975
Greenhouse Effects StatesRoy Zichri2004
Greer Amplification StatesNick Greer1998
Grey Audio Kingdom
Greynote Music Rao 1998
GriffinNorwayKen Griffin1990
Griffin Audio USAUnited States2000
Grimm Audio van Willenswaard2004
Grinnan FixtureUnited States
Gripped Fitness Audio
Groove Tubes StatesAspen Pittman1979
Groovecube Technologies
Ground Control Audio
Group 128 Inc.United StatesAndy Ory
Grove Audio States1995
Grp Synthesizer Groppioni2009
GRS (Great Replacement Speakers)
Grundig Grundig1930
Grundorf StatesFrank Grund1984
Gryphon E. Rasmussen1985
GSi (Genuine Soundware) Oldham
GuDa Audio
Guyatone Matsuki1933
GVST Vernengo
Gyraf Audio Erland1995
H-Pi Instruments
H.E. Audio Frederik Knop2015
H.H. ScottUnited StatesHermon Hosmer Scott1947
H/H ElectronicsUnited KingdomMike Harrison1968
H&HUnited States1964
Haarper Wilkins2019
HackMe StatesMatt Heins2011
Hacousto InternationalNetherlands1998
HaecoUnited States1950
Hafler StatesDavid Hafler1977
Halcro Candy1996
Hale Modular
Hall Research1984
HalliburtonUnited StatesErle P. Halliburton1976
HallicraftersUnited StatesWilliam J. Halligan1944
Hamara Labs StatesDave Hamara
Hamburg-Audio Steinberg Manfred Rürup
Hammer Audio
Hammer DynamicsUnited States
Hammond StatesLaurens Hammond 1935
Hamstead Soundworks KingdomPeter Hamstead2014
Hand Crafted Laboratories
Hansen Audio
Hansen Plugins Hansen's
Happy Nerding
Happy Plugs
Harbeth KingdomH.D Harewood1977
Hard Software Turing1935
Hardmoon Kingdom
Harley Benton
Harman InternationalUnited StatesSidney Harman, Bernard Kardon1980
Harman Kardon StatesSidney Harman and Bernard Kardon1953
HarmoHideaki Hama1962
Harmonia MundiGermanyBernard Coutaz1958
Harmonic TechnologyUnited StatesMoshe Nazarathy1988
HarrisUnited StatesAlfred S. Harris1895
Harrison Consoles StatesDave Harrison1975
Hartke StatesLarry Hartke and Ron Lorman1980
HartleyUnited KingdomBob Hartley1871
Harvard ElectronicsUnited StatesHoward Hathaway Aiken
Harvest Plugins StatesGabriel Poissant2019
Have Audio Instruments
Hazelrigg Industries StatesGeorge and Geoff Hazelrigg1993
HDX AudioCanada
HeadAmp StatesJustin Wilson2002
HeadRoom StatesTill Hertsens1992
Headrush States2017
Hear Technologies
Heart Of Noise
HeathKitUnited StatesEdward Bayard Heath1947
Heavyocity StatesNeil Goldberg, Dave Fraser, & Ari Winters
HEDD Audio Frederik Knop and Klaus Heinz2015
Heed Audio Heinz2015
Hegel Holter1988
HEIE EngineeringUnited StatesMari Kitayama
Heil Sound StatesBob Heil1966
Helios KingdomDick Swettenham1969
Helix Fischer1990
HelpinstillUnited StatesEzra Charles
Henretta Engineering StatesKevin Henretta2009
Henry Audioørge Strand-Bergesen2012
Henry EngineeringUnited StatesHank Landsberg1982
Henry RadioUnited StatesTed S. Henry1941
Heptode Chtioui2010
HERCs Music Systems
Hercules States1982
Hercules Stands
Heritage Audio Rodriguez2011
Hermida Audio StatesAlfonso Hermida2003
Herron Audio StatesKeith Herron1996
Hertz AV Vagnoni and Pietro Pantaleone1998
Herve Nouryé Noury1968
Hexachords Portelli2015
Hexinverter Électronique
Hey Mic!
HHBUnited KingdomHolden-Brown2005
HiFi Racks Ltd.United KingdomBradley Walters2007
HiFiMan Fang Bian2005
Hifonics StatesHelmut Stieglitz1981
Highwind Amplification States Jordan Gale2018
Hikari Instruments
HiloUnited StatesTamar Shenkar
Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Hede2004
Hinton & Fairchild KingdomALAN HINTON
Hinton Instruments Kingdom2001
Hip Kitty Products StatesNeal Logdahl1987
Hisonic States2002
Hit’n’Mix Dawe
HitachiJapanNamihei Odaira1992
HK Audio And Lothar Stamer1979
HM ElectronicsUnited StatesHarry Miyahira1971
HMEUnited StatesRobert Boscacci and Cameron Fleming2012
HOFA Akustik
HOFA Plugins StatesElio D'Anna
HolodisplaysUnited States2001
Hologram Electronics StatesJason Campbell and Ryan Schaefer2015
Home Audio Fidelity StatesSidney Frey1954
Homegrown Sounds
Hora Music Agadati 1924
Horch Audio
Horizon Devices StatesMisha Mansoor
HoRNet Plugins Wittig2011
Hosa Technology StatesSho Sato1984
Hot Music Factory Forbes
Hotone Audio Guo2012
Hotto Engineering States
House Of Marley
Hovland StatesRobert Hovland ( 2009)1999
HOYT Electrical InstrumentsUnited StatesAdrian Hazen Hoyt1904
HP (Hewlett-Packard) StatesDavid Packard and Bill Hewlett1939
HRT (High Resolution Technologies) States2009
HSU ResearchUnited StatesDr. Poh Ser Hsu,1991
Hudson Electronics KingdomMichael Hudson2007
Hughes & Kettner and Lothar Stamer1984
Human Touch Technology Raut
Humanoid Sound Systems KingdomJohn Proctor2006
Humble Audio States
Humboldt Electronics
HUSH SystemsUnited States2015
HY-Plugins Suginomori
Hyperion Sound Design States
IAC (lndustriai Acoustics)United StatesMartin Hirschorn1949
Ian Knowles
iBall Parasrampuria2001
iBoost States2004
IC AudioGermanyRobert Noyce1959
Icaro Comunica Electronics
Iceberg Audio KingdomMACKENZIE, Philip2016
ICEpower Nielsen and Bang & Olufsen a/s1999
Ichiro Toda StatesDaichi2002
Icon Audio KingdomDavid Shaw2000
iCon Pro Audio
IDOLMain States1999
Ieaskul F. Mobenthey StatesIeaskul F. Mobenthey
iFi Audio Kingdom2012
iForm Software Wong
IGMUnited StatesLuigi Luca Cavalli Sforza 1970
Ignite Amps Berti, and Carlo Costabile2006
Ignite Car Audio
IGS Audio Sobczyk2003
iHome StatesSDI Technologies2005
IK Multimedia
Iliadis Iliadis2006
Image Line Agarwal1992
Imaginando Santos2014
IMAXCanadaGraeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr1967
IMEA Plugins Arab EmaratesAyoob Chekkintakath
IMG Stageline
iModular Synth
Imoxplus Verpaele2007
Impact Soundworks StatesAndrew Aversa2008
Impact Technology Ltd.United StatesKnut Forkalsrud2017
Imperfect Samples
Impulse Record StatesCreed Taylor1960
Ina GRM Schaeffer1975
Induction DynamicsUnited StatesKnut Forkalsrud
Inear Display Hennebert2012
Inertia Sound Systems
Infinitessentials Sosa
Infinity Speakers StatesArnie Nudell, John Ulrick and Cary Christie1968
InFocusUnited StatesSteve Hix And Paul Gulick1986
Initial Audio Chatfield
Innerclock Systems
InnersoundUnited StatesMr Joseph William Graves2013
InnerTUBE Audio
Innovative Percussion
InnovoxUnited States
InovonicsUnited StatesDon Hume
Inphonik A. Steinberg2016
Insert Piz Here
Inspired Acoustics Huszty2005
Instruments Of Things Knop, Herik Langer and Niko Schönig2018
Instruo KingdomJason Lim2013
Integrated Lighting Systems
Intelligent Audio SystmsUnited StatesAmar G. Bose, founder1950
Intelligent Devices Pillai1995
Intelligent Sounds & Music
Intellijel van Tijn2009
Inter-M KoreaSoon-Koo Cho1983
InterelectronicsUnited StatesBranko Cvejic1990
International Consoles Corp.United States
Internet Co. Murakami1988
IntersonicsUnited StatesTom Danley1994
Intuitive Audio States
Inward Connections StatesSteve Firlotte1987
IO Instruments George Giegler and Frank Kumm2017
IOLabs Kingdom2014
Ion Audio States2002
Iox AudioWare
IQ Audio Corporation StatesRich Walborn and Bruce Weisberg2001
IQSUnited States
Iraisynn Attinom iraisynn attinom2010
IrcamLab Boulez1977
IrishUnited States
Iron Ether StatesTaylor Livingston2010
IRPUnited States
Irv JoelUnited States
ISI InfotronicUnited States
IslatronUnited States
IsoAcousticsCanadaDavid Morrison2012
ISP Technologies StatesBuck Waller1998
Istanbul Agop
IT7 Audio
Itijik States
Itt-Schaub-LorenzGermanyC. Lorenz AG1930
IvieUnited States
iZotope StatesMark Ethier 2001
J Rockett Audio Designs StatesJay Rockett & Chris Van Tassel2006
J-Yul Sound
J.A. MichellUnited KingdomJohn Michell1973
J.L. FisherUnited StatesJames L. Fisher, founder 1938
J.M. ReynaudFranceJean-Claude Reynaud1967
J.W. DavisUnited StatesJohn Davis1993
J’s Stuff StatesJay work
J3RK States
J74 StatesCharles Badger
Jackson Audio StatesBrad Jackson, Nigel Hendroff & Juan Kyle2016
Jackson Guitars
Jacob Barss-Bailey StatesJacob Barss-Bailey
Jacques Stompboxes Charbit1999
Jadis Calmettes1983
Jagernot Sarkar2015
JAM Pedals Jannis Anastasakis2007
James Loudspeaker StatesScott Struthers in San Francisco Bay, USA1999
Jamo Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen1968
JamStandsUnited StatesDarrell Schoenig 1977
Jands Vista
Jangle Box StatesSteve Lasko2004
Janis Audio AssociatesUnited StatesPete Spencer
JanszenUnited StatesArthur Janszen1955
Jasmine Music Technology Lugert
Jawbone StatesAlexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman1999
JBE Pickups
JBL StatesJames Bullough Lansing1946
JC Productionz
JDK Audio States2011
JDS Labs States2007
Jeff Rowland Design Group StatesJeff Rowland1984
Jensen Electronics StatesPete Jensen1915
Jeremy Evers
Jeremy Sharp Sharp
Jeroen Breebaart
Jet City Amplification StatesMichael Soldano2009
Jeversi Software
Jewel Audio Ichikawa
JH Audio
JHS Pedals StatesJoshua Heath Scott2001
Jim LansingUnited StatesJames Bullough Lansing1927
Jim's Synths StatesJim Patchell1974
JK AudioUnited StatesJoe Klinger1992
JK AudioUnited StatesGeorg Jensen1927
JL Audio StatesJames Birch and Lucio Proni1975
JL CooperUnited States1979
JLab Audio StatesWin Cramer2005
JM LabFranceJacques Mahul1979
JMF Audio Fusilier1985
Jocavi GroupPortugal
Joe Doc Music Dochtermann2014
Joemeek StatesTed Fletcher1993
Joey Sturgis Tones
John Hardy StatesJohn Hardy1997
John Pearse
Jolida StatesJim Fosgate1983
Jolin Lab Ferragut and Federico Intrisano2018
Jomoxürgen Michaelis1997
Jones-Scanlon Jones2016
Joranalogue Audio Design van Gremberghe2016
Josephson AudioUnited StatesDavid Josephson1988
Josephson Engineering
Jospeh AudioUnited States
Joule Electra StatesJud and Marianne Barber ( 2013)1990
Joyo Audio
JPTR FX Jupiter2015
jsAudio StatesJoseph Stromick1986
JSE Infinite SlopeUnited States
Ju-X StatesJuno Ju-X2003
Juice GooseUnited States1983
JVC Kenwood
JZ Microphones Zarins2007
K-Array Tatini, Alessandro Tatini and Massimo Ferrati1990
K-Devices Santini2010
K-Tek StatesManfred Klemme1996
K/H (Klein + Hummel)GermanyWalter Hummel1945
K&K Audio StatesKevin Carter2002
K&K Sound
K&M (Konig & Meyer) König And Erich Meyer1949
KacesAlan Poster
Kadosh Music
Kahayan Audio Pablo Kahayan1991
KaleidescapeUnited StatesMichael Malcolm, Dan Collens, and Cheena Srinivasan2001
Kali Audio StatesNathan Baglyos2018
Kaltman Creations
Kaman MusicUnited StatesCharles Kaman1966
Kangaroo Cases
Kanto Audio
Karanyi Sounds
Karma Audio
Kasleder Effects Kasléder
Kassutronics Ockeloen-Korppi
Katanasound Takalui
Katsura Shareware
Kawa Works Nair
Kazrog StatesShane McFee 2008
KDMCanadaRon Bull1974
Keces Audio
Keeley Electronics StatesRobert Keeley2001
Keen Association
Keesonic Loudspeakers KingdomPeter Keeley1980
KEF (Kent Engineering & Foundry) KingdomRaymond Cooke OBE1961
Keiga ElectronicsTaiwan1996
Keith Monks Audio Ltd.United Kingdom
Kel Audio
Kelly Shu
Kelsey Acoustics, Ltd.United Kingdom1978
Kemper Amps
Kenneth Rundt
Kenton KingdomJohn Price1986
Ketzah Audio Development Labs
Key Digital StatesMike Tsinberg1999
Keyztone Périn2013
Kharma International van Oosterum1993
KHDK Electronics StatesKirk Hamnett & David Karon2012
Kicker StatesSteve Irby1980
Kiesel Software StatesHelga Rakel Guðrúnardóttir2002
kiloHearts Larsson
Kilpatrick Audio Kilpatrick2008
Kimber KableUnited StatesRay Kimber1979
Kinergetics Research StatesTony DiChiro ( as of 2000)1979
Kinetics Noise ControlUnited StatesKirk Hendricks1958
King Oz Records aka Kindzadza
King SoundChinaRoy Livingstone Plummer 1883
King Tone Guitar StatesJesse Davey1999
Kinki Studio
Kinter Kinter
Kintronic LabsUnited StatesLouis King1949
KisekiJapanMasayuki Kato1981
Kitsch Bent States
KKDK AcousticDenmark
Klang Audio Vondi
Klang:technologies Dietrich2014
Klangbau Koln
Klangfeld Lampe2015
Klangfreund Gähwiler
Klanghelm Frenze
Klark Teknik KingdomTerence and Phillip Clarke1974
Klee StatesScott Stites2006
Klevgränd Produktion Engstrom2012
KLH Audio StatesHenry Kloss1957
KlippelGermanyAndré Feil1986
Klipsch StatesPaul Wilbur Klipsch1946
KLIQ States2014
Klon StatesBill Finnegan1994
KloverUnited StatesPaul Terpstra2012
Klyne Audio Arts StatesStan Klyne1980
KM LaboratoriesBelgiumMargaret M. Murnane,,Henry C. Kapteyn1994
KMA Machines Preub2014
Knif Audio Rogers2005
Knob Technology Acarina
Knox Gear
knzaudio States2002
Koblo LeoneKekelay Kaba1946
KolsterUnited StatesRudolf Kolster.1924
Koma Elektronik Jaspers and Christian Zollner2011
Kondo Audio Note Kondo1976
Kong Audio Jian Min
Konstant Lab
Kool Amplification Kool2007
KoraFranceMiranda Kerr2009
Kora Electronic
Korb-Modular Korb
Korg Kato and Tadashi Osanai1962
Korneff Audio StatesDan Korneff
Koss StatesJohn Koss1950
KR Audio RepublicDr. Riccardo Kron1992
Kramer AV Kramer1981
Krell StatesDan D'Agostino1980
KResearch StatesBarbara Kudele1999
Krisp1 Kingdom2007
KRK StatesKeith Klawitter1986
KRM Music Systems Robert Murray
Krotos Audio Boteas2013
Kuassa Ardiansyah
KubotekJapantetsuo kobo1985
Kuebler RadioUnited StatesElisabeth Kübler-Ross 1977
Kuro Custom Audio Git2015
Kush Audio
Kustom StatesCharles “Bud” Ross1964
Kustom IsolationUnited States
KV331 Audio Biyikoglu2004
Kygo Life
KyoceraJapanKazuo Inamori1959
L-1 Laman2012
L-Acoustics Heil1984
LA 67 (La Sesenta y Sieste)
LA AudioTaiwanBlackwood2016
La Bella
La Circuits States
Lab One Recordings States1971
Lab.Gruppen Andersson And Dan Bävholm1979
Laboratorio Elettronica Popolare
Lace Music Products
LaChapell Audio StatesScott LaChapell1999
Ladik Republic2016
LafayetteUnited StatesThéophile Bader, Alphonse Kahn1912
LaFigaro Yi2009
Lafont Audio LabsFrance
Laidman & Katsura Keren
Lake People Reim1986
Lakeside Audio Charles Hattersley2012
Lamb LabsUnited StatesDavid K. Lam2012
LambdaUnited States
Lamm Industries StatesVladimir Lamm1993
Lampifier Company
Laney KingdomLyndon Laney1967
LangevinUnited StatesRalph Langevin 1980
Lansche AudioDenmarkRudiger Lansche1998
Lanternfish Audio
Lanzar States2011
Laptop Musician Blog
Lash LabsUnited StatesRebecca Walker2012
Lastgasp Art Laboratories Uchino2013
LAT InternationalUnited StatesLou Tumolo1989
Latch Lake
Laurentide SynthWorks States2013
Lauten Audio StatesBrian Loudenslager
Lava Cable
Lavry Engineering StatesDan Lavry1993
Lawrence Petross Design StatesLawrence Petross
Lawson Microphones
LBM (Little British Monitor) KingdomSimon Ashton2016
LCF Industries States2014
LD Systems Kirby, Markus Jahnel, and Alexander Pietschmann1973
Le Sound States2009
LEA International
Leaf Audio Richter2008
LEAK KingdomHarold Joseph Leak1934
Leapfrog Audio
Leapwing Audio StatesRobin Reumers2015
Leben Hyodo1991
Lectrosonics StatesJohn Arasim 1971
Leema Acoustics KingdomLee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls1998
Leftoverlasagne Volmer
Legacy Audio StatesBill Dudleston1983
Lehle Georg Lehle1999
Lehmann Audio Lehmann1988
LeitchUnited StatesRobert A. Lehtonen1971
Lennar Digital StatesLeonard Miller Arnold Rosen1954
Lenovo Chuanzhi1984
Leon SpeakersUnited StatesNoah Kaplan1997
LepreconUnited StatesJim Fackert1980
Lerxst States2012
Leslie Sanford States1957
Lethal Audio
Levelground Media
Lexicon StatesDr. Francis F. Lee and Chuck Bagnaschi1971
LFD Audio KingdomDr. Richard Bews1987
LG KoreaKoo In-hwoi1947
LHI Audio
Liberty Audio StatesPeter Noerbaek
Liberty Microphone & Transducer Co.
Liberty Wire & CableUnited StatesGary Michelson1991
Lighting & Electronics
LightronicsUnited States
Liivatera Macphail2012
Limaflo Kingdom
Linar AudioCanada
Lindell Audio Lindell2010
Lindemann Lindemann1993
Line 6 StatesSusan Wolf, Marcus Ryle and Michel Doidic1996
Line Audio
Line Magnetic Cai and Zheng Xi2005
Linea ResearchUnited KingdomDavey Smalley, Ben Ver, Pip Wilson And Paul Williams2003
Linear & Digital SystemsUnited States1988
Linear AcousticsGermanyTim Carroll2001
Linear Tube Audio StatesMark Schneider2015
LinkUnited StatesBob Henson And Jim Timberlake1989
Linn StatesIvor Tiefenbrun1973
Lipinski Sound StatesAndrew Lipinski2003
LiquidSonics KingdomMatt Hill's2000
LissenUnited KingdomThomas Noah Cole1923
ListenUnited StatesRuss Gentner1998
Listen Technologies StatesRussell Gentner1998
Lithium Sound
Little Dot Quan Yang2006
Little Endian Cohen1980
Little IO
Little Labs StatesJonathan Little1998
LittliteUnited StatesJim Fackert1971
LiveLab Saarela
Lively Audio
Livestock Electronics
Livewire Electronics (Livewire Synthesizers) StatesMike Brown2012
Livid Instruments StatesJay Smith, Peter Nyboer, and Travis Redding2004
Living VoiceUnited KingdomTaylor Davies1990
Livv Headphones
Lloyd'sUnited StatesJohn Taylor1765
LM Cases
LMDSPán Mc Donagh2009
Locomotive Audio StatesEric Strouth2014
Logitech Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta and Giacomo Marini1981
Lone Wolf Audio StatesJoe Anastasio2014
Loomer StatesTim Loomer
Loopmasters KingdomRobb McDaniels2003
Looptrotter Starzyk2010
LostIn70s Ethier Peter Neubäcker
Loth-X AudioSingaporeLothar Sander1998
Loud TechnologiesUnited StatesGreg Mackie1988
Louder Than Liftoff McGowan
Loudest Warning KingdomCharlie Kerr
Lovepedal StatesSean Michael2009
Low-Gain Electronics States2009
Lowell Manufacturing StatesBen Lowell1947
Lower West Side Studio
LowthersUnited KingdomGeorge Lowther Sr.1975
LPBUnited StatesDavid Revah1989
LPZW (Leipzig West) Modules
LR Baggs StatesLloyd Baggs1978
LSA GroupLarry Seeman1976
LTM Lighting
Lucas Engineering
Lumin Music
Luminous Audio Technology StatesTim Stinson1988
Luna Modular
Lunastone Pedals Grøntved2011
Luxman Hayakawa and K. Yoshikawa1925
Luxury Sound Society
LVC Audio StatesMatthew Witmer
Lyngdorf Lyngdorf2005
Lynx Pro Audio
Lynx Studio Technology StatesBob Bauman and David A. Hoatson1998
LyrecDenmarkGeorges-Gaston Gaspard1926
LZX Industries StatesLars Larsen and Ed Leckie2008
M & K Sound (Miller & Kreisel)United StatesPer Becher2008
M-Audio StatesTim Ryan1998
M2Tech Marino and Marco Manunta2007
MA'AH CommunicationsGermany2007
Mäag Audio StatesCliff Maag Sr.2009
MAAT Digital Tischmeyer
Macbeth Studio Systems KingdomKen McBeth2001
Machina DynamicaUnited StatesGeoff Kait1998
MacKenzie LabsUnited States1954
Mackie StatesGreg Mackie1988
Macro Machines States
Mad Professor Amplification Koski and Jukka Mönkkönen2002
Mad Rooster Lab Cardinen2012
Madison FieldingUnited States
Madrona Labs StatesMike Fridgen1998
Mageco (Marshall-Gerkin Co.)United States
Magico StatesAlon Wolf1994
Magix Schmidt 1994
MagnacordUnited StatesR.L.Landon1946
Magnatone StatesDelbert J. Dickerson1930
Magnaval B Magnaval
MagnavoxUnited StatesEdwin Pridham1917
Magnepan StatesJim Winey1969
Magnetic Effects KingdomChristian Livingstone2012
Magnetic RecordingUnited StatesValdemar Poulsen 1900
Magnetic Reference LabsUnited StatesJohn G. McKnight 1972
Magnum-Dynalab Zurowski1984
Magnus Audio States2010
Magnus Plugins
Magpie Modular States2016
Mahalo StatesScott Phillips and Richie Mays2009
Mainstream Audio
Maizesoft Zhang1995
Majella Audio
Majik Box StatesDave Simpson and Rob Nishida2008
Make Noise StatesTony Rolando2008
Make Synths Not War Kingdom“Morocco” Dave2016
MakeProAudio Hund
Malekko Heavy Industry StatesJosh Holley & Paul Barker2006
Mammoth Audio Gudi
Maneco Labs
MangerGermanyDaniela Manger1969
ManhassetUnited StatesOtto Lagervall1935
Manhattan Analog StatesJason Coates
Manikin Electronic Feuerherdt and Markus Horn
Manley Laboratories StatesDavid and Luke Manley1988
Mannequins States2014
Mantic Effects StatesLuis Etscheid and Caleb Henning2013
Manx Synthesizers
Manytone Music
MapleshadeUnited StatesWalter Davis Jr1986
Marantz Marantz1953
Marathon States2002
Marchand Electronics StatesPhil Marchand1979
Margules Audio Margules1926
Marigo Audio LabUnited StatesRon Hedrich1989
Marion Systems Corporation StatesTom Oberheim1987
Mark Antenna
Mark IV AudioUnited States
Mark Levinson Audio Systems StatesMark Levinson1972
Markbass De Virgiliis2001
MarktonUnited StatesConstantino Miguel1958
Marleaux Tonwerk Marleaux1990
Marsh Sound DesignUnited StatesRichard Marsh1999
Marshall Amplification Kingdom/EnglandJim Marshall1962
Marten DesignSwedenRandy Marten2001
MartiUnited States1959
MartinDenmarkPeter Johansen 1987
Martin Audio KingdomDavid Martin1971
Martin Eastwood Audio
Martin Guitars
Martinic StatesMarjana Martinic's
MartinLogan StatesGayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland1979
Marvin VST
Mason & Hamlin
Mason Software
Massey Plugins Massey
Massive States1999
Master & Dynamic
Mastering The Mix KingdomTom Frampton
Masterlab Audio Balaskas1995
Mastersound Sanavio1947
Mastrcode Music Berendes2008
Match Fischer1990
Matchless Amplifiers StatesRick Perrotta1989
Mathew Lane Lane
Matrix Audio
Mats Lindfors
Matt Creig
Matt Tytel
Matthew Lindsay
Matthews Effects StatesRick Matthews2013
Mattson StatesGeorge Mattson1978
Max For Cats Scliar1981
Max Project
Maxon Guitar Effects Suyama and Masahiko Saito1965
Mayah CommunicationsGermanyDetlef Wiese1997
Maycom Audio SystemsNetherlands
Mayer EMI
Mayflower Electronics StatesTyler Chilton2012
Mazzatron StatesSean Mazzatti
MB (Mikrofonbau Haun)GermanyHerbert Haun1992
MB Audio Lab Bibeau
MB Quart States/Germany1962
MBL Akustikgeräte Manfred1903
McCauleyUnited StatesTom Mccauley1979
McCormack StatesSteve McCormack1975
McCurdyUnited States
McDSP StatesColin McDowell1998
McHugh Military
MCI (Music Center Inc.)United States
McIntosh Laboratory StatesFrank McIntosh1949
MDA Plugins StatesPaul Cohen
MDLR Case Schuijt2017
Meadow Song LabsCanadaDavid Hua1994
Meadowlark AudioUnited StatesJohn Skipper1994
Mecha Audio
Media Overkill Andersson2009
MediaShoutUnited StatesEric V. Eitel2000
Medic Modules Kingdom
Medigrade Modular Kingdom2017
MEE Audio
MEGA SystemsUnited StatesMiguel, Elio, Guillermo And Arturo Cabada2000
MegaOhm Audio States
Meinl Percussion
MeldaProduction RepublicVojtech Meluzin2009
Melody HiFi Wang1999
Melos Audio Restoration StatesSmith Denver2000
Melted Stereo
Melu Instruments RepublicSami “Kraku” Koistinen2016
MemorexUnited StatesLaurence L. Spitters1961
Memphis Audio States1965
Menatone StatesBrian Mena1996
MengQiMusic Qi1985
Mercenary Audio
Mercuriall Mackall2005
Mercury Car Audio
Mercury Recording Equipment Co. StatesDavid Marquette1999
Meridian Audio KingdomAllen Boothroyd and Bob Stuart1977
Meris StatesTerry Burton2014
Mesa/Boogie StatesRandall Smith1969
Mesanovic Microphones
Metabolic Devices
MetaFunction Halliday
Metalbox States1995
Metasonix StatesEric Barbour1998
Metatronic Mods States2015
Metra Electronics StatesGeorge Reed1949
Metric Halo StatesB.J and Joe Buchalter1995
Metro Modular
Metronome TechnologieFrance2015
Metzger Technologies States2016
Meyer Sound Laboratories StatesJohn Meyer1979
Meze Audio
Mezzabarba Amplification Mezzabarba1998
MF DigitalUnited States1979
MFB Berlin Fricke1976
MFOS (Music From Outer Space) StatesRay Wilson2009
MI Audio Ibrahim2002
MIA Laboratories
Micca Electronics States2009
Michael Kingston Productions Kingston
Michael Ourednik
Michael Willis
Michigan Synth Works States
Micro Avionics
Micro CommunicationsUnited States1966
MicroaudioUnited StatesMitchell Gorodokin1984
Microbe Modular States
MicroBoardsUnited States1989
Micromega Hamdi1987
Microphone Parts
Microtech Gefell Neumann1929
Microwave Filter
Midas KingdomJeff Byers And Charles Brooke1970
Middle Atlantic Products
MIDI Hardware Sowa
Midi Madness Software
MIDIMood Asa2017
Midiphy Menze, George Welsh and Michael Sigl
Miktek StatesMichael Ketchell2010
Milab Microphones Rosander1978
Milan Digital Audio Milan2002
Milbert Amplifiers States 1986
Mildon Studios
Miles ReproducerUnited States
Miles TechnologyUnited StatesC hris Miles1997
Millennia StatesStephen Martindale1990
Miller-StephensonUnited StatesMourad Fahmi1955
Million Machine March States2014
Mind Doctors Make Acid
MiniGorille StatesIysandre Follet2013
Minimal System Group KingdomPaul Willocks2010
Minnetonka Audio Schur1986
MiProTaiwanK.c. Chang1995
MissionUnited KingdomRichard Preciose 2008
Mission Engineering Inc. StatesJames Lebihan2009
MITUnited StatesL. Rafael Reif1861
Mitchell & Johnson Kingdom2011
Mitsubishi Electric Yatarō1921
Mixed In Key StatesYakov Vorobyev2006
Mixed LogicUnited States
Mixosaurus DAW Drums
ML Sound Lab Logren
MM Effects Kingdom2014
MMI Modular States2017
MNTN Douglas
Mobile Fidelity StatesBrad Miller1977
Mobula Mobular
MOD (Modular Acoustics)Germany
Mod Kits DIY States2009
Mod SquadUnited StatesBud "Buddy" Ruskin1968
Modal Electronics Kingdom2013
Modartt Philippe Guillaume
Modbap Modular StatesCorry Banks
Modcan Duncan2007
Mode Machines Thorpe2010
Modor Music Belmans
Modtone States2007
Modulaire Maritime
Modular Analog Brookes
Modular Synth Lab
Modulation SciencesUnited States
ModWright StatesDan Wright2000
Moffenzeef Modular StatesMatthew Goodwin Akers2016
Mogan Microphones
Mogees KingdomBruno Zamborlin2013
Mogwai Audio Tools Scholey1995
Mojave Audio
Mojo Hand FX States Brad Fee2006
Mojo Tone
MOK (Media Overkill) StatesRob Rampley, Taiho Yamada and Chris Compton
Mokafix Audio
Mola Mola
Molecular Bytes
Momentum by Pro Co
Monde Synthesizer
Mondial DesignsUnited StatesPaul Rosenberg1986
Monitor Audio KingdomMo Iqbal1972
Monome StatesBrian Crabtree and Kelli Cain
Monoprice StatesJong Lee and Seok Hong2002
Monsoon Bolleman2001
Monster Cable StatesNoel Lee1979
Monsterpiece Fuzz States Richard Coibion2002
Montreal Assembly Monk2007
Mooer Audio Company
Moog Music Inc. StatesRobert Moog1953
MoonCanadaKenneth Kruger2006
Moon Audio StatesDrew Baird2010
Moon Modular
MorchDenmarkSteffen Mørch1925
Mordaunt-Short KingdomRodney Short and Norman Mordaunt1967
Mordax StatesBrandon Fessler and Taylor Gehrts
Morel HiFi Mordechai1975
Morgan Amps StatesJoe Morgan1996
Morley StatesRaymond and Marvin Lubow1969
Morph Acoustic States
MorrisonCanadaWilliam Morrison1899
MOS-LAB Moumon
Moscode States
Mosconi Mosconi2008
Moseley Instruments Moseley2017
Motion LabsUnited States1985
Motorola (Motorized Victrola)United StatesMotorized Victrola1983
MOTU StatesHarvinder Mankkar1981
MovicDenmarkRay Kroc1983
Mozaic Beats Kinter
Mpow States2013
Mr. Black States2008
MRG Synthesizers Kingdom
mrseri StatesBalint Seres2017
MSA (Mine Safetey Appliances)
MSB Technology StatesLawrence Gullman1985
MSD (Metal Sound Design)South Korea
MTX Audio StatesLoyd Ivey1979
Mu Technologies StatesSanjay Mehrotra1978
Mu-Tron StatesMike Beigel & Rand Anderson1972
Mungo Enterprises
Muon Software KingdomDavid Waugh1998
Murata ManufacturingJapanAkira Murata 1944
Muse Audio
Muse ElectronicsUnited StatesPhilipp Lechner2007
MuseatexUnited States
Music & SoundUnited StatesRobert Wise
Music EraserJapanAndy Bell1989
Music First Audio KingdomJonathan Billington2002
Music GiantsUnited StatesGiants1987
Music Hall StatesRoy Hall1985
Music Man
Music Reference StatesRoger A. Modjeski1980
Music Thing Modular Kingdom2012
Musical Fidelity KingdomAntony Michaelson1982
Musical Sampling Pierre Schaeffer1940s
Musical Surroundings StatesMichael Yee and Jim Fosgate1991
MusicDevelopments Bachowski2005
MusicLab Gimenez2003
Musicrow StatesSherod Robertson1981
Musysic States2010
Mutable InstrumentsÉmilie Gillet2009
Mutant Modular
MutecGermanyChristian Peters1993
Muth Audio DesignUnited StatesBrian Muth2012
MuTools Langie
MWFX KingdomMatt Warren2008
MXL StatesLeonard Marshall 1980
MXR States1972
My Sonic Lab
myMixUnited States
Myosis ZealandSierra Blane2020
Myryad KingdomChris and Dave Evans1995
MysteryUnited StatesJohn Ryan
Mystic Circuits States2014
Mytek StatesMichal Jurewicz1992
Mythos Pedals StatesZach Broyles2010
N2KUnited StatesDave Grusin, Larry Rosen, Phil Ramone1997
NAAD Tokyo
Nabla Instruments
NAD Electronics Martin L. Borish (in the United Kingdom)1972
Nady Systems StatesJohn Nady1978
Nagra Kudelski1951
Naim Audio KingdomJulian Vereker1973
Nakamichi Nakamichi1948
Nakedboards N. Yershov2011
NANO Modules Gutiérrez-Ravé2018
Nanolog Audio Inc McCreery and Adam Bergren2014
Nassen Software Development Nassen
NAT Audio Nikic2001
Native Instruments Haver1996
Naughty Seal Audio RepublicOleksii Romanchenko
NavAtlas States
Navison AudioVietnam2000
NBS/ShieldsUnited StatesWillie Whittaker
NDC Plugs Moody2005
NEAR (New England Audio Resources)United States
Nearfield AcousticsUnited States
Neat Microphones
Nektar Technology StatesNiels Larsen2009
Nembrini Audio Nembrini2019
Neo Instruments Guido Kirsch2007
Neold Schult
Neotek StatesMiroslav Petro1969
Nestorovic StatesMile Nestorovic (now )
Nethernet Corp. StatesJustin Hall2007
NetstreamsUnited StatesCardenas 1998
NetwellUnited StatesDmitry Koval1992
Neumann Neumann1928
Neunaber StatesBrian Neunaber2009
Neural DSP Castro2017
NeutrikUnited StatesBernhard Weingartner 1975
Neutron Sound Matheson2013
Neve ElectronicsUnited KingdomNeve Electronics1961
Neverdie Audio
New Audio Frontiers and Ferdinando Zanichelli1980
New Audio Technology Ammermann2012
New England Analog States
New Sonic Arts Kingdom1979
New Systems Instruments States
Newcomb AudioUnited StatesChris Newcomb1937
Newfangled Audio StatesDan Gillespie2015
NewlineSpainChris Bradford And Kevin Wang
Nexi Industries
Nexo Vincenot and Micheal Johnson1979
Nexus Instruments States
NFJ&FX Audio
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)JapanTerunobu Maeda1950
NHT Loudspeakers StatesKenneth Kantor1986
Nick Crow Lab
NicomUnited States1997
NicomSoft Niclasen
Niimbus Audio People
NikkoJapanLord Maeda1908
Nikkoid (Nikko) Choukroun2009
Niles Audio StatesDan Niles1978
Nils Schneider
Nimble Tools StatesJon Ferrara2008
Nine Volt
NIRO (Mechanical Research Corp.)JapanNiro Nakamichi1948
Nitty GrittyUnited States1966
Nobels Kurzke1985
Nobis Technologies States
NoBots Kingdom2015
Noise Engineering StatesMarkus Cancilla2016
Noise Lab
Noise Makers Verron2017
Noise Reap States2015
NoiseAsh StatesBeyhan Kılıç2014
NoiseMaker Productions KingdomScott & Claire x2015
Noiz-Lab Young2014
Noizefield Instruments
Nomad Factory Torelli2001
Nonlinear Circuits
Nord Keyboards Nordelius 1983
Nord Acoustics Kingdom
NorelcoUnited StatesPhilips1962
Norma Audio Rossi1987
North Coast Modular Collective States
North Coast Synthesis Skala2016
North Creek Music SystemsUnited States2020
Northern Light Modular
NortronicsUnited StatesJoe Dundovic
Nottingham Analog StudioUnited KingdomTom Fletcher
Nova AudioUnited StatesJudith Gampe2017
Nova Fidelity Korea2003
Nova Sound StatesGerald Campbell2014
NovaDSP KingdomEVANS, Jeremy Mark2012
Novaflash Salvador
NOVAkILL and SIk 2001
Novation KingdomIan Jannaway And Mark Thompson1992
Noveltech Ismo Kauppinen2000
Nozoid Henry2017
NRG Effects KingdomNeil R. Grimes
NSIUnited StatesIsidor Leviton1906
NTi Audio Nunn2000
NTS Audio KingdomDr. Jack Lin and Aaron Cohen1961
Nubertünther Nubert1975
Nucleus SoundLab Janzen
NuForce StatesJason Lim2002
Nugen Audio Paul Tapper2004
NUI InstrumentsUnited States
Numerical Audio Aras and Markus Teufel2018
Numerical Sound Eatock.
NuPrime StatesJason Lim2014
NUSofting Felici2002
Nusonica KingdomMACKELLAR, Stuart2016
NuSpace Audio (Mike) Luo2017
Nuton KingdomEuan Munro2021
nuVibrations StatesMatthew Logan2010
Nux Effects
nw2s States2014
NXT (New Transducers Ltd.)United Kingdom2001
Nyrv Systems
O.C. White
O.L.S. AudiotechnologyNetherlandsCharles van Oosterum1992
Oakley Sound Systems KingdomTony Allgood1996
OaktronUnited StatesPaul Holyoake1954
OAP Audio StatesTed Hickey1974
Oberheim Electronics StatesTom Oberheim1969
Oblivion Sound Lab Nicol2020
Occvlt Pedals Czarnecki2015
Ocean Swift Synthesis Abreu2015
Ocean Way Audio StatesAllen Sides1980
Oceanturtle KingdomStuart Eade GIfire2015
OcosSwitzerlandBishop Henry M. Williamson1992
Octave Hofmann1968
Odo Synths StatesSarah Faulkner2018
Odyssey AudioUnited StatesKlaus Bunge's1988
OEKSound Keskinen 2016
OHM AcousticsUnited StatesMartin Gersten1971
Ohm Force Bacquet1999
Okko Effects
OktavaОАО Октава1927
Old Blood Noise Endeavors StatesBrady Smith & Seth McCarroll2014
Old Crow States Streamwood, Illinois)
Oleg Mikheev
Olegtron Suorlahti2012
Oli Larkin Kingdom2003
Olitronik Circuits
Olivella Modular
Olson RadioUnited States
Olympia Noise Co. StatesBen Kamen2012
Olympic Case
Olympic ModelsUnited States
Omiindustriies StatesNaomi Mitchell2016
Omnicron GroupItalyJohn D. Wren1986
OmnimountUnited StatesAlex Cyrell 1978
OmniraxUnited States1985
Omsonic KingdomPhen Marks
Omtec Baier (now )1979
On-Stage States1979
One Small Clue
One SystemsLebanon2006
OneControlörn Juhl2010
Onkyo Godai1946
Oontz StatesHenry Kloss1988
Op Amp LabsUnited StatesBela Losmandy1970
Open Music Labs States2016
Opera AudioChina(Eric) Shi Hui Liu1994
Opera Consonance Hui Liu1994
Opera LoudspeakersItalyGiovanni Nasta1989
Optimal Speaker Design StatesDave Chai2003
Option 5 StatesJay Woods2002
OptomaUnited States1995
OracleCanadaLarry Ellison, Bob Miner, Ed Oates1977
Orange KingdomClifford Cooper1968
Orb Audio States2003
OrbanUnited StatesBob Orban1967
Orban/ParasoundUnited StatesBob Orban1974
Origaudio StatesJason Lucash and Mike Szymczak2009
Origin Effects KingdomSimon Keats2011
Orion Electronics
Ortega Guitars Meinl1994
Orthogonal Devices
OrthophaseFranceGeorge Poutot and George Gogny 1961
Ortofon Petersen and Arnold Poulsen1918
Oscillicious Santoni 2011
Oscillot Audio Keselman2015
OSD Audio States2003
Osvaldo Junior Brsynth
Oswalds Mill Audio StatesJonathan Weiss2007
OTARI Electric Co.JapanMasayuki Hosoda1965
Ourafilmes Santos1997
Outlaw Audio States1999
Outlaw Effects
Outline Noselli1973
Output StatesGregg Lehrman2013
Overkill AudioUnited KingdomUlf Andersson Bo Andersson Simon Viklund2012
Overstayer StatesJeff Turzo2008
OverTone DSP Scarlett and Liora Dudar
OWI Inc. States1978
OxmoorUnited States1979
OZ-Soft Takao2013
oZoe Luc Lartigue2009
Pacific Drums And Percussion
Pacific MicrosonicsUnited StatesMichael Ritter1986
PacotronicsUnited StatesSolomon M. Weingast and Murray1932
PAiA StatesJohn Simonton1967
Palmer Hall Group1980
Panasonicōnosuke Matsushita1918
Panorama DTV
Pantala Labs
Paraclete Aviation Life Support
Paradigm Electronics VanderMarel and Scott Bag1982
ParagonUnited StatesKlaus Dieter Frers1988
Paragon AcousticsUnited StatesRichard Ranger1957
Parallax StatesTom O'Neill2018
Parasound StatesRichard Schram1981
Parawave Audio
Parks Audio StatesShannon Park
Parrot Seydoux1994
Partikkel AudioØyvind Brandtsegg
Pass Labs StatesNelson Pass1991
Patchblocks Heinz2017
Patching Panda
Pathos Acoustics Zanini1994
Paul C. Audio StatesPaul Cochrane1997 
Paul Trombetta Design StatesPaul Trombetta2005
PBN Audio StatesPeter B. Noerbaek1992
Peach Audio Peach1983
Peachtree Audio States2007
Peak ConsultDenmarkPer Kristoffersen1996
Pearl Drums
Pearl Microphone Laboratory Rosander1941
Pearlman Microphones
Pearstone States2011
Peavey Electronics SatesHartley Peavey 1965
Peerless-AV StatesNick Belcore1941
Pekka Kauppila
Pelican StatesArline Parker, David Parker1976
Peluso Microphone Lab
Pendulum Audio StatesGreg Gualtieri1988
Pendulumic States2014
Pentacom Nishidai (N in BBS)1997
PentagonUnited StatesBrehon B. Sommervell1947
PentronUnited States1967
Percussa Modular StatesBert Schiettecatte
Perdue AcousticsUnited StatesJay Perdue1989
Perfectionist Audio Components StatesLarry Smith ( as of 1993)1988
Perimeter Sound Arts & Jeff2015
Periodic Audio
Perma PowerUnited StatesNorm Ackerman1952
Perpetual TechnologiesUnited StatesRyan Stephens1997
Perreaux ZealandPeter Perreaux1974
PerreuxNew ZealandOlivier Fructus2011
Pete Cornish KingdomPete Cornish2003
Peterson Tuners StatesRichard H. Peterson1948
Pettyjohn Electronics StatesStephen Pettyjohn & Chris Hoff2014
Pfundstein Audio Plugins
PG Music Peter Gannon1988
PH Neutre (PH Modular)
Phase Linear StatesBob Carver ( as of 1979)1970
Phase Tech StatesBill Hecht1955
Phase TechUnited StatesTed Pettyjohn1999
Phoenixinflight StatesMarco Beltrami2004
Phil Jones Bass StatesPhil Jones2002
Philipe Zenz Audio
Philips Philips and Frederik Philips1891
Phoenix Audio StatesJoseph Marash1996
Phoenix SystemsUnited StatesJon Petty1995
Phonic Corporation Minlie Wang1972
PhonocraftUnited Statesgina guerrero 2007
PhonosophieGermanyMat Cork2009
Photive StatesJoey Sakkal2005
Physical Audio KingdomCRAIG J. WEBB2021
Physical Music (Patrick Bodmer & Philipp Jung), DJ T (Thomas Koch) and Booka Shade2002
PI EngineeringUnited States1993
PickeringUnited StatesFrançois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon1669
PiegaSwitzerlandLeo Greiner, Kurt Scheuch1986
PigDog Pedals Kingdom Steve Williams2008
Pignose Amps StatesRichard Edlund and Wayne Kimbell1972
Pigtronix StatesBrian Bethke and David Koltai2003
PilotUnited StatesJim Haslam1958
Pilot Communications
Pink Triangle KingdomNeal Jackson and Arthur Khoubesserian1979
PinkNoise Studio Haasz & Csilla Szebenyi1996
Pioneer Corporation Matsumoto1938
Pioneer DJUnited StatesYoshinori Kataoka2014
PipedreamsTod Sacerdoti2019
Pitch Innovations StatesKrishna Chetan
Pittsburgh Modular StatesRichard Nicol2012
PivitecUnited States
PK Audio Bridge2000
Placette Audio StatesGuy Hammel2001
Placid Audio
Pladask Elektrisk Olai2014
Plan B States
Planet Audio States1996
Planet Audio Statesbusiness-minded car audio enthusiasts1997
Plankton Electronics
Plasmatronics E. Hill1978
Platinum Audio Ltd.United StatesPhil Jones2002
Platonic World
PLBR Effects Vajda
Plektron StatesMicah Valine2008
Pliant TechnologiesUnited StatesCoachcomm2006
Plinius ZealandGary Morrison1980
PlitronCanadaSteve Nolan 1983
Plogue Viens2000
Plug & Mix Eric Nolot2006
Plugable StatesBernie Thompson2009
Plugin Alliance Tarnowski1978
Plugin Boutique KingdomGareth Halsall2012
Plugin Guru StatesJohn Lehmkuhl
Plum Audio
Plus 24United StatesGroup Of 77
Plush Pedals StatesAndy Fuchs1999
PMC Speakers KingdomPeter Thomas and Adrian Loader1991
PMFoundations States
Point Source AudioUnited StatesJames Lamb 2004
Polk Audio StatesMatthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross1972
Polsen States2011
Poly-Planar States
PolycomUnited StatesBrian Hinman 1990
Polyend Raczynski2015
PolyPhaserUnited StatesJames Harless
Polyverse StatesAlex Gounares2015
Portal Audio StatesJoe Abram
PortaPocketUnited StatesKendra Kroll 2007
Portland InstrumentUnited StatesJustin Lewis2006
PoshUnited StatesManish Chandra Tracy Sun Gautam Golwala Chetan Pungaliya2011
Positive Grid StatesCalvin Abe2011
Posse AudioUnited StatesDeborah Bial1989
PotomacUnited StatesEdward Offutt 1785
Power Acoustik States1983
PowerBass StatesErik2001
Powerclamp by Henry Engineering2014
PowerFX Bryant
Powersoft StatesLuca Lastrucci1995
Powerware by EatonUnited StatesMark Del Duke1911
Powerwerks States1924
Practical Radio CommunicationsUnited StatesHeinrich Hertz1890
PranawireUnited States1989
Praxis Electronics States
Precision Power States1983
Premier Electronic LabsUnited StatesScott Goggans1980
Premier Metal ProductsUnited StatesLamar Troyer2007
PreSonus StatesJim Odom and Brian Smith1995
Presto RecordingUnited StatesMorris Gruber, George Saliba1933
PrestomaticUnited StatesChrysler Corporation 1946
Primacoustic StatesBobby Kuhl1972
PrimaLuna van den Dungen2003
Primare Systems Christenden1986
Prime Cables
Prime Studio StatesStuart Harvey Lee1998
Princeton Digital Salgame2018
Prism Sound KingdomGraham Boswell, Ian Dennis1987
Pro Audio Vault Singh 2005
Pro Cases
Pro Co Sound StatesCharlie Wicks1974
Pro IntercomUnited StatesEoghan Mccabe, Des Traynor, David Barrett And Ciaran Lee2011
Pro TecUnited StatesRichard E Veitch1991
Pro-Ject Audio Systems Lichtenegger 1991
ProAc Loudspeakers KingdomStewart Tyler1979
ProAnalog Devices StatesScotty Smith
ProAudioDSP Frindle
Process Audio
ProcomGermanyFrank McCrea1978
Professional Sound Corporation
Professional Systems EngineeringUnited StatesForstater1986
Progress Audio Wright2004
ProjectSAM Spruijt, Vincent Beijer and Marco Deegenaars 2001
Prok Modular KingdomMartin Wood-Mitrovski and Steven Grimley-Taylor
Prominy Rottger
ProModular States
Proster Kingdom2012
ProtechUnited StatesMarc Meili1980
ProtonTaiwanErnest Rutherford1900
ProtonaGermanyWilli Draheim1948
Provider SeriesUnited StatesShawn Keough-hartz2003
ProXUnited StatesMichael Mathieu 1975
PRS Guitars StatesPaul Reed Smith1985
PRV Audio StatesBrazilian group of executives and engineers2006
PS Audio StatesPaul McGowan and Stan Warren1973
PSB Speakers StatesPaul Barton1972
PSI Audio Roux1975
Psicraft Designs
PSOFT StatesDavid Duffield 1987
PSP Audioware Ozynski2000
Psychic Modulation
PT Audio
PublisonFranceM Dean2006
Pucktronix States
PulpLogic States
Pulsar Audio Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish1967
Pulsar Novation Sidawi2019
Pulse Synthesizers
Pultec (Pulse Techniques) StatesEugene (Gene) Shenk 1950
Pure Audio Kingdom2002
Pure DigitalUnited KingdomJonathan Kaplan2001
Puremagnetik StatesMicah Frank2006
Purifi Audio Putzey and Clau Neegaard2014
Purist Audio DesignUnited StatesJim Aud 1986
Purple Audio ZealandAndrew Roberts1997
Purrtronics KingdomPietro RedCat2017
Pye Ltd.United KingdomWilliam George Pye1896
Pyle Audio StatesAbe Brach President1960
Pyramid Loudspeakers StatesPaul McGowan2018
Pyxis Audio Kingdom
Q Acoustics Kingdom2006
QEIUnited StatesBruce Mc Sadzean 1971
QFX States1985
QolleJapanJosep Martí2013
Qosmo Modular
QSC Audio Products StatesBarry Andrews, Patrick Quilter and John Andrews1968
Qu-Bit Electronix StatesAndrew Ikenberry and Jason Lim2014
Quad EightUnited StatesReichenbach1962
Quad Electronics KingdomPeter J. Walker1936
Quam-NicholsUnited StatesRandy Moore 1930
Quanalog Instruments Do Minh Quan2018
Quantum Audio LabsUnited States1979
Quantum ProductsUnited StatesMario Ciabarra 2015
Quested KingdomRoger Quested1985
Quicco Sound
Quicksilver Audio StatesMike Sanders1981
Quiet Art Chan & Michaela Le
Quiet Music huwell
Quiet Theory Soundworks StatesBryan Laurenson2016
Quik-LokUnited StatesPam Crabtree1998
QuikQuak StatesJason Johnson2004
Quilter Labs StatesPat Quilter1967
QVSUnited StatesAnvil Nelson 1999
R. Barth KGGermanyRüdiger Barth1970
R. Gray Power Co.United StatesDick McCarthy1998
R.G.A. Sound ServicesUnited KingdomBob Greenberg
RabcoUnited StatesMark Nutley
Rabid Elephant States2012
Radford Revival Kingdom2004
Radial Engineering Janis1976
Radical Frequencies Polytaridis
Radikal Technologies Korduletsch1995
Radio CraftsmanUnited StatesAntonio Pasin1917
Radio Design LabsUnited StatesJoel Bump 1986
RadioShack StatesMilton Deutschmann and Theodore Deutschmann1921
Radio SystemsUnited StatesDan Braverman1976
Radium Audio Diey2007
Rafferty Kingdom2014
Raga Research KingdomRoy Gandy1973
Raidho AcousticsDenmark
Rain City Modular States
Rain RecordingUnited StatesRichard Towneley 1677
Rainger FX KingdomDavid Rainger2014
Raising Jake Studios Rippe1980
Rakit Kingdom2017
Ram BroadcastUnited StatesRon Mitchell 1983
Ramble FX StatesTim Krueger2013
RamsaJapanTran Huy Hien 2011
Rancorsoft States2014
Randall Amplifiers StatesDon Randall1970
Random*Source Hoffmann
Rane Commerical StatesT. R. Ganapathy Iyer 1981
RangertoneUnited StatesRichard H. Ranger1931
RapcoHorizon StatesDale W Williams 1990
RappaportUnited StatesMartin Rapaport1978
Rare Signals
Rare Waves StatesEric Archer2008
Rascal Audio StatesJoel Cameron2009
Rast Sound Kuskoglu2014
Rat Distortion States1979
Rat King Modular (Alchemical Audio) States2017
Raven AcousticsCanada1980
Raven Audio StatesDave Thomson2010
RawBeatz Hill
RaxxessNetherlandsHyman Peller1990
Raygun FX Kingdom2012
Raymer TruetoneUnited States
RAZ Audio
RCA StatesOwen Young and David Sarnoff1919
RCF Audio C Mudgerikar 1949
RDGAudio Ghosh
RDL (Radio Design Labs) States1986
RDL AcousticsUnited StatesRoy Allison1960
Re Audio States2005
Ready RadioUnited Kingdom
Real McCoy Custom StatesGeoffrey Teese1993
Real Sound LabLatviaRaimonds Skuruls2004
Real TrapsUnited StatesEthan Winer
Really Nice Audio Kingdom
RealtimeOnly Roos2016
Reason Studios Nathorst-Böös 1994
Reasonistas G2012
ReBach Ubachs2017
Rebel Technology KingdomBen Lalonde2012
Reckless Experimentation Audio States
RecotonUnited StatesSisir Mondal1984
Recovery Effects And Devices StatesCraig Markel and Zara Marvel2009
RecreonicsUnited StatesFrank Jones
Rectilinear Research Corporation StatesMorris Wiener 1966
Red Iron States2008
Red Microphones
Red Noise Pedals StatesAriel Scherbacovsky2018
Red Panda Lab StatesCurt Malouin2016
Red Panel StatesDon Buchla
Red Rock Sound
Red Rose Music StatesMarian Gold Bernhard Lloyd Ricky Echolette1999
Red Witch Pedals ZealandBen Fulton2002
Red5 Audio
Redbeard Effects KingdomMike Demus & Adrian Thorpe2018
Redco AudioUnited StatesDave Berliner1701
Redshift Audio StatesAmitava Mukherjee2012
Reflekt Audio
reFuse Software
reFX Gilbert2012
Rega Research KingdomRoy Gandy, Tony Relph1973
Regal Tip
Rek-O-KutUnited States
REL (Radio Electronic Labs)United StatesAlex Brody
REL Acoustics KingdomRichard Edmund Lord1990
Relab Development C. Ham2006
Remote Audio
Renkus-Heinz StatesHarro K. Heinz and Algis Renkus1979
Renoise Arakaki, aka1996
Repeto Repetto1947
Resident Audio StatesChess Lim2014
Resonant Cavity StatesPatrick Flanagan2015
Resynthesis States
Retro Instruments StatesPhil Moore2006
Retro Mechanical Labs States
Retro Sampling
Retro-Sonic Tim Larwill2006
Retroaktiv States
Retroman Music StatesJoe Wolf2002
RetroSound States2008
Reuss Musical Instruments Marcuslund-Reuss2005
Reveal Sound
Revel Speakers StatesFrank Reig2021
Reverb Foundry StatesDavid Kalt 2013
Revere CameraUnited StatesSamuel Briskin1920
Reverse Landfill Verhallen
RevoLabsUnited StatesMasanori “mick” Kamihara,2005
ReVox Studer in Switzerland1948
Revv Amplification Trudeau and Derek Eastveld2014
Reynolds Microphones
RF Music KingdomAndy Fereday
RF VenueUnited StatesBob Crowley2009
RHA Audio CommunicationsUnited StatesDun & Bradstreet1971
RHA Technologies
Rhizomatic Deleuze
Rhodium Electronics Kingdom2017
Rhythm Lab StatesDoug Smith1997
Riccardo Sinigaglia Canali and Adriano Abbado1985
Rick Jelliffe Alan Jelliffe
Rides In The Storm George
Rigid Audio
Rike Audio Arin
Ritual Electronics Armand2017
River Creative Technology Vlek2015
River EdgeUnited StatesMatthew1683
Rivera Amplification StatesPaul Rivera1976
Rix RaxCanadaJack Roschman1967
RJM Music Technology StatesRon Menelli2003
RJProjects pratap Singh 2000
RL DrakeUnited StatesRobert L. Drake 1943
RME Audio Männel and Matthias Carstens1996
RMS Audioworks Männel and Matthias Carstens1985
RNDigital Labs
RNL Music StatesRob Landreth2008
Road ReadyUnited StatesJonah Smith2003
Roazhon DSP
Rob Hordijk Hordijk
Rob Papen Papen1997
Roberson Audio Synthesizers
RobertsJapanRalph Joel Roberts2011
Robin Leijon Leijon
Robins IndustriesUnited StatesMr Rabindranath Roy1962
Robotic Bean
Rock N RollerUnited StatesGary Wommack 2017
Rockbox StatesChris Campbell1998
Rockfabrik Effects Torlak2015
Rockford Corp.United StatesJim Fosgate and Charles Wood1980
Rockford Fosgate StatesJim Fosgate1973
Rockman Scholz1982
Rockn StompnUnited StatesKimball Magee2005
RockportUnited StatesBruce Katz, Saul L. Katz1971
Rocktron StatesBob Waller and Jim Chowning1983
Rockville States2012
Rode Freedman, Peter Freedman1967
Roger Mayer KingdomRoger Mayer1964
Rogers International KingdomJim Rogers1947
Rogue Audio StatesMark O'Brien1996
Rogue Pedals
Roksan Audio KingdomTouraj Moghaddam1985
Rola Co.United StatesBernard A. Enghorn1924
Roland Kakehashi1972
ROLI Kingdom‎Roland Lamb 2009
RollsUnited StatesCharles Rolls And Henry Royce1904
Rolls Corporation StatesDavid O. Di Francesco1989
Roman Audio SystemsUnited States
Ron SmithUnited Kingdom
RonetteUnited StatesStu Phillips, Harry Cohn1961
Roni Music Lucien Thomas1987
Ronin Applied Sciences
Room Sound StatesDave Piatek2011
Rossum Electro-Music StatesDave Rossum2015
Roswell Pro Audio
Rotel Tachikawa1961
Rothwell KingdomAndrew Rothwell1989
RoughDraftAudio Kingdom‎Duncan Parsons1993
Rowin Music KingdomJames How1958
Royal Philips ElectronicsNetherlandsGerard Philips, Frederik Philips1891
Royd Audio KingdomJoe Akroyd1980
Royer Labs StatesDavid Royer1998
RPG (Reflection Phase Grating)United StatesPeter D'Antonio1983
RPG Diffuser SystemsUnited StatesPeter D'antonio 1983
RS-Met Schmidt2008
RSS by RolandUnited StatesRyszard W Sudnik 2003
RTRUnited StatesJennifer Hyman, Jennifer Fleiss2009
RTSUnited StatesRichard T Stack 1975
RTW (Radio Technische Werkstatten)GermanyMike Kahsnitz1965
Rudy Bozak KingdomRudy Bozak
Rumpelrausch Täips
Rupert Neve Designs StatesRupert Neve2005
Russound States1967
Rusted Audio
RycoteUnited KingdomJohn Gozzard 1969
RYK Modular Kingdom2009
RYO (Roll Your Own)
RYRA StatesShane Logan2014
SabineUnited StatesDoran Oster1971
Sabra-Som ComercialBrazil1972
Sadowsky StatesRoger Sadowsky1979
SAE Audio StatesTed Winchester, Morris Kessle1968
sage Electronics
Sahuaro AudioJapan
SalagarUnited States
Saltline Khan
Samar Audio Design
SamcoSouth Africa Osamu Tsuji 1969
SamePageUnited StatesScott Schreiman 2015
Sample Logic StatesJoseph Trupiano2006
Sample Magic Raoofi2006
SampleScience Pierre Parenteau2000
SampleSumo Tanghe2007
Samson Technologies StatesHermann Sandvoss1980
San Pedro Labs StatesMatt Zwager2013
Sandhill Audio
SandiesUnited StatesGust "brick" Lundberg Robert C. Wenger Paul White W. K. Davidson1958
Sanken Microphone Company Sanken1946
Sansui Electric Co. Kikuchi1944
SanyoJapanToshio Iue1949
Sapsis RiggingUnited StatesBill Sapsis1981
Saturn Audioé Evans2017
Saturnworks Pedals StatesBryan and Kirsten Wallis2011
SBKUnited StatesDave Sanderson and Steve Kottman1977
ScaenaUnited StatesAlan Eichenbaum2003
ScalaItalyMartin Odersky2004
ScandynaSpainpeter Hasselriis 1965
Schaack Audio Technologies Karl Schoeps2007
Schatten Schatten1992
Schenk.Work States
Schenktronics States2020
Scheu AnalogueGermanyThomas Scheu’s1984
Schiit StatesJason Stoddard and Mike Moffat2010
Schippmann Schippmann2005
Schlappi Engineering StatesEric Schlappi2013
Schoeps Mikrofone Schoeps1948
Schottkey Modular StatesLia Schottkey
Schulz Audio
Scientific Audio Electronics StatesMorris Kessler1966
ScotchUnited StatesRichard Drew1930
Screen Paint SupplyUnited StatesRyan Alsapch 2010
ScrivenUnited States
Scrotum Lab
Scuffham Amps Scuffham
ScullyUnited StatesLarry Scully1974
SDS Digital
sE Electronics KingdomSiwei Zou2000
Sea Moss
Seaweed Audio StatesEverett Sellner2014
Sehring Audio SystemeGermany1974
Seismic Audio Speakers StatesSteve Acree2000
Seismic Industries
Semantic Audio Labs KingdomRyan Stables
Senal Sound
Sennheiser Sennheiser (as Lab W)1945
Sensory Percussion Esparza 2015
Sentec Blanco, Robert Ray2011
Sequentix KingdomColin Fraser2005
SequerraUnited States
Serato ZealandAJ Bertenshaw, Stephen West1998
Serge StatesSerge Tcherepnin1974
Serpens Modular
SescomUnited StatesSławomir Halbryt 2017
Seven Phases
Seymour Duncan StatesSeymour W. Duncan and Cathy Carter Duncan1976
Shadow Hills Industries StatesPeter Reardon2000
Shakmat Modularçois Gaspard
Sharp AV States
Sharp Corporation Hayakawa1912
Shattered Glass Audio
Shattuc Cord Specialties, Inc.United StatesJohn Runzel 1991
Sheng Yue
Shenzhen Grandsun
Sherbourn Technologies States1998
Sherwood StatesEd Miller1953
ShieldUnited StatesPeggy Carter and Colonel Chester Phillips
Shift Line Barinov2008
Shigeru Kawai
Shin's Music Suzuki2015
Shindo Labs
Shively LabsUnited StatesEd Shively 1963
Shock Electronix
Shoomno Kaynarov,2020
Shout Audio KingdomRoland Orzabal Ian Stanley1985
Shure StatesSidney N. Shure1925
Sib Products StatesJay Rockett & Chris Van Tassel2006
Sick Noise Instruments, Serbia
Side Effects Pagonas2016
SiemensGermanyRoland Busch1847
Signal Arts James2015
Signum Audio KingdomLinkedIn Member2018
Sigtronics Corporation
Silent Running AudioUnited States1989
Silicon Arts Concert FidelityJapanMasataka Tsuda
Siltech van der Kley Rynveld1983
Silverspike StatesScott Gordon2019
Silvia Classics
Simaudio Victor Sima1980
Simple-Media StatesNick Bonanno2007
Sine SystemsUnited StatesMarc Pezzolla 1989
Sinecure Audio
Sinevibes Pavlov2006
Singing Synths
Singomakers Morozov
Singular Sound StatesDavid Packouz2012
Sinvertek Nan2008
SIR Audio Tools
Sismo Synths
Sitek Guitar Electronics & Hania Sitek
SjurSound Company
Skar Audio StatesKevin Schlenker2012
SKB Cases Sanderson1977
SKP Audio
Skreddy Pedals StatesMarc Ahlfs2004
Skull & Circuits
Skullcandy StatesRick Alden2003
Slate Digital StatesSteven Slate2007
Slate Media Technology
Slate Pro Audio Slate2008
Sleepy Circuits States2018
Sleepy-Time DSP Ralston2006
Slightly Nasty Pettge2017
Slim Slow Slider Merenstein1968
Slow Nova States
SLSUnited StatesJohn Gott2012
SM Pro Audio
Smallsound/Bigsound StatesBrian Hamilton2008
Smart AV
Smartelectronix de Jong2003
SMc Audio StatesSteve McCormack
SME Audio KingdomAlastair Robertson-Aikman 1946
Smith-MeekerUnited States
SMS Audio StatesCurtis Jackson (50 Cent)2011
Snake Oil Fine Instruments Kingdom2019
Snark Tuners States2015
Snazzy FX StatesDan Snazzelle2010
Snell Acoustics StatesPeter Snell1976
SNext Final Takai1974
Snyderphonics StatesJeff Snyder
Soda Devices Hugh Gilbey
Soft Dodo
Soft SpliceUnited StatesMatt Aimonetti Steve Martocci2013
SoftPlug Muhammed
Softrave Munawar 2018
Softube Öberg2003
Softwire Synthesis States
Sognage Africa2015
Sol Republic
SolaUnited StatesStratton Smith and Matt Briger2004
Soldano KingdomPaul and Dorothy Brooke1969 
Solid Drive Kingdom2007
Solid State Logic Sanders1969
Solid TechSwedenGrant Dakin Grant2008
SolidGoldFX Djerrahian2006
SoliloquyUnited States
Solomon Design
SoloStuff Muqaddas1989
SOMA Laboratory Kreimer2016
Sommer Cable
Sonalksis KingdomKieran Tyrrell2009
Sonance StatesScott Struthers And Geoff Spencer Recognized1983
Sonarworks Martins Popelis2011
SonexUnited States John Monnett 1998
SongWish Andrew Liston2018
Sonic Academy
Sonic Anomaly StatesJanice Brown and David Weiss2009
Sonic Cat Ravity2004
Sonic Charge
Sonic Emblem
Sonic Euphoria States2006
Sonic FoundryUnited StatesJoe Mozden Jr.1991
Sonic Frontiers Jensen1988
Sonic Impact StatesScott Struthers and Geoff Spencer1983
Sonic Instruments StatesRex Wang
Sonic Lion
Sonic Potions Schmidt2001
Sonic Reality StatesDave Kerzner 1996
Sonic Research StatesMarty Jensen2006
Sonic Sidekick Prower1991
Sonic SolutionsUnited StatesRobert J1987
Sonic Studio StatesMark Ely1987
Sonic Timeworks
Sonicbits Herzam
Soniccouture KingdomJames Thompson2005
sonicLAB Bokesoy2012
SonicProjects States2002
Sonicsmith Kaczynski and Noam Lavi2015
Sonifex KingdomPaul and Dorothy Brooke1969
SonifexAustraliaJohn Innes1969
SonifexSwitzerlandJacques Sax1977
Sonivox StatesJack O'Donnell1993
Sonnox Densham 1980
Sono Elements
Sonoclast States2019
Sonocurrent States2019
Sonodyne Mukherjee1960
Sonoma Acoustics Kingdom2007
Sonoma Instrument Co.United StatesJeff Hagler
Sonoma Wire Works Wright2003
Sonoris Audio Engineering Stenekes2004
Sonos StatesJohn MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai2002
Sonosax Sax1977
SonotoneUnited StatesSonoTone1952
Sontronics KingdomTrevor Coley2004
Sonus Faber Serblin1983
SonuScore Kataldo2012
Sonuus Kingdom2009
Sony Ibuka1946
Sophia Electric Hammer and Roland Manz2000
SoriceUnited StatesJoey Sorice1999
SOTA (State Of The Art Electronik)CanadaJacques Sax 1977
Soulsby KingdomPaul Souls2013
Soultone Cymbals
Soulution States
Sound AdvanceUnited StatesScott Struthers and Geoff Spencer1983
Sound ArcheologyUnited States
Sound AssociatesUnited StatesThomas Fitzgerald1946
Sound Audio Processing
Sound Blaster Wong Hoo and Ng Kai Wa1981
Sound BridgeUnited StatesChris Cole 1996
Sound Burst
Sound City KingdomNeal Ostberg and Steven Fryette)1967
Sound ConceptsUnited StatesRyan Heringer1979
Sound Construction & Supply
Sound Control TechnologiesUnited StatesDavid Neaderland1987
Sound DesignSwedenRick Allen1968
Sound Devices StatesMatt Anderson, Jon Tatooles, and Jim Koomar1998
Sound Guru StatesMiloš Drobnjaković
Sound Magic Dolmat 2005
Sound Ordnance States2009
Sound Particles Fonseca, PhD2016
Sound ProjectionsUnited StatesJ Hilligoss 1959
Sound Quest
Sound Radix Raviv2010
Sound Storm Lab States1997
Sound TechnologyUnited States
Sound Town
Sound WorkshopUnited States
Sound Yeti StatesAndrew Scudder2016
Sound-Base Audio StatesAmar Bose
Soundbytes StatesDan Kearns
SoundcoatUnited StatesThomas Burns1963
Soundcore StatesSteven Yang2011
Soundcraft KingdomPhil Dudderidge1973
SoundcraftsmanUnited StatesRalph Yeomans1961
Soundelux StatesTodd Soundelux1982
SoundfieldUnited KingdomAmmar Jadusingh
Soundflask States
Soundiron StatesMike Peaslee2011
SoundlabUnited StatesJack Peng2017
Soundlazer StatesRichard Haberkern
Soundlib Chavonnet
SoundolierUnited StatesPaul Schleipfer1977
SoundsDivine StatesRichard Devine
Soundsmith StatesPeter Ledermann1972
SoundsphereSwitzerlandMathias Hofstetter 1976
SoundsphereUnited StatesDom Smith1946
SoundSpot KingdomNathan Lorenzo2015
Soundstream StatesThomas Stockham1975
SoundstringsUnited States
Soundtheory Andreas Tell2016
Soundtoys StatesKen Bogdanowicz
SoundtraksUnited StatesJohn Kiehl
Soundtronics Kingdom2013
SoundTube StatesChris Combest 1995
Soundways StatesGebre Waddell 2002
SounterpointUnited States1977
Source Audio StatesRoger Smith & Jesse Remignanti2005
Source Elements Wilson and Robert Marshall
Souther EngineeringUnited StatesRick Finnen1954
Soyuz Microphones States/RussiaDavid Arthur Brown and Pavel Bazdyrev2013
SP Acoustics Kingdom2009
Space Cabin Audio Siegers2015
Spaceman Effects StatesZak Martin2009
SpartaUnited StatesLycurgus2009
Spatial Coherence States1999
Spatial SoundUnited StatesJohannes Scherzer1988
SPC Plugins
Speaker ArtUnited States
Speakercraft StatesEdward Haase, Ken Humphreys and Eugene Humphreys1976
Spec Corporation Ishimi2010
Special ProjectsUnited States
Special Stage Systems States
Speck Electronics StatesVince Poulos1973
Speco Technologies States1959
Speco/CSIUnited StatesTodd Keller 1960
Spectral Audio Inc. StatesRichard Fryer1977
Spectral Audio MoebelGermanyFrank, Heiko1994
Spectralhead Audio
SpectrascanUnited StatesSteven Roseberry1995
Spectrasonics StatesEric Persing1994
Spendor KingdomSpencer and Dorothy Hughes1960
SphereUnited StatesDuncan Rowe
Spherical Sound Society
Spicetone Sabolotny, Taivo Saarts, Vahur Afanasjev2013
Spinal Cat Modular
Spiral Electric FX StatesTom Cram2011
Spitfire Audio KingdomChristian Henson and Paul Thomson
SPL Audio Gier and Wolfgang Neumann1983
SPL Audio Professional
SpotmasterUnited StatesPeter Van2005
Sputnik Modular StatesRoman Filippov
SQNUnited KingdomAmish Mehta2014
Squarp Instruments
SRS (Sound Retrieval System)United StatesArnold Klayman1980
SSA Plugins Stitt2018
SSSR Labs Shtatnov2014
SSynth StatesSynthesizer
ST Modular
Stacks FX StatesMiguel Vasquez and Brian Frederick2011
Stage AccompanyNetherlands1977
Stagecraft Software StatesAaron Leese2010
Stager Microphones
Starling States2017
Stax Earspeakers Bell, Estelle Axton, Jim Stewart1938
Steady State Fate StatesAndrew Morelli2012
Stealth Audio CablesUnited StatesSerguei Timachev
Steinberg Steinberg1984
Steingraeber & Söhne
Steinway & Sons
Steinway Lyngdorf and Lyngdorf 2005
Stellar Professional Microphones
StellavoxSwitzerlandGeorges Quellet1955
STEM Modular States
StephensUnited StatesJackson T. Stephens1933
StereolithSwitzerlandWalter Schupbach1979
StereovoxUnited StatesChris Sommovigo1999
Sterling Audio States2009
Sterling Modular
Steven Slate Drums
Stewart Audio States1982
Stewart ElectronicsUnited StatesTony Stewart1976
STG Soundlabs States
StillpointsUnited StatesPaul Wakeen
Stillwell StatesLance Pillersdorf
Stinger States1990
STL Tones StatesSonny Truelove2016
Stomp Under Foot StatesMatt Pasquerella2008
Stompnorth KingdomDuncan MacKinnon2013
Stone Deaf FX KingdomLuke Hilton2009
Stone Voices StatesTerrence Stone1993
Stow Music Systems
Straightarrow Gusst2010
StraightwireUnited StatesSteven Hill1985
Strange Electronic StatesHenry Strange
Strange Science Instrumentshttps://